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LoTD – It’s a little, lazy Sunday

Hello fellow humans, or.. beings.  I am having a Lazy Sunday today and put together a little LoTD, hope you enjoy <3

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday

A few event bits in the good old look, including the gorgeous maxi dress from VinCue, one of the offerings at The Seasons Story, it’s available in an array of colours, all bright and breezy but I adore this coral colour, seems cheery!  Also from The Seasons Story is the skin, it’s Amaranth from Essences!  It’s only available in Light Rose but comes with a bunch of brows to choose from and 4 makeups!  This is just one of the four shown.   From another event is the tiara!   It’s from HopScotch and is out at the Fit for a Princess event as a gacha prize.  Soooo pretty on top of my Truth hair, which is yet another event item, this time at Collabor88, a gorgeous braided and wafty number, perfect for pictures, it also comes with an intricate, optional clip (not shown).

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday - Up Close and Personal

Also worn for my look are the extreme wedges from Blah, in Yellow!    They are also available in a bunch of colours, although the colours are only really the straps an inner sole so pretty much you can wear any colour with anything! YAY!   My necklace is an oldie from Olive, but still a cutie <3

New @ Essences

Also in my bid to play catch up from the Skin Fair, I am showing you the four skins from Essences that were released for there, which I assume are now available in store (I couldn’t TP to double check, don’t shoot me!).  There are four faces to choose from, each one in an array of tones and of course, appliers available!


Skin: Essences | Amaranth | TSS01 | Light Rose | Brown *The Seasons Story*
Hair: Truth | April *Collabor88*
Tiara: HopScotch | Amira | Silver Rainbow *RARE* *Fit for a Princess*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace: Olive | The Catch – My Starfish | Pink/Silver
Dress: VinCue | Maxxi Dress *The Seasons Story*
Shoes: Blah | My Extreme Wooden Wedges | Yellow

Pose by Ploom
Slink Av Enhancements worn with appliers from (I forgot to look but I will update this when I log back in!)

LoTD – In the Pink and SHOOZ

SHOOZ SHOOZ! AND PINK STUFF!  God, I am turning into a right girl!   A little LoTD today and a bunch of shoes, now that Shoetopia has finished, some regular releases… mostly :D

LoTD - In the Pink

This gorgeous look is mostly bought to you by Blueberry today!   The skirt and top are both from there, each come in an array of colours and with options galore!  The thing I love about the tops are they come as shown with cropped top and vest, or just with the cropped top, so you can choose to bare some skin, or cover up a tad more, choice is yours!  The skirt is short, and sexy, but all in all both pieces make for a super cute look!  Also worn are items from Glam Affair, Exile, IKON, Slink and Mon Cheri…. except for the Boots!  These bad boys are from Hucci.

Hucci Boots

Just a handful and a smidge more of colours shown from both the brights and neutrals HUD, these are by far the sexiest thigh highs in SL!   The workmanship is second to none with wrinkles in all the right places, heels to die for and such a realistic, sexy shape.  They really do fit in so well with a bunch of items in my wardrobe and even manage to make sexy look sassy!  I am LOVING the teal, and the orange!  So bright and vivid.


Also, one shoe event may be over, but there are still plenty of decent shoes about!   From top left to bottom right you see shoes from Hopscotch, Shabby Cat, Intrepid and fri.day.

The flats from Hopscotch are the item for the Invitation Only Hunt! These are an exclusive colour of an future release, and the cute baby blue/pink pairing will never be available again!  The Boots are half of the Main Event item, an event which takes you to an event location, and the other half of the item found at the main store, to get main stores some traffic!   The boots are found at the main store, and you can find stockings at the event location! Sooo cute.

Shabby Cat brings us some UGG style boots, I fell in love with these on Flickr, they are part of the Winter Trend Event going on right now, I have shown one colour of snowflake, and one of grey stripe but there are also black stripes and a bunch of colours to choose from! I absolutely ADORE these, hard.  Original rigged mesh from Sophia that is simply gorgeous.

Intrepid releases are 2 pairs of boots.  On the left there is Zealous and on the right is Luminous!  Both boots come in a huge array of colour choices and are gorgeous.    A single HUD pack of 6 colours is under $L200 with the fatpack of 4 HUDS is under $L600! Bloody steal for such gorgeousness.  A more dressy pair, and a comfy pair, treat yourself to one of each at least!

Finally the fri.day releases!  The two pairs of heels are actually from the Geeks n Nerds Fair, and the boots were at Shoetopia, but I think they’ll be out in the main store soon enough!   The heels work with SLink feet and ugh, they are divine.  The Bowtie.Pumps come in a range of colours and a little HUD that changes the bow, I chose cats but there are 22 options!!!   Stunning.  My fave has to be the Raggedy.Man Heels, Dr Who inspired feet for everyone, a cute suited heel and a Tardis, and yes they are supposed to be mismatched! LOVE THEM! The River Boots are the Shoetopia release and although there were limited colour release at the event, I am hoping for more in the main store!

Thankkkks and enjoy your Monday <3

LoTD – Event Styleeee!

Hi All!

Hope you’re having a GREAT Saturday, a quick LoTD for you here, feeling like channeling the cute as well as sexy today :D

LoTD - Event Style!

I am still in my undercrackers as you can see!  This time they are a hunt item from Epic, all major details are listed below in the full credits, this is just a little blurb!   They are super cute and come with appliers too, so yay!   I put them together with another Epic item, this time from The Azz Show for November! DIGI LEGS WITH SLOUCH WARMERS? YES PLEASE!   They come in a bunch of colours, this natural beige matched my look tho.

LoTD - Event Style! - Up Close and Personal

What else do I have on? Well the gorgeous Mila hair from Wasabi Pills which is a release at the main store.  Never can have enough bobbed styles, especially not when they look this seductive!   On my head you can see some whimsical Antlers, this are from the Enchantment event and are from Half Deer, my most fave maker of Antlers EVAH!   I love the little Apple, how cute?!

My tattoo is one of a handful available from alterego for the upcoming Thrift Shop, they come on tattoo and clothing layers and also with Phat Azz appliers, woo! My necklace is from Pure Poison and was a main store release, I never got to wears it around Halloween tho… and finally my nails, they were at Horrorfest from Hopscotch and look like they’ve been chewed and nibbled! I just loved the colour so decided to add these to my look,

Full Credits

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Mila | Gingerbread
Antlers: Half Deer | Elegant Antlers | Black (Poisoned Apple) *Enchanted*
Eyes: IKON | Perspective | Oxidation
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Belleza | Nina | Pale 1
Clothing: Epic | Sleepy Neko | Leo – Classic *Dirty Pillows Hunt*
Necklace: Pure Poison | Silver Skeleton Hand Necklace
Tattoo: alterego | crossed *The Thrift Shop*
Legs/Warmers: Epic | Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers | Faun | Brown Hoof *The Azz Show*

Other Important Stuffage: Hands by SLink, Pose by fri.day

Izzy Wizzy let’s get BUSY… Wizzy…

I say Wizzy as that’s the name of a very old alt of mine! Wizzy Fetid! AHHH I remember FiC days… also it’s got reference to wizards cos you know. WIZARDING FAIRE!

LoTD - Wizard Style

I popped together a little Look of the Day based around the Faire! I have NO clue how I got it to look so cute, but I love it!  Well I do know, it’s all the yummy goods!   Let’s start with the sweater, this lovely layered number is from Peqe and comes in various colours, I opted for schooly grey tho!  It’s big, it’s baggy, it’s comfy looking… it’s GREAT!  I paired it with one of the Fateplay skirts that is available from the Jenny outfit, Fateplay do have a presence at the Wizarding Faire but I am yet to discover it :D.. my shoes are from fri.day and are made to fit with your slink flat feet, a gorgeous pair of mary jane typ shoes with a little kitten heel, lovely!    My suitcase is from Amala and is posed and comes with options for different houses on the little patch (which you can’t see it’s on the other side, soz).   My nails are from Hopscotch and there are 6 textures to choose from, all HP themed, I opted for the lightening strike! POW!   My eyes are from IKON, skin from Glam Affair @ The Boutique and hair was blogged yesterday and is Wasabi Pills FaMESHed hair <3 <3

LoTD - Wizard Style - Up Close and Personal!

Also worn in the look are these wonderful new lashes from Mon Cheri!   Mesh Lashes with a HUD!   It allows you to change to one of three styles, all shown in the top row and all fairly full, but I really dig them!   Perfect for those nights out or pictures, or well, whatever you want really.  You could get away with wearing them day to day if you wanted, it’s your SL after all!    So you can change between the three options of lash, and within each option are oodles of options including glitter tip, dip dyed and full on colours!   GORGEOUS! I didn’t even have that much of a job adjusting them and I am a lash n00b!

Mon Cheri - Mesh Lashes

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page if not linked! <3

I’m feeling hues of pink again!

and I am!   A quick LoTD mashed with some super new poses and a new item from Sways on this glooooorious Friday! YUP!

Hopscotch - New Poses!

First up some LOVELY poses from Hopscotch!  These are for The Poser Pavillion by TLC and are “Love the Camera” and doesn’t it look like I do love it?!  You get 6 lovely poses that work well on their own or if you add some shopping bag/shoe boxes will work perfectly with those too!   The clothing I am wearing in the picture were Grenade Free Wednesdays items from Aeva/Heartsick!   I often forget that they do clothing as well as lovely skins, but here I am in a gorgeous maxi skirt and spaghetti tank top in a soft Heather/Tartan combo!  Such a lovely look!

New @ Sways


Sways released these Cozy Tent Shelter sets which come with tent/shelter, hay bale with single and couples poses and small lantern.  They are material enabled also!  I opted for Maroon as I thought it matched my outfit well.  I love the little shelter, it’s so cute with it’s makeshift blanket look, with small pebbles holding it down ( you can’t see that side, soz)   If you aren’t sold on Maroon you can opt from Pumpkin and Lake too, and of course you can mix and match if you’d like.


Finally a close up of my facial unit. I am wearing an Aeva/Heartsick skin, it was avaiable at Love Donna Flora, so probably isn’t now (I couldn’t TP to check because SL is a bungholio)… and one of the new and upcoming releases from Essences for The Candy Fair!!!    Traditional Candy style necklace, you can also get a bracelet, I loved wearing these as a kid, love it!   Also worn are eyes from IKON and hair from Truth! <3

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

Fresh – The Boutique!

TLC’s The Boutique is open again, and this round the theme is Fresh! With a gorgeous pallate and so many gorgeous goodies

New @ The Boutique! TLC

This round sees a guest appearance from ELIKATIRA!  Yep, there are three hairs out all at The Boutique, this one is the cutie Enjoy! and Enjoy I shall!  There are so many goodies at this round that I can’t even begin to squee loud enough, this has soon turned into one of the must attend events on the grid! The top I am wearing is from Baiastice, and there is also a skirt to mix and match with it, and both are available in a bunch of colours, I really wanted to go for a floraly yellow today tho!   So I was super happy when the Izzies socks came in a faded yellow!!! (among other colours) and they are made to fit with SLink feet with appliers, so YAYYYYYY! no ugly blog sock feet, just pretty ones!    Also worn is a new skirt  from Cute Poison!  It comes in various denim washes and is a mesh beauty!   Perfect staple for summer :D  I’m wearing SLink nail appliers too, and the gorgeous pattern is from Hopscotch for The Boutique… several available, yay!

New @ The Boutique - TLC - Headshot

Now for a quick close up look.   The necklace (I am wearing earrings too) is Lassitude & Ennui’s offering to The Boutique and it is so exquistely gorgeous!   So well done and available in various colours, this piece is a must own, you can wear it with casual or dressy and look just great!     The Antlers are my FAVEEEE and are from Half Deer, they are adorned with cute little buttons and are tipped with colour too! I have mix and matched, yepp.. that right, they come with L and R attach points so you can mix and match colours to be even CUTTTTTEEERRR.  They come in various other colours, but yellow and pink were my choices :D

The skin I am wearing is Margot  from Glam Affair in the America tone, and I am also wearing one of the Margot eyeshadows available from Glam Affair for C88 atm.    My eyes are from IKON!  They aren’t The Boutique offerings, but I crashed out before I could snag those, I WILL PREVAIL!!! <3

Poses are from Adorkable, who is closing down (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and moving to marketplace, so is having a HUGEEE sale, make sure you check them out and weep on Dorks shoes!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available <3

Take the Goat by the Ears…

Or something…  I am a Sagittarius and I am PROUD (yeah, it’s my bday on the 21st, end of the world yadda yadda, I’ll accept gifts early :D), and Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac – Sagittarius Round is still going strong!

HopScotch do some wonderful poses and props, and this round saw a few “Archer” type sets!  I have shown both the female “Huntress” Versions below, in a collage of WOOOO!  There are Male versions too.   I really love these poses and the props are just divine, so smooth, so realistic!   I decided to wear them with the gorgeous new, and on offer (red only) set from Severed Garden! I love that store, everything is so gorgeous and pretty and REASONABLE!   The set comes with everything you see clothes/shoes wise and is a steal!  Also wearing last weeks FLF offering from Clawtooth for a bit of a dip dye change! (the items used in the background are from an old Funky Junk item!)

Hopscotch @ Zodiac

Also released for this round were these Warrior Hoops from Indrya Originals.   I am not normally a fan of huge jewellery, either in RL or SL, but these were too pretty to pass up.   They come in the colours shown and with two versions, these are, believe it or not, the small!  You can also wear a larger version too.  The one downfall of these, in my opinion is that they only come in gold, unless I am dumb!   I would of really loved to see them in Silver, hopefully maybe for another release?! Such vibrant, gorgeous items.. I’d love to wear them more often, but sadly I do not tend to do Gold in world or out!

Indyra Originals @ Zodiac

Of course I had to take a headshot of me in them, because I’m also wearing one of the two awesome Izzie Frostbite skins from this months Collabor88 and the brand new TDR Fusion special hair from LoQ!     Don’t I look ADORABLE?   My fringe is currently this long in RL too, I’ll go boss eyed soon… apparently, that’s what my mother tells me.     My piercings are from Cute Poison.

Mini LoTD - Headshot

Finally, I am really enjoying doing homey type posts, the sim I live on, I share with others so I can’t just fanny around changing seasons on a whim, so my plan is to set up a skydome for each season! We’ll see, I have zero landscaping skills so don’t hold your breath.   This house though, the Gorgeous Writing Home from Scarlet Creative deserves a dome all of it’s own.  It’s SO damn pretty.   It’s pretty large, so make sure you can furnish it, I haven’t even started yet!   It also comes with two versions, one with shadows baked on incase you can’t utilise shadows in SL and want the effect, and without.   Charlotte does such amazing work, so detailed and gorgeous, no picture could ever do it justice.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home

I took a few pictures of the inside, you can click through to see them larger, and I do apologise, I did take more but I forgot to save them (DAMN YOU DIFFERENT VIEWER) and I didn’t have time to go back in and take more.  I’m pretty sure you will love what you DO see though!  You get various rooms, all spacious and with lovely windows, perfect for the view.   There are a couple of fireplaces for you to decorate and plenty of little hallways for your nick nack wall hangings and pictures.   The textures on this house blow you away, the insides are just gorgeous and you will fall in love.  Plenty of space for you, and the family, with a cute little attic room to keep the lil ones, or your other half out of mischief, or a getaway for yourself, you really must see this in world, it’s really quite out of it.. the world that is.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home - Inside

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page!

Homeystuffs at Vintage Fair 2012!

Ok, so I held out for a few hours, but i’m back with some more stuff!  Here are few of the more “homely” things you can find at the VF!

Sways has a HUGE array of goodies out for you.  The Sways “Sixty” Set comes as separates, or in actual sets in various colours.  It’s a living room set, and I love that you can mix and match.  It’s all copy and partial mesh!  You can see in this picture “Her” chair (with or without pillow available, 4 texture options) and self rezzing props), “His” chair (with and without pillow, 4 texture options) and again, props, a floor and a ceiling lamp, one of the 4 vintage prints available, table, magazine, candy bowl, book with glasses and rug!  I really love this, soooo vibrant and with so many options too!

Vintage Fair 2012: Sways

HopScotch have released a ton of stuff, this is just one of my favs.  This is the Puckman prop! It comes with ooooodles of poses. It can seat up to 4 avatars at once, so you can play solo (like me, sob sob) or with a friend.  Not all poses are shown below either.  I love the one with the foot on the machine trying to pull hard on the lever, and the one at the side of the machine, there is a mirror one to that, so two friends can play and two can watch.  My fav HAS to be the spraycan pose tho (comes with spraycan prop) changing the P to an F. I lol’d!!!  Great stuff <3

The dress I am wearing is one of Ducknipples VF offerings and is a lovely plain mesh dress!

Vintage Fair 2012: Hopscotch

Finally two things from Baffle, the first is a lil skybox/garden thinger and OMGG LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I love anything whimsical like this, Baffle is one of my all time fav stores in SL for such things.  It comes with everything you see including the working lamp!   SO cute I could squee.  Also available are these paper butterflies that you hold, releasing them from a jar, I can imagine this prop is going to get some AWESOME snaps taken of it!   The dress/top is from Leri Miles Designs and is one of the few they have out for Vintage Fair, lovely and bright, colourful and chic! LOVE!

Vintage Fair 2012: Baffle