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LoTD – Who’s a Little Cutie?

Who IS a little cutie?? That’ll be ME RIGHT NOW! I adore this LoTD!  So here I am, yapping about it! Full Credits are at the bottom, incase I miss anything or something tickles your fancy.

LoTD - Who's a Little Cutie?

Let’s start from the top down.   My headband is new from Atooly and comes in an array of colours, but this coral was the perfect match for the rest of me!   A really simple bow, but looks great on SO many hairs!  This hair from Tameless came with a headband attached, but I put this one over it. INNOVATIVE, YO.     The hair is one of three new styles and it was lovely to see an updo from Nita!  I am really loving the Tameless releases lately..  My dress/top are from Blueberry and you can wear them apart or together, I chose together, obvs.   It comes in soooo many colours and the dress comes with a HUD to change colours, so you get a lot of looks in one!   Such a lovely summery look.

Glam Affair @ Cutie Moon | New Stuffs!

My skins are from Glam Affair and are out now at the Cutie Moon Event!  This is Brandi in America tone, but she’s available in a handful!    LOOK AT THE MAKEUPS! So lovely and pretty, not totally out there, but definitely not run of the mill every day make ups either!   They come with lip and nose layers and lipsticks too, so mix and match away.   Insufferable Dastard released the Skylight eyes in many colours, both system and mesh parts to them, I have showcased six with my lovely GA skins, so vivid and beautiful.

LoTD - Who's a Little Cutie? - Up Close and Personal

 Above are a closeups of a few items.   Firstly my nails you can see bits and bobs of are the French Flick from Hello Dave! So many wonderful nails there if you haven’t checked them out already!   My ring is from Circa and is part of the Fit for a Princess event, and is one of their gacha items!   Soooooo so pretty.   The arm snake is from Half Deer and is also a gacha item, this time at The Chapter Four, you can also get ones you can rez too, and they are incredibly adorable.  The ring you can see in the picture with it is from GFD (gala fashion design) and is the most adorable little star ring!   It comes in three colours and is as cute as a button.   Finally the close up of the Atomic  Scout Stockings available at the Cutie Moon Fair!   Available in an array of colour options, these stocks come with cute little jewelled bow and come with ALL appliers, for ass, feet and well, whatever you need, however you need to wear it!

PHEW! <3

Full Credits

Skin: Glam Affair | Brandi | America 06 *Cutie Moon Fair*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Skylight
Hair: Tameless | Tiffany
Headband: Atooly | Kenzi Headband | Coral
Dress/Top: Blueberry | Missy Knot Top & Dress | Red
Stockings: Atomic | Scout Stockings | Pluto *Cutie Moon Fair*
Corn Snake: Half Deer | Baby Cornsnake | Rainbow *The Chapter Four*
Ring 1: Gala Fashion Design | Star T O Y Ring | Red
Ring 2: Circa | Patchwork Princess | Diamond Bow Ring | Sorbet *Fit for a Princess*

Slink Avatar Enchancements worn with appliers from Hello Dave | French Flick

Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

Fairies, Sheep and FUN!

So, The Arcade is still going strong, and today brings you a post allll about some goodies you can get there. HUZZAH!  As usual click through to follow to Flickr for bigger pictures and a closer look.

Alouette | Half-Deer @ The Arcade

Alouette has this gorgeous Fairy Tree House Set for you to collect, the base (which is underground but you can see I used it as fencing) and Tree House is the rare item, so only one rare to get!  Then there are an array of sets to collect, including library, beds, houses, swing, dining area and more, and each set comes with it’s own little fairy!   So even if you get doubles you don’t have to swap them, make your  Tree House a 10 bedroom mansion if you want!  Such a whimsical collection and SO so beautifully made, I can’t tell you how gorgeous it all is you have to see if for yourself, and I blew it up huuuuge aswell, so if you want to live in it, GO AHEAD!

Alouette | Half-Deer @ The Arcade - 1

Also shown in the pictures are the Kerfuffle Sheep from Half Deer!  Only three rares here, and those are the Berry Sheep and a Staff (not shown), the rest of the fantastic sheep are commons.   I haven’t shown them all but a good array above, there are 5 with wings,  2 flowery beauties, a handful of solid and duo colours, a couple with mermaid scales and fishy type ears, the artist with a messy coat, starlight with working stars and a couple of lovelies that look covered in icing!  PHEW!   Oh my all of these are just ADORABLE.  They are all only 1L each and resizeable too, make yourself a little Kerfuffle army!!!!!  SQUEEEE

Make sure you get the fulls sets, I know I want them with ERRRRRERTHING!

Cupids Calling…

Hallooooo everyone!  It’s Thursday, and in a couple of days some wonderful events open, I am here with a LoTD Sneaky Peek!  Full credits can be found below, and as usual SLURLS are on the store locations page, unless linked.

LoTD - Cupids Calling...

UGH SO MUCH GOOD STUFFS!    Where to start?!  I’ll start from the top and work my way down.   My horns are from Remarkable Oblivion and are for FaMESHed,  oh em gee, they are AMAZE.   Cute little arrows with hearts and all that good stuff, such intricate, wonderful detailing!   Also from FaMESHed is the Jillian Dress from Coquet, a short belted number that looks great on it’s own or pair it with leggings, it comes in a handful of colours and is simply divine!  Luckily the LaRoo Medusa Shoes match it PERFECTLY!   Strappy heels with a criss cross look to them, so sexy, but also cute, remember you can easily match the skin with the HUD system too!

Also worn and shown better in the close up picture below are Mermaid nail appliers from Wicked Peach, these are the rares for the Fantasy Carnival Gacha, stunning!   Amala provides the All Seeing Eye jewellery… I am wearing both the Necklace and the Ring and they come in oodles of options, a triangular gorgeous piece with, of course, an eye!

The Bear! OMG THE BEAR!   This was made by one of my bestest friends in RL and SL.. Laura Leandros (Laur on plurk).   She’s made a marketplace store which is linked in teh credits and this Valentines Bear is her first mesh piece and it’s AMAZING!! Only $50L too, that tart is talented, damn her.

LoTD - Cupids Calling - Up Close and Personal

The trees you can see in the background are from Half Deer and are older items, and the neon wings are from Hate This and are for the upcoming Challenge round that is based around Heaven!  They are lamps that change colour and glow, and come with both right and left versions!   SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

I think that’s it, ramble over, you may leave <3


Hair: CaTwA | Abi
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Blossom
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace/Ring: Amala | All Seeing Eye
Dress: Coquet | Jillian | Thistle *FaMESHed*
Bear: .Llama. | Valetine’s Day Bear
Nails: Wicked Peach | Mermaid *Fantasy Carnival Gacha – RARE*
Shoes: LaRoo | Medusa Pumps *FaMESHed*

A Greyish Kinda Day!

Hi all, Sunday… worst of ALL the days, well if you go to work on Monday and after the holidays at least, eh?  A little LoTD and a few new bits today, trying to play catch up, although I never seem to get there!

LoTD - It's a Greyish Day

Sakide have this gorgeous little knitted number with wide belt, great as a short dress but also would look great with leggings, a slinky one shouldered affair with a bit of a twist, cozy, comfy and sexy.   Of course I had to wear it with the new Wasabi Pills hair at FaMESHed, such a cute style with a bow and a tucked behind the ear look.  Emily looks SUPER cute with the new Lila skin from Izzies, shown here with smokey shadow, eyeliner and appliers for SLink bodyparts, this skin is sultry and sexy, and looks a lot different on me than other Izzie skins, so that sold it even more to me!  Other items worn include a gorgeous necklace from Baiastice in the form of a naked body (it comes with matching earrings!) and a manicure from Mes Petite Coutures!  My eyes are one of the new pairs you can also find at FaMESHed from the lovely IKON!   Always feel so pretty in IKON eyes!

LoTD - It's a Greyish Day - Up Close and Personal

You’ve probably sussed I made my look a bit more casual with some loafer type sneakers. These are gacha items from Half Deer, available at The Chapter Four!  It is $L50 a go and the rare are the florals you can see on the left, and they come with a HUD to change it to four different floral flavours.   They are made for use with SLink Flat Feet, so make sure you don’t wonder why they look a bit odd if you try and wear them without!

New @ Half Deer

Finally, Four, well Three new Truth Styles, released over Christmas, these hairs are scrummy.  Ainsley, Gaia and Parvarti are three very different styles… Ainsley with her shoulder length sleek appearance and a parting to die for, I love it! I don’t know why… Gaia with 2 different styles of bangs to choose from, one for a more.. bedhead kinda look, and Parvarti with her gorgeous, cheeky pigtails!  All styles that are lovely, and frame the face beautifully, huzzah!

New @ Truth


*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page, if available

I Walk on Water

Shoetopia 2013 - Coming November 15th!SHOETOPIA! It’s almost upon us! I was lucky enough to get early access and I can say it’s a stunning area with wonderful goodies and all for such a fantastic cause. Proceeds will go to Soles4Souls and will help the poor people out in the Philippines that are going through so much right now, so I am happily going to spend a penny or a thousand! I am only bringing you a little sneak peek today, but I have already had a quick walk around and picked up some fabulous goodies, so expect many, many more!

Let’s take a quick look at the venue first! So airy and light! BEAUTIFUL!

Shoetopia - 1

Shoetopia - 1

Below you can see the little sneaky peek!  High feet from SLink!  Yep these bad boys will make some stiletto lovers happy when people start coming out with shoes, or they just want to stand on the very tippiest of toes!   I am in love, I was skeptical about feet at first, and hands, and anything else body part related but I am soooo embracing it lately, and these may become my fave bare feet for a while, there is something so cute about tip toes.

SLink @ Shoetopia  | Half Deer

Also shown are the absolutely ADORABLE Flowerhead Goldfish from Half Deer for the Water Lantern Festival.  They come in 5 different types each with 2 rezzable sizes and also a necklace!!! How lovely is that?! It’s also a gorgeous sim and a wonderful place for pictures, although I wanted to prance about naked so I stayed at home :P


LoTD – Horrifying Edition

Another Horrorfest centralised blog post today!! YAY!  This time a little look of the day inspired by it.

LoTD - Horrifying Edition

So yes, I am stood on a table and a effin’ excellent table it is too!  It’s the Half Deer Horrorfest Terror Table!!!!  Shown here in Black, look at it?! OH MY GOD ITS THE BEST TABLE EVER!!!!  I am so making room for this in the house.   On the table, along side me are Adore & Abhor’s Horrorfest items which are Limited Edition, more about those at the end.    But for now my look!    The Plastik have a bunch of goodies out, and I am wearing the Viviana Dress in Undeath, and the Foxxe Makeup in Wither, both gorgeous items, worn here over one of the Glam Affair Horror Edition skins, but all of those tomorrow in a skin post!   I found the Petal Appliers for SLink work just great with this tone too, SCORE!  My ring is one of the Gacha rings from Circa and there are sooooooOooooOoo many gorgeous ones to win! I am fast becoming a jewellery fan, what is going on?!   As you can see in the close ups below I am wearing some awesome Blood Drip Nails from Wicked Peach and my shoes are from TSG and are part of the spooky Lolita release!   Spinkers on your feet? THIS IS YOUR PLACE!   I must tell you the hair is Squirrel by Ploom and was yesterdays item for the 13 Days of Halloween!!! Make sure you check back each day for something new and exciting, today is a broom and pose set, GO GET!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Up Close and Personal

OH! My eyes are from Insufferable Dastard! and pose from Adorkable, and below you see the lil devil and witch from Adore & Abhor in their close up glory, you can use them as props or attach the hold version and cuddle their little sour faces. HUZZAH!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Lil Friends


Trick Meets Treat!

A little bit of sweet… mixed with a little bit of sour! Well not so sour actually, just more cute and sweet, but it’s all good in the hood!

Trick Meets Treat

So!  Meet my goodies, both the super cute and fluffy, and the not so cute and fluffy!   This entire picture is a mix of both Lark and Half Deer, two of my most fave stores EVAH to grace SL!    The lovely cloud trees are available at The Chapter Four event from Half Deer, and they come with animations, and in a bunch of different colours!  So dreamy and sweet, I love them!   The other Half Deer items are from the Candy Fair, and those are the cute little ice-cream birds!   They come in three different ice-cream variations, with three flavours of each, and each bird is clickable so you can change the colour of it to a handful of pastel coloured goodness.   These are the cutest things EVAH!   Of course one of mine went rogue and decided to steal a Cat Candy Bucket to show it was a hardcase, so I had to get two out for the others!  The Candy Buckets are from Lark and are also part of the Candy Fair, but with a Halloween twist!  I modded them to be larger than they are, same with the birds, but they are full of yummy candy treats and would be perfect for your little ones in SL, or you, or for decor, orrrr just because they rock!!!!

SLURLS are on the Store Locations page <3

Autumn is upon us!

Well, at least the weather is shifting slightly here in the UK! Autumn is my fave time of year, well maybe Winter… either way I love the browns, yellows and oranges and cozy blanket time of the year it is!

LoTD - Decoy Style

Over at Collabor88 Autumn is in full swing!  And this Laurel Sweater and Jenna 913 Jeans are two of the gorgeous items you can find there.  They both come from the very lovely and talented Annette over at Decoy and are splendid!   The jeans come in array of washes and the tops come in ooooodles of colours! I chose a lovely goldy yellow, the cowl neck is so cuuuute!

Glam Affair @ C88

The skin I am wearing is also from Collabor88 and is from Glam Affair, you can see all 12 offerings above and what I love about these are the makeups!  So different, with a few splatters on the face, a few muted makeups for the more “normal” look, they are definitely some of my fave GA skins ever!  The lips on these babies are just so UNF.. kissable and soft looking.  Adorable!!!   I am wearing one of the two new Tableau Vivant hairs too, both come with cute hats but this one has adorable little braids and comes in both male and female versions, complete with colour change hat!   Fancied being a red head for a change :D

Half-Deer @ Seasons Story

The final piece of the post is in the form of a GORGEOUS necklace from Half Deer!  Worn in my LoTD with all the close ups shown above these necklaces are just… so cute and pretty!    They are out for the new event The Seasons Story and you can choose from the creatures above, both come in a larger and smaller size and each have the goldy yellowy little leaf attached and the wooden pendant.   I can’t think of anything right now I love more than the items in this post!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

Arcade MANIA

So, tomorrow is the big day, Arcade OPENS! WOOOOOT!  I have been leading up to it with a few posts and here is one more to add to the mix!

Glam Affair @ The Arcade

The Candy Skin from Glam Affair is going to be huuuuge!   The faces are SO lovely, and there is a nice range of makeups from muted to more vivid pops of pink, or autumnal oranges and reds.   The skins come in a variation of tones and brow colours, so it’s pot luck, like any gacha, but I don’t think there is one face here I do not love!   I know GA skins are hugely popular and I know that there is always someone looking for a trade during The Arcade, so if you get 100 of one skin, don’t despair!  With her smooth skin, kissable lips and little button nose Candy is ADORABLE, and I cannot wait to see a skin line come out for her, because I already want MORE!

Half Deer @ The Arcade - All Ears

Half-Deer have twoooo machines out this time… in one of them are these bunny ears.  OH EM GEE, ADORABLE.   There are three rares, they are the first three pictured above, Angel Ears, Mad Hatter Ears and Origami Ears!  The rest are still all super cute and have different colours and patterns, some come with flowers, some with little pearl type looking beads.   All the ears are above and you will want to click through to see bigger and see them in all their glory… I have taken some close ups below of the rares and a few random normal ears tho!   So adorable, I can see so many people loving these and so they should, cute and sassy… who wouldn’t want all of them!?

Half Deer @ The Arcade

I feel pretty… oh so pretty…

… and I do!  How is your Wednesday going? Peak of the week, my work week Friday… woooo hoooooo!  A few bits for you, god… I love bits! DON’T YOU!?  Am I not making sense? It’s probably cos I’ve eaten too much today, I’m food delirious, woot woot.

Baiastice @ FaMESHed

A new round of FaMESHed, a lot of new awesomesauce and who never fails to deliver? BAIASTICE!   I know I sing Sissy’s praises a lot but I am always so in love with her items, they are always so lovely and well made, textured to perfection and always fun, sexy and cute to wear!   You can find both this spaghetti tank and tulle skirt there, I have thrown together just 6 combinations, but the top comes in 12 colours/prints and the skirts come in 10 denims/colours each with both a black and white tulle! YAY, such cute summery items, and the top I LOVE because in the S you get a “special boob size”, which i’m wearing, which is a bit more of a bigger cup size… yay!

A little head...shot

Also worn in the picture, as well as the gratuitous head shot complete with adorable firefly antlers from Half Deer (shown here in painted with the face tattoo, but available in many more flavours) is one of the new YS & YS Skins from TDR Fusion, UNF. I love YS & YS skins, I collect them ALLLLLL from TDR cos they look so adorable, I love the lips on this skin, kissable and soft.  YES PLEASE.    The hair I picked up at Hair Fair 2013 and it’s one of the Auxiliary Hairs!  Lovely cute bun with bow, I think that finished off my look just nicely alongside my IKON eyes and the lovely poses from Adorkable. HUZZAH!


*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page