Dreams of Travel

Dreams of Travel

Please click through for larger pictures, I am trying to decorate my gorgeous new house from BA @ Collabor88 and it’s SO massive that I am having trouble deciding what I want to do and where, but I decorated one of the attic rooms earlier with a little travel theme.   Well, sorta.  The Daybeds from what next made me think of travelling and everything else I worked around that, some cute items that just make the room a little cuter, items that remind me that spring is coming, and just items I love that I have had in my inventory for a whlie.

Dreams of Travel | Up Close and Personal

You can see me in one of the pictures, Lumae @ Skin Fair 15 and my outfit is coming up in tomorrows post <3

Spring Frames – Tarte @ Lazy Sunday
Daybed|Cases – What Next @ The Liaison Collaborative
Silhouette Prints – Cheeky Pea @ The Fantasy Collective
Tree Branch|Snowflake Picture – Tarte (Past FaMESHed Item)
Chair – Sways (Past Uber Item)
Cute Sweets|Rug – 22769 @ Origami

Don’t Call Me… I’ll Call You..

I think I look ready to shop or rock the beach in my little look today, and judging by the way I am in the bedroom, I am going to assume i’ve been stood up! YEP!

Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

This gorgeous set that comes with 2 versions of the bed, both PG and Adult, containing 20 Singles, 28 couples anims, and 43 adult animations (including 2 sequences and 8 3some animations) in the appropriate versions, a bedside table with lamp, plant and books, a rug and picture frames is from this round of FaMESHed and it’s sooo beautiful.  It’s lovely and neutral wood/grey/browny colours.  The covers change too with the anims, so no more sticky out butt if you’re laying down, the covers go over you, SWEEET!  Everything I am wearing on my way out of the door is listed in the full credits below but the bag, hair and clothing are from the new UBER event called.. yes.. UBER!   So make sure you check that out, my skin is from an event I haven’t heard of before, Greek Isle Gacha and this is the RARE item from Lumae! <3

Baiastice @ Uber


At Uber you can find these from Baiastice, the Candy Sets.  They come in oodles of colours, not all shown here and complete with dress, bra top and shorts (with a booty and a half!).  I found out by pure accident that if you put a bra top over the dress you can mix and match it up!!! I love LOVE love that!!!!  It makes it all so much more versatile that it already is!  It’s satiny gorgeousness and I think it would look good as undercrackers, pulling attire or beach wear. YUP.


Hair: Truth | Malibu 2 *Uber*
Eyes: ID | Shine | Soft/Sage
Skin: Lumae | Eliana | 3-Latte | RARE *Greek Isle Gacha*
Ring: Swallow | Trust No One | Black
Dress: Baiastice | Candy | Black *Uber*
Bag: ISON | Maleese Striped Bag | Black *Uber*
Shoes: CandyDoll | Dream | Black *Project Limited*

AV Enhancements

Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink
Nail Appliers: Hello Dave


Poses: Adorkable
House: Trompe Loeil
Props: Cheeky Pea | Homemade *FaMESHed*

*SLURLS, if not linked are on the SLURLS page <3



Events, Events… EVERYWHERE!   OneWord has a Wonderland theme going on, where you can find just some of the goodies showcased in todays little look!  Summerfest 14 is almost coming to an end now, so you need to shimmy on over there, Rhapsody by HCE has just started, a musical themed event with so many goodies it’s bursting at the seams and of course, FaMESHed has started it’s new cycle while Collabor88 comes to an end. PHEW!  Loving my little look, I feel so cute! <3

Beachlight - Up Close and Personal


Hair: Truth | Blythe
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Bone
Skin: YS & YS | Sugar | 01 Nude *Rhapsody*
Headband: pr!tty | Floral Wonderland | Headband Double *OneWord*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Beach Castaway | Short *Collabo88*
Clothing: Baiastice | Petra | Palm Green/Yellow *Rhapsody*
Shoes: fri.day | Kokomo.Sandals | Lime *SummerFest 14*

Av Enhancements

Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink Medium
Polish: ZOZ | Beachy


Raft: Cheeky Pea | Nairn Summer Raft *FaMESHed*
Lantern: Picture This | By Lantern Light *OneWord*

Take Care…


Take Care..


It may look in this picture like I have only one leg, or I sleep, or sit, like a Flamingo, but neither of those things are true!   I am merely sitting up on my gorgeous chair, courtesy of Valiant & Co and Cheeky Pea!    The Cobbler Room Set is formed in Gacha style, so you can swap and mix and match to your hearts content.

A beautifully detailed and intricate set, the chair is a rare, and you can’t see it all but I assure you it’s GRAND!   And then there are various corresponding bits and bobs for you to win.     Whether you want to set up your own little scenario in the home, or garage, or simply want some decor, these are wonderfully crafted.

Only available on Sim 1 @ Shoetopia!

LoTD – 30/10/13

I was going to do the whole countdown to Halloween thing and post something “festive” but in the end, I decided not to.  SO THERE.  Enjoy my little LoTD post, it’s all I seem to have time for lately! BOO!

LoTD - 30/10/13

Along with my little LoTD I wanted, no NEEDED to show you the Cheeky Pea VIP Gift! Well one of them.  Shay and Kath Ball Chairs are so CUTE, I chose the one with little ears, cos i’m cute like that.   Each comes with a bunch of anims and self rezzing props, sweeeet!  My LoTD is centred around this skully dress from Epic!  Available in a bunch of colours but shown here in Red, I am wearing it with my Phat Azz and I feel as cute as a button!  It comes with a bunny hood too, score!   My hair is new from Tameless, I love how big and floofy their hairs are, makes me feel like i’ve been to the hairdressers for a pamper!

LoTD - 30/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

I am wearing a few lil bits in my ensemble that I wanted to show in a clearer way!   They include the Cute Poison Graveyard ring from Horrorfest, how intricate??! SO CUTE!     They are also 100% for charity too, so get em! They come in light and dark and are resizeable.     I’m also wearing a Blah ring, from SL Fashion week, a batty little number, available in a bunch of colours and in both regular and slink hand sizes.   My nails are new from Flair and are denimtastic!  I love them, so novel!   My skin is the new skin from FAKE – Violet.  She is shown here in Milky tone and complete with Phat Azz and SLink appliers, I did choose the no brow version in freckle and added my own Insufferable Dastard brows as they are soft and lovely and I felt like jigging around my face.   My eyes are from IKON and lasehs from Mon Cheri!

I will be back on scheduled waffle town soon! School holidays are nearly over, not that I have my kids as they’re away but still… I’m a busy bee! <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

The Magical Loft

So.. further to my post earlier, I decided to do a little decorating INSIDE… I took myself up to the attic of my cute and creepy little cottage and did it up, magical style with lots of goodies from The Wizarding Faire!

The Magical Loft

So up I toddled to the loft of my cottage and I thought what could I put here? What better to put in there but magical stuffs?!    A little room of goodness all magical and OoooooOoooooOoo!     The main piece of the room is the dorm bed from Cheeky Pea, available in a variety of colours or “houses” this bed comes as single or family and is just simply delicious!   I wanted to make an actual dorm but figured i’d not be greedy this time around.   On my lovely bed are two of the Schadenfreude books which come with a variety of pictures and stuffs, you can even use them posed, but being the studious Willis I am, I was reading in bed, of course!

Under my cute little window I have the Collage shelf complete with little cauldron, broom and MORE books, and it’s also home to two of my MiaMai pets, which wobble and are the cutest little animals EVAH!   And my Auxiliary Satchel hangs off the end all casual and nonchalant, well as nonchalant as a satchel gets.    We then have my gooooorgeous shelf complete with yep… more books and my delicate little hat from Olive, which sits next to my Eleventh Hour cube robot fortune machine!!!  I tell you, that thing is not kind to me.  To make it a little more homely I set out my MEOW scroll and hung it from the wall, yep! THATS ME DONE!

The Magical Loft - Up Close and Personal

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

Just a few casual looks for you today, inspired by some fairly new items I’ve come across and made particular friends with. This first outfit is all about the Cynful Isia shorts, which I fell a bit in love with and would love to pull off in the real world, would my thighs not dribble out the bottom. Keeping with the purple theme, I added Senzafine’s cute peasant top and a pretty headband by MONS for good measure. And voila the result.

Senzafine and Cynful

Another of my favourite things this week is Cheeky Pea’s Port Isaac pier, which is a little piece of luxury for those of us who find beach towels a damp and scratchy controversy. The couch can be separated from the pier, too, should you feel so inclined – which I believe to be a good thing, as it would look equally awesome in a living room. I have just the place…

Port Isaac by Cheeky Pea

Below is the outfit I’m wearing at the end of the pier. It’s a simple look that’s easily thrown on when an unexpected tp comes in for a shopping trip, combining the Marlee skirt from R3volt with okkbye’s Summer Tank in grey.

okkbye and R3volt

And here is what I perhaps should have been wearing – my new favourite bikini, by DCNY. Something about the pattern makes my heart happy.

DCNY Denim Bikini

And finally a Somnia ensemble even the name of which make me grin: I’m wearing the Comic Tank in true retro-Batman style with – wait for it – Floozy Bandit shorts. Amazing.

Hampton Bench by DIGS

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Victoria
Top: Senzafine – Astrid Crop Peasant Top
Shorts: Cynful – Isia
Headband: MONS – Cute Gem Headband and Face Gem

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Jennie
Top: okkbye – Summer Tank Tops – Grey
Skirt: R3volt – Marlee
Pier: Cheeky Pea – Port Isaac

Skin: Izzie’s – Jill Safari – Peach
Hair: Exile – Just a Reason
Bikini: DCNY – Denim Bikini

Bench: DIGS – Hampton Bench
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Youth
Top: Somnia – Comic Tank
Shorts: Somnia – Floozy Bandit
Shoes: DN Mesh – Marcy

Home is where the Science is

Heeeyyy you guiiiiiise.   I am not the best home and furniture blogger, I am not the best decorator, but I do like to show you things I love, so that’s what I am doing RIGHT NOW

Bits and Bobsicles

The science bit of the blog title comes in with the AWESOME periodic table wall art from Cheeky Pea! It’s available at the Mens Dept this round and comes as you see it in wall art form, or little individual blocks so you can make up your own words! How rad is that?    I love it, such a neat idea!  The Ottoman is also from Cheeky Pea and when its open you can see a little blanket inside it, when it’s closed it comes with cushions on top of it.    Isla makes some of the CUTEST stuff in SL and it’s always so well made.    She really needs to make a house again tho, one with an orangery. YUP.  If you speak to her, you should bug her about that, she’ll love you forever :D    Also shown in the post are upcoming items from the lovely Luana over at Kuro!   The little table, lamp and chair will be available at The Neighbourhood’s next round and comes in bright or bold choice and the little table lamp you can see is Mrs Bulb! Both her an her counterpart, Mr Bulb can be found at Gallery Gift Shop very soon!     Another fantastic creator that works wizardry with mesh. YAY!

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed

trFaMESHed is still going strong so you still have a chance to get your butt on over there and pick up this suite from Trompe Loiel.  There are both PG and Adult versions in cream ,grey and black.  Each item can be purchased on its own or in various discounted packs.  Various this time because you can buy the bedroom suite, the kids suite, or the family suite!  Yep as you can see above there is a gorgeous queen size bed and a scaled down kids twin size bed!  SO CUTE!!  Each item comes with oodles of animations fitting for the rating and the av age that it’s meant for and so many texture change options it’s unreal.   Everything is materials enabled and fantastic.  The textures and mesh work are second to none as usual from Cory and I absolutely LOVE this set, I had only just set out my bedroom in my new house, but now I think I may have to change it up!!!!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page


Home Sweet Home

If there is one thing in SL that I do a lot, its rez houses and just shove random furniture in, I don’t think i’ve had a “home” for a very long time!   So here are a few new bits I’ve gathered and love!

BA @ Collabor88

Barnesworth has this gorgeous penthouse available at Collabor88.    Usually his work is stunning, but it’s all one one sort of level, a bit like a bungalow, I absolutely LOVE that this has a little bit of an upstairs, like a balconette!   The details are stunning as always, plain and simple wood and light walls, but stunning.   As usual you can have either a skybox on it’s own, or you can have a 3D backdrop with it too, unfortunately I kept crashing trying to take pictures because SL seems to hate me today, but I can assure you it’s gorgeous.    So spacious, so bright, so beautiful!   I love it.

Cheeky Pea @ The Garden

The Garden by TLC is still going strong for this round, and this set from Cheeky Pea is available there, exclusively for now!  Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?  Yes, yes it is.   The Abbotsford Bedroom comes in both a PG and Adult version, so you can pick and choose if you want to be naughty or nice and it also comes with and without the lights strung on the headboard, personally I couldn’t possibly rez the ones without because they are too effin’ cute!   There is a really unique hanging shelf too with a candle arrangement, pillows, books and a plant… as well as a little bedside table, a fishy rug and a little fishy mirror!  It’s a wonderful set that makes any bedroom that bit more stunning.  It’s comfy looking but wonderful too! YAY

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Sunday Sunday

A lazy Sunday, at that.  It’s Mothering Sunday here in the UK, so I’ve been doing family related things, then decided I’d like to pop on and just do a little blog about what my ideal Sunday in SL would be like, sorta.  Click through for larger pictures.

Sunday Relaxation

This gorgeous set from Cheeky Pea is out for FaMESHed still, so you need to make sure you nab it, the Sara Garden Set comes in both PG and Adult versions, and you can choose from 3 patterns and colours, so you can fit your outside decor around it perfectly, or fit it around that…. whatever!   I absolutely LOVE the little shelter with the day bed that is made out of brightly coloured doors, recycling in SL at it’s finest, ladies and gentlesirs!   You also get a wearable picnic basket and lots of little odds and sods that make this a wonderful addition to your family based items (the PG version has kids animations) or if you’re a bit of an outdoorsy public display of affection types, the adult version is for you!

Treehouse over Troubled Waters

Trompe Loeil recently released a gorgeous treehouse, I have and old old OLD old treehouse of cory’s that I adored, this mesh version is just perfection.  It’s really spacious and the texturing is just delightful.    It comes with the tree detail you can see coming up through the bottom and through the sides, as well as stairs on either side, and because it’s on stilts it is a perfect house to plonk in water too!  I call this my Treehouse over Trouble Waters, as the look is a bit gloomy and stormy, and is how I feel about a few SL things, but let’s face it… it makes a wonderful picture with either a bright, or murky background and I know you are all going to want to own one, or at least.. you should!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, peeps!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, feel free to IM me in world with any questions <3