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LoTD – Sweet as Candy

Hi.   A little LoTD and a bit of skin for you today, oh and I’m wearing BOOBS, go me!  Full credits at the bottom, and click through for larger pics!

LoTD - Sweet as Candy

Events AHOY! A couple of previews for you, and some gacha goodies, as well as the good old regular purchases :D   I’ll start from the top, shall I?   New hair from Truth and this style is a beaut, a gorgeous bob with blunt bangs, perfect for the upcoming pretend SLummer we will have!    My eyes are still Brixley and have been blogged previously.  My skin is from Atomic @ Skin Fair but I’ll go on about that more at the bottom.   I am wearing a few accessories today, two of which are from the Luck of the Irish event and are in the Epic Gacha machines!   They would be the necklace and watch (it works too!!) and also from there is my top, worn here with my dusted off boobs in applier form, available in OODLES of colours for your gooey pleasure.  My skirt is a preview from Stellar @ My Attic, a perfect summer mini in summery colours, oooh it’s looking like the warmer weather is making it’s way to SL, huh?

LoTD - Sweet as Candy - Up Close and Personal

Also worn is the gorgeous broken heart ring from Atooly @ OneWord, it comes in various colours but I felt Blue was appropriate for my COLD COLD BROKEN HEART!   My appliers are from Dark Pleasures, a new to me store that has loads on the marketplace, i had to pick up these new fishnet nails! YUM!    Finally the shoes are from Hucci and are a preview of one of the 21Shoe Event shoes where you can pick up 2 shoes for the price of 1, SCOOOORE!

Atomic - Innocence - Lips 1These are the lips you get with the gorgeous Atomic – Innocence Skin!   They come with Loud Mouth Appliers too, so I’ve worn that in the bottom pic!  I don’t do well with the mouth, cos I am a fail face but I tried my best!  As you can see both sets come with gorgeous colours, a fun spring type pallette or a darker, richer one, it’s your choice, just get them all and wear them all at once, GO CRAZY WITH THE CHEESE WHIZZ, EVERYONE!
Atomic - Innocence - Lips 2 w/Loud Mouth!

Full Credits:

Hair: Truth | Harriet
Eyes: Brixley | Woeful | Violet *OneWord*
Skin: Atomic | Innocence | Sugar | Eyelid B | Brown Brow *Skin Fair 2014*
Necklace: Epic | Kawaii Sweet Goo | Lime *Luck of the Irish Gacha*
Top: Epic | Sweet Goo Bra | Lime *Luck of the Irish Gacha*
Skirt: Stellar | Playfully Spring | Lemon *My Attic Preview*
Shoes: Hucci | Talasea Sandal – 21 Shoe *21ShoeEvent Preview*
Ring: Atooly | My Broken Heart | Blue *OneWord*
Watch: Epic | Kawaii Sweet Goo | Lime *Luck of the Irish Gacha*

Lolas worn w/Epic Appliers as above
Slink AV Enchancements worn with Dark Pleasures Appliers – Koffin – Fishnet Fetish
Poses by Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

LoTD – Moto Style

Hey Sunday Swingers!  Hope you have or are having a fab weekend!  I know I am!

LoTD - Moto Style

The full credits for this are below, but it’s a gorgeous look that I am in love with that is a bit out of my comfort zone!   A majority of the clothing, infact ALL of it comes from The Azz Show, although I’m not wearing my phat azz, but that just goes to show you don’t need one to buy things from there!   The top and stockings are from Blah! and come with appliers for all the things, but I decided to wear the Epic Moto Bodysuit over the top because it’s so cute and sexy at the same time!   I’m also wearing one of the rare crowns from Epics OMGacha goodies!   It actually sparkles! CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!  Also worn are some cute panda nails from Wicked Peach, gorgeous new hair from Ploom and a new skin, more about that below!

LoTD - Moto Style - Up Close and Personal

This is Isabel! One of three new skins from YS & YS!   Isn’t she a BEAUT?  So many options… shown below are the 10 skins that come in the fatpack, but in that fatpack you get tons of other options like cleavage, brows by the billion, freckles and you get all lipsticks on tattoo layers too so you can mix and match around!  I love that about the YS & YS fatpacks, they’re chocca block full!     I have shown 5 with and 5 without teeth too, so you can see which you prefer!  I think it makes me look a little older, not much wiser, but cute none the less <3

New @ YS & YS - Isabel


Hair: Ploom | Tennie
Crown: Epic | Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown | Giraffe Brown Pink *RARE* *OMGacha*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Chocolate
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: YS & YS | Isabel | Gentle w/freckles
Top: Blah | My Rawr Crop Top | Nude *The Azz Show*
Bodysuit: Epic | Moto Lust Bodysuit | Nude *The Azz Show*
Stockings: Blah | My Toeless Sheer Stockings | Nude (with appliers)
Polish: Wicked Peach | Panda

Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page


Or possibly none of the above… but I do bring you a few new stuffies in a little post this evening!

A Classy Fairy Sylphy Thingy

Firstly the skins, the gorgeous skins!  They are from Glam Affair and are out at Kustom9 Event, in three different fairy tones these are just GORGEOUS for roleplay, although the lighter ones you can totes use day to day, hell even the darker tones or greys! It’s up to you, but I know they are gorgeous :D

My jewellery is the Whole Damn Pack set mish mashed up into 6 different looks, and you can find them at the We <3 RP event from Sax Shepherd Designs.     The Portia Renaissance Set comes with what you see, and earrings and it’s 25% at the event.   You can buy them in smaller packs but it’s nice to play around when you have such options, agreed?!

My hair is from Wasabi Pills as is one of the rare tones from The Arcade, a gorgeous, simple style that just lays nicely across the shoulders and back with some gently parted bangs.  Just beautiful and really suits the look I was going for.

Finally, my ears are the lightly pierced Sylph ears from Epic!  They can be touched and changed texture and also they are tintable, so I tried to match the best I could!

Night night! <3

LoTD – Event Styleeee!

Hi All!

Hope you’re having a GREAT Saturday, a quick LoTD for you here, feeling like channeling the cute as well as sexy today :D

LoTD - Event Style!

I am still in my undercrackers as you can see!  This time they are a hunt item from Epic, all major details are listed below in the full credits, this is just a little blurb!   They are super cute and come with appliers too, so yay!   I put them together with another Epic item, this time from The Azz Show for November! DIGI LEGS WITH SLOUCH WARMERS? YES PLEASE!   They come in a bunch of colours, this natural beige matched my look tho.

LoTD - Event Style! - Up Close and Personal

What else do I have on? Well the gorgeous Mila hair from Wasabi Pills which is a release at the main store.  Never can have enough bobbed styles, especially not when they look this seductive!   On my head you can see some whimsical Antlers, this are from the Enchantment event and are from Half Deer, my most fave maker of Antlers EVAH!   I love the little Apple, how cute?!

My tattoo is one of a handful available from alterego for the upcoming Thrift Shop, they come on tattoo and clothing layers and also with Phat Azz appliers, woo! My necklace is from Pure Poison and was a main store release, I never got to wears it around Halloween tho… and finally my nails, they were at Horrorfest from Hopscotch and look like they’ve been chewed and nibbled! I just loved the colour so decided to add these to my look,

Full Credits

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Mila | Gingerbread
Antlers: Half Deer | Elegant Antlers | Black (Poisoned Apple) *Enchanted*
Eyes: IKON | Perspective | Oxidation
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Belleza | Nina | Pale 1
Clothing: Epic | Sleepy Neko | Leo – Classic *Dirty Pillows Hunt*
Necklace: Pure Poison | Silver Skeleton Hand Necklace
Tattoo: alterego | crossed *The Thrift Shop*
Legs/Warmers: Epic | Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers | Faun | Brown Hoof *The Azz Show*

Other Important Stuffage: Hands by SLink, Pose by fri.day

LoTD – 30/10/13

I was going to do the whole countdown to Halloween thing and post something “festive” but in the end, I decided not to.  SO THERE.  Enjoy my little LoTD post, it’s all I seem to have time for lately! BOO!

LoTD - 30/10/13

Along with my little LoTD I wanted, no NEEDED to show you the Cheeky Pea VIP Gift! Well one of them.  Shay and Kath Ball Chairs are so CUTE, I chose the one with little ears, cos i’m cute like that.   Each comes with a bunch of anims and self rezzing props, sweeeet!  My LoTD is centred around this skully dress from Epic!  Available in a bunch of colours but shown here in Red, I am wearing it with my Phat Azz and I feel as cute as a button!  It comes with a bunny hood too, score!   My hair is new from Tameless, I love how big and floofy their hairs are, makes me feel like i’ve been to the hairdressers for a pamper!

LoTD - 30/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

I am wearing a few lil bits in my ensemble that I wanted to show in a clearer way!   They include the Cute Poison Graveyard ring from Horrorfest, how intricate??! SO CUTE!     They are also 100% for charity too, so get em! They come in light and dark and are resizeable.     I’m also wearing a Blah ring, from SL Fashion week, a batty little number, available in a bunch of colours and in both regular and slink hand sizes.   My nails are new from Flair and are denimtastic!  I love them, so novel!   My skin is the new skin from FAKE – Violet.  She is shown here in Milky tone and complete with Phat Azz and SLink appliers, I did choose the no brow version in freckle and added my own Insufferable Dastard brows as they are soft and lovely and I felt like jigging around my face.   My eyes are from IKON and lasehs from Mon Cheri!

I will be back on scheduled waffle town soon! School holidays are nearly over, not that I have my kids as they’re away but still… I’m a busy bee! <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

LoTD – Lazy Sunday for Willis Edition!

Hola fellow SLers!  A little look of the day today, it’s Sunday, I’m feeling lazy… but enjoy!

LoTD - Lazy Sunday for Willis!

What better to do on a lazy Sunday than a bit of yoga?  That’s what Willis decided to do today!  Good on her.    The perfect outfit for it would be the new Yoga get up from Stellar, it comes in 6 lovely colours, Green being my colour of choice, and is sexy sexy SEXY!!!   I am not afraid to admit my shoes are very very very very OLD, and are from Epic, I wanted to wear them one last time before I consider deleting all the non mesh stuff in my inventory, but I probably won’t.   My hair is one of three new styles from Ploom! Genie is a lovely full ponytail with blunt bangs, delicious!

Ploom @ Body Mod Expo

My skin is also from Ploom and is the Harlow – Grape Soda edition for the Body Mod Expo!   Lovely purple eyes with nude glossy lips in allll the usual Harlowe tones. YAY!   Eyes are from IKON, pose from Frooti and luscious lashes from Mon Cheri.

Enjoy your Sundays <3

I want CANDY!

Another Candy Fair post, this time clothing and makeups! AND STUFFS! Here is the SLURL for the Sim the stores blogged here are on to start with: CANDDYYY

LoTD - Candy Style

There are sooo many yummy goodies from Candy Fair from clothing, to skins and accessories to home stuffs to ANYTHING!  I bring you just a few things, the most important and LUSH of which is this dress from Epic! Available in many colours and combos it’s soooo delicious!   I love the melty dress with all my heart, I am wearing it here with my phat azz, and it also has appliers for le boobage too, but mine are just my own :P.  Each set also comes with cute little donut/bow headband which fit on my hair just PERFEEEECTLY.    My shoes are from alterego and are the sugarsmack wedges v4, they come a HUD to change the colour combos and each one is bright and beautiful, I just liked the blue/yellow and it kinda fitted my melty boobs! YAYYYY!   See a couple close ups below:

LoTD - Candy Style - Up Close and Personal

Also worn with my TSG skin are the yummy lips available from TSG as part of their offering to the Candy Fair! I think.. THINK.. I shot them all here, so you can look below and click larger to view, but they are plump and lickable, and each comes with both teeth and no teeth versions, I’ve alternated in my pictures.   A few out there colours and some muted too, so you can go crazy or stick closer to home.   They’ve all got candybased names too, which made me smile. YAY! YUMMY!

TSG @ Candy Fair


Hair: Truth | Vida
Skin: TSG | Hope | X Tone | Soft Body w/ TSG Toki Doki Eyeshadow | Cry Baby
Outfit: Epic | Bombastic | Melty Mini Dress | Yellow.Cake-Lemon w/ Bowie Donut Ears
Shoes: alterego | sugarsmack wedges v4
Others: Luck Inc | Phat Azz – Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes – IKON | Ascension Eyes | Chocolate


LotD 26/08/13

Heya guys, just a quick LoTD post, showcasing a few new things now available :D

LoTD - 26/08/13

Pretense Poses has a new lightbox out at The Poser Pavillion, it comes with various poses and you can click and change the colour of the box too!    I opted for this pose with the green background, I like green, you should check it out, if you’ve never used one of their light boxes before, they are funnnnn!   Also worn is new hair from ChiChickie, shown here in a deep blue texture, I fancied going blue, much like RL, except in RL it looks more black than blue unless you’re under the sun, tut.      My dress is from EPIC and is the new Boobies Show item, so it comes with appliers, I am wearing it without here as it looks stunning solo too! It’s available in an array of colours, I felt black was more appropriate with my already mishmashed colour scheme :D     Also worn is new Cho skin from Essences that comes in ooodles of new tones all with appliers, that I am wearing here with SLink hands (and feet you can’t see).

Have a good sunday <3


Yay Sunday!   I have a little LoTD for you today with some new goodies, and then a little sneaky peek some some deliciousness!  Although not really a sneak peek, more a LOOK AT THIS GO BUY IT!

LoTD - Epic Style

I swung by Epic today to see what goodies I have been missing and found a bunch of separates that make up a sexy little outfit that was new, made my day!   The Moto items are sexy, cool, and cute.. what more could you want?  The top comes in black only (atm.. who knows for future!) and the skirt and boots both com with a HUD so you can change textures/colours!  I left the boots black, because I think they fit the theme more, but I wanted the skirt to be a cute, girly colour, so in came hot pink!  I took a few snaps of a few of the other colours/textures you can see below, not all are shown.   I do love Epic items, always so well made, well textured and super cute to boot!

Epic Moto Skirts - Options

Here you can see a little close up of the look, because I’m wearing several new things!  Firstly the skin… it’s one of the Belleza Best Buys for August and is gorgeous as always, really pale and muted makeup, lovely for a barely there look, which is always nice on a pale skin!   The hair is new from CatWa and I’m wearing it in one of the pale ombres that I fell in love with “Christina”!   The piercings I am wearing are the Anathema Piercings from Cute Poison, and there is a HUGE array of piercings for you to choose from in the store,  you can’t go wrong!   They come with a HUD so you can change colours.. well metals in this case.  LOVE THEM.  The Necklace is also from Cute Poison and is this weeks SL Fashion Week item!   A cute beaded skull necklace that comes in Gold, Gunmetal or Black… a really intricate piece that just looks perfect with this look, for sure!


Close up of LoTD - Epic Style

Finally we have some items from Circa!  They were out for Food Fair, but they are now out in the main store now that the fair has ended.   Circa always comes up trumps with the goodies, well made, wonderfully textured, cute as a button and these just made me sooooo HUNGRY!   Well, the plates on the wall and tables didn’t but the food surely did!    It all looks so realistic and wonderful! I fell in love with the Macaroon Tower and the Cookies!   But everything caught my eye because it’s fun, realistic and just perfect if you want to scatter some edible (or just plain rad) decor around.

New  @ Circa Living

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page <3

I must ask you a question….

WAIT NOW.. MUSTACHE YOU ONE… oh hurrr, I’m so funny, lulz.   Breno just released a bunch of artwork and things and stuff and you will notice there is a little mini theme going on!

New @ BRENO! <3

You can pick from a nice range of art work for you walls including The Stache Guide, Woody Heart, Butterflies and more!   You can also pick up a hanging mustache? Who doesn’t want one of those?  It comes in different woods too :D   I have a super cool scarf in RL with mustaches on, it’s my fave!  My 12 yr old tried to steal.. not sure if I should take that as a “mum you’re 33, stop it” or if it makes me super cool! I am going with the latter.   You can also pick up this halftache lounger, you can change the pillow textures and it comes with a huge array of animations including singles and couples.  The best thing is, everything is really affordable and SO well made!  Get your tush on over the Breno asap!

I thought I’d show what I was wearing as little LoTD too, full credits can be found at the bottom of the blog post:

LoTD - 24/03/13

The first thing you’ll notice is my fantastic sweater! YEP! Saw it on Flickr and hopped on over to get it from welldone.atelier!   I LOVE IT hahahaha, I thought it was perfect paired with my new monster pumps from Epic.  But along with a menacing smile I wanted to look a bit cutesey too, so I relied on Olive Antler/Branches currently available from The Boutique as part of the Cherry Blossoms theme :D   I chose black but they come in a good variety of colours.    My eyes are from IKON and are the Ardent Eyes in Skyfall, also available from The Boutique.     My skin is from FAKE and I got that from SL Fashion Week, it has really thick, luscious brows though, so I suggest if you don’t like a bigger brow, you may want to demo if you don’t already!   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xox

LoTD - 24/03/13 - Close Up

Hair: Truth | January | Treacle
Skin: FAKE | Evalina | Caramel | Smokey *SL Fashion Week*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent Eyes | Skyfall *TLC – The Boutique*
Antlers: Olive | The Oops Cherry Tree Blossom Antlers | Black *TLC – The Boutique*
Sweater: welldone.atelier | High Neck Sweater | Black Smile
Jeans: Cynful | Zia Denim v2.0 | Worn | Dark Blue
Shoes: Epic | Mega Monster Pumps | Black *Whore Couture 2*
Pose: fri.day

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page <3