Lost Warrior

Lost Warrior

Nothing much to say today! It’s a quiet sunday and I felt like playing dress up, like most days.  This time I channeled my inner warrior/goddess/whateversexybeastIam – and I am digging this look pretty damn hard. Check out the credits to find sources of all awesomesauce.

Lost Warrior | Facial Unit


Hair: Alice Project | Willow High (with Braids)
Eyes: Buzz | Arcane Eyes | Amber
Skin: Lumae | Adore | 3 – Rosy | Bare (Freck/DarkBrow)
Face Tattoo: ARISE | Bonjo | Hard *OneWord*
Necklace: Zombie Suicide | Dark Collar *Dark Style Fair*
Dress: Moon Amore | Pompeya Dress *We Love Roleplay*
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui | Hellebore | Beige *We Love Roleplay*
Antlers: Hopscotch | Wild One Antlers

Infiniti | Definite

Leaf on the Wind

I am here with a 2nd blog post today, mainly because Leaf on the Wind has just opened and you NEED to go there!  You can read all about it here, but to sum it up an awesome, lovely, talented, funny, friendly second lifer is fighting a massive battle at the minute that nobody should ever have to fight.  This is a fundraiser for her and I am so happy to have been able to go along and splash some lindens on some great items from some generous creators.

Leaf on the Wind


Hair: Alice Project | Angelique  *LoTW*
Eyes: Angelica | Pure | Silver *The Seasons Story*
Skin: Glam Affair | Sia | Artic | 04B  *LoTW*
Necklace: Wimey | Page 394 Silver Necklace  *LoTW*
Dress: Noodles | Geronimo Dress  *LoTW*
Hands: Slink
Nail Appliers: Pathos | Celeste
Deer: even.flow | Oh Deer | Lemon *LoTW*


Sign: Mango Cheeks  *LoTW*
Table and Goodies: Ispachi  *LoTW*

Red, Off-White and Blue

A couple of new looks for you today, inspired by some of the newer releases on the grid. I’ll start with my favourite, which I’m a little bit in love with because it’s a throwback to my early days in SL, almost a decade ago. Back then I could be tempted by any item of clothing as long as it was black or red, while leather seemed like a perfectly valid material for everyday wear. I still firmly believe these things are excellent and am most pleased to have updated my heyday image with the help of Blueberry Dare. All I’m really missing is the white skin and bulbous nose.

Blueberry Dare - Leather Tied Corset

The next look is a little more current for me, speaking of colours. Somehow, at some point, for some reason, I switched from an avid need to own every red item ever made to a joyous love of muted shades. As it’s still in the hundreds where I am in terms of temperature, the comfy and cool look of this romper also made me happy.

Color.Me.H.O.F. - Silk Romper

And yes, in this final look you are seeing what it is you think you are seeing: a hint of parts of pixel me that you did not necessarily expect to be on show. Or maybe you did. I didn’t want to sully this dress from R3 with anything so unnecessary as undecrackers, though I would recommend them if you want to wear it for family outings or grocery shopping. Some careful leaning and a bit of camera angling later and here we have it. Trousers optional, as previously mentioned.

R3 - Meg

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Belleza – Leila
Hair: Alice Project – Leah
Outfit: Blueberry Dare – Leather Tied Corset and Shorts

Skin: Swallow – Denise
Hair: ChiChickie! – Melanie
Romper: Color.Me.H.O.F – Silk Romper

Skin: Akeruka – Meg V2
Hair: Alice Project – Mary
Dress: R3 – Meg
Thigh Highs: R3 – Vera
Shoes: DN Mesh – Marcy

Skin and Hurrrrr..

… are sooo much more a girls best friend in SL than Diamonds!    A little post for you today, but a verrrrry pretty one none the less :D

Glam Affair @ TLC & More!

A brand spankin’ new round of the huuuuugely successful The Boutique has started over at The Liasion Collaborative and boy oh boy, it’s a goodun! I have so much stuff to show you, but for now I will concentrate on skins!   The six beauties above are all available from Glam Affair in the one tone shown (America)… You can choose from the different makeups so whether you want peachy pale lips, or passionate purple coupled with yellow eyes, you will find something you adore,  I am sure!   They come with ooooodles of eyebrow options too, so you can mix your fave hair in and keep the curtains (so to speak, ok ok, eye curtains) looking the same as the drapes :D

The necklace you can see is from Tableau Vivant and is available at the 2nd Anniversary of the Gallery Gift Shop!   The Mina Necklace is driven via a HUD and comes with four bead colours and four metals! So that’s a lot of mixing and matching you can do to perfect it for your look, very simple and very pretty.   The hair is one of the several hairs available from Tram at this years Hair Fair! Sooo pretty!

Alice Project @ Hair Fair 2013

Also available at TLC are Belleza skins, They are available in all the tones shown and with four makeups to choose from in each tone.  UNF. SO.PRETTY.   Belleza always make my AV look smokin’ hot, especially in the darker tones, which I don’t tend to put on often, I may have to start!   If you’re a Belleza fan, or you simply have never tried them, these are perfect, so please please PLEASE look!   ALL THE SKINS FOR EVERYONE! WOOT!   The other main focus in this picture are the hairs, they are from the lovely Alice over at Alice Project and she pulled it together spectacularly with these, as they’re the bomb diggity!   The short style in the middle of the bottom row is the free gift, so there is something there for you whether you want to buy or not (but do buy).  From top right to bottom left we have:  Wendy, Mika, Megan, Melissa, Erika and Veronica!  All so pretty in their own way, and of course all HUD driven too, which I love, GOD I love HUDs for colour change things, OH YES I DO!  Whether you want a longer style to cover the lady bags or you want cute curls… check out the AP booth!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available!


Cosmetics Fair – OPEN TOMORROW!!

Hey everyone! Cosmetics Fair 2013 is opening tomorrow and I am here with a few of the awesome makeups you can find there… to start with at least :D

TSG @ Cosmetics Fair '13 & Lark @ Thrift Shop

Firstly we have some gorgoeus TSG Lip Laquers, shown on top of the TSG Baby skin in X tone here, you can see they are deliciously kissable! (You may need to view a bigger picture).   They all come for ALL tones of TSG skin, and all colours come with or without teeth, I did try these over my Belleza skin which is worn throughout the rest of the post, but the lips were too small, so if you aren’t planning on wearing them on top of an actual official TSG skin, you may want to demo!

Nuuna @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Next we have some makeups from Nuuna! I have shown one from each set available, in different colours (and some eyeliner).  Each set is stunning and striking, and each very different, as you can see! They all come in ooooodles of colours, including white and black, as well as the popping vivids too.   Nuuna makes such lovely makeups, all of them a little bit out of the norm, which is lovely for fantasy looks or just when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13

The next two sets are from MONS!   Both are sets of eyeshadows, one a more evening affair, one more daysy (it’s a word).  The above ones are sleek, shiny looking nightwear they come in a pack of several and there are both duos of colours and singles, as you can see!   So bright and lovely and with a bunch of colours to choose from you can mix and match them with your favourite outfits!

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13 - 2

The ones above are the more day like affair eyeshadows, although I did find they made my eyes look a loooot bigger than they are, probably because of the crease in the makeup, but I still really dig them!   Lovely muted colours, nothing too bright, but soft and subtle, perfect for a day at the beach or just a general look… although perfect to wear in the evening too! So a nice selection there.

Kooqla @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Finally we have some of the shadows and lips available from Kooqla!   I’m not sure these lips suit me, but I loved how glossy they were, and plump!   The eyes are really nice, soft and smooth with a hint of liner.   They come as separates so you can mix and match or just wear the eyes or the lips, it’s up to you!

Also worn as mentioned in most of the posts is one of the Ashley skins from Belleza available at Summerfest which is opening soon, you get 2 makeups in each tone along with brow options and she is STUNNING, small freckle patches, luscious lips and muted makeup.. YAY!     All of the eyes shown are from IKON and are from the Ascension eye range, available now at the Numerology Event and finally the hair is Willow from Alice Project and at the minute there is a MASSIVE sale going on, and also a new “Create Your Own” way of purchasing and dying hair, so you make sure you check that out too!

So many goodies at the fair, I will be back with some more shortly!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

I am friggin.. ADORKABLE.

Well, technically, I am Willis! But I do bring you me looking kinda dorky and adorable, and poses by Adorkable, so it fits, right?

Adorkable @ Zodiac

YES, my hair is going through my arms in some of them, but I lack the brainpower to edit them, but I think you can tell that it’s not going to happen with ALL hairs, I just needed to fit my hair over my dress, and forgot about my arms. SO THERE.  The above poses are the Sunny pack, available for the Taurus round of Zodiac!   So fun loving :D    The dress and necklace I am wearing are new from Pure Poison and I gotta say I LOVE this dress!!  The detail is just lovely and it makes me feel so girly with the poufy skirt, like I could prance around all day on tippy toes!   The skin is the TDRF item from Al Vulo and is stunning, as usual, and the hair is the new and gorgeous Aphrodite from Alice Project, never will I tired of AP hair and the HUDS.. such a wide variety YAY!

Adorkable @ My Attic

This second set is available from My Attic and is Ella!   In Dork’s picture half of them are dressed “pauper” and half are dressed “princess”.. I obviously opted for urban chic (hahaha chic, i kid i kid)… but I did want to wear the new CandyDoll Jeans! I love these!!!  I love the big belt, something different in SL is always good and I didn’t own jeans like this!   The skin is also from CandyDoll and is the new yummy Layla, she comes in various tones, this is Cream, the 2nd lightest.   She also comes with oodles of optional to purchase makeups, so thats good :D    My hair is one of the 3 releases at Fantasy Faire 2013 from Wasabi Pills, all pretty much unisex if you ask me, but you didn’t but that’s my opinion so there. END OF STORY.

Full credits below. HAPPPPPY SUNDAY <3


Look 1:

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Erika | Chocolate *Fantasy Faire*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: CandyDoll | Layla | Natural | Cream *NEW*
Top: Sn@tch | Mesh Spangle Tee | White
Jeans: CandyDoll | Skinny Jeans | Shade 1
Sneakers: TD | Spring Sneakers

Look 2:

Hair: Alice Project | Aphrodite
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Al vulo | Aisha | Peacock *TDRF*
Dress: Pure Poison | LouLou Dress | Linen & Gold
Necklace: Pure Poison | Sienna Necklace | Orange

Happy Easter!

Not going to lie to you good people, i am not on top form today, I went out last night for the first time in AGES (I even wore a dress, and danced ohmygoshshame) and i am suffering today, but I wanted to post something so here I am!

Happy Easter!


You’ll need to click through to see the bigger picture, but here is the BAM set of poses from Adorkable, now available at the Pose Fair!   Dork released a bunch of new poses, this just one set and as usual they are all seamless and gorgeous.  I pulled some funny faces in mine cos I think it gives the pic a bit more character, and I always feel that Adorkable poses work well with some extra added emotion!      All poses come with a mirrored one, so perfect for picture taking. YAY!

I’m wearing a new dress from Eclectic Apparel, shown here in “Shoots” but available in many colours.  A beautiful slip dress with a satin look and feel to it with ruffles in all the right places and some great cleavage display going on!   I paired it with sequin bunny ears from Alice Project, they are only $L100 or free to VIP members!  however cute are they!?  they come in two colours and with or without folded ear. THANKS ALICE.   Finally the skin is one of three special easter skins available from Ploom!   Nothing with bunny noses or whiskers on, just three beautiful soft makeups for those of us that looooove to look pretty.

Make sure you check everything out!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

The time has come to…

.. GALVANIZE!   Yeah, no, was just listening to Chemical Brothers, so you get that as a title.  I’ve been super busy and my blog has been slacking, but here are a few more things today!

Pink Fuel @ SF13

The long awaited Alyx from Pink Fuel was released at the Skin Fair and the BONUS of getting it there is that you can get fatpacks for under $L1500!!!!    Yep, each tone comes with all the eye makeups above, the lipsticks on tattoos layers PLUS a bunch more.    All eye makeups come with lid A and B, which have slight differences, one is made to look the larger eyed among us look a bit better, but I snapped all of them in the light brow (there are many more brows) option because it gave me more excuse to slap on more lipsticks!   You get three packs of lipsticks with each bargainous pack and each lip comes with a teeth option too, which I have thrown a few in of.   There are a couple tones I’ve not seen before from Mochi, including this porcelain, unless I’m just blind.  I like to think of myself as a traditional English Rose, so this tone was perfect.  I really had to hold back from buying ALL the tones, I stuck to just three, a light, a mid, and a darker one!    You really need to check these out, especially at the price they are at for the duration of the Skin Fair.

MASSIVE New Release @ ColdLogic

coldLogic has a MAHOOOOOOSIVE release, and by mahooooosive, I mean MAHOOOOOSIVE.   I have just chosen to showcase the dress collection today, but you can get skirts, jumpers, capris, jackets/vests combos and much more.   I am really taken by dresses at the moment in real life, and it’s not something I’d normally wear, so I only thought it apt to don the dresses in this post.  As you can see there is a gorgeous selection from a little tight number, to a cute vest top with pleated skirt… a long baggy tee style with cargidan over the top, to a 50’s style flaired number.   I think if you can’t find a dress amongst these that you love, that you need a slap upside the head.   All of them come in various colours/patterns to choose from and of course all standard sizes.   I will be showcasing the other items at some point in the future, but dresses is where it’s at, baby… so go forth and try then buy!

All hairs are from Alice Project, and all poses are from Adorkable.   I must point out the hair in the top left hand corner, it’s a special from Alice Project for Adore & Abhor’s 5 year anniversary!   Get over there and check that out too <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Titillating Tuesday

There are not really any titillating things in this post, but there are some skins from Inside Lab and Belleza and some lovely new hairs/colours from Alice Project!

Belleza @ SF13 & Alice Project

Belleza released Mya for the Skin Fair as well as the Liaison Collaborative, and these are the skins both above and below that you can find!    One set is shown in pale, the other in sunskissed.   There is a lovely variety of makeups ranging from perfectly pure with a bit of smokey eye to rainbow coloured eyes and pinky pouty lips.  Each set comes with various tattoo layers including lips and what not!   The thing I love about Belleza skins is they look so lovely and perfect, they are absolutely flawless no matter what tone you get.   I am wearing two older Alice Project Hairs but showcased in new textures!! The above picture shows five of the new Silk Streaked colours available, gorgeous textures that come dipped and streaked and all sorts!     Below are a handful of textures from the Anime Mini HUD!  More cartoony looking textures with a high shine value, perfect for those cartoony looks you want to achieve or just a bit of a shinier feel to them! ADORABLE!

Belleza @ SF13 & Alice Project

Below is a skin from Inside Lab.  I have to say before Skin Fair 2013  I had zero idea this  store existed, which is a shame cos they are adoooooorable!   The lips DO have a very pouty shape and look to them, and I haven’t got the fullest of lips in SL, so you may need to tweak your shape somewhat for them, but they come in a lovely range of tones and with various brow options, not to mention some lovely makeups from angelic looking to more vampy.  Well worth checking these out if you’ve never heard of the store, i’m sure you won’t be disappointed, they have a young, fresh look!    The hair is from Alice Project again and is the new Heather hair shown in the Sparkle Princess HUD colours, which is also new.    You get Glitter Streaked and Glitter Dipped options and you’ll need to open the picture and view larger to see the sparkles but they are there and they are fookin’ adorable!

Inside Lab @ SF13 & Alice Project

The clothing I am wearing is new from One Bad Pixel (1bp) and is the new Tee Dress, it comes in various  colours and is a lovely printed over the knee dress with a satin smooth look.  I have tons more things to show from 1bp but I shall leave that to another post <3

#*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location page <3

It’s a Sin

Well, I don’t know what’s a Sin, but pretty sure we’re all sinners in some way, yes? Yes!

7 Sins @ PXL & Global Domination Goodness

PXL have released a new Gacha skin!  This time it’s based around the 7 Deadly Sins.  You will have to click through to Flickr to see a bigger picture, but I can assure you these babies are well worth having. Gluttony (the larger side pic) and Lust (top right) are the Rare skins, the rest are just regular.  They are all very different, some a bit cuter than others… like Gluttony comes with a Cherry for the Tongue, and some a bit darker… Wrath (bottom right)  is a bit of a smokey beauty for example.  At only $L99 a play these are going to be filling up your inventory fast, trust me!   Also worn in this photo are two more prizes from Global Domination!  The gorgeous off the shoulder top is the prize from Decoy, and it comes in 4 lovely colours.  It’s mesh and comes in standard sizing, and comes with 2 alpha options too!  The hair is one of two prizes from Alice Project (a special streaked version also available as an incentive prize) and this is Tyr!  An updo with a lovely mesh rose on the back (you can’t see that, sorrrryyyy, you’ll have to go and win it).  A really beautiful combo, especially with the skins too!

Gia @ Ploom

Another new skin out recently was Gia from Ploom.   Shown here in Vanilla, this is another one you will have to click through to view larger.   Gia comes in a huge variety of tones and has appliers and tattoo layers and much more!   Each “pack” doesn’t only come with an array of goodies including lashes and nail covers (for use with prim/mesh nails) they also come with two make ups!  So you get two, for the price of one really, and I love a good bargain.   I haven’t taken a body shot, but you can see one over here if you’d like to see Sasy semi naked: CLICK ME.  I can tell you that I was super impressed tho, super clean and not a seam in sight, soft not too harsh, this really is a beautiful skin.  Also included with each skin (or pack) is a set of 14 lipsticks, making it an even BIGGER bargain than you can imagine.  I haven’t shown the lipsticks here, I figured you can go and look at those for yourself when you rush and buy all.. ok ok… some of the Gia skins (no really, get them all).   The hair worn in this is the Victoria hair by Alice Project and I did take a shot to futz around with in PS when I get the chance, because under the cut, covering my lady bags are the most wonderful curls!

Also, while I am here, since I am no longer super active on any social networking platform, and since I have become a bit busier in RL I have a new RL blog (well two actually!).. If you’d like to read about what i’m up to (i start at an Animal Shelter tomorrow as a volunteer.. that sort of thing), please do feel free to follow me over at Octopi and Jellyfish <3

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, unless linked