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Skin Fair AHOY!

I am DESPERATELY trying to play blog catch up, so many events, so many gorgeous things, so little Willis to spread around (hurrrr), I did manage to get over to the bloggers preview of skin fair though so expect intermittent skin frenzy!  No links will be up for the Skin Fair until it actually opens, so soz!

Dead Apples @ Skin Fair '14

Dead Apples knocked my socks off with this skin, I love trying new looks for myself, not sticking to the same thing all the time, venturing out of my comfort zone, and I felt this did it a little.   This is Ari, she comes in 5 tones, this being the palest, and in my opinion the prettiest for a lovely palesque look.  The shading on the body is lovely and I couldn’t  find a seam in sight, which is always a great thing.   You can get Slink appliers too, YAY!

Dead Apples @ Skin Fair '14 - Bits and Bobs

The skins come with oodles of options, including the items you see above which include freckles, brows (both colour and style: bushier/bold), lips and other options including extra dewyness and rounder cheeks (not shown).   It’s a really lovely skin, with great mix and match ability and the pricepoints for everything are so fair!   Make sure you demo at least.

Also worn in the post are some gorgeous shoes that I promised to show you, they are the heels available from Candydoll at Whore Couture Fair!   Other items from Baiastice, Ploom and IKON!


Ok, well maybe not partay, but the new Cluber Platforms from Candydoll @ Whore Couture Fair make me want to jig about a bit!

Candydoll - Cluber Platform @ Whore Couture Fair!


These are the cutest high platforms i’ve seen in quite some time!  I love how the tongue bunches up around the laces, such a lovely, realistic touch.

The Cluber Platforms come in a handful of colours, not all shown, and each has a smart resize menu, so no faffing and making them as big as your sim, or as small as your eyeball!  It comes with an intricate HUD that gives the following options:  2 platform colours, 8 metal options, 44 upper material options,  66 lace options and the fatpack comes with 23 colours and 44 upper matierals and you can change any part of the shoe! PHEW!

I have shown just a handful of the options above but as you can probably work out, the world is pretty much your shoe filled oyster with these!   Pair them with a nice skirt, leggings, or well just trot about naked, that’s pretty much how I logged out earlier!

There is also a gorgeous set of heels there for you,but more about them in another post <3

Catching up with CandyDoll!

CandyDoll has always been a store I adore, back from when it was skins only, and especially now there are oodles of great shoes coming out!

CandyDoll Catchup!

I have picked four of my fave purchases from marketplace to showcase here, including the most recent release <3

We have, from top left to bottom right:

Newell Heels:  Comes both with Slink High Foot version and JD’s foot, these strappy babies are SO gorgeous, they come with a HUD to change bits and bobs and are a gorgeous stiletto heel!

Punisher Boots:  A grungy pair of boots complete with tied lace around the top for that rebelious look, available in tons of colours but I always think Black works best for boots like these <3

Ozzy Boots: OH MY GOSH HOW CUTE? I love these, available with a HUD to change little details these comfy looking cutesy ankle boots are effin ADORBS.   I couldn’t love them more

Amerie Heels:  I couldn’t not get these ones, the daisy fabric just rocked my worlllld, the yellows and the greens, UNF!    For the Slink Medium feet, these heels are cute with some sass, that’ll be the spikes on the straps. YES!

CandyDoll caters for ALL sorts of shoe lovers, you should totes go check it out!

SHOES… and stuff.

I am not usually a huge shoe lover, but I wanted to do something with SHOES. SHOES and other stuff, obvs.

New! Vincue @ Black Fair - Swimmy!ted

We are going with a bit of a day and night theme here, with the help of VinCue and their gorgeous items out at The Black Fair!  We start the day off with a lovely cut out swim suit, it oozes sex appeal, and comes in dotty and plain in an array of colours, I think this was one of my favs tho!     Below you see the night version, which is another VinCue item and is the Crossed Dress in Bee!   BZZZZZ!    Again there are options for this short, sexy, sparkley number.. either two tone stripes or plain!   Get your hands on and your booty into the event to pick these gorgeous VinCue items up!  Also worn in both pictures is Harley from Pink Fuel with PF Ink lipstick and of course SLink hands and footsies, cos you know, appliers!   The hairs are both new from Red Mint and I am loving the fantasy colours that are going on! YAY!

New! Vincue @ Black Fair - Dressy!

Now in both the pictures above I am wearing new shoes, a weird thing for me,  shoes and I have a love/hate relationship, but since people started making shoes to fit on SLink feet, ~I am SOLD!  First we have some goooooorgeous strappy heels from CandyDoll!   They come in a plethora of colours and patterns, a fistful of which can be seen below!  Each colour comes with a HUD so you can change the heel/sole to various textures, so you can make the shoes your own, well to a certain point anyway.   I love how robust these shoes look, a lovely thick heel with a thick sole and texturing to die for! YAY!

New @ CandyDoll

Also released for the flat SLink feet by Cute Poison for SL Fashion Week are these cute flip flops!    Your basic necessity for the beach, plain black but each with a coloured flower, so you can match your swimming costume or your nails, or your eyes, or just wear whatever colour you feel like!

Cute Poison @ SL Fashion Week

I am going to the beach in RL with my kids and parents (or 4 kids really) tomorrow for a week! I hope my partner in crime WillowC will takeover the blog and make it her own, but it might be like a ghost town around here for a week or so, but I will return, fresh faced and ready to blog my buttocks off!


It’s a shorts kinda day…

It’s quite hot in RL, so I popped on SL this morning and dressed the way I wish I could dress in RL, if I wasn’t so self concious!   HUZZAH!

LoTD - 26/06/13

It’s hot, you’re hot, it’s sticky.. you want to look nice, but summery… what do you go for? A flowing maxi dress?  Maybe.. I opted for these gorgeous new shorts from CandyDoll tho! Available in several washes, I like this dirty looking one, a bit faded, like your most well loved jeans, gorgeous fit too, made to give you a great derrière!   I paired it up with a knotted tank from Vincue, my new found love!  Also available in an array of colours but I chose one of my faves, lime!   One of the two new hairs from Ploom sits atop my head.. this is Knitty! a gorgeous longer style with a little bit of side pony going on.   Finally for my new items today, these sandals from Ducknipple, they come with a colour change HUD and are perfect for your summery look!

Also released by Insufferable Dastard were some new eye! Three complete sets here, both with mesh and texture options, so it’s up to you, and you can mix and match!



New @ Insufferable Dastard MORE!

New @ Insufferable Dastard

Daenerys Eyes @ Insufferable Dastard


My faves must be the tropics set at the top, I love such vivid citrusy colours! YAY!   The skin I am wearing is from Aeva/Heartsick and was this weeks Lazy Sunday item, if you don’t collect these, you are totes missing out!

*SLURLS available on the Store Locations page

I am friggin.. ADORKABLE.

Well, technically, I am Willis! But I do bring you me looking kinda dorky and adorable, and poses by Adorkable, so it fits, right?

Adorkable @ Zodiac

YES, my hair is going through my arms in some of them, but I lack the brainpower to edit them, but I think you can tell that it’s not going to happen with ALL hairs, I just needed to fit my hair over my dress, and forgot about my arms. SO THERE.  The above poses are the Sunny pack, available for the Taurus round of Zodiac!   So fun loving :D    The dress and necklace I am wearing are new from Pure Poison and I gotta say I LOVE this dress!!  The detail is just lovely and it makes me feel so girly with the poufy skirt, like I could prance around all day on tippy toes!   The skin is the TDRF item from Al Vulo and is stunning, as usual, and the hair is the new and gorgeous Aphrodite from Alice Project, never will I tired of AP hair and the HUDS.. such a wide variety YAY!

Adorkable @ My Attic

This second set is available from My Attic and is Ella!   In Dork’s picture half of them are dressed “pauper” and half are dressed “princess”.. I obviously opted for urban chic (hahaha chic, i kid i kid)… but I did want to wear the new CandyDoll Jeans! I love these!!!  I love the big belt, something different in SL is always good and I didn’t own jeans like this!   The skin is also from CandyDoll and is the new yummy Layla, she comes in various tones, this is Cream, the 2nd lightest.   She also comes with oodles of optional to purchase makeups, so thats good :D    My hair is one of the 3 releases at Fantasy Faire 2013 from Wasabi Pills, all pretty much unisex if you ask me, but you didn’t but that’s my opinion so there. END OF STORY.

Full credits below. HAPPPPPY SUNDAY <3


Look 1:

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Erika | Chocolate *Fantasy Faire*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: CandyDoll | Layla | Natural | Cream *NEW*
Top: Sn@tch | Mesh Spangle Tee | White
Jeans: CandyDoll | Skinny Jeans | Shade 1
Sneakers: TD | Spring Sneakers

Look 2:

Hair: Alice Project | Aphrodite
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Al vulo | Aisha | Peacock *TDRF*
Dress: Pure Poison | LouLou Dress | Linen & Gold
Necklace: Pure Poison | Sienna Necklace | Orange

Unicorns don’t care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you..

.. and that seems like a very wise, and clever quote, and it is apt for today, as I am wearing a horn, although it is a Kirin Horn, not Unicorn, but close, right?

Unicorns don't care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you.

Today I have decided to be a bit mish mash, I knew that I wanted to wear some awesome stuff for FaMESHed, i’m not an official blogger, but I sure do like to frequent the joint!   Both the hair and top in this look can be found there.  Fay by Wasabi Pills is a gorgeous, to the side style that comes in all the regular colours and gorgeousness, a simple do that screams class and decorum, but is a great hair for the cute amongst us too!   The top is the Carly Hoodie by Erratic, and there is also the Carly Skirt available too, they come in various colours/patterns and are simply divine!   I really love this multi coloured one, it leaves so many options for you to put it with anything and everything!   My jeans are an older item from Intreprid from Christmas, and they have a lil snowflake on the tush.


My gorgeous skin is from Essences and is part of TDR Fusion this time, you get a choice of makeups, this one is super cute and girly pink tho, so I chose this.   My Kirin Horn can be found at SL Fashion Week by the lovely Halogen of Half Deer!!!  I do love everything this chick makes, it’s all ADORBS!! It comes in various colours/patterns but the Magic 2 was whimsical and cute, so that is what adorns my bonce.    Also worn is a new Jewellery set by Shabby Cat!   I think my ring fell off (thanks SL), but you can see the Necklace, isn’t it a beauty??   For one of her first made mesh items this is just wonderful, I suspect we will be seeing a lot more!

New @ CandyDoll

These shoes are also new from CandyDoll… The Botina Boot comes in various different colour packs, one isn’t shown here, but the rest are, in vertical lines you can see 5 of the  colour packs!  These are some gorgeous little booties, and I love that they come with a HUD to resize and colour change, it’s so quick and simple, and i also love them cos you don’t have to match your skin tone.  Lazy Willis is LAZY!   The texturing on these bad boys (or girls) is amazing, really sharp and well done.  There are demos, so make sure you check them out!


Hair: Wasabi Pills | Fay | Pancake *FaMESHed*
Eyes: IKON | Kaleido | Crystal
Skin: Essences | Wednesday | Candy | Pale Dust *TDR Fusion*
Horn: Half Deer | Kirin Horn | Magic 2 *SL Fashion Week*
Top: Erratic | Carly | Hoodie | Multi *FaMESHed*
Jewellery: Shabby Cat | Jeweled Cross Set *Jack or Jill Hunt*
Jeans: Intrepid | White Christmas Jeans | Snowflake Blue
Shoes: CandyDoll | Botina Boots *NEW*
Pose: Frooti

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

Petra @ Evian

I didn’t know that Evian was part of Egoisme, or that they did skins, so this whole post has been a lesson for me, WAKE UP WILLIS, ITS 2013!!!

Petra @ Evian

Petra is the latest female skin from Evian and is a skin with sharp features!  She looks freshfaced with pouty lips and is available in a variety of tones, as seen above.  Also with this release you get the option of the new “Vividtone” tattoo layer, which allows you to change the colour of the skin with just the click of two of a button, but more about Vividtone below.

Each Petra pack has 12 skins, 3 cleavages, 3 different eyebrows options and a no eyebrows option too, you get fatpack options with extras too, if you want to fatpack it!  You also get various makeup options available to you including eyeshadow, lip stain and blush, I have just shown a couple of mix and matches for you below:

Petra @ Evian - Makeups

The Vividtone layer comes on a tattoo with different brows/cleavages and you wear it over the skin and use it like you would any tattoo that is editable, you open it up and change the hue, you can see below that I’ve had a play and found a few “regular” tones and some fantasy ones too.  Whether you just want to tint it slightly to make yourself a bit more peachy keen, or you want to give yourself a slight suntan this will help!  If you want to be a bright pink fairy or a marine blue mermaid.. this will help!  Wanna be zombie green? YOU GOT IT!  YAY!  A world of options for you to play with here.

Petra @ Evian - Vividtone

TP To Evian!

Hair by Elikatira | Eyes by IKON | Underoos by CandyDoll | Tattoo by Half Deer

Saturdays are for sleeping…

I wish they were! Instead it’s my lil ones 5th birthday, so whilst she’s with her dad putting her huuuugeee fairy castle together, I hopped on to bring you what I wish I was going to be doing all Saturday, which is having a Duvet Day!!!

Duvet Days consist of sitting around all day in your pjs (or underwear) watching movies and generally being terribly lazy!   So these new PJ sets from CandyDoll were the perfect match for the look I wanted today!  These are just 3 of the sets available, and I think some of the cutest!  Each set comes with nightie, slippers, teddybear and facemask!   I am also wearing in each of the pics the gorgeuos new hairs from Truth, I think my fav has to be Sara on the far left, such an innocent looking style, perfect for me then :D

New @ Truth  | CandyDoll

Also worn is the new Heidy skin from Essences, this skin is available at The Dressing Room and comes with 3 lipsticks and 3 eyebrow options (light, dark & without), so you can pretty much make a bunch of looks, but this is just the base “dark” brows look, really liking the smooth look of it and the pale lips with the smokeyish eyes!  Ok, that’s it for now, off I go to play princesses in RL for a while :D

New @ Essences

SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page <3

Manic Monday

Yeah, just another one of those. A handful of new goodies for you, I am catching up!!  I have sooo much to blog and sooo little time in world lately, it’s literally nip on, buy all the things, snap all the things, log out!

First up some new goodies from Candydoll for Cinema 2012! There are two new skins and two new sets of undercrackers! Here I am wearing the Shyla skin in Caramel (I needed a tone change to match my Slink hands!!)  and the Mushu Underwear Set in Giraffe!!  These came with “appliers” from prim breasts and I even went as far as to purchase some, but I could NOT make them look good on me, so you get normal boobs :P. Also worn is one of Truth’s new hairs! There were three beauties this week, yay!

New @ Cinema & Truth

Next we have another new Truth hair, a longer, sleeker style with gorgeous bangs, then we have the Stoya skin from Candydoll, this is a bit more striking with dark brows and ruby red lips, again in the Caramel tone because I had matched my wrists and hands from Slink!   The Lacely top is also from Candydoll for Cinema and again comes with appliers but shown regularly here.

New @ Cinema & Truth

Leafy has a new Halloween themed skin out!  This is Amethyst – Crow Skin!  She’s hauntingly beautiful and was inspired by Miss Lovett from Sweeney Todd!  I love this, she’s so smooth and beautiful.. and.. the only word I want to use is haunting!  I popped on one of the new Wasabi Pills Cinema hairs in a white shade and I was away, the ID eyes from Cinema make it extra striking.

New @ Leafy

Finally, a new round of The Outlet Sales Room starts today, and there is a ton of lovely stuff awaiting you, from clothes to furniture!   This Alma Boyfriend Shirt from Kamouraska is just one of the things you can find, I paired it with the Evolve Bloody Jeans from Cinema and a Ploom hair and I felt ready for my day!

New @ Outlet Room (Kamouraska) & Cinema

All poses used are by aDORKable Poses!

**As usual all SLURLS are on the Store Locations page (events found at the top!) <3**