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Take me Away

Take me away…. far far away <3

Take me Away

sometiems I wish this could happen in RL, just set sail, float off into the unknown… I know sometimes it would be the perfect escape

Take me Away - Up Close and Personal


Hair: Iren | Leanne | Ombre *We <3 Roleplay*
Skin: Essences | Harper *TDRF*
Eyes | IKON | Promise | Hazel
Dress: Erratic | Estelle | ColorBlock1
Shoes: Erratic | Clarice | Pink
Bracelet: la petite morte | Alphabet Charm Bracelet | Infinity
Nail Appliers: Hopscotch
Pose: Rack Poses

Vintage Innocence

Rack Poses opened the  doors to it’s new ENTIRE sim very recently and there are tons of goodies both PG and Adult to get, I still need me a man prop but I managed to mix and match two dollarbies to bring you a bit of vintage innocence today.

LoTD - Vintage Innocence

I used the Riding Crop pose with the I’m Waiting Handcuffs and I think it came out pretty darned good!   Two wonderful poses that are dollabires along with a bunch of others and of course some rad non dollarbies too!   I’m wearing the Lulu Vintage Dress from the Secret Store, it comes in a bunch of colours and patterns, all shown below for your viewing pleasure, but I just love how innocent I look in this, then I dangle handcuffs around and it’s a PARTAYYY!  I’m wearing one of the recently blogged new Exile hairs and more about the rest of the look below.

LoTD - Vintage Innocence - Up Close and Personal

My skin is the new Nina skin from Belleza, more about that even further below, and I am wearing some gorgeous Cat Eye nails from The Wicked Peach, a handful of new goodies out from there this week including glitters and animal print, rawr!   The shoes I am wearing are the Emily Wedge Sandals from LaRoo, another great pair of shoes from their Fall release!   I love the intricacy of these with their woven fronts and wedge heels, absolutely loving the skin matching system too, I do love not having to do it by hand anymore!

Nina @ Belleza - SOON!

Nina is the new fresh face from Belleza, released in a couple of days I believe so a bit of a sneaky peek!  She comes in all the usual tones from pale to mocha, shown here in pale!  It comes with a bunch of brow options including a no brow, and you get cleavage and freckle tattoos too!   As usual if you buy the fatpack you get bonus lipsticks on tattoo layers, they aren’t shown here tho, I just went BOOM WHAM BANG and tried them all on and fell in love with each one!    The differences are subtle on some of the skins, a bit of a cat eye flick here, a red lip there, but each skin is so beautiful!   Very striking me thinks.  Keep an eye out for Nina’s release!

Lulu @ Secret Store

Finally as promised a little contact sheet of all the Lulu colours and patterns, a polka dot here, a stripey bum there… a gorgeous mix of stuffs from pale to brights! LOVE LOVE!

Happy Saturday, all!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

LoTD – Rack Poses Style… and then some

Hello ratfans!  A LoTD for you today that I think I look SUPER cute in, and a little bit of Cosmetics Fair! <3

LoTD - Rack Poses Style!

So! Isn’t this pose CUTE?  It’s a dollarbie gift  from Rack Poses and comes with the tophat and riding crop!  I think its lovely and it also worked well with my outfit, so that was a double bonus.  Both my corset top and skirt are from Blueberry, it comes in oodles of colours and the corset comes with two colours of lacing too, so you can mix and match ahooyyyy, I love that a usually casual store is heading a little into the racier side of SL clothing, and they are pulling it off SO SO well!   My shoes are from Leverocci and are my go to black shoes that fit with the SLink medium feet, always a pleasure to wear.

LoTD - Rack Poses Style - Up Close and Personal

I am wearing accessories from Swallow, both the collar and ring are from L’Accessories and you can also find earrings too! They come with a HUD to change the outer stones, large gem, metals and on the collar more options for the actual collar too.  Such beautiful work, the collar isn’t rigged so I had to shuffle it about for this pose, but that worked just GREAT!   Really detailed and intricate.   I am also wearing A:S:S appliers from the Unicorn set, UNICORNS! Who wouldn’t want them???   My hair is one of many lovely styles by Tableau Vivant and this is the Oh hair!   A really lovely shorter style framing the face, and it  comes with both the wispy bangs option you see on me, and a non wispy version too.   My skin is yesterdays Glam Affair – Neva but with some of the Elit makeups from the Costmetics Fair!   12 combos are shown below of the Elit Eyes and Lips, aren’t they yummy!? More from the Costmetics Fair tomorrow, MONS is on the menu <3

Glam Affair @ Cosmetics Fair - Elit

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available


There is no aphrodisiac like innocence. -  Jean Baudrillard

Rack Pose have these posed chairs complete with rope shackles out at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival through until 31st October!  There are 6 commons for singles (well you know, one avatar) and there is a rare for a couple to play with, I absolutely love them, I am not often inspired to do “sexy” pics, but I had fun with this and it’s a raw snapshot from SL too!   Get over there and check them out, they are aweeeeeeeeeesome, and let’s face it, everyone needs a sexy chair in their life, you can pretend its not sexy when the ‘rents come over :D

Other items worn:  Hair from Red Mint, Skin from Belleza with SLink and Phat Azz appliers, Cotton Undies from Izzies (for the innocent in me! :D)

I’m feeling hues of pink again!

and I am!   A quick LoTD mashed with some super new poses and a new item from Sways on this glooooorious Friday! YUP!

Hopscotch - New Poses!

First up some LOVELY poses from Hopscotch!  These are for The Poser Pavillion by TLC and are “Love the Camera” and doesn’t it look like I do love it?!  You get 6 lovely poses that work well on their own or if you add some shopping bag/shoe boxes will work perfectly with those too!   The clothing I am wearing in the picture were Grenade Free Wednesdays items from Aeva/Heartsick!   I often forget that they do clothing as well as lovely skins, but here I am in a gorgeous maxi skirt and spaghetti tank top in a soft Heather/Tartan combo!  Such a lovely look!

New @ Sways


Sways released these Cozy Tent Shelter sets which come with tent/shelter, hay bale with single and couples poses and small lantern.  They are material enabled also!  I opted for Maroon as I thought it matched my outfit well.  I love the little shelter, it’s so cute with it’s makeshift blanket look, with small pebbles holding it down ( you can’t see that side, soz)   If you aren’t sold on Maroon you can opt from Pumpkin and Lake too, and of course you can mix and match if you’d like.


Finally a close up of my facial unit. I am wearing an Aeva/Heartsick skin, it was avaiable at Love Donna Flora, so probably isn’t now (I couldn’t TP to check because SL is a bungholio)… and one of the new and upcoming releases from Essences for The Candy Fair!!!    Traditional Candy style necklace, you can also get a bracelet, I loved wearing these as a kid, love it!   Also worn are eyes from IKON and hair from Truth! <3

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

LotD 26/08/13

Heya guys, just a quick LoTD post, showcasing a few new things now available :D

LoTD - 26/08/13

Pretense Poses has a new lightbox out at The Poser Pavillion, it comes with various poses and you can click and change the colour of the box too!    I opted for this pose with the green background, I like green, you should check it out, if you’ve never used one of their light boxes before, they are funnnnn!   Also worn is new hair from ChiChickie, shown here in a deep blue texture, I fancied going blue, much like RL, except in RL it looks more black than blue unless you’re under the sun, tut.      My dress is from EPIC and is the new Boobies Show item, so it comes with appliers, I am wearing it without here as it looks stunning solo too! It’s available in an array of colours, I felt black was more appropriate with my already mishmashed colour scheme :D     Also worn is new Cho skin from Essences that comes in ooodles of new tones all with appliers, that I am wearing here with SLink hands (and feet you can’t see).

Have a good sunday <3

Fresh – The Boutique!

TLC’s The Boutique is open again, and this round the theme is Fresh! With a gorgeous pallate and so many gorgeous goodies

New @ The Boutique! TLC

This round sees a guest appearance from ELIKATIRA!  Yep, there are three hairs out all at The Boutique, this one is the cutie Enjoy! and Enjoy I shall!  There are so many goodies at this round that I can’t even begin to squee loud enough, this has soon turned into one of the must attend events on the grid! The top I am wearing is from Baiastice, and there is also a skirt to mix and match with it, and both are available in a bunch of colours, I really wanted to go for a floraly yellow today tho!   So I was super happy when the Izzies socks came in a faded yellow!!! (among other colours) and they are made to fit with SLink feet with appliers, so YAYYYYYY! no ugly blog sock feet, just pretty ones!    Also worn is a new skirt  from Cute Poison!  It comes in various denim washes and is a mesh beauty!   Perfect staple for summer :D  I’m wearing SLink nail appliers too, and the gorgeous pattern is from Hopscotch for The Boutique… several available, yay!

New @ The Boutique - TLC - Headshot

Now for a quick close up look.   The necklace (I am wearing earrings too) is Lassitude & Ennui’s offering to The Boutique and it is so exquistely gorgeous!   So well done and available in various colours, this piece is a must own, you can wear it with casual or dressy and look just great!     The Antlers are my FAVEEEE and are from Half Deer, they are adorned with cute little buttons and are tipped with colour too! I have mix and matched, yepp.. that right, they come with L and R attach points so you can mix and match colours to be even CUTTTTTEEERRR.  They come in various other colours, but yellow and pink were my choices :D

The skin I am wearing is Margot  from Glam Affair in the America tone, and I am also wearing one of the Margot eyeshadows available from Glam Affair for C88 atm.    My eyes are from IKON!  They aren’t The Boutique offerings, but I crashed out before I could snag those, I WILL PREVAIL!!! <3

Poses are from Adorkable, who is closing down (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and moving to marketplace, so is having a HUGEEE sale, make sure you check them out and weep on Dorks shoes!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available <3

I am friggin.. ADORKABLE.

Well, technically, I am Willis! But I do bring you me looking kinda dorky and adorable, and poses by Adorkable, so it fits, right?

Adorkable @ Zodiac

YES, my hair is going through my arms in some of them, but I lack the brainpower to edit them, but I think you can tell that it’s not going to happen with ALL hairs, I just needed to fit my hair over my dress, and forgot about my arms. SO THERE.  The above poses are the Sunny pack, available for the Taurus round of Zodiac!   So fun loving :D    The dress and necklace I am wearing are new from Pure Poison and I gotta say I LOVE this dress!!  The detail is just lovely and it makes me feel so girly with the poufy skirt, like I could prance around all day on tippy toes!   The skin is the TDRF item from Al Vulo and is stunning, as usual, and the hair is the new and gorgeous Aphrodite from Alice Project, never will I tired of AP hair and the HUDS.. such a wide variety YAY!

Adorkable @ My Attic

This second set is available from My Attic and is Ella!   In Dork’s picture half of them are dressed “pauper” and half are dressed “princess”.. I obviously opted for urban chic (hahaha chic, i kid i kid)… but I did want to wear the new CandyDoll Jeans! I love these!!!  I love the big belt, something different in SL is always good and I didn’t own jeans like this!   The skin is also from CandyDoll and is the new yummy Layla, she comes in various tones, this is Cream, the 2nd lightest.   She also comes with oodles of optional to purchase makeups, so thats good :D    My hair is one of the 3 releases at Fantasy Faire 2013 from Wasabi Pills, all pretty much unisex if you ask me, but you didn’t but that’s my opinion so there. END OF STORY.

Full credits below. HAPPPPPY SUNDAY <3


Look 1:

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Erika | Chocolate *Fantasy Faire*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: CandyDoll | Layla | Natural | Cream *NEW*
Top: Sn@tch | Mesh Spangle Tee | White
Jeans: CandyDoll | Skinny Jeans | Shade 1
Sneakers: TD | Spring Sneakers

Look 2:

Hair: Alice Project | Aphrodite
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Al vulo | Aisha | Peacock *TDRF*
Dress: Pure Poison | LouLou Dress | Linen & Gold
Necklace: Pure Poison | Sienna Necklace | Orange

Whatever Next?!

Or just What Next.   Another Pose Fair post with a bit of FaMESHed in there too!!   A lovely summery type picture today, I am bored of snow now, yep.  I went there.

What Next @ PF13 & MORE!

Do click through for a bigger picture! I took it super large so you can see details.    The swing set comes with both singles and couples, alas I am usually alone in world so you get just me!  What Next is one of my fave stores for pose props and just in general, everything is always so well made and animated, with great textures and always makes your house/land look fantastic!    This swing doesn’t come with the tree, it comes alone so you an attach it to whatever you want.  If you want to swing from the stars, you now can.   I’m showing 6 poses here, all of which are just gorgeous, and make for wonderful pictures.

What am I wearing whilst on this gorgeous swing?!  Well, the new dress from Rebel Hope is wrapped around my body, it’s out at FaMESHed now in a range of colours, but I fancied being a bit green today, so that’s what I chose.  It’s a maxi dress with a criss cross patterned front and spaghetti straps.   The hair is also at FaMESHed and is from Wasabi Pills.  A pretty shoulder length style with blunt asymmetrical fringe that frames the face just gorgeously!  Well worth a stop at FaMESHed as ALWAYS, not only for these two things but the array of other great goodies on offer.

Also worn is the Emmy skin from Cupcakes, a lovely new skin with a fresh looking pastel face.  Well I mean the makeup is pastel, obvs not the face.   A beautiful skin as usual from Cupcakes!   Also if you zoom in close enough the new Group Gift Eyes from Insufferable Dastard are in there. YUMMY!

I am now le tired and I am going couchward bound <3

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page <3

Happy Easter!

Not going to lie to you good people, i am not on top form today, I went out last night for the first time in AGES (I even wore a dress, and danced ohmygoshshame) and i am suffering today, but I wanted to post something so here I am!

Happy Easter!


You’ll need to click through to see the bigger picture, but here is the BAM set of poses from Adorkable, now available at the Pose Fair!   Dork released a bunch of new poses, this just one set and as usual they are all seamless and gorgeous.  I pulled some funny faces in mine cos I think it gives the pic a bit more character, and I always feel that Adorkable poses work well with some extra added emotion!      All poses come with a mirrored one, so perfect for picture taking. YAY!

I’m wearing a new dress from Eclectic Apparel, shown here in “Shoots” but available in many colours.  A beautiful slip dress with a satin look and feel to it with ruffles in all the right places and some great cleavage display going on!   I paired it with sequin bunny ears from Alice Project, they are only $L100 or free to VIP members!  however cute are they!?  they come in two colours and with or without folded ear. THANKS ALICE.   Finally the skin is one of three special easter skins available from Ploom!   Nothing with bunny noses or whiskers on, just three beautiful soft makeups for those of us that looooove to look pretty.

Make sure you check everything out!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.