Boho, Pearls and a Fine Ass

Boho, Pearls and a Fine Ass

Well! I went a little different today, cute, a little boho and of course, with a wonderful booty.

These Luna Jeans from Blueberry come in regular and curvy options and the ass on the curvy is DIVINE! I love it!  I modelled my look around them, and went for a little of this and a little of that, some older items – some from new events! So make sure you check out the credits, yo.


Hair: Mina | Jacky *Kustom9*
Skin: AlterEgo | Lydia | Caramel (dkbrow)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Intense | Brown
Top: Sakide | Tira
Necklace: Imeka | Bow Necklace with Pearls *Kawaii Project*
Jeans: Blueberry | Luna | Rolled Cuff Jean
Shoes: Atomic | Piper Flats | Coal *C88*

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | Flat
Hand Tattoo: Moon Amore | Locked Hand

Pose by Adorkable

Hitting the Road

Hittin' the Road

Helloooo! A bit of a biker chick look today, or well what I’d dress like if I wanted to get the attention of someone like sayyyyyy Jax “Willis’ Boyf” Teller! Genre started a new round called Sons of Genre, where you can get the gorgeous and badass backpack!  I thought the skirt from Bueno at C88 with it’s rips and pockets made the perfect item to wear with it, and the look built from there.  Gorgeous spikey heels from C88 from Eboni over at Hucci, and of course Swallow with their Dead Head Arcade Collection!   I was thankful for the Exile release as this hair fitted perfect with the look, and it’s the Male hair too, who says we can’t have everything!?  Rounded off with a lovely sexy top from ANE for TLC and various other components to complete the look, all in the credits below.

WoW Skins @ Skin Fair 15

I couldn’t, of course, not post another Skin Fair Skin, so this time you get Ilenia from WoW Skins in the Milk tone.  There are oodles of appliers for this baby, if you can’t find them at Skin Fair, you can at the main store.   The faces on this baby are just gorgeous! I really love how they look on me, and with 6 makeups to choose from with a variety of brows, you can’t go wrong.


Hair: Exile | Give Away Your Secrets
Eyes: Buzzeri | Aura | Siren *Kawaii Project*
Skin: WoW Skins | Ilenia | Milk *Skin Fair 2015*
Tattoo: Things | Iuturnas
Septum Ring: Swallow | Septum Ring | Dead Head *Arcade*
Top: ANE | Bon Voyage Backless Top | Black Lace (v2) *TLC*
Backpack: DD | Wheel & Pray Backpack | Black *Genre – Sons of Genre*
Ring: Swallow | Ring | Dead Head *Arcade*
Skirt: Bueno | Denim Skirts | Clean *C88*
Shoes: Hucci | Enshi *C88*

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | High
Nails: Flair | Set 235

Pose: Arsenal | Pose 66

Trompe Loeil – YUMMY!

It’s been a while since I blogged Trompe Loeil, well.. a few weeks, but STILL! SO MUCH AWESOMESAUCE!   Here are the offerings from both Collabor88 and FaMESHed for you to peruse… so pretty:

Trompe Loiel @ C88

This gorgeous and surprisingly expansive Modern Villa is the Collabor88 item!  It’s the biggest prefab I’ve seen from TL in a while, with 4-5 rooms, an animated front (or back) pool that can seat up to 6 avatars and a full control system for lights, windows and doors for the owner (or delegates) it’s a beautiful home to have.  It comes with working fire, and foliage to boot!   Not only does it look stunning from the outside, it also does from the inside.   You can see below a few of the little rooms, nook and crannies you can find, with the light airy space, bleached floors and walls, it’s not overly bright, but bright enough to look clean, crisp and fresh.

Modern Villa - Insides


Trompe Loeil are not only at Collabor88, they are at FaMESHed too!     The Oceania Living Room Collection can be found there in both neutrals (shown) and brights, and each with over 20 fabric changes!   I really need to go and get the brights, although the neutrals suit this house perfectly.   What better than a cozy table by the window overlooking the ocean?   You can get an array of objects including chairs, couches, benches, cabinets, chests, lamps and prints!   Each item with animations (IE the seats etc) come in both PG and Adult with an array of animations both single and couple orientated, so it’s definitely worth money!   You can also buy separately or Cory has made them available in sets too at a reduced cost, BONUS!

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed - 1

I’ve shown a little array of items above, with much more available, and a collection of the chests and a cabinet with elephant inlay (a handful available, tree shown above) below.   The thing I love about TL items is that they are ALWAYS first class.  The mesh work is second to none and the texturing matches.  Just quality items all around!   I think Trompe Loeil might be my second biggest folder in my inventory, stuffed with goodies and always hungry for more!

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed - 2

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

Fresh – The Boutique!

TLC’s The Boutique is open again, and this round the theme is Fresh! With a gorgeous pallate and so many gorgeous goodies

New @ The Boutique! TLC

This round sees a guest appearance from ELIKATIRA!  Yep, there are three hairs out all at The Boutique, this one is the cutie Enjoy! and Enjoy I shall!  There are so many goodies at this round that I can’t even begin to squee loud enough, this has soon turned into one of the must attend events on the grid! The top I am wearing is from Baiastice, and there is also a skirt to mix and match with it, and both are available in a bunch of colours, I really wanted to go for a floraly yellow today tho!   So I was super happy when the Izzies socks came in a faded yellow!!! (among other colours) and they are made to fit with SLink feet with appliers, so YAYYYYYY! no ugly blog sock feet, just pretty ones!    Also worn is a new skirt  from Cute Poison!  It comes in various denim washes and is a mesh beauty!   Perfect staple for summer :D  I’m wearing SLink nail appliers too, and the gorgeous pattern is from Hopscotch for The Boutique… several available, yay!

New @ The Boutique - TLC - Headshot

Now for a quick close up look.   The necklace (I am wearing earrings too) is Lassitude & Ennui’s offering to The Boutique and it is so exquistely gorgeous!   So well done and available in various colours, this piece is a must own, you can wear it with casual or dressy and look just great!     The Antlers are my FAVEEEE and are from Half Deer, they are adorned with cute little buttons and are tipped with colour too! I have mix and matched, yepp.. that right, they come with L and R attach points so you can mix and match colours to be even CUTTTTTEEERRR.  They come in various other colours, but yellow and pink were my choices :D

The skin I am wearing is Margot  from Glam Affair in the America tone, and I am also wearing one of the Margot eyeshadows available from Glam Affair for C88 atm.    My eyes are from IKON!  They aren’t The Boutique offerings, but I crashed out before I could snag those, I WILL PREVAIL!!! <3

Poses are from Adorkable, who is closing down (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and moving to marketplace, so is having a HUGEEE sale, make sure you check them out and weep on Dorks shoes!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available <3

Coming to a Cinema…

… near you soon.

Yep, it’s almost here.  The Hottie Cooterati event Cinema 2012 is opening it’s doors in just a few days to you.  We have been treated to a lot of sneak peaks, awesome pictures, and general building up of the event that is expected to blow peoples MINDS (hopefully a few faces off too, maybe if we’re lucky).

Blogger preview is tomorrow, and the day after… then the day after that it’s a free for all, open to the masses and I expect it to be a VERY busy event.  The quality of the item’s I’ve been lucky enough to snag a preview of and also which can be see in the Cinema Flickr Group exceed any expectations I may of had.

This is the new an exclusive for Cinema Trompe Loeil Canopy Bed.  Oh my freaking GOD. I cannot even with how gorgeous this is.   It comes in oodles of colours/patterns etc and in two wood options, I opted for for the Black Satin Poplar.  The workmanship on this baby is mindblowing, absolutely mindblowing and breathtaking.  It really is a “talking” piece, although if I were on this bed with someone else there wouldn’t be a lot of talking goin on! IF YOU GET WHAT I MEAN.

Coming to Cinema... 2

There will be, as usual with all Trompe goodies, a PG and Adult version.  The PG version comes with 40 animations including solo, and couples, and the Adult version comes with an additional 21 naughty and erotic anims for solo and couples also.   The best thing about this bed is it’s only 11 prims, YEP. YOU HEARD ME! ELEVEN!!!  As soon as I looked at the preview picture Cory plurked a few days ago I fell in love and knew it was going in my master bedroom, that’s when I decide on a final house of course, atm we have tons scattered about (sorry baby)

Coming to Cinema... 3

Also new at Cinema will be this Mesh Dress from Adore & Abhor – Svelte.  Svelte comes in a handful of colours but after I rezzed the Black Satin bed, the only choice for me was a dark one, so Black it was.  It’s a really gorgeous dress, not too short, but definitely short enough to get some attention, with a really cute halter neck.  The boobs on this are amazeboobs, it has to be said.  I can’t stop looking at them.  These pieces are just TWO of the many, many uber pieces of work you are going to see all over the feeds, flickr and in world in a few days time, and I, for one, could not be happier that Cinema 2012 is happening!! SUPER LOOKING FWD TO IT YOU GUYS!

Coming to Cinema... 1

Hair | Ploom ** Skin | Essences

Other items in the post are Ploom newness in the form of this adorable hairstyle, it’s mesh, it’s cute, you need it.  The skin is the Alyona skin from Essences, currently available at TDR and the shoes are the Ison Wedges from Collabor88, which are simply divine.

The location will be revealed soon, at which time I will update this post… until then <3

C88 – Look 2 – Less is MORE!

A simple, unadulterated, please adulterate me LoTD today mostly courtesy of Collabor88!

You may think from the blogs you’ve seen that it’s all plastic pink flamingos and cutesy cute! WELL! YOU ARE WRONG!  This handcuff set from Maxi Gossamer is nothing LIKE a pink flamingo!!

C88 - Look 2 - Less is More

Maxi Gossamer has a few things out at Collabor88 but this caught my eye! It comes with necklace both short and long, and these gorgeous earrings, makes for a bit of a change, eh?!  Glam Affair has 6 skins out, all $L188 each!  Love the striking red lips on this one though.  I paired it with the other new hair from LaViere – Katie! A sleek, short bobbed style for the perfect classy but sexy look.

I am also wearing the divine new Evolve Piercing set from #Ziau#.  I have recently taken on a love for piercings again after 4 years of being way to lazy to edit them, but I fell in love with the picture of this on flickr, like.. HARD. TICAW (sorry… that for Bella only really >.>)  This piercing has two tiny lil birds under the eyes flying inwards, like they want your very SOUL. Or.. they just want to make you look awesome, which they manage to do. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

Also wearing the nails from Leverocci, I know Jin loves pictures with Leverocci Nails in.  So therefore, I grant this picture win win win!

All SLURLS can be found at the Store Locations Page <3


Skin – Glam Affair | Ginny | America 03D @ Collabor88
Hair – LaViere | Katie | Black @ Collabor88
Eyes – IKON | Sunrise
Piercings -#Ziau# | Evolve | NoShadow/Light *NEW*
Jewellery – Maxi Gossamer | Handcuffs @ Collabor88
Nails – Leverocci | Round Nails | Silver Plain
Pose – *Frooti – Cover Up


Well HELLLOOOO, it’s the 8th today, which can only mean… NEW COLLABOR88!!!!!

I am overwhelmed and awed by the goodies on offer in this cycle and I have only had a quick peek! I managed to throw together a LoTD like a mofoing princess (Hi, I’m wearing a crown, humour me), so here we are:

I cannot deal with how effin cute the theme and colours are for this month, this might be my fav EVER Collabor88 scheme!!!  How can I resist anything in a Minty Green?? It’s one of the mothership colours to me.  So this U.F.O shirt and cardigan (all in one) was screaming my name from the moment it was uploaded to the grid!! The shirt has Flamingos on it. HI. FLAMINGOS… I, of course, paired it with the Skirt also from U.F.O

I just made myself look cuter with the Fake Plastic Crown from LaViere, the Yummy Charm Necklace – which has a Flamingo, a Gun, a pair of Lips and a Shoe, and the Plume earrings from LaGyo, which coincidently are colour and metal change, so you can pair them up with your fav looks.

The hair is one of two hairs available at C88 from LaViere, who is becoming one of my FAV stores, and the skin is an older skin from Al Vulo, infact I think it was the Curio Fundraiser skin? I could be wrong, but I am cute, so wrong is therefore voided. *foldy arms*

C88 - October 2012 - Look 1

I took a not very artistic, but useable close up collage of the smaller bits of the outfit for you to see how fookin’ lovely everything is! WEEEE!

C88Look1 - Closeups


Hair – LaViere | Miki | Brown Roots @ Collabor88
Skin – Al Vulo | Georgie | Black Blonde Custard
Eyes – IKON | Sunrise
Crown – LaViere | Fake Plastic Crown | Silver @ Collabor88
Top – U.F.O | Flamingos Day | Mintaholic @ Collabor88
Skirt – U.F.O | Flamingos Panskirts | Grey @ Collabor88
Necklace – Yummy | Plastic Charm Necklace @ Collabor88
Earrings – LaGyo | Plumes @ Collabor88
Piercings – Cute Poison | Tipsy @ SWAGFEST
Pose – *Frooti

Cheeky Pea & Pilot @ C88!

I am still wading through my C88 haul, not to mention other releases! and I decided it was time I rezzed the gorgeous Cheeky Pea & Pilot Backyard Cinema! A collab item from both Isla and Kaz it stands out a mile as a timeless classic, imo!

It comes with loungers, ottomans, pouffes, lights, trees, screen and refreshment sidetables and THEN some!  You can choose from a PG or Mature set and each set has an array of gorgeous poses, singles, couples, kids, and adult (dependent on version).  It’s M/C/NT so if you screw it up, NO WORRIES!! You can screw it up again and again and again!

Cheeky Pea & Pilot - C88

My fav piece has to be the projector… no wait the screen.. NO WAIT I DON’T KNOW! I LOVE IT ALL!   You can play your own movies on the screen, which is a bonus, I opted to just stare at a pic of me, cos that’s how I roll.. or that’s the only texture I had to hand that wasn’t someone elses texture and the upload button wouldn’t work.. YOU DECIDE /big brother voice.

Get it ONLY at C88

Sunday Hair Fest!

Okkk so today is lazy dayyy usually but i’ve been out in RL all dayyyyy, so today’s blog post is mainly concentrating on hair, with a few bits thrown around!

Three new hairs from Truth!  2 are non meshified and one is rigged.  This is Briony, Siri and Azrea!  All beautiful hairs in their own right and three very different styles from Mr H, an voluminous updo, a sleek over the shoulder longer style, and a shaggy midlength! I think Azrea might be my fav, despite it being non mesh.. see… we love non mesh too!   The skins I am wearing in the pics are all Glam Affair’s C88 skins! VERY pretty, as usual!  The dress is the Lazy Sunday special from The Plastik, well one of three.  Make sure you check them out.

New @ Truth

Ploom has 2 new gorgeous babies out.  This is Smash and Majiya!  Sometimes I wonder where people come up with these names, LOVE them!!!   Both are rigged mesh and both are stunning!   Smash is a bit more on the chic side, would look perfect casual or smart… Majiya is a bit more on the fun side! Long piggies with poofy bits… I know, my descriptions are awesome.   Hely is another hair maker totally ruling the mesh, gotta have tons of respect for these awesome styles!  The dress worn is the Glam Affair C88 dress!  It comes in all the colours of the palate and it’s beautimus.  I love the spiked grommity things on the top, YES.. PLEASE.. STARE AT MY CHEST AND I SHALL BANG YOUR HEAD INTO IT.. or something.

New @ Ploom

Magika had a new style out, and I still hadn’t blogged the last one!  This is Tendancy and Awkward.  I’ve seen a lot of hype about Tendancy, people fell in love with it, and I can see why.  It’s a perfect hair, with some oomph! Sometimes hair can look a bit… flat.. Magika hairs always have that bit of bounce about them! YAY!   I love Awkward just as much with it’s long ponytail falling down the back and I can never get enough of the textures, they are scrumptious!  I always buy set 03 with the fades/pretty mixes.. I just.. want them all!    The tops you see here are new from Shabby Cat!  There is the long sleeved slouch, which let me tells you looks perfect with jeans, and there is the Cropped Sweater w.Tank! The great thing about the Cropped Sweater is that it comes with and WITHOUT the tank!!!  Both tops come in a multitude of colours for your perusal :D  The skins in the above pic and below are the IZZIES VIP Group skins for this month, if you aren’t a member, you effin well should be! GO GET.. it costs $L250 to join and you get both skins for this months gift and gifts are always awesome!

New @ Magika

Last, but by no means last new EXILE! Meet Fade Into You, Believe Again and Already Gone!  All mesh, all gorgeous.  Fade Into You is one of those styles I believe are great for pictures, a bit of a windswept look, but sexy with it!  I wore one of the new textures in all of the hairs, as I am in LOVE. LOVE!  I know, I know, I love everything, sue me.   Believe Again is a stacked up hiiiiiigh high high updo, sometimes I wear my hair like this in RL, except it never looks this good, Kavar, come fix that? Thanks!   Already Gone is another classic longer length style with a hint of wavy curls, it looks stunning in the new textures, or the old ones… so pretty much just stunning.  The dress seen here is from Tutti Frutti and is the Savannah Mesh Neck Dress!  It’s so bright and beautiful with just a hint of colour, and one of my fav colours at that!  Make sure you check it out. Skin is the skin I featured yesterdays C88 post from Auxiliary, just in a darker tone <3

New @ Exile

That’s pretty much it. BYE.

C88! It’s commmiinnnnng…

It’s almost that time of the month again, a new round of C88! This time the palate is GORGEOUS:

Timeless Pallet

So many colours I looooove!! I’m expecting GREAT THINGS, PEOPLE! I LOVEEE THESE COLOURS!!!!

I got a sneak peek at a couple of bits thus far that I already fell in love with, so I put together a quick teaser look!  The shorts that will be available from Ingenue are just.. I can’t even express my love.  High-waist, bow, big butted… GORGEOUS SHORTS… they go so perfectly with Yummy’s pearls, just one of many pearl themed items from Yummy!  And of course not forgetting the Timeless Knee Socks from Kyoot, with lil prim bows! D’awww!

C88 - Starts Soon!


The hair is Wasabi Pills FLF item for TODAY.. it’s out in three unique colours for FLF, so make sure you pick it up while you’re at it!  I think I look ADORABLE, I can’t wait to see more stufffs! <3  Remember C88 haS MOVED to it’s very own sim!!


Hair: Wasabi Pills | Cookie | Licorice (FLF)
Skin: Pink Fuel | Alyx | Honey | Candy Hearts (store temporarily unavailable)
Eyes: Ikon | Sunrise
Necklace: Yummy | Sofia Pearls (C88)
Top: Artilleri | Claire Playsuit | Yellow
Shorts: Ingenue | Hetty | Noir (C88)
Socks: Kyoot | Timeless Knee Socks | Yellow/Black (C88)
Shoes: Ingenue | Gatsby Heels | Citrine
Pose: Frooti