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Roar like a Lion…ess

Hi everyone! Another Love Donna Flora look today, along with some of the new goodies from the last ever round of Zodiac!

Love Donna Flora - Look 2

Love Donna Flora is such a lovely event, the sim is beautiful, the items are gorgeous, so much to choose from and for a great cause too.   The above look consists of almost EVERYTHING from LDF!   The dress is from Lacuna and is a lovely jersey knit style racer back number, knitted in many different colours, all two tone with vice versa piping/main colour, so you get two dresses in one!   A really nice fit too, always a bonus!  The Skin is also from LDF and is the Pink Fuel Doll Skin, unf.. gorgeous, so pale and haunting but beautiful too, luscious kissable lips and minimal makeup for a natural look.    The hair and flowers are from Amacci and is the donation item, and a pretty gorgeous style it is too! Perfect for every day wear or a more special occasion, and as you can see will go with slinky or casual dress YAY!   I’m also wearing Slink Nail Enhancers from Orc Inc!  There are a few nail enhancers there, these come in a huge HUD rammed with rows of beautiful shimmers, golds, pastels, silvers and colours, all beautiful.


I am trying to play event catch up atm, and Zodiac has just began it’s last ever round *SADFACE* it’s been one of my fave events..  Adore and Abhor have this freakin’ kyoot plushie out… A LION, FOR LEO! YAY!   The rainbow one is the rare, the others you can get by the billion, shove them in your arms, shove them on your head, shove them in your bed, shove them in peoples faces, I don’t care WHAT you do with them, cos you’ll look super cute doing it!  I love A&A stuff at the best of times but their plushies make me SQUEE!

*SLURLS, if available, are on the store locations page <3

The logic is HOT

Huzzah yesterday saw coldLogic release a bunch of stuffffssss, always a good day!  Let’s take a looksy:

New @ coldLogic - 2

So many gorgeous summery dresses, with a couple of dressier affairs bunged in too!   Whether it’s pleats you want, cinch waists or just plain old summery dresses, I am sure you will find one to your liking in this bunch!  I’ve shown one of each, obviously they all come in different colours.   Such vibrant choices thrown in with some staple monotone and earth tones too!   There are florals, dots, satins… you will find a lot to your liking, I am sure.  That’s the best thing about coldLogic release days, the choice is always HUMONGOUS!

New @ coldLogic - 1

As well as dresses we have shorts and shirts/tops too!   There are 7 (unless I cannot count and missed some in world) choices to mix and match.. either with each other, or other items in your wardrobe.   We have baggyish tees, vest tops and short sweaters coupled with floral shorts, drawstring shorts and good old cargo style shorts… so again there is probably pretty much something for everyone!   I always love the colour choices from coldLogic, because you get the brighter colours, but always with the subtle tones too, and this time we even get some dip dye style choices.

The hair I am wearing is new from Magika, who are currently having a HUGE sale, and my skin is the Cancer skin from Essences for Zodiac this round.   Eyes are IKON and poses are Adorkable.

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

I am friggin.. ADORKABLE.

Well, technically, I am Willis! But I do bring you me looking kinda dorky and adorable, and poses by Adorkable, so it fits, right?

Adorkable @ Zodiac

YES, my hair is going through my arms in some of them, but I lack the brainpower to edit them, but I think you can tell that it’s not going to happen with ALL hairs, I just needed to fit my hair over my dress, and forgot about my arms. SO THERE.  The above poses are the Sunny pack, available for the Taurus round of Zodiac!   So fun loving :D    The dress and necklace I am wearing are new from Pure Poison and I gotta say I LOVE this dress!!  The detail is just lovely and it makes me feel so girly with the poufy skirt, like I could prance around all day on tippy toes!   The skin is the TDRF item from Al Vulo and is stunning, as usual, and the hair is the new and gorgeous Aphrodite from Alice Project, never will I tired of AP hair and the HUDS.. such a wide variety YAY!

Adorkable @ My Attic

This second set is available from My Attic and is Ella!   In Dork’s picture half of them are dressed “pauper” and half are dressed “princess”.. I obviously opted for urban chic (hahaha chic, i kid i kid)… but I did want to wear the new CandyDoll Jeans! I love these!!!  I love the big belt, something different in SL is always good and I didn’t own jeans like this!   The skin is also from CandyDoll and is the new yummy Layla, she comes in various tones, this is Cream, the 2nd lightest.   She also comes with oodles of optional to purchase makeups, so thats good :D    My hair is one of the 3 releases at Fantasy Faire 2013 from Wasabi Pills, all pretty much unisex if you ask me, but you didn’t but that’s my opinion so there. END OF STORY.

Full credits below. HAPPPPPY SUNDAY <3


Look 1:

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Erika | Chocolate *Fantasy Faire*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: CandyDoll | Layla | Natural | Cream *NEW*
Top: Sn@tch | Mesh Spangle Tee | White
Jeans: CandyDoll | Skinny Jeans | Shade 1
Sneakers: TD | Spring Sneakers

Look 2:

Hair: Alice Project | Aphrodite
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Al vulo | Aisha | Peacock *TDRF*
Dress: Pure Poison | LouLou Dress | Linen & Gold
Necklace: Pure Poison | Sienna Necklace | Orange

Whatever Next?!

Or just What Next.   Another Pose Fair post with a bit of FaMESHed in there too!!   A lovely summery type picture today, I am bored of snow now, yep.  I went there.

What Next @ PF13 & MORE!

Do click through for a bigger picture! I took it super large so you can see details.    The swing set comes with both singles and couples, alas I am usually alone in world so you get just me!  What Next is one of my fave stores for pose props and just in general, everything is always so well made and animated, with great textures and always makes your house/land look fantastic!    This swing doesn’t come with the tree, it comes alone so you an attach it to whatever you want.  If you want to swing from the stars, you now can.   I’m showing 6 poses here, all of which are just gorgeous, and make for wonderful pictures.

What am I wearing whilst on this gorgeous swing?!  Well, the new dress from Rebel Hope is wrapped around my body, it’s out at FaMESHed now in a range of colours, but I fancied being a bit green today, so that’s what I chose.  It’s a maxi dress with a criss cross patterned front and spaghetti straps.   The hair is also at FaMESHed and is from Wasabi Pills.  A pretty shoulder length style with blunt asymmetrical fringe that frames the face just gorgeously!  Well worth a stop at FaMESHed as ALWAYS, not only for these two things but the array of other great goodies on offer.

Also worn is the Emmy skin from Cupcakes, a lovely new skin with a fresh looking pastel face.  Well I mean the makeup is pastel, obvs not the face.   A beautiful skin as usual from Cupcakes!   Also if you zoom in close enough the new Group Gift Eyes from Insufferable Dastard are in there. YUMMY!

I am now le tired and I am going couchward bound <3

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page <3

Happy Easter!

Not going to lie to you good people, i am not on top form today, I went out last night for the first time in AGES (I even wore a dress, and danced ohmygoshshame) and i am suffering today, but I wanted to post something so here I am!

Happy Easter!


You’ll need to click through to see the bigger picture, but here is the BAM set of poses from Adorkable, now available at the Pose Fair!   Dork released a bunch of new poses, this just one set and as usual they are all seamless and gorgeous.  I pulled some funny faces in mine cos I think it gives the pic a bit more character, and I always feel that Adorkable poses work well with some extra added emotion!      All poses come with a mirrored one, so perfect for picture taking. YAY!

I’m wearing a new dress from Eclectic Apparel, shown here in “Shoots” but available in many colours.  A beautiful slip dress with a satin look and feel to it with ruffles in all the right places and some great cleavage display going on!   I paired it with sequin bunny ears from Alice Project, they are only $L100 or free to VIP members!  however cute are they!?  they come in two colours and with or without folded ear. THANKS ALICE.   Finally the skin is one of three special easter skins available from Ploom!   Nothing with bunny noses or whiskers on, just three beautiful soft makeups for those of us that looooove to look pretty.

Make sure you check everything out!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

Big Bo.obies!

Yeah, I guess I should post some big bo.obies now in this post, but i’m not gunna, I’m SFW today guys, sorry!   I will bring you some stuff from the Big Bo.obies Event tho! If you want to see some great boobs, head on over to Flirting with Fashion!


This shirt is from DCNY and is the FLF item for today!   So if you want a great mesh item, casual and cute for just $L50, you can get this up until midnight slt, it’s well worth it!  I love the lovely minty cream combo it comes in, but then I am a sucker for anything minty!    The hair is new from Wasabi Pills and is the delectable Lily!  It’s not for an event, or cut price it’s a regular release and it’s stunning!  It’s a long style with strands over the shoulders, which do a really great job of hiding nipples, btw… and swept to the side bangs.   I loveeeee it!   The pose I am using is another from Adorkable for the Pose Fair, there are so many awesome poses from Adorkable and many others, you guys will love it!  Now onto the skin.. which is the Big Bo.obie Show item!

New @ Essences!

Meet Operate from Essences, making her debut at the BBS in all of the tones you see above… they range from milky white to a darker, more sunkissed colour.   All skins comes with appliers, obvs.. it is the big bo.obie show! and they come with various brow options, I think I’ve managed to showcase them all… you  get blonde, brunette, brown  and ginger, so whatever your hair colour you can find your option, well technically not if you are grey, or pink.. but you get the drift.   I really love how great Inka makes my face look with her skins, Essences has become a brand I love and fall back on whenever I feel like I need to look like me, she is my face! SHE IS! THEY ARE! OH I DON’T KNOW!  All I know is that you should check these babies out!

New @ SFW from Cute Poison

Finally, I am wearing these earrings in the pictures above, but the hair hides them.  They are the SL Fashion Week item from Cute Poison this time around, all fantastic original mesh FOXY earrings!!!   They come with a HUD with various colours including the ones above, so you can mix and match to your hearts content, or you can go with one colour like the bottom left pink, it still works, they don’t look flat cos the colours mesh really nicely and look slightly different hues!

The Big Bo.obie Show opens on April 1st, so slurls will be updated then.  Any others can be found on the Store Locations page <3

Hey Ho, here she goes… either a little too high or a little too low…

… shes got no self-esteem and vertigo, she thinks shes made of candy!  WOO!  I felt like this deserved a candy themed song, as I feel candytastic in pink today!

LoTD - 28/03/13

This dress is just sooooo gorgeous, it’s new from SAKIDE for The Black Market and it comes in two colours to choose from, I thought this hue of pink was just delicious though, the cherry blossoms were just a bonus.    Luckily I had the Flamingo Clutch from HANDverk handy, which ALSO matched the hue of the overall look just wonderfully.  I do love HANDverk items, they make such unique stuff!    The bag is available (or was) at L’Accessories, make sure you go look, i’ts available in tons of colours.     Also worn which is new to me today is this .Shi Hair from.. well yeah… .Shi!  It’s available at Limited Bazaar and I was shocked to see hair there, normally it’s some sort of magical clothing (there is clothing too) but HAIR! OMG! HAIR!  It’s so gorgeous, it’s unrigged mesh and comes in such yummy colours, and each “colour” your purchase comes with various options.

The pose you see is new from Adorkable and will be available at the Pose Fair which is opening SO EFFIN SOON! I am going to showcase the whole set, but I couldn’t wait to just show off one of them!

Other credits below and have been blogged before <3

Hair: .Shi Hair | Quiet Confidence | Candy 2 *Limited Bazaar*
Skin: Glam Affair | Zara | Artic 05 *SF13*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Clarity *TLC – The Boutique*
Dress: Sakide | Blossom Dress | Pink *The Black Market*
Clutch Bag: HANDverk | Flamingo Clutch | Cotton Candy *L’Accessories*
Pose: Adorkable *Pose Fair 2013*

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page <3

I am heading in just One Direction….

.. It’s true, I am! I’m legit going to see One Direction tonight with my 12yr old, please someone hold me.  HOLD ME TIGHT.   Before I begin my journey to teen hell, here is a mini lotd post!

New @ Epic

I am so in love with Epic lately, I can’t get enough of the stuff.   I saw that Jade had some new  goodies out and went over to the store and ended up going to all the events Epic is in to snag goodies, it was a costly, but WELL worth it trip!  This gorgeous denim maxi skirt is new, along with the top.   It comes in various washes of denim and with many patterns to choose from, I totally wanted them all but I made myself stop.  Jade always does such an awesome job with her meshes and textures, It’s a store I can visit 100 times and still find something I haven’t already got!!!  The top comes with boobie appliers too, so you can fiddle with your breasts, I chose to just go au naturale this time tho :P

You can also see i’m wearing a tail!  It’s also from Epic and is at their Jersey Shore outlet for Grenade Free Wednesday.  The succubus tail comes in three choices, plain, with a bow or with this insect addition!  I got all three (see, addicted) and the nose piercing is just $L1 at the main store.


I took a close up of the gorgeous Aeva/Heartsick skin that I am wearing, it was a $L10 cart special and it’s bloody gorgeous!   It comes with the tribal style makeup on it, and it’s really vivid and gorgeous.    The hair I blogged yesterday and is by Ploom for Zodiac, the pose I am using is also by Ploom!     Finally my eyes, they are from IKON and are still available at The Liaison Collaboratives – The Boutique! GO GET EM!  OH! I’m also wearing Jamman nails :D


*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Ram it in!

Yeah.. no, sorry about that title, I was trying to be clever about this post, because it’s mainly about HCE’s Zodiac! A new Aries round is upon us and I am exciiiiited!

LoTD - Aries Style

The Aries round of Zodiac brings us so many gorgeous goodies, I could barely contain myself.  I’ll try and not be TOO super chatty, but give you all the info you need.   Firstly the pose I am using is one from !Bang… they have two pose sets out for this round of Zodiac, both very cute and each with 5 poses.    I’m also wearing a most divine corset from Perception, it’s a really vivid blurple kind of colour with constellations and stars and oh it’s so cute!   It comes in many size options and even comes with additional/optional lace top which gives it that extra bit of sexyness.  Of course I was naked from the waist down but figured you guys didn’t want to see my lady garden, so I popped on a pair of Erratic Leather Pants!    The hair is from Ploom and they look like cute little ram horns, aren’t they ADORABLE?!  The daisies are optional and just give that extra girly look, I wanted to fatpack but I had to slap my hands! More about the other stuff below.

Essences @ Zodiac

The skin is from Essences and is as gorgeous as ever.    You get a choice of 3 makeups in 3 tones and all with additional goodies like appliers, brows etc.   Essences skins are looking so great, I’ve been a fan of the brand for a very long time and Inka does a wonderful job in making such cute and gorgeous skins.   These are all very pure and natural looking and look great with IKON eyes, I find they really bring out the gorgeousness of the skin, but then I may be biased :D

Adore & Abhor @ Zodiac

ADORE AND ABHOR YOU GUYS… SUPPLIED THESE! AREN’T THEY CUTE?!   They come in gacha form, with the white diamond one in the middle being the rare, they are huggeable little sheeples!   I can’t even with how adorable they are, they come scripted so you automatically hug them and hold them in your arm and they look like they have little cupcakes on their head and omgggg their eyes and their little dangly arms and legs and hooves and things.  You can also get a pack for FLF, those are the four shown below.   Never to be sold again!  GET THEM!

FLF from Adore & Abhor

Finally a couple of annoucements.  This gorgeous picture taken by Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea is a teaser for the upcoming “The Garden” event from The Liaison Collaborative!   The Boutique (which is still going on) has proven to be one of the most lovely events with so many wonderful goodies, I do love a good event and these girls seem to have that in hand.   So just a sneaky peek of the gorgeous build!

Coming Soon to The Liaison Collaborative...

Finally Erratic has moved just across to Le Look and are having a 50% off sale so you make sure you find it!  How awesome is that.  A store full of goodies at half price. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!


*SLURLS on the store locations page <3

She Thinks She’s Made of Candy

hey ho here we go! Sorry that song is stuck in my head. A quick Lazy Sunday post today coupled with a Look of the Day, I felt like logging in and taking a picture! I’ll start with the prettiest picture I have taken in a while… (please click for a bigger picture)

New & Coming Soon @ What Next

The Lanterns in this picture are the current Lazy Sunday items from What Next! They are so cute! You can get them in either Dotty or Natural and they come in a variety of colours, both hanging and for the floor. I wanted to do a bit of a different picture with these, sure you don’t normally sit on chairs on the water, but I like my dipping my toes in, and I just thought it looked pretty. After all this is Your World, Your Imagination, so why not let it soar once in a while? Also shown are the Lawn Chairs from What Next and they will be at the upcoming Arcade Gacha! I’ve seen a lot of promising pictures and it all looks to be wonderful stuff, well… most of it, there is always something that someone goes mad for, and something that isn’t quite you, but definitly is always something there for everyone. These can be placed down, but they are made for you to attach, so you can go anywhere and take a seat. They come in male and female versions and with various colours, not all being shown here! Winter has outdone herself with all these items, as usual.

She thinks she's made of candy...

This is my Look of the Day. I logged in it was HAIR DAYYYY… I haven’t gotten around to buying all the hair I want yet, but I did only nip on to take a super quick picture, but Truth has three new babies out, Haven being one of them! Really love how natural this looks, a little bit of a wave and a curl, but mostly a super simple long style. I am also wearing the Zodiac Item from Lassitude & Ennui and what a beauty it is! The Naiad Sundress, shown here in Ink but available in many colours, is simply divine. Simple and understand, yet full of character and so gorgeous, with a little halter neck style bow at the back, this is definitely one to stock up on in ALL colours. I also have a sneak peek going on of the upcoming Thursday skin from Essences, we’ve seen it a TDR Fusion and we are all eagerly awaiting her release, you won’t be disappointed, it’s going to come in a variety of tones ranging from porcelain white to darker dulcet tones. I can’t wait! Further credits can be found below <3


Hair: Truth | Haven | Champagne w/Roots *New*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: Essences | Thursday | Light Rose *Coming Soon*
Dress: Lassitude & Ennui | Naiad Sundress | Ink *Zodiac*
Shoes: Ingenue | Khan Heels | Soot
Pose: Adorkable


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available