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HSoTD – Hear Me Roar!

A new thing, Head Shot of the Day! haha!  I figured it was better than dressing it up as a LoTD!

HSotD - Hear Mr Roar

As you can see I got me a RARE Hear Me Roar headdressy thingermajigger and ugh, LOVE.  I really want the ultra rare, but I guess I will keep on trying to get one!  Such intricate work, and such amazing, out of this world texturing.   Alchemy always do things that impress above and beyond but this is truly something to behold!    I wear it with the Al Vulo TDR Fusion Skin, and Tableau Vivant hair from Collabor88.  It’s an event HSotD for sure.

New @ Insufferable Dastard

Also worn and shown above are four each of the new Kitty and Jelly eyes from Insufferable Dastard.  They  come with normal eyes and mesh eyes too, so you can do the old one eye one colour, one eye the other look, and there is also a black and white set out where the ad is specifically like that, WOO!   The Kitty eyes are AMAZE, and the Jelly ones don’t have a Pupil, so will go great with fantasy looks!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

LoTD – First of the New Year

Hi!   My first post of the year and it’s a lovely LoTD.  Full credits can be found at the end of the post.

LoTD - First of the New Year

Both my top and my skirt/leggings combo are from Baiastice and are available at the current round of Collabor88.  They come in various colours and are perfect for casual looks or that little bit dressier.  The sweater is a high turtle neck too, so keeps you toasty warm!   I paired it with the gorgeous Cae Ascend Necklace now available at FaMESHed, of course you can get matching earrings and bracelet, and they come with a HUD that is both stone and metal change, it’s so gorgeous!

LoTD - First of the New Year - Up Close and Personal

My skin is one of the new Mimi Skins from Al Vulo in the Milk tone, it comes with tattoo layer makeup options and appliers for nearly everything I can think of, so pretty.   My nail appliers are cats! CATS! and they were Carolines item for the Kittycats advent calender.    OMGacha is currently running with a billionty and four cute things, this hot cocoa bunny from Birdy is just one of many, so cute! I love it.

My hair is new from Tameless and I love it, it mixes mesh and flexi (shoot me, idc) and I like that, it gives that gentle and subtle swish when you move.  Also worn are the new Pumps from Hucci!  They come in three packs: Nudes, Prime and Fashion, I have shown three colour/sole combos from each set.   They work with the Slink high foot and just unf, simple yet so so sexy! LOVE!

New @ Hucci


Hair: Tameless | Janice
Eyes: IKON | Destiny | Coffee
Skin: Al Vulo | Mimi | Milk | Eyeliner
Necklace: Cae | Ascend *FaMESHed*
Top: Baiastice | Zoe High Neck Sweater | Zebra *Collabor88*
Skirt/Leggings: Baiastice | Zoe Combo | Brown/Gold *Collabor88*
Avatar Enhancements: Slink Hands & Feet
Shoes: Hucci | Jacmel Pump | Nudes
Nail Polish: Carolines | Cat Polish *KittyCats Advent Item*
Bunny Cup: Birdy | Bunny Cafe | Hot Cocoa *OMGacha*
Pose: Frooti

LotD – New Years Eve

Hi Everyone!! Happy New Years Eve!!!  2013 has been ok to me, I am hoping 2014 is a lot better though!  I’m not doing much in RL, so I thought i’d dress up in SL! :D

LoTD - New Years Eve

My beautiful Necklace and Dress are both from Baiastice and really see me into the new year well .  They both come in oodles of colours and are gorgeous!  The dress is both sexy and classy, and the necklace is simply exquisite!

My skin is from TDR as is from Al Vulo, and my hair is one of the 12 days of Christmas hair from Ploom!    Just a brief post, but Happy New Year, one and all <3


Hair: Ploom | Verity
Skin: Al Vulo | Mimi | Milk *TDR*
Necklace: Baiastice | Rajah | Onyx
Dress: Baiastice | Grace | Mustard

LoTD – Immerse Style

Hi!  Just a lil LoTD, I have been slacking and I have so much I want to blog, heres to getting my butt into gear, I was feeling all red today, so red it is!

LoTD - Immerse Style

As soon as Lilly showed me this gorgeous knit dress I fell in love, with three quarter length sleeves and a gorgeous belted bow, this dress oozes sex appeal and looks warm too, I do love a good shorter style dress that isn’t tooooo show off yer bits.  It’s from The Fashion Fair, a new fair that opens on the 30th November, so look out for it!   My skin, eyes and hair have previously been blogged, but you can see full credits below for those, I think I look pretty striking!

LoTD - Immerse Style - Up Close and Personal

The cute bow style headband I am wearing is from Atooly and is coming soon, although there is a green version out atm at the Outlet Sales Room!  A gorgeous piece of workmanship, simple but striking, wooohooo!

My shoes are from SSD (Sax Shepherd Designs) and are currently at Shoetopia, they come with a HUD that is FULL to the brim with options, including straps, soles, studs and more!   I can never get enough of strappy sandals and I really love SSD shoes, they fit my Slink feet just perfectly and look great to boot! (ha! BOOT! like a shoe.. get it? Ok I’m leaving).

Full Credits

Hair: Exile | Party Girl
Eyes: IKON | Destiny | Midnight
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Al Vulo | Ewa | Smoke | Blonde | Fairy w/makeup
Headband: Atooly | Kenzi Bow | Red Polka Dot *Coming Soon*
Dress: Immerse | Sequioa Dress | Red *FASHION FAIR*
Bodyparts: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet
Shoes: Sax Shepherd Designs | Caress Stiletto Sandals *SHOETOPIA*
Pose: Adorkable

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page


It IS Friday, and I have a few goodies to show you!

New @ Exile

Apple May has a lovely skin out, you can see Arabell above with all four of the new Exile releases.   The skin is a Gen2 skin, which means that  it comes with 2 different body types, interchangeable with any Gen2 face (I have still to get to full grips with the system!)   There are 3 cleavage options, lola appliers available and also shapes so that you can look as the skin is intended to look if that’s what you want to do!   Very plain and striking, love it! I do wish there were slink appliers, maybe I missed them!

The Exile hairs are among some of my fave releases this week for sure.  Four totally different styles ranging from cute, to seriously sleek.   Loving the HUD system still, so easy to change colour and a lot less to carry around in the old inventory! HUZZAH!

LoTD - Lingerie Style

You may notice the top in the hair picture, it’s from the gorgeous lingerie out by Baiastice for this round of My Attic!   Such a gorgeous looking arrangement, you get the babydoll style top and underpants to match, in an array of colours.  I  opted to show black because it’s a timeless classic!   It’s got little bow details on the spaghetti straps and has such a lovely sheen to it, it also comes in various size options for maximum mix and matchability!

New @ Al Vulo

The new Ewa skin from Al Vulo may be one of my new faves.   The lips are pouty and divine, the eyes range from plain to smokey and UGH I just love it.  This is the Fairy tone and as usual you can get appliers for boobs, azz, hands, feet and even baby bump.  You get the six base skins with different eye makeup and various cleavage/brow options and then you get the 8 lipsticks (plus lipstick the same as on the 6 skins) separately, so you can choose your look!

LoTD – Green Style

A look of the day with a hint of Green, just because I fancied it!   A couple of events covered as well as a Shoetopia sneaky peek!

LoTD - Green Style

The full credits are below, but I will give a little insight!  The dress is from TDR Fusion, as is the skin, both are items that are reduced in price and are WONDERFUL!  Cynful and Al Vulo have done a great job with these, perfect party attire and match so well!   I am wearing jewellery from Maxi Gossamer, both of which are available at FaMESHed and come in both Silver and Gold with colour change options, you can see I have one set to green, one to onyx.

LoTD - Green Style - Up Close and Personal

My hair is from Tableau Vivant and is one of my faves from there!  I love Alecto with it’s little over the shoulder side style, and I love love love the textures from there, the huds are easy to use and are full of wonderful colours! YAY!   I am wearing shoes from Slink that are available at Shoetopia and they fit the high feet that I blogged the other day, true stiletto heights FTW!  The come in an array of colours, I went for classic black!

For any other little bits and bobs, please see below, and visit the SLURLS page for directions <3


Hair: Tableau Vivant | Alecto | Implants
Eyes: ID | Piercing Eyes | Olive
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Al Vulo | Astrea | 60s Chic | Fairy *TDR Fusion*
Dress: Cynful | Girls Night Out *TDR Fusion*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Shangri La Heart | Short *FaMESHed*
Ring: Maxi Gossamer | Mermaids Serpant Eye *FaMESHed*
Hands/Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancements w/appliers
Nails: Wicked Peach
Shoes: SLink Priscilla Plateau Heel | Black *Shoetopia*

Kooqla makes me kooky…

.. or does it?   I absolutely fell in love with EVERYTHING in this picture, so it’s not really a look of the day, more a facial shot of the day (oo-er calm down missus).

Swallow Me...

I was wondering around Designers United 5 and found this skin from Kooqla and I just fell in love, SO SO in love immediately!   It comes in various options with slight differences, but this was the one that grabbed my attention.   Such a beautiful and haunting look, so different from my usual one, but I think I pull it off pretty well!   I then stumbled along to TDR Fusion and shoved everyone out of the vicinity to buy everything and anything I could find, included in that was this adorable and stunning set from Swallow, with both the neck item (I don’t really want to call it a brace, or a collar, or a necklace… so item it is) and headpiece.   My look was starting to come together and I was like OH MY GOD WHAT HAIR SHOULD I WEAR.  Luckily whilst shoving people out of the way I found the LOQ hair at TDRF which was just a stunning ponytail and I figured it would look great with the other bits, and doesn’t it!?  It’s also like $L70 for a fatpack, OH YES.

So there we have it, my little look.   I am wearing eyes and lashes from Al Vulo, which come with the TDRF offerings from them too! WOOT!

Happy Monday and all that.

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

Post Number TWO!

I am on FIRE today! Well no, it’s only two small posts but still!  I always feel like I have so much to blog and so little time, so sundays are a nice day for me to get a couple in :D

Al Vulo @ TDRF

You’ll have to probably click through bigger but ho hum, it’s only one click!   The three skins you see are currently at TDR Fusion and are from Al Vulo!    They are so soft and lovely, but you do get the option of the more muted makeups and then the bright red one, so it’s up to you what route you want to go, or just get everything ever, which is how I roll at TDRF, well mostly.    You get the skin with various options including cleavage and different brows and you also get mesh lashes, mesh eyes and lola appliers! WOOT!  Also worn are a few items from DU5!   The gorgeous Twigs and Leather Collar from Olive, and my Surrealism hair from INK!  A great event to  check out, I loved a lot of things but I need to go back for sure.  Also worn in the picture you can just about make out is one of the many gorgeous items new from Sakide!  A lovely little camo style dress unzipped to show some boob, available in oodles of colours.

Have a close up of my face, just for fun <3

Gratuitous FACIAL SHOT

New @ Al Vulo

Hi guys!

There is a new skin at Al Vulo and she is preeeettttttyyyy!

New @ Al Vulo | Exile

I have picked a mid range tone to showcase, but there are a handful to choose from, both darker and lighter, so you will find the perfect match for what you are looking for I am sure!  Each skin comes with a base skin with various options including brows and cleavage, and comes with a bounty of extras too like appliers for slink and boobs, mesh eyeliner, lashes… various makeup components and then of course 6 lipsticks and a teeth tattoo layer!   I am showing the teeth above on the plain skin, then the lips below.  You can also wear tintable shadow, but I left that off to showcase the luscious, pouty, kissable lips more!

Makeups @ Al Vulo

I do love Al Vulo lips, they are always so… GRRR lovely!   As you can see you get three lighter, natural options, then 3 darker options!  Each one as gorgeous as the last! :D

The hair I am wearing is the Collabor88 hair from Exile and she is a stunner.  I have a bit of a thing for hat hairs anyway, but I really love this one!  The way the bangs flick out and look windwept is my fave part of the hair, the knotted over the shoulder pony, the colour change fancypants tilted hat? ALL BONUSES.  It comes in all the usual flavours of HUD, so get your butt on over there!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page


I feel pretty…

.. and I do!   This new skin is from Al Vulo and is out now for the Big Bo.obies Show!    Al Vulo skins are above and beyond gorgeous, always… this is just one of the lovely ones to choose from… more below the pic!

Donna Flora & AL VULO!

This is Portia in Olive, available also in Fairy and Sunkissed, a gorgeous, seamless skin with pink pouty lips and a hint of dark smouldering shadow.  Each skin comes with an array of options including different brows, boob appliers, mesh lashes, eyes, cleavage option and even a minimizer tattoo for those that don’t want a bigger cleavage.  I gotta say I really love this skin on me, paired with a pair of IKON eyes and an Elikatira hair, I think I look amazing and I am NOT a person to go around going OMG I AM SO PRETTY, but I really do feel it!

Also shown is one of various new sets from Donna Flora!  This is Ravesc in White.  A gorgeous chunky number complete with earrings, ring and necklace.    I love the flower piece on these items, not hugely delicate and fragile looking like a lot of flower related items in SL, but more sturdy and solid with thick petals and wonderful texturing.    These are items fit for a pretty person, so, of course, I had to put them on while I was feeling so pretty… did I mention I felt REALLY pretty?!

I do!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.