Consider Me Exiled

Sup ratfans! It’s the peak of the week and I finally managed to log in and not want to murder everything! (not that anyone cares, but every time I log in I find myself with random alphas and tattoos attached that just WON’T come off 50% of the time! GRR!)

Anyhoooo, Hair Fair is still going strong, and this is a little looksy at Exile and a few other bits and bobs! :D

Hair Fair 2014 | Exile

We see, from L-R – Stone Cold Seduction | Young and Beautiful | High and Dry | From Yesterday | Blown Away – All are very different and two are even *supposed* to be boy styles, but we all know unless it’s got a baked in wang, us girls will look great in them too!   I absolutely ADORE them all, but I think Blown Away is my fave, I have such a thing for windswept/blown looking hair.   While you are there you can pick up a dollarbie that contains 4 natural glitter hairs too!!!  Sign the petition now to get them added as a regular pack, who doesn’t love glitter!?

Also worn is the new Belleza Skin, Claudia!   She is a stunning piece, available in all the usual tones with 10 makeups and also matte and gloss lipsticks, cleavage, hairbase, freckles, moles and tintable blush layers!  I do love my face in Belleza, I always look so.. modelesque.. if I do say so myself.   I also paired all the newness with 5 of the new ColdLogic releases!   A bunch of dresses/rompers in some of the most mouthwatering colour combos, perfect for summer.     Nails from Wicked Peach and eyes from TSG! <3

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, unless linked



Newness abounds, a few outfits and hair for you today, huzzaaaah!


You may need to view larger to see the gorgeousness in detail, but you can manage that.  coldLogic released 7 new outfits/combos this week and oh em gee, gorgeeeeeeeeeeeous!

There is a nice mix to choose from.  You get three skirt/cardigan/shirt/belt combos, 2 tight little dress with belt combos, and two sweater and skirt combos.  The best thing about all of these is the sheer ability to mix and match,  with ALL the outfits you get various alpha layers for you to mix and match, wear as a full outfit, wear pieces together, it’s great!   If you really went for it, you could layer different pieces from different outfits together and it would look bloody great.

I always love the colours that coldLogic choose, some are more neutral, but you can mix them with a pop of colour, others are bright and beautiful and you can tone them down with some softer hues.  Such a wonderful, well made and beautifully textured mix this released, for the sassy, the cozy and the sexy!

Also shown are new hair releases,  the larger picture to the left sees me in one of the 12 Days of Christmas hairs from Ploom, if you aren’t keeping up with these you are losing out.  This particular style is a cascading side pony, it made me feel cute in my serious suit :D

The othes hairs are from Truth’s mahooosive release, 6 in total.  A gorgeous range from braided updo to sleek medium length straight style, braided loose pony to cute updo with headband and more.   i do love it when a larger release comes along as there is always a nice mix of styles for me to squeee and woooo over.   I think the loose braided pony, also known as Melita may be my fave this time around, but how can you ever choose?

Other items worn are by IKON, Glam Affair, Frooti and SLink.

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available <3

The logic is HOT

Huzzah yesterday saw coldLogic release a bunch of stuffffssss, always a good day!  Let’s take a looksy:

New @ coldLogic - 2

So many gorgeous summery dresses, with a couple of dressier affairs bunged in too!   Whether it’s pleats you want, cinch waists or just plain old summery dresses, I am sure you will find one to your liking in this bunch!  I’ve shown one of each, obviously they all come in different colours.   Such vibrant choices thrown in with some staple monotone and earth tones too!   There are florals, dots, satins… you will find a lot to your liking, I am sure.  That’s the best thing about coldLogic release days, the choice is always HUMONGOUS!

New @ coldLogic - 1

As well as dresses we have shorts and shirts/tops too!   There are 7 (unless I cannot count and missed some in world) choices to mix and match.. either with each other, or other items in your wardrobe.   We have baggyish tees, vest tops and short sweaters coupled with floral shorts, drawstring shorts and good old cargo style shorts… so again there is probably pretty much something for everyone!   I always love the colour choices from coldLogic, because you get the brighter colours, but always with the subtle tones too, and this time we even get some dip dye style choices.

The hair I am wearing is new from Magika, who are currently having a HUGE sale, and my skin is the Cancer skin from Essences for Zodiac this round.   Eyes are IKON and poses are Adorkable.

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Thank FOOK it’s Friday!

I don’t know why, but I am glad it’s Friday today, it’s a day closer to the weekend but then it’s also a day closer to Monday, BOO!  A few newish bits here for you, as well as a special offer today for Fi*Friday!

M.I.A.B for FiFriday!

These gorgeous earrings are available today from M.I.A.B for Fi*Friday!  YESSSS, gorgeous, cheap goodies!   They are some big chunky assed earrings in the most lovely color combos… they certainly quench the cute thirst in me!  Scripted to change to five different colour combinations, these bad boys (or girls) look great, they are oversized and in your face in the bestest of ways!  So pop them in, grab a bikini, or some shorts, or even a summery dress and go forth and amaze everyone with how cute you are!   (Hair by Chemistry, Skin by Glam Affair, Eyes by IKON)

New Swimwear @ ColdLogic!

Released just a week or so ago were a bunch of swimsuits by the gorgeous coldLogic team!   Boy, what a choice we have!   I am never really sold on mesh swimwear or underwear, I find it just doesn’t fit great to my shape, and I refuse to conform too much!  But the perfect combo was found here with an M top and an S bottom, which I was very happy with!   There are four styles and 2 styles within each style, so a total of 8 (that’s a lot of the world style in there, isn’t it?).   You can get a nice comfy boob tube style, a halter neck style, a one strap to the side style and a regular style… (again with the styles, sorry).   Each different set has their own texture, colour, difference going on.   I don’t think I have a particular fave here, although I am partial to the bottom right, and the lime one next to it!  I think they are super cute, and plus Lime is one of my fave colours :D (Skin by Glam Affair, Poses by Frooti, Hair by Magika)

Make sure you check them out and get your booty on for the beach.

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

The time has come to…

.. GALVANIZE!   Yeah, no, was just listening to Chemical Brothers, so you get that as a title.  I’ve been super busy and my blog has been slacking, but here are a few more things today!

Pink Fuel @ SF13

The long awaited Alyx from Pink Fuel was released at the Skin Fair and the BONUS of getting it there is that you can get fatpacks for under $L1500!!!!    Yep, each tone comes with all the eye makeups above, the lipsticks on tattoos layers PLUS a bunch more.    All eye makeups come with lid A and B, which have slight differences, one is made to look the larger eyed among us look a bit better, but I snapped all of them in the light brow (there are many more brows) option because it gave me more excuse to slap on more lipsticks!   You get three packs of lipsticks with each bargainous pack and each lip comes with a teeth option too, which I have thrown a few in of.   There are a couple tones I’ve not seen before from Mochi, including this porcelain, unless I’m just blind.  I like to think of myself as a traditional English Rose, so this tone was perfect.  I really had to hold back from buying ALL the tones, I stuck to just three, a light, a mid, and a darker one!    You really need to check these out, especially at the price they are at for the duration of the Skin Fair.

MASSIVE New Release @ ColdLogic

coldLogic has a MAHOOOOOOSIVE release, and by mahooooosive, I mean MAHOOOOOSIVE.   I have just chosen to showcase the dress collection today, but you can get skirts, jumpers, capris, jackets/vests combos and much more.   I am really taken by dresses at the moment in real life, and it’s not something I’d normally wear, so I only thought it apt to don the dresses in this post.  As you can see there is a gorgeous selection from a little tight number, to a cute vest top with pleated skirt… a long baggy tee style with cargidan over the top, to a 50’s style flaired number.   I think if you can’t find a dress amongst these that you love, that you need a slap upside the head.   All of them come in various colours/patterns to choose from and of course all standard sizes.   I will be showcasing the other items at some point in the future, but dresses is where it’s at, baby… so go forth and try then buy!

All hairs are from Alice Project, and all poses are from Adorkable.   I must point out the hair in the top left hand corner, it’s a special from Alice Project for Adore & Abhor’s 5 year anniversary!   Get over there and check that out too <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Circa for Cold Winter Nights Hunt!

I have sooo much Event blogging to catch up on, being back at RL work is kicking my butt… but I have managed to nab a picture to post today!

Circa for Cold Winter Nights Hunt!

There are so many awesome goodies in this hunt, as well a the Four Walls hunt that I blogged about just the other day (more posts coming, promise!) and these are just a couple!   The Lampost and Bench are Circa’s offering to the hunt, and are beautiful.

The bench includes 12 poses, both male, female and couples, all you need to do is take a seat and touch the left or right area of the bench to get the menu to pop up and BAM… change your shiz!   Not only does the bench come with poses, it comes with falling snow option! If you touch the baked on shadow (hidden here because you know, in world shadows) you can turn the particles on and off, you may see one at the front of the picture!  So if you haven’t started the hunt yet, make sure you do!   Circa is near the end, but you can check out the full list and details here, along with SLURLS!

Hair by Exile, Clothing by coldLogic, Boots by Lassitude & Ennui, Skin by JeSyLiLo

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Day 17 of 365 LoTD – coldLogic Style!

A buncha new releases inspired me to do a post featuring FOUR looks!

Day 17 of 365 LoTD - coldLogic Styleeeee!

coldLogic released 2 new dresses, 2 new shirts and 4 pairs of leggings yesterday!  A feast for your eyes and a treat for the body, these warm, snuggly items that bare the shoulders in a sexy twist are just lovely!  They all come in various sizes, and each of the legging sizes come with 3 cuff options.

The texturing on the items is amazing, as per usual with coldLogic, the knit on the dresses is just so realistic and gorgeous! I particularly love the stripey armed dresss with it’s cute little buttons and two tone appearance, but all of the items are well worth taking a look at, to demo, then to buy (you know you will!)

You can opt to wear any of the items alone, with other items, or all together, as I have… the colours match the sister releases and probably 10000 other things in your inventory.   As you can see the leggings come in an array of styles, from dotty stripey, ombre dip dye, small stripes and just plain old… plain, so if you’re feeling funky or just want to keep it classy and low profile, you will have all your options at coldLogic!

All skins worn are from Glam Affair and are a mix of Amberly and Renee, and the hair worn is from Elikatira, Wasabi Pills, Truth and Exile, all poses from *Frooti!

*SLURLS are found on the Store Locations page, if available.

Together for Sway – Look of the Day!

I went back to the TFS site today and oh my gosh, I spent a bunch more, and not everyone is set up yet!! I think today is going to be a day of just blogging Together for Sway.  So I’m going to throw a couple look of the day’s at you now, and later too, so you can gear up those purses and get ready to throw money around when the event opens tomorrow.

The first thing I clapped eyes on and was like MUST OWN is this gorgeous windchime decoration from DIGS, it’s available in various metals and this mixed metal one and they are SUPER cheap too!   So detailed and intricate, these are bound to take pride of place on your porch, or even outside a window, you may want to rescale a bit though, unless you’re a giant.  coldLogic have 2 new items out, in a handful of colours each.  I didn’t fatpack these, but now I am kicking myself I didn’t.. I just had to be frugal because there was so much else I wanted to buy, but I’ll get the other colours, who was I trying to kid?!  Anyway, they are a sweater style dress and they are just unf.. so toasty warm and cute looking!   Wasabi Pills has 3 special hairs out too, the special colours that they put out for events, in this style shown!  For only $L50 each, I had to get all three.

Together for Sway | LoTD 1 | 14/12/12

Apple Fall has a handful of items out, all of them I squee’d at, the ones I wanted weren’t set for sale yet tho, so I took the next best thing!  This cluster of lightbulbs light is just… it’s gorgeous.  No words can describe just how gorgeous it is!   It’s so pretty and detailed and whimsical and lovely.  I need to go back and buy ALL THE THINGS, as do you! While you’re there Noodles has out a gorgeous heart necklace, you can’t see it very well here and I forgot to take a close up, but I can assure you that you NEED it, not want.. NEED.   The skin I am wearing is from Insufferable Dastard and is the Sofia skin.

Together for Sway | LoTD 2 | 14/12/12

Sofia comes in three tones, I chose the palest of the three.  You get eyes and shape included, but I used my own shape and eyes from IKON, but the skin.. look! It’s so pretty.  Fresh faced and beautiful, the kind of skin that is simple, but effective in making you look just stunning.  If you haven’t tried an ID skin yet, this may be the one!

Together for Sway | Insufferable Dastard

Hands and Feet are from SLink and all poses used are from aDORKable! Piercings from Cute Poison

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

Stop playing with my delirium, cos i’m outta my head and outta my self-control

BEFORE I FORGET.. Jamman is currently having a sale until the end of December, so if you liked my previous nail reviews, you should go check it out!

Modish put out this awesome mime skin for Stuff in Stock and I fell in love!   I didn’t quite know what I was going to wear it with, then Adore and Abhor put out these confetti eyes for the Kittycats Advent Calender (all free!) and I started to get an idea on my head.   Firstly, you get two pairs of eyes, a reddy/green mix and a greeny/yellow mix!  Some stunning eyes going on there!

Confetti Eyes @ Adore and Abhor

Of course the other item out from Adore and Abhor is for Twisted Krissmuss.   The Presnted Posture Collar comes ni 10 colours and they are $L100 each between 7th Dec – 4th Jan, and then they will go up in price!  They are rigged mesh and come in one size only, but do demo just incase.  All the colours are trans/no copy so you can even gift them! YAY!

I took this picture with the collar, the skin and some gorgeous red Wasabi Pills hair and I fell in love…. YAY!

New @ Adore and Abhor

I decided I needed to clean up a bit, and how better than with the trying on of the new coldLogic party dresses?!  There are six new dresses in 3 different designs, something for everyone looking for a party dress, i’m sure!  Whether sensual lace is your thing, or sexy satin, maybe some sparkling sequins… metallic golds or precious purples there is so much to choose from!  They are all very sexy, some more daring than others!  It’s the perfect time to gussy up and look your best for someone special, or even yourself… that’s what I do! I dress up, I go “ohhh you look good” then I get changed again, ahhhh the slives we live!  Either way I am sooo happy with this release, perfect timing!

New @ coldLogic

Hair featured: Lamb | Exile | Elikatira | Wasabi Pills | Vive9 | Clawtooth

Of course every girl needs to play dress up with jewellery too, and this Grazia Necklace from Glam Affair for FaMESHed does the job nicely.  It comes in a variety of colours, but I opted for the traditional monochrome!  It’s a big old chunky thing, so if you wanted something delicate, this isn’t the necklace for you, but you should give it a go, it’s definitely a talk about piece!  You can’t see here,  but it is tied up with a huge bow at the back too!  Very girly and gorgeous.

New @ Glam Affair

Now, back to my delirium…

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

New New NEW

Hallo errrrbody!  A few new things for you today on this splendid Saturday morn!  The Arcade opens today, so I expect it to be rammed for a while, so I will be visiting later.. will you??   You should, because there are some of the most awesomesauce things there, including a bunch of bags by The Secret Store… I found an novel and unique way to display my bag collecton, I hung them up on the wall, like pictures… better than shoving them in a closet, no?

These bags are some of the cutest I have seen, I am not a huge “bag” person, I find it so hard to accessorize, I don’t know why and I forget I own them!  These babies are superrrrr though.  The two at the top you can see are the two “rares”, the angry owl one actually made me squee… and the Granny one is not old fashioned fuddy duddy, it’s adorable!! There are plenty of others to collect from pastel sequins to bright polka dots, and these aren’t all the ones available, just a mere handful!

New @ Secret Store for The Arcade

Also open today for a brand new round is FaMESHed!!  This hair is available from Wasabi Pills and I love it! I am really enjoying the hairs that you wear with a base, like one half shaved etc, not usually my thing as I don’t feel I can pull them off but I fell in love with this one!  I’d really like to see it in a full head of hair style too!  Either way I know it looks good on my head, and it’s worth fatpacking, so if you haven’t already nabbed it, remember to demo then buy buy buy!!!!   The skin I am wearing is one of the new Glam Affair Amberly skins that I blogged last week, gorgeous still!

New @ Wasabi Pills

You might need to click through to the bigger picture for the next few items but it’ll be worth it!   coldLogic had a huge release just the other day, full of jackets with tops, cute cowl necked sweaters and skirts.  I paired one of each item together for you to have a quick look, but as usual the range of colour options available is massive!   You can get plain double breasted jackets with both plain and striped tops underneath, the cutest open jacket with shirts underneath, in plain and a plaidish style, and two of the most comfy looking sweaters complete with bow belt!   The skirts are a wardrobe staple and come in plain and pinstripe and have a really wooly look and feel to them, some great ideas for winter wear and you can mix match with jeans, trousers… hell anything you want! Very versatile.

New @ coldLogic

Also new are some great new shoes from Pixel Mode.  They come in two textures, both shiny and leather… I have snapped each of the colours available below.  They do come with attached foot, but they also come with a really detailed HUD which you can see at the bottom of the post!   You can see there are a good range of colours to choose from, whether bright lime green is your thing, or classic black leather, pretty sure you will find the shoe to suit you!

New @ PixelMode

Not only are these shoes extremely well made and look gorgeous, you can customise them as seen below!  Certain parts of the shoe are colourchangeable, via the HUD, so you can mix and match to suit your outfit! Love it.  They are unrigged mesh and you can click on the shoes/feet to change the height, width, length etc to resize, and the HUD is used to change the skin tone, the shoe colour and stuff!  Really do love these shoes, they are classy, sexy and cool!

New @ PixelMode

Audrey Wedge HUD @ Pixel Mode

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page!