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LoTD – You Should Know What You’re Falling For…

With lyrics inspired by one of my songs of the moment (yes it’s Dark Horse, sue me).. this is a little LoTD that made me feel all business like, but sexy at the same time, I can live with that!

LoTD - You Should Know What You're Falling For...


Girl Thursday (a little store by Anessa Stine to compliment DCNY) makes some GORGEOUS attire, this dress was the FLF item and it’s lush.    A thigh split, a slim belted waist, business up the top and sexy down below, a lovely and gorgeous dress that compliments the Venus heels from fri.day @ Cutie Moon just perfectly.   I do feel all business like, but like I may jump your bones at any minute, it’s how I roll.

LoTD - You Should Know What You're Falling For - Up Close and Personal

My skin is the Romy skin from Glam Affair, she was out at the Skin Fair and came with options GALORE in a new way the skins were sold.  You get Romy with some addons like blusher, brows and freckles/moles but then you have to buy your makeup packs, with various packs of lips and eyeshadows to choose from for your maximum mix and match pleasure!  You can even buy a pack of noses!  Not only are the normal appliers available, there are Loud Mouth and Slink Visage appliers too, SCORRRE!!  The only pitfall of having so many options and choices and doing it this way is you run out of tattoo layers! BOO!

My hair is from a store I’ve only just discovered, cos I’m slow, and that’s Little Bones, UNF this hair is amaze. It’s available at The Chapter Four and you need it. END OF.   I have accessorised with the TDR Fusion Clutch from Swallow, a neat little padlocked heart, and a ring from Cae, and no I am not taken, but hey.. any offers!? :P


Hair: Little Bones | Take Everything *The Chapter Four*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Skylight | Mint
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Glam Affair | Romy | America | 01 w/Eyes Color Line 05 – Lips Goddess 10
Dress: Girl Thursday | Belted Pencil Dress | Teal
Clutch: Swallow | Single Lady | White *TDR Fusion*
Ring: Cae | Forever | Three Stone
Shoes: fri.day | Venus Heels | Night *Cutie Moon Fair*

Slink AV Enhance Hands and Feet w/Appliers: Dark Passions
Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

Orange you glad it’s a Sunday?

Hey ratfans, it’s SUNDAY!    I both love and hate them, lazy days ftw, but Mondays next NOT ftw.   Just a little cheeky LoTD for you here, RL, as usual has been kicking my butt and my logins are few and far between atm!    I am seriously lagging with my blogging and apologies to anyone that gives a hoot <3

LoTD - Orange you glad it's a Sunday...

I love this look, when I first saw this VinCue item I thought it was a short dress, it kinda is I suppose, but it’s more like a sweater with a frilly lace tutu! It’s so cute, it comes in oodles of colours, I opted for Tangerine for a bit of a brighter look.   I had to pair it with the new Hucci Sandals that come in an array of colours, although I played it safe with black… they come with a sassy safety pin on them, as you can see on the up close and personal thinger below.

LoTD - Orange you glad it's a Sunday... - Up Close and Personal


Also worn are some items of jewellery that are luuuush.  Gorgeous bunny earrings from .llama., the store my friend Laura owns and is ROCKING atm, they are so dainty and cutesy, love them!   The necklace is one of the valentines releases from Cae, and is infinite love, it comes with a HUD to change the stones and metal, so you can mix and match it to you look!

My skin is the new Sylvia skin from Glam Affair which is done differently this time around with tattoo layers rather than full skins, no doubt that will appease the masses, I love it, so smooth and cute..  GA always manages to make me look good though, so I can’t complain!

Full credits below, enjoy your sunday <3

Full Credits

Eyes: IKON | Promise | Hazel
Lashes: MC | Falsies
Hair: Truth | Gretchen
Skin: Glam Affair | Sylvia w/Eyes 02 – Lips 01 C
Earrings: .llama. | Bunny Earrings
Necklace: Cae | Infinite Love
Top: VinCue | Heart+Tuti | Tangerine
Undercrackers: Baiastice | Orly Lingerie Lace | Coral
Shoes: Hucci | Oria | Leather Collection
Nail Appliers: Wicked Peach | Elven Path Gold
Pose: fri.day
SLink Avatar Enhancements worn w/appliers

Northern Lights vs Teal Town

A little LoTD for you today, and with that some new goodies from The Liaision Collaborative and it’s theme of Northern Lights! HUZZAH!

Sways @ TLC

This gorgeous bedroom set from Sways comes in both Adult and PG and you can get the bed, the bench and the side table and all are effin’ GORGEOUS! I’ve never been a lover of… feature beds, you know with one thing that just stands out, so you have to be able to fit it in a room, but this, this is stunning!  With oodles of poses and it’s striking appearance, this is a deffo buy for sure.

I put it inside the Breno  Mars  2 Aurora!  It comes on it’s own, with terrain and with terrain and Aurora, I went for the whole hog.  It’s distressed look is perfect for urban living, or if you want a little man cave, or a woman cave with a bit of GRRR.  The terrain and aurora make it perfect for a skybox too!   Plenty of windows for shadow shots to work and plenty of space for living, if you’re an addict to living quarter buying like me, you’ll adore this.

Breno @ TLC

My look of the day mainly comes from that cute little store, Somnia!  The top and skirt are both from there and I matched it up on a trip to Teal Town!   I adore this pixel heart shirt, it’s so cute, and shows a little belly and shoulder while not being all out there all your bits hanging out!   The skirt is a shorty,  but not an crack shower, so that’s a bonus!  Both come in oooooodles of colours and sizes, the tops even come with “flat” options, how good is that?

LoTD - Teal Town

My skin is Ria from Belleza, currently available at Collabor88, but I will showcase that in all it’s glory in another post.   Also from Collabor88 are these gorgeous shoes from fri.day, the Miranda heels come in a variety of colours and are made for the Slink High Feet!   A gorgeous strappy pair perfect for casual or dressier affairs.  My ring and necklace are from Cae and are The Rack item!  Oh my gosh they are divine!!!   I absolutely love this set encompassing love and style all in one shot!    My hair is also new from Exile, all three releases are male orientated this time round, but this one has a fem size too, so was no surprise I wore it, I have been waiting on an Exile release forEVER!

LoTD - Teal Town - Up Close and Personal

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

LoTD – In the Pink and SHOOZ

SHOOZ SHOOZ! AND PINK STUFF!  God, I am turning into a right girl!   A little LoTD today and a bunch of shoes, now that Shoetopia has finished, some regular releases… mostly :D

LoTD - In the Pink

This gorgeous look is mostly bought to you by Blueberry today!   The skirt and top are both from there, each come in an array of colours and with options galore!  The thing I love about the tops are they come as shown with cropped top and vest, or just with the cropped top, so you can choose to bare some skin, or cover up a tad more, choice is yours!  The skirt is short, and sexy, but all in all both pieces make for a super cute look!  Also worn are items from Glam Affair, Exile, IKON, Slink and Mon Cheri…. except for the Boots!  These bad boys are from Hucci.

Hucci Boots

Just a handful and a smidge more of colours shown from both the brights and neutrals HUD, these are by far the sexiest thigh highs in SL!   The workmanship is second to none with wrinkles in all the right places, heels to die for and such a realistic, sexy shape.  They really do fit in so well with a bunch of items in my wardrobe and even manage to make sexy look sassy!  I am LOVING the teal, and the orange!  So bright and vivid.


Also, one shoe event may be over, but there are still plenty of decent shoes about!   From top left to bottom right you see shoes from Hopscotch, Shabby Cat, Intrepid and fri.day.

The flats from Hopscotch are the item for the Invitation Only Hunt! These are an exclusive colour of an future release, and the cute baby blue/pink pairing will never be available again!  The Boots are half of the Main Event item, an event which takes you to an event location, and the other half of the item found at the main store, to get main stores some traffic!   The boots are found at the main store, and you can find stockings at the event location! Sooo cute.

Shabby Cat brings us some UGG style boots, I fell in love with these on Flickr, they are part of the Winter Trend Event going on right now, I have shown one colour of snowflake, and one of grey stripe but there are also black stripes and a bunch of colours to choose from! I absolutely ADORE these, hard.  Original rigged mesh from Sophia that is simply gorgeous.

Intrepid releases are 2 pairs of boots.  On the left there is Zealous and on the right is Luminous!  Both boots come in a huge array of colour choices and are gorgeous.    A single HUD pack of 6 colours is under $L200 with the fatpack of 4 HUDS is under $L600! Bloody steal for such gorgeousness.  A more dressy pair, and a comfy pair, treat yourself to one of each at least!

Finally the fri.day releases!  The two pairs of heels are actually from the Geeks n Nerds Fair, and the boots were at Shoetopia, but I think they’ll be out in the main store soon enough!   The heels work with SLink feet and ugh, they are divine.  The Bowtie.Pumps come in a range of colours and a little HUD that changes the bow, I chose cats but there are 22 options!!!   Stunning.  My fave has to be the Raggedy.Man Heels, Dr Who inspired feet for everyone, a cute suited heel and a Tardis, and yes they are supposed to be mismatched! LOVE THEM! The River Boots are the Shoetopia release and although there were limited colour release at the event, I am hoping for more in the main store!

Thankkkks and enjoy your Monday <3

LoTD – Event Styleeee!

Hi All!

Hope you’re having a GREAT Saturday, a quick LoTD for you here, feeling like channeling the cute as well as sexy today :D

LoTD - Event Style!

I am still in my undercrackers as you can see!  This time they are a hunt item from Epic, all major details are listed below in the full credits, this is just a little blurb!   They are super cute and come with appliers too, so yay!   I put them together with another Epic item, this time from The Azz Show for November! DIGI LEGS WITH SLOUCH WARMERS? YES PLEASE!   They come in a bunch of colours, this natural beige matched my look tho.

LoTD - Event Style! - Up Close and Personal

What else do I have on? Well the gorgeous Mila hair from Wasabi Pills which is a release at the main store.  Never can have enough bobbed styles, especially not when they look this seductive!   On my head you can see some whimsical Antlers, this are from the Enchantment event and are from Half Deer, my most fave maker of Antlers EVAH!   I love the little Apple, how cute?!

My tattoo is one of a handful available from alterego for the upcoming Thrift Shop, they come on tattoo and clothing layers and also with Phat Azz appliers, woo! My necklace is from Pure Poison and was a main store release, I never got to wears it around Halloween tho… and finally my nails, they were at Horrorfest from Hopscotch and look like they’ve been chewed and nibbled! I just loved the colour so decided to add these to my look,

Full Credits

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Mila | Gingerbread
Antlers: Half Deer | Elegant Antlers | Black (Poisoned Apple) *Enchanted*
Eyes: IKON | Perspective | Oxidation
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Belleza | Nina | Pale 1
Clothing: Epic | Sleepy Neko | Leo – Classic *Dirty Pillows Hunt*
Necklace: Pure Poison | Silver Skeleton Hand Necklace
Tattoo: alterego | crossed *The Thrift Shop*
Legs/Warmers: Epic | Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers | Faun | Brown Hoof *The Azz Show*

Other Important Stuffage: Hands by SLink, Pose by fri.day

LoTD 11/10/13

It’s FRIDAY! YAY!   I dunno why I am YAYING, I have a massively busy weekend ahead and BAH I detest busy! But there ya go, a LoTD to tickle your fancy today!

LoTD - 11/10/13

To start it all off and get myself something to model a look around, I put on my finest and truest teeshirt… SLocially Awkward from BOOM!    There are a bunch of these tee’s out there including plain colours and prints with SoooOOoooOOO many options, this one definitely caught my eye though!  The shorts are also from BOOM and both are new releases, worthy of a demo at least!   My headband is also new and is a studded beauty from Atooly!  A lovely fitting headband that comes in an array of colours with both silver and gold studs.  Of course I opted for Teal and Silver as it matched my outfit!

My legwarmers are from fri.day and they are made to fit the SLink Medium Foot and they are at this month’s Collabor88 in a handful of colours.  With each warmer you get a few different fits to wear with or without shoes, I opted for without but the world, my footed friend, is your oyster!    Also worn from Collabor88 is my Glam Affair Skin… Neva in Artic and this is make up 4. GORGEOUS if I say so myself!

LoTD - 11/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

Other items worn are some slink nail polishes from Flair, a gorgeous set with studded cross motif, and of course there was a teal so that was PERFECT!  My eyes are from IKON, lashes from Mon Cheri, hair from Magika and pose from Frooti! <3

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available <3

Izzy Wizzy let’s get BUSY… Wizzy…

I say Wizzy as that’s the name of a very old alt of mine! Wizzy Fetid! AHHH I remember FiC days… also it’s got reference to wizards cos you know. WIZARDING FAIRE!

LoTD - Wizard Style

I popped together a little Look of the Day based around the Faire! I have NO clue how I got it to look so cute, but I love it!  Well I do know, it’s all the yummy goods!   Let’s start with the sweater, this lovely layered number is from Peqe and comes in various colours, I opted for schooly grey tho!  It’s big, it’s baggy, it’s comfy looking… it’s GREAT!  I paired it with one of the Fateplay skirts that is available from the Jenny outfit, Fateplay do have a presence at the Wizarding Faire but I am yet to discover it :D.. my shoes are from fri.day and are made to fit with your slink flat feet, a gorgeous pair of mary jane typ shoes with a little kitten heel, lovely!    My suitcase is from Amala and is posed and comes with options for different houses on the little patch (which you can’t see it’s on the other side, soz).   My nails are from Hopscotch and there are 6 textures to choose from, all HP themed, I opted for the lightening strike! POW!   My eyes are from IKON, skin from Glam Affair @ The Boutique and hair was blogged yesterday and is Wasabi Pills FaMESHed hair <3 <3

LoTD - Wizard Style - Up Close and Personal!

Also worn in the look are these wonderful new lashes from Mon Cheri!   Mesh Lashes with a HUD!   It allows you to change to one of three styles, all shown in the top row and all fairly full, but I really dig them!   Perfect for those nights out or pictures, or well, whatever you want really.  You could get away with wearing them day to day if you wanted, it’s your SL after all!    So you can change between the three options of lash, and within each option are oodles of options including glitter tip, dip dyed and full on colours!   GORGEOUS! I didn’t even have that much of a job adjusting them and I am a lash n00b!

Mon Cheri - Mesh Lashes

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page if not linked! <3

Loving the Zombies

Just a quickie today, mostly because SL has decided to foil my sinister plan to never have to wash another dish by refusing to allow me to blog and thus trade my blogging efforts for Willis’s willingness to do chores. Despite its efforts, however, I was able to enjoy this outfit from R3 and wanted to share. Voila:

Zombie Lover


Skin: Aeva – Paris
Hair: Truth – Elaine
Eyes – .ID. – Tropical Brights – Galaxy
Outfit: R3 – Khloe Jumpsuit
Shoes: fri.day – Acid Lily

Wired for the Beach….

Hallo! 2nd blog post today, I am on a ROLL!  Sadly not a bread one (horngry am I!).. anyway… stuff ahead is fab, check it out

Wired for the Beach

There is an upcoming event called The 24… it will be a fantastic event with 24 designers for various sections of the creating world, so well over 80 great stores participating!   I am a bit unclear on the actual details (sorry, I will update, i swear!) but I couldn’t help but put on these items from Discord Designs. I FREAKING LOVE THEM!   Codie will be the gacha hairstyle you can win for just 50L a pop, hopefully with more in store after the event, but oh em geee…. geekgasm! I loveeee them LOOOOOOOOVE them.   The Codie is a tangle of internet cables with RJ45 ends…  perfect for the geek, computer techy.. or just someone that wants to look different and effin’ RAD!  I had to make the look even more perfect with this studded top and panties from R3volt!   They come with HUDS for each item, complete with an array of material colours alongside ooodles of choices for studs, and with 3 rows to mix and match, well 3 rows of 2 studs… AH you can see what I mean!    I topped the look off with a Belleza skin, *Frooti pose and eyes from IKON!   I am DIGGING this looking, a little out of my normal zone, but definitely fun!

Shoes @ fri.day

Shoes! I used to hate shoes, but since SLink did their feet, and people started making shoes and skin makers gave us appliers, I’ve been learning to embrace dressing up my little feet… fri.day have released a bunch of shoes, with the Janet Heels, Peggy T-Strap Heels and Everyday Heels shown here.   I haven’t shown all of the colours of each, but there are a fair few, also including patterns and even some glitters!  Some classic looking shoes here, great for your tootsies and probably a colour to match most outfits (and cmon, that blue on the right is called Tardis… CMONNNNN).

*SLURLS if available, are on the store locations page

Eye Eyeeeeeee!

New eyes and a look of the day for you! I wanted to take some new makeuppy stuff too, but ALAS, SL is being a bunghole, so nope!

New @ IKON!

First up we have a whole bunch of new eyes from IKON found at the Numerology event, being hosted/run by Covert Affairs!!!    I have blogged them in looks for a couple days now, but finally got around to snapping the whole lot, you will have to click through to view larger to see them in all their glory, but I do love me some eyes, and I do love me some IKON, so all is good!   Whether you want some haunting light eyes, or deep dark eyes, there is something for everyone here with regular colours and a venture into the world of purples and plums!

LoTD - 19/06/13

I’m rather in love with my look of the day!  Something simple, and cute!   The dungarees/overalls I fell in love with at Collabor88 from FD and had to buy, then I didn’t know what to wear them with!   So just browsing marketplace for “rigged mesh” I found these gorgeous shoes that come with a huge intricate HUD, so you can change anything and everything almost, never heard of the store dEEr, but I like ‘em.   Everything else is something I’ve already worn/blogged at one point, so full credits below <3


Hair: Mina | Silvia (Smooth)
Eyes: IKON | Ascension Eyes |
Skin: Glam Affair | Summer | America 03 B – Summerfest ’13
Tank: fri.day | Traveler’s Tank | Gray
Dungarees: Fashionably Dead (FD) | Overalls | Faded – C88
Shoes: deeR | Higher Vulcan Shoes – Marketplace
Pose: Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available (if not, poke at me!)