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Look at her BUTT, Becky…

This post has nothing to do with Butt’s, soz, it’s to do with HEADS!  Yes I know, it’s all over the feeds, but I am here to sing the praises of Slinks new mesh heads! HUZZAH!   Just in time for skin fair and to panic all the designers into making stuff, WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Emma & Becky @ Slink

Emma and Becky (shown respectively) are the new mesh heads, and they are beautimous!  Emma, seen here with the gorgeous Gala Fashion Designs Kraken on her head (that’s available for a hunt you know, you should go get it – ITS SO MUCH FUN!) and Becky are very different heads with very differents looks.   They don’t change with sliders, so what you see is what you get, I kinda like them, they look different on me despite being the same as on everyone else, at least imo.  The heads come with a HUD that changes expression, and makeups ( with the skins to match ) but I had to try on Izzies Maci with this as it’s PERFECT!

Slink - Expressions

You get loads of expression options that you can see above, and you also get the choice of having blink on or off, eyes open or closed, and ears showing or not.   The top face is my fave, eyes closed and lip biting… the bottom face is the generic look, and all the others are the expressions in all their glory, it is a great tool to bring life to your pictures without having to worry about make-up skewing in weird places, having to have mesh teeth, and whatever other worries you come across.

There are more heads to come too, apparently. SO EXCITED!

With Izzies Maci skin, you can get the makeup HUD and the skinbase HUD, the skinbase allows you to change hairbase, eyebrows (for open and closed eyes) and 4 basic lip options, the makeup HUD comes with an array of gorgeous coloured lips and eyeshadows, which I have mixed and matched above, you’ll need to click through tho.

Also worn is the joyous Low hair from Tableau Vivant, might be my fave hair from them yet!   Such a lovely whispy affair that can work for both casual and smart events of any type, whether you are lounging at home or out with friends shopping, even a date!  Gorgeous.

My eyes are from IKON and poses from Adorkable (ok you can only see my head but still)

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Orange you glad it’s a Sunday?

Hey ratfans, it’s SUNDAY!    I both love and hate them, lazy days ftw, but Mondays next NOT ftw.   Just a little cheeky LoTD for you here, RL, as usual has been kicking my butt and my logins are few and far between atm!    I am seriously lagging with my blogging and apologies to anyone that gives a hoot <3

LoTD - Orange you glad it's a Sunday...

I love this look, when I first saw this VinCue item I thought it was a short dress, it kinda is I suppose, but it’s more like a sweater with a frilly lace tutu! It’s so cute, it comes in oodles of colours, I opted for Tangerine for a bit of a brighter look.   I had to pair it with the new Hucci Sandals that come in an array of colours, although I played it safe with black… they come with a sassy safety pin on them, as you can see on the up close and personal thinger below.

LoTD - Orange you glad it's a Sunday... - Up Close and Personal


Also worn are some items of jewellery that are luuuush.  Gorgeous bunny earrings from .llama., the store my friend Laura owns and is ROCKING atm, they are so dainty and cutesy, love them!   The necklace is one of the valentines releases from Cae, and is infinite love, it comes with a HUD to change the stones and metal, so you can mix and match it to you look!

My skin is the new Sylvia skin from Glam Affair which is done differently this time around with tattoo layers rather than full skins, no doubt that will appease the masses, I love it, so smooth and cute..  GA always manages to make me look good though, so I can’t complain!

Full credits below, enjoy your sunday <3

Full Credits

Eyes: IKON | Promise | Hazel
Lashes: MC | Falsies
Hair: Truth | Gretchen
Skin: Glam Affair | Sylvia w/Eyes 02 – Lips 01 C
Earrings: .llama. | Bunny Earrings
Necklace: Cae | Infinite Love
Top: VinCue | Heart+Tuti | Tangerine
Undercrackers: Baiastice | Orly Lingerie Lace | Coral
Shoes: Hucci | Oria | Leather Collection
Nail Appliers: Wicked Peach | Elven Path Gold
SLink Avatar Enhancements worn w/appliers

LoTD – Even the Elegant, have Cracks

Hi lovelies, happy Sunday! A quick and elegant LoTD for you today! Not at all very Willis like, huh??!

LoTD - Even the Elegant, have Cracks.

This gorgeous ensemble is a mix of events!   The skin, I have previously blogged is Belleza’s guest spot jobby at Collabor88, worn with Slink eyelids here for a more thoughtful look.   My hair is one of the FOUR D!va hairs available there too, I always love how wispy D!va hair is, makes a lovely change.

Both my dress and shrug are from Junbug, also debuting there as a guest designer!  The dress is just so unbelievably elegant and SO SO SO shiny and satiny and lovely, and I love how the shrugs fit over the top like a glove.   Such simple pieces but made with such elegance and quality.   Junbug are really throwing out some quality pieces, these are just two of the ones I adore lately.   I decided to top the look off with Swallow’s accessories available at The Seasons Story… there are also earrings and you can get them in gold too, such intricate pieces, so gorgeous, so classy… so.. NOT WILLIS! haha!    The final touch to my look, which is where the blog title comes into play is the cracked nails from Pin Me Down I am using on my fingers, a huge array of nails you can get from there, ALL stunning!   Even the elegant, have cracks <3

LoTD - Even the Elegant, have Cracks - Up Close and Personal

You can find SLURLS on the store locations page <3

LoTD – Corset Style

LoTD - Corset Style


Halllooo everyone! I am so sorry I have been a slacker, I’ve been SOOO busy! Family birthdays, a pulled shoulder and laundry mountain have kept me busy (totes not the XBox, nope) and I have been struggling finding time to get on!  But I did, and I dressed up a lil differently today \o/

This look is definitely the sexy side of Willis, with a gorgeous corset from Sakide, and the neck collar is also from there!  The Corset comes in an array of colours and in each colour you get a simple corset, a strapped one (shown) and a hooded one!  With the collar it also comes in colours included in a HUD complete with metal colours too, so changeable with your outfit, or no outfit at all if you choose.

Also worn is a bit of a mix and match jobby!  My skin is the new Belleza skin, blogged previously, complete with Pink Fuel lip Tattoo in INK, and new Mons Eyeshadow from TDR, a whole Ombre set, this is the black version.    I am also wearing a new and gorgeous hair from Tameless! Such a cute poofy bun style, perfect for this outfit, it adds that hint of cute.

Other need to knows are eyes from IKON, Lashes from Mon Cheri and pose from!


*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Vintage Innocence

Rack Poses opened the  doors to it’s new ENTIRE sim very recently and there are tons of goodies both PG and Adult to get, I still need me a man prop but I managed to mix and match two dollarbies to bring you a bit of vintage innocence today.

LoTD - Vintage Innocence

I used the Riding Crop pose with the I’m Waiting Handcuffs and I think it came out pretty darned good!   Two wonderful poses that are dollabires along with a bunch of others and of course some rad non dollarbies too!   I’m wearing the Lulu Vintage Dress from the Secret Store, it comes in a bunch of colours and patterns, all shown below for your viewing pleasure, but I just love how innocent I look in this, then I dangle handcuffs around and it’s a PARTAYYY!  I’m wearing one of the recently blogged new Exile hairs and more about the rest of the look below.

LoTD - Vintage Innocence - Up Close and Personal

My skin is the new Nina skin from Belleza, more about that even further below, and I am wearing some gorgeous Cat Eye nails from The Wicked Peach, a handful of new goodies out from there this week including glitters and animal print, rawr!   The shoes I am wearing are the Emily Wedge Sandals from LaRoo, another great pair of shoes from their Fall release!   I love the intricacy of these with their woven fronts and wedge heels, absolutely loving the skin matching system too, I do love not having to do it by hand anymore!

Nina @ Belleza - SOON!

Nina is the new fresh face from Belleza, released in a couple of days I believe so a bit of a sneaky peek!  She comes in all the usual tones from pale to mocha, shown here in pale!  It comes with a bunch of brow options including a no brow, and you get cleavage and freckle tattoos too!   As usual if you buy the fatpack you get bonus lipsticks on tattoo layers, they aren’t shown here tho, I just went BOOM WHAM BANG and tried them all on and fell in love with each one!    The differences are subtle on some of the skins, a bit of a cat eye flick here, a red lip there, but each skin is so beautiful!   Very striking me thinks.  Keep an eye out for Nina’s release!

Lulu @ Secret Store

Finally as promised a little contact sheet of all the Lulu colours and patterns, a polka dot here, a stripey bum there… a gorgeous mix of stuffs from pale to brights! LOVE LOVE!

Happy Saturday, all!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

LoTD – Horrifying Edition

Another Horrorfest centralised blog post today!! YAY!  This time a little look of the day inspired by it.

LoTD - Horrifying Edition

So yes, I am stood on a table and a effin’ excellent table it is too!  It’s the Half Deer Horrorfest Terror Table!!!!  Shown here in Black, look at it?! OH MY GOD ITS THE BEST TABLE EVER!!!!  I am so making room for this in the house.   On the table, along side me are Adore & Abhor’s Horrorfest items which are Limited Edition, more about those at the end.    But for now my look!    The Plastik have a bunch of goodies out, and I am wearing the Viviana Dress in Undeath, and the Foxxe Makeup in Wither, both gorgeous items, worn here over one of the Glam Affair Horror Edition skins, but all of those tomorrow in a skin post!   I found the Petal Appliers for SLink work just great with this tone too, SCORE!  My ring is one of the Gacha rings from Circa and there are sooooooOooooOoo many gorgeous ones to win! I am fast becoming a jewellery fan, what is going on?!   As you can see in the close ups below I am wearing some awesome Blood Drip Nails from Wicked Peach and my shoes are from TSG and are part of the spooky Lolita release!   Spinkers on your feet? THIS IS YOUR PLACE!   I must tell you the hair is Squirrel by Ploom and was yesterdays item for the 13 Days of Halloween!!! Make sure you check back each day for something new and exciting, today is a broom and pose set, GO GET!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Up Close and Personal

OH! My eyes are from Insufferable Dastard! and pose from Adorkable, and below you see the lil devil and witch from Adore & Abhor in their close up glory, you can use them as props or attach the hold version and cuddle their little sour faces. HUZZAH!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Lil Friends


LoTD – Rack Poses Style… and then some

Hello ratfans!  A LoTD for you today that I think I look SUPER cute in, and a little bit of Cosmetics Fair! <3

LoTD - Rack Poses Style!

So! Isn’t this pose CUTE?  It’s a dollarbie gift  from Rack Poses and comes with the tophat and riding crop!  I think its lovely and it also worked well with my outfit, so that was a double bonus.  Both my corset top and skirt are from Blueberry, it comes in oodles of colours and the corset comes with two colours of lacing too, so you can mix and match ahooyyyy, I love that a usually casual store is heading a little into the racier side of SL clothing, and they are pulling it off SO SO well!   My shoes are from Leverocci and are my go to black shoes that fit with the SLink medium feet, always a pleasure to wear.

LoTD - Rack Poses Style - Up Close and Personal

I am wearing accessories from Swallow, both the collar and ring are from L’Accessories and you can also find earrings too! They come with a HUD to change the outer stones, large gem, metals and on the collar more options for the actual collar too.  Such beautiful work, the collar isn’t rigged so I had to shuffle it about for this pose, but that worked just GREAT!   Really detailed and intricate.   I am also wearing A:S:S appliers from the Unicorn set, UNICORNS! Who wouldn’t want them???   My hair is one of many lovely styles by Tableau Vivant and this is the Oh hair!   A really lovely shorter style framing the face, and it  comes with both the wispy bangs option you see on me, and a non wispy version too.   My skin is yesterdays Glam Affair – Neva but with some of the Elit makeups from the Costmetics Fair!   12 combos are shown below of the Elit Eyes and Lips, aren’t they yummy!? More from the Costmetics Fair tomorrow, MONS is on the menu <3

Glam Affair @ Cosmetics Fair - Elit

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

I want CANDY!

Another Candy Fair post, this time clothing and makeups! AND STUFFS! Here is the SLURL for the Sim the stores blogged here are on to start with: CANDDYYY

LoTD - Candy Style

There are sooo many yummy goodies from Candy Fair from clothing, to skins and accessories to home stuffs to ANYTHING!  I bring you just a few things, the most important and LUSH of which is this dress from Epic! Available in many colours and combos it’s soooo delicious!   I love the melty dress with all my heart, I am wearing it here with my phat azz, and it also has appliers for le boobage too, but mine are just my own :P.  Each set also comes with cute little donut/bow headband which fit on my hair just PERFEEEECTLY.    My shoes are from alterego and are the sugarsmack wedges v4, they come a HUD to change the colour combos and each one is bright and beautiful, I just liked the blue/yellow and it kinda fitted my melty boobs! YAYYYY!   See a couple close ups below:

LoTD - Candy Style - Up Close and Personal

Also worn with my TSG skin are the yummy lips available from TSG as part of their offering to the Candy Fair! I think.. THINK.. I shot them all here, so you can look below and click larger to view, but they are plump and lickable, and each comes with both teeth and no teeth versions, I’ve alternated in my pictures.   A few out there colours and some muted too, so you can go crazy or stick closer to home.   They’ve all got candybased names too, which made me smile. YAY! YUMMY!

TSG @ Candy Fair


Hair: Truth | Vida
Skin: TSG | Hope | X Tone | Soft Body w/ TSG Toki Doki Eyeshadow | Cry Baby
Outfit: Epic | Bombastic | Melty Mini Dress | Yellow.Cake-Lemon w/ Bowie Donut Ears
Shoes: alterego | sugarsmack wedges v4
Others: Luck Inc | Phat Azz – Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes – IKON | Ascension Eyes | Chocolate


I’m so cute!

I feel cute today, I meant to do a home type post but I got sidetracked playing with outfits, so you will get a homey type post tomorrow!  But for now…. CUTE.

LoTD - Epic Bunny Style

For my CUTTTEEEE look today, I donned my phat azz, as Epic are making their clothing with appliers, if applicable! YAY!  This cute Bunny Hooded Suit is just so ALSDJFALSDF I love it!  It comes in oooodles of colours and with butt and boob appliers.  I never really wear my boobs much, I should dig them out again.  That sounds bad but you know what I mean!   With the gorgeous bodysuit I decided to put on a Belleza skin as I had my SLink hands, feet and my phat azz on and they provide appliers for ALLLL, plus… Leila is suppper cute on me!   and I matched my eyes up with some IKON Ascension eyes in Chocolate.

LoTD - Epic Bunny Style  - Up Close and Personal

Also worn is the new Mina hair for the We <3 Roleplay event!   Such a gorgeous high pony and with a brand new HUD with tons of colours and options and stuff! Very clean looking (both the hair and the HUD) and with some lovely wispy yet full bangs.   This event is jammed to the rafters with goodies, which I will be blogging in time.    To complete my look I popped on the Owl from Carolines Zoo Nails set because they were brown and matched my cute look!   My pose is from Adorkable <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available!


I know by now you’ve seen the new Pink Fuel Skin – Harley over a billionty and four times, but here I am in it, and that’s unique, RIGHT?! RIGHT!!!

New @ Pink Fuel - Harley - Light Tones


Harley comes in 10 skin tones, with the four lightest being shown here: Porcelain > Ivory > Vanilla > Peach!  So whether you are after a pure milky white or a darker ebony, there is almost definitely a tone for you!   The shading on the body is first class, as with all Pink Fuel products and I couldn’t find a seam in sight!   Each Base Skin for just $L1000 comes with 2-5 brow colours (shown below) including no brow, Freckles: full face, across the nose (lt, med and dark – also shown below), Three lid options (a, b and c), 2 shapes of brows, optional button nose tattoo and blush!  You can then buy makeup addon packs including shimmer shadow, vivid shadow and lipstick, with a bonus additional sheer  gloss lipstick only available in a fatpack (others are available as separates!)  You can also get slink appliers, as you see I am wearing hands and feet in all pictures, which is unusual for me cos i’m TEH LAZY!

New @ Pink Fuel - Harley 1

I have mix and matched ALL makeups above and below, above you see the vivid eyeshadows mixed with the Harley lipsticks and below are the shimmer shadows mixed with the bonus fatpack glosses!   With each eyeshadow you get a regular shadow, a winged shadow and then both versions of those with a monolid option too!   There are tattoos GALOREEEEEEE, wonderful for mixing and matching though.   With each lip tattoo you get a lipstick version and a mouth version, I have mixed and matched those too, so very pretty.   Such a mix of colours from nude peaches to vivid reds and back round to pinks and purples, a mix for all!

New @ Pink Fuel - Harley 2

Below I am showing the button nose with freckles tattoos in all versions > nose > light > med > dark.  As you can see even the dark freckles aren’t too much, and the lightest is just a mere hint, I really love that.  I do love freckles in SL and they are always a MUST GET if a skin has them, or tattoo versions available, and I love how subtle these ones are.

New @ Pink Fuel ButtonNose/Freckles

These are the brow options, on the side to the left you see the two versions of brow you can get, a sweet version and a slightly more arched version, then to the right you see all the brow options including no brow!  I have also showcased all three lid options (a, b on the left, then c, a, b ,c on the right).  I love that Mochi has put so much detail and effort into all the options you can get, it really is a million skins in one (well almost).  If you haven’t been to check out the demos yet, you MUST.  I know when I get some more cash i will be purchasing some darker tones for pictures, because they are just YUMMY!

New @ Pink Fuel - Brows and Lids

Also out now are these delectable swimsuits from Lark, they are available at the Kollective and the fatpack HUD comes with all the piping/texturing options below.  Cute dots, even cuter strawberries, vibrant pinks and blues or cutesey pinks and whites… something for everyone and you can mix and match your little heart out!   The suits come in Strawberry ,Red Dot, Light Pink Dot, Blue Dot or Cerise Dot, and then the piping comes in green, red, cerise, light pink and white!!  CUTEEEEE!    The hair I am wearing is from Lamb, and was one of the HF2013 hairs, so hopefully out in the main store any time now <3

New @ The Kollective from Lark

TP to Pink Fuel or The Kollective.. OR BOTH!