Holding out for a Hero

Holding out for a Hero//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

I cannot stress enough how much you NEED these pants, like NEED.  In the right windlight, or around lights they shimmer like nothing I have ever SEEN and give you the best ass in the world. Well obvs second best cos mines the best.  A sportier but sexyish LoTD with a bunch of stuff from Uber and beyond!  The lovely hair from Truth comes with optional visor and with or without the hairbase bit at the front! millions of hairs (ok 3 – more if you include the lovejug ones) for you to play with!   Full credits below.


Hair: Truth | Olympia @ Uber
Eyes: IKON | Vanity | Poltergeist
Skin: Glam Affair | Katra Ballerina | Europa | 01B @ Uber
Piercing: Cae | Septum Piercing | Gem 5
Necklace: The Forge | Enchanted Necklace @ Enchanted
Top: Erratic | Tia | Aqua @ Uber
Pants: Erratic | Daria | Black @ Uber
Shoes: Hucci | Juti @ Uber

Av Enhancements
Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya | Lara
Ears: Mandala | Steking Series 5

Pose: NRage | Warrior Princess @ Illusion Point

Props: Apt B @ C88

Erratic Little Zoe!

A bit of a gorgeous post today thanks to Ploom, Erratic and Nar Mattaru!

Zoe @ Nar Mattaru | Erratic Too!

The absolutely drop dead gorgeous skin, hair and corset/lingerie are ALL new.   But we’ll take one at a time!  The corset and lingerie are from Erratic and are available at Uber for the month of November, this is for the Macabre theme, so you can find the mesh goodies available in an array of colours and also with the and without the visible skeleton inside your goodselves.   But I personally cannot think of anything sexier than seeing a bit of bone :P

I am wearing the Slink Physique body too, so it fits like a GLOVE over that, which is a massive bonus!   My hair is from Ploom and is the Pwny hair, soooooo effin’ cute!   you can wear it with or without the horse headband (which comes with a colour change hud).   It’s the perfect pwny pony style

Zoe @ Nar Mattaru | Makeups!

That only leaves me with the delectable Zoe from Nar Mattaru.    Zoe comes in eight tones (nine including the special edition which I have included instead of one of the darker tones) and each skin comes with Slink Physique appliers, all tones on one HUD for ease and saving you money!   Other appliers are available too, they include WowMeh, The Mesh Project, Tangos, and Cute/Phat Azz, so all of your bodily needs are seen to.

Each skin comes with four brows and a no brow option too, and for $L10 you can get slink nail appliers that include a french mani for every tone, including the pale special edition tone too.   The ghostly special edition is a group gift that comes with app appliers and is well worth the $L500 to join the group for that alone!  It’s only available Nov/Dec though, then it’s gone for good!

To boot you also get makeup choices!  You can get an eye makeup pack, and a lip pack with sooo many options including light/dark and variants of gloss too.  Not all are shown, but I have mixed and matched some above.   There are also appliers out for TMP too now for these makeups, YAY!

Get on over to Nar Mattaru and check them out!


Fashionably Erratic!

Hello ratfans, a huge new release from Erratic to show you today, as well as a few bits from .oh!Liv.

New @ Erratic

The new Cary Double Tank and Briony Shorts from Erratic are SO bloody gorgeous!!!   I have six mix and match looks above that you can make with the fatpack, or purchasing the colours you want individually.  The tanks are double layered and also come with a texture layer for a majority of the underneath layers so you can make a longer tank, I really love that idea!   The outer tank is tied in a cute little knot and just looks so beautifully summertastic.  I found the S size in these fit me without an alpha, so that was great too!  Not that wearing an alpha is a trauma, but still, it pleased me.   The shorts are also divine and make your ass look just darn’ tootin’ (not as in farting, ew) and they come in such lovely colours and patterns and go wonderfully with the tanks, as well as anything else you want to put them with!  You can see a full collection of the colours/patterns of both fatpacks below, just yummy.

Erratic Tanks - Colours

Erratic Shorts - Colours

Also just released by a relatively new store to me, .oh!liv. were some face/body freckles.  There are 3 versions in the pack including full face/body, nose/body and nose/cheek/body!   They are just lovely! I know a lot of freckle layers come with skins, but they all add something unique, and I really adore these ones,   I put them over my PXL skin and don’t I look ADORBS?! I DO!      I am also wearing an Exile hair, IKON eyes and poses are all from Adorkable <3

New @ .ohliv.


Erratic Blue Eyes!

I don’t know, I struggle with titles for blog posts, don’t hate me!   Some new goodies from Erratic and other places today! YAY!

New @ Erratic

Erratic have a new skirt and a new top out and they work soooo well together! Mindy and Sally (top and skirt) are delectable  mesh items, cute and casual but sexy too.  Mindy comes in over 20 flavours, some plain, and some with motifs… all of them you will say WANT to, I know that much!   You can pair them with jeans, skirts, shorts… whatever you want! I, of course, paired them with Sally, the new zipper skirt because that made the most sense.  Sally comes in 11 colours, some plain, some with duo colours, as you can see above!   The detailing is wonderful on both items, as you would expect from Erratic, and these are definitely some wardrobe staples!  Also worn are boots from Gos, hair from Elikatira, the gorgeous Arcade item unicorn horn/ears from Half Deer and a gorgeous skin from Aeva/Heartsick, aptly named Willow :D

Destiny Eyes @ IKON

You can see the face a bit closer up of the skin here, isn’t she pretty!?  The thing I love about Aeva/Heartsick skins are that they look fresh faced, real. just… nothing too sourced, nothing too heavy, just the right amount of details to make you look beautiful!   The focus of this picture other than the skin are some of the gorgeous new Destiny eyes from IKON, you may have to view bigger, well no may about it, you will… but I do love me some IKON! YAY!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Ram it in!

Yeah.. no, sorry about that title, I was trying to be clever about this post, because it’s mainly about HCE’s Zodiac! A new Aries round is upon us and I am exciiiiited!

LoTD - Aries Style

The Aries round of Zodiac brings us so many gorgeous goodies, I could barely contain myself.  I’ll try and not be TOO super chatty, but give you all the info you need.   Firstly the pose I am using is one from !Bang… they have two pose sets out for this round of Zodiac, both very cute and each with 5 poses.    I’m also wearing a most divine corset from Perception, it’s a really vivid blurple kind of colour with constellations and stars and oh it’s so cute!   It comes in many size options and even comes with additional/optional lace top which gives it that extra bit of sexyness.  Of course I was naked from the waist down but figured you guys didn’t want to see my lady garden, so I popped on a pair of Erratic Leather Pants!    The hair is from Ploom and they look like cute little ram horns, aren’t they ADORABLE?!  The daisies are optional and just give that extra girly look, I wanted to fatpack but I had to slap my hands! More about the other stuff below.

Essences @ Zodiac

The skin is from Essences and is as gorgeous as ever.    You get a choice of 3 makeups in 3 tones and all with additional goodies like appliers, brows etc.   Essences skins are looking so great, I’ve been a fan of the brand for a very long time and Inka does a wonderful job in making such cute and gorgeous skins.   These are all very pure and natural looking and look great with IKON eyes, I find they really bring out the gorgeousness of the skin, but then I may be biased :D

Adore & Abhor @ Zodiac

ADORE AND ABHOR YOU GUYS… SUPPLIED THESE! AREN’T THEY CUTE?!   They come in gacha form, with the white diamond one in the middle being the rare, they are huggeable little sheeples!   I can’t even with how adorable they are, they come scripted so you automatically hug them and hold them in your arm and they look like they have little cupcakes on their head and omgggg their eyes and their little dangly arms and legs and hooves and things.  You can also get a pack for FLF, those are the four shown below.   Never to be sold again!  GET THEM!

FLF from Adore & Abhor

Finally a couple of annoucements.  This gorgeous picture taken by Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea is a teaser for the upcoming “The Garden” event from The Liaison Collaborative!   The Boutique (which is still going on) has proven to be one of the most lovely events with so many wonderful goodies, I do love a good event and these girls seem to have that in hand.   So just a sneaky peek of the gorgeous build!

Coming Soon to The Liaison Collaborative...

Finally Erratic has moved just across to Le Look and are having a 50% off sale so you make sure you find it!  How awesome is that.  A store full of goodies at half price. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!


*SLURLS on the store locations page <3

The Ghost of You

I have been in a bit of a funk recently, many factors, different things, mostly my own mind whirring like crazy and I was gently reminded today that every look tells a story, to make of things what I want, after all, it is your world, your imagination… so imagine this…

Platform Loitering

It’s a cool, cold night back in the day, the days of war torn lands and steam trains, the days of lost love and waving off your love ones with a handkerchief.   She stood solitary on the platform, her duffle coat the only thing keeping the crisp air from biting at her skin, her platinum blonde locks floating in the wind, her stunning headpiece she’d bought especially for the occasion giving a pop of colour to match her cherry red lips.   He’d gone.. for how long was a mystery to him, to her, to everyone but she knew that she would be strong and look forward to the day he returned.  She’d tucked a small reminder of her inside his uniform, one of the petite butterflies from her hat, she hoped he’d keep it close to his heart and whenever he looked at it, feel the flutter of hers against his.

The Ghost of You

Of course this love was eternal and the wars raged on for years, decades, fads came in, fads faded out, people learned to jive, then caterpillar, then the robot until finally the macarena was born.. but still her love was unwaivered. On the date of their anniversary she wore her special coat, her hat, she curled her hair into the same style and she looked through old pictures, memories of him flashed before her, she smiled and she was happy.  Imagine her delight when one  day she returned home to find a variety of clutch purses scattered on her floor, shaped  as hearts with cute little messages on like Be Mine, True Love, Cutie Pie… all the things he’d said to he before he’d left, and a small note just reading “The Wars rage, but my heart still beats, and it beats only for you”… somehow, in the magical world the way it was, he had managed to send her some new reminders of him… she had hoped for his touch, longed for his lips, but what girl doesn’t love a new bag?  #

Ok so that story went from wartime woe to futuristic eternal love story, but hey, ITS MY WORLD MY IMAGINATION!   The gorgeous new duffle coat I am wearing is from Erratic and it matches the Oly Hat from Glam Affair for Collabor88  just perfectly.   Both are available in an array of colour combos!    My skin is also from Glam Affair and is one of four skins available at C88 also, lovely jewelled makeups with vivid colours, perfect for those of us that like the brighter things in life.  My hair is the new hair from Wasabi Pills and was the PERFECT hair for this story with it;s little curl at the side, it looks bang on with the Glam Affair Oly Hat/headpiece, it’s beauty! The bags are available from HANDverk and are gatcha items!  There are loads to choose from including sweet, friendly, sexy and not so nice, only $L25 a play, are you feeling sweet or sour? Hmm?

.ID. Outlet

As a side note, Insufferable Dastard has now opened an Outlet Store.  Currently there are 5 sets of eyes, all with 3 variations for only $L25.  They are system eyes only, but highly detailed and so cute!  So make sure you check those out.

*SLURLS are available on the Store Locations page, unless otherwise stated.

Unicorns don’t care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you..

.. and that seems like a very wise, and clever quote, and it is apt for today, as I am wearing a horn, although it is a Kirin Horn, not Unicorn, but close, right?

Unicorns don't care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you.

Today I have decided to be a bit mish mash, I knew that I wanted to wear some awesome stuff for FaMESHed, i’m not an official blogger, but I sure do like to frequent the joint!   Both the hair and top in this look can be found there.  Fay by Wasabi Pills is a gorgeous, to the side style that comes in all the regular colours and gorgeousness, a simple do that screams class and decorum, but is a great hair for the cute amongst us too!   The top is the Carly Hoodie by Erratic, and there is also the Carly Skirt available too, they come in various colours/patterns and are simply divine!   I really love this multi coloured one, it leaves so many options for you to put it with anything and everything!   My jeans are an older item from Intreprid from Christmas, and they have a lil snowflake on the tush.


My gorgeous skin is from Essences and is part of TDR Fusion this time, you get a choice of makeups, this one is super cute and girly pink tho, so I chose this.   My Kirin Horn can be found at SL Fashion Week by the lovely Halogen of Half Deer!!!  I do love everything this chick makes, it’s all ADORBS!! It comes in various colours/patterns but the Magic 2 was whimsical and cute, so that is what adorns my bonce.    Also worn is a new Jewellery set by Shabby Cat!   I think my ring fell off (thanks SL), but you can see the Necklace, isn’t it a beauty??   For one of her first made mesh items this is just wonderful, I suspect we will be seeing a lot more!

New @ CandyDoll

These shoes are also new from CandyDoll… The Botina Boot comes in various different colour packs, one isn’t shown here, but the rest are, in vertical lines you can see 5 of the  colour packs!  These are some gorgeous little booties, and I love that they come with a HUD to resize and colour change, it’s so quick and simple, and i also love them cos you don’t have to match your skin tone.  Lazy Willis is LAZY!   The texturing on these bad boys (or girls) is amazing, really sharp and well done.  There are demos, so make sure you check them out!


Hair: Wasabi Pills | Fay | Pancake *FaMESHed*
Eyes: IKON | Kaleido | Crystal
Skin: Essences | Wednesday | Candy | Pale Dust *TDR Fusion*
Horn: Half Deer | Kirin Horn | Magic 2 *SL Fashion Week*
Top: Erratic | Carly | Hoodie | Multi *FaMESHed*
Jewellery: Shabby Cat | Jeweled Cross Set *Jack or Jill Hunt*
Jeans: Intrepid | White Christmas Jeans | Snowflake Blue
Shoes: CandyDoll | Botina Boots *NEW*
Pose: Frooti

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

Day 26 of 365 LoTD – Shrugged

Happy Saturday… or is that Shrugday?!

Day 26 of 365 LoTD - Shrugged

There were two main focuses in mind when I put together this LoTD, one being the gorgeous new Magika hair that comes complete with earred hood (omggg how cute??) and the other was the Cynful Shrug and Top Set!   The Set comes in various colours, but I chose black and you can wear the tube top alone, or with the shrug, or you can wear just the shrug and another top.. or wear them however you want, really.  Simple items but ones that really give you options.   I decided to pair them with a Happy Undead Mini, you can’t see them but I have handprints on my butt!  Tutt.   I then decided the only way forward were fishnets and my Gos Triumph Boots to complete the look.

I looked at myself and decided it wasn’t enough still, so to compliment my Glam Affair Renee skin I popped on the new mesh nails from Intrepid that will be available for Depraved Nations Jack or Jill Hunt and I wore the other half of my Key and Keyhole Tattoo from Half Deer, this time I have the Key on, whose hole can I find to ram it in?! HMMMM?

Happy Saturday, everyone!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available


Hair: Magika | Clumsy *NEW*
Skin: Glam Affair | Renee | First Date 01
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Soulful Eyes | Gold & Green
Tattoo: Half Deer | Key Tattoo *The Retreat*
Nails: Intrepid | Long Square Nails | *Jack or Jill Hunt*
Shrug & Top: Cynful | Shruggable | Black *NEW*
Skirt: Happy Undead | Mini Skirt | Touched Pink/Toxic
Tights: Erratic | Fishnet Thin | Black
Boots: Gos | Triumph Boot

Going Hell for Leather

That’s a funny saying, isn’t it? How does one go hell for leather?  Well I dunno but I would say Erratic Rain is going hell for leather at making awesome things!

This new Vanity Leather Jacket is just AMUHAZING.   It comes with 2 ways to wear, both open and closed and it is SUCH a wonderful piece of work, the mesh is perfect, the texturing is just out of this world, with the worn look it just smacks of reality.

New @ Erratic - Vanity Leather Jacket

I could not praise this jacket high enough if I tried.   I paired it with jeans and decided to be a hussy and wear it commando style, with only a hint of skin and my Rebelstar Tattoo peeking out.  I do love that you get the option to wear it open or closed, that such a great bonus!  Not only does this awesome jacket come with 2 ways of wearing, look at all the colours you can choose from!  Including the two above there are more than your little fingers can count, ranging from classic black to a more neutral tan, bright pink to smokey brown… the choice is really great.  Well done Erratic, you managed to out do yourself AGAIN!

New @ Erratic - Colours

You may have noticed that I look particularly gorgeous, I put that down to the stunning Elikatira hair, an oldie but a goodie, and the new Kate Skin from Belleza for the F R O S T event currently being held by Depraved Nation.  This special edition skin is pure beauty, almost literally!  With just a hint of sparkle around the eyes, it comes in varying luscious tones and is something to behold.    Pricing is exclusive to the event, so get em cheaper while you can!

Belleza @ Frost | Kate

The poses used in these pictures are part of the 12 Days of Christmas set you can pick up today from Ploom – Naughty!   Make sure to check out everything else while you’re there <3

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Happy Monday!

Not often you see me call Monday happy… but when you have new goodies, when ISN’T the day happy?!

A new round of FaMESHed has started and it is FULL to the brim with gorgeous goodies, this dress I am wearing whilst showcasing the new Diesel Works prop is D I V I N E!  It comes in four colours, and I will be going back to get more than jus this one, for sure.. and it has spikes on the boobs, what more could a girl ask for?!  Fanatik have done a wonderful job with it, also available is a new hair from Alice Project, it’s a longer style with a bit of a dreamy feel, so i felt with the prop and the hair, I had to wear one of my new Mesh Heads from Fashionably Dead that I got at The Arcade!  It just seemed to fit.

New @ Diesel Works

The Nightingales Sorrow is one of two new props, there is also a Gold “Glee” one too, but I liked the darker looking one.  It comes with a huge array of poses, all very moving and all seem to tell a tale.  You will have to click through for the bigger picture to see them all reasonably well, but I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed if (when!!) you buy it.  I absolutely adore it!!  It really does match the head, doesn’t it?!

Diesel Works - Prop Collage

Also new from FaMESHed are these Tweed and Leather Jackets from Erratic, if there isn’t a colour here you like, you need your eyes testing!  Whether you want a pure Black one, a bit of a girly Pink one or a bright Yellow one, I’m pretty sure there is something here for everyone.  Some amazing mesh and texturing work from Erratic on these, and such a selection too!   I wore mine with another Head from Fashionably Dead at The Arcade and a huge Truth Braid!

New @ Erratic

I’ve been trying to feature more furnishings lately, it’s something I do love, I just never think my pictures do the items justice, but I am going to try anyway.  Prism, whom I featured yesterday, are here again today!  This time with a few of the items from their Southern Living Set!

You can get an array of products, but I really love these two chairs, the padded seats look SO comfortable and everything is so well textured.  They come in three colours and each one has a matching rug you can purchase too!  Of course they are animated, so you won’t sink half way through the chair if you sit on it, you’ll look neat and tidy and like a lady (or a gent)

Southern Living @ Prism

Matching Rocking Chairs are also available, and this gorgeous sideboard style chest seat thinger!  Yeah, I am good with words.  I said it yesterday, and I say it again, Prism is one of those stores where you are guaranteed to find SOMETHING you love, they cater for all tastes with a huge array of items.   These items are quite “oldy worldy” in my opinion, something a little more refined, but how can you resist when they are so gorgeous?!

Southern Living @ Prism


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page if available