LoTD – Like a Pinwheel

A LoTD today a little out of the ordinary for me, its not in my skybox! Dun DUN DUNNNN!!!  I’m not sure I dig it, but ho hum, sometimes a chance is as good as a rest.  Click through for bigger and see full credits at the bottom.

LoTD - Like a Pinwheel

My gorgeous outfit is a pairing of both The Secret Store items from this round of Collabor88!   The high waist skirt and top come in an array of colours and work so well together, and also as separates too!    The Betsy Halter comes with tucked, cropped and long versions in the pack and the Amy skirts all come with a lace colour change HUD, so the mix and matchability is great!  With it I am wearing the Lolee Platforms in a complimentary to the outfit colour from VinCue, these are available at the Big Show and are SOOOO EFFIN CUTE!  Bows, and heels and UNF!   They fit the girly in me well!

LoTD - Like a Pinwheel - Up Close and Personal

With these staples on I built my look around it, I decided on a little whimsy… with my horns, headwrap and neckwrap all from Lassitude & Ennui for this months round of We Love Roleplay, shown here in Princess and from Cubic Cherry Kreations the gorgeous back staff, a little oversized maybe,  but cute nonetheless.   I feel a bit fairy like!   To finish I wear Izzie’s new Nomi skin with a few tattoo layers in the delectable porcelain tone, and to make me not look AS sweet and innocent, a piercing from my piercing dealer – Cute Poison!

Have a great day!


Hair: LoQ | MangoJuice | LightBlonde *MP $L99 Special*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Clarity
Skin: Izzie’s | Nomi | Porcelain | Lipstick – Pink | Eyeshadow – Smokey
Piercings: Cute Poison | Animus
Horns/Jewellery: Lassitude & Ennui | Spring Collection | Princess *We Love Roleplay*
Staff: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations | Blowing Wind Staff | Pink *The Fantasy Room*
Top: The Secret Store | Betsy Halter | Tucked | Nude *Collabor88*
Skirt: The Secret Store | Amy Highwaist Skirt | Rose *Collabor88*
Shoes: VinCue | Lolee Plats *The Big Show*

Slink Av Enhancement with appliers: A:S:S | Mermaid
Pose by Adorkable

Picture taken at Happy Mood

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

LoTD 30/09/13

Hi Errrrbody!  Another quick Look of the Day post here! YAY!

LoTD 30/09/13

My look is mostly made up from Event goodies again!  The main piece is the VinCue Luid Dress which is out for The Boobies Show birthday event!    A gorgeous little poofy number that comes in oooooodles of colours combos and gorgeous patterns, and of course each dress comes with Tango applliers!  I have shown the Raven colour, but I think my fave has to be Kiwi!!  Each dress  comes with leggings you can wear too, but I opted to wear these stockings from My Attic from Stellar, as I wanted to add a pop of colour.  They are made to be SLink stockings to use with your footsies, but I thought I’d wear them like leggings, I think it works!      I paired them with the super super SUPER sexy and cute lace booties from Lassitude & Ennui which fit the SLink Mid feet too! OH EM GEE, such cute booooooties!   To finish off my look I wear the new Chemistry Hair (it comes with a flower too) and there are LOADS of new colours in the HUDS, scoooore… my TDR Fusion skin from Akeruka and one of the gorgeous Leaves necklaces from Izzies in Autumn!   They come with earrings and in so many options for colours!    Eyes are from IKON and pose from Frooti <3

LoTD 30/09/13 - Up Close and Personal

Full Credits – SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Hair:  Chemistry | Tamora
Eyes:  IKON | Ascension Eyes | Oxidation
Skin:  Akeruka | Betta | Natural MK *TDR*
Dress:  VinCue | Luid Dress | Raven *The Boobies Show*
Necklace:  Izzie’s | Leaves Necklace | Autumn
Leggings:  Stellar | In Bloom | Maroon *My Attic*
Feet:  SLink | AvEnhance | Mid
Shoes:  Lassitude & Ennui | Alisha Lace Booties | Black

Christmas is coming…

.. are YOU ready?   I think I am in RL, in SL I have no idea if i’m coming or going!  RL is super busy atm as you can imagine with 2 kids and Santa visiting, so my SL shopping has been slack.

Christmas Gifts @ What Next

What Next is a store you can find many a gift at, and just for the Christmas Season you can purchase the Camden Bicycles!   These are limited edition versions of the What Next wearable photoprops!  Yep they aren’t meant to be rezzed, but I rebelled, you wear them and ride around on them!  There are four to choose from and they are for sale during December 2012 ONLY for $L150!  They are trans and giftboxed ready to go.   If you are looking to wrap your own though, What Next do a HUGE selection of Trans giftboxes too, with just a few shown above, I don’t know how i’m going to ram my bikes in those! Hmmmm.

Also out for Lazy Sunday from What Next are these gorgeous Wall Art Decor.  The Flyaway Decor comes in both Black and White for each version, and you can get Dandelion,  Birds and Butterflies! I saw something like this in RL just recently that I plurked and was like omgggahhh want *makes grabby hands*, i’m super stoked to see them in SL and by such a wonderful store too, you couldn’t ask for a better gift this christmas, trust me.

Lazy Sunday @ What Next

Zodiac is up and running with new goodies, this time around it’s Capriocorn!  There are horns GALORE this time around!  Here are a few from Lassitude & Ennui, some big assed horns in both white and black with various different colours mixed in!  I popped them on with the previous FLF skin from Belleza – Noel and some of the Alice Project Advent Hair!!

Lassitude & Ennui @ Zodiac

Also batting for the horn team at Zodiac are Auxiliary!  Except their horns have a twist, it’s a gacha!    You get 10 horns, 5 regular and 5 Rare and I can tell you the Unicorn Rare are the most sought after things I’ve seen this week!   They are the white rainbowy coloured ones.   These horns are slightly smaller in stature than the L&E horns and have cute little dangly beads.   You won’t want to miss them!

Auxiliary @ Zodiac

Finally we have some new old poses from Flowey.   These poses are only available during the Flowey Sale and they are older poses that Flutter has “revisited” to do over!  There are 8 in total with just 5 shown below.  They are super cute and very natural looking, I love them!   Worn with them is the Cynful Dress for TDR Fusion this time, you can opt to wear the dress in one, but you also get the top and skirt as mesh separates too, so you can mix and match, which I love.   Again they are paired with the Belleza Skin, Alice Project Hair and the horns from Lassitude & Ennui!

Flowey - Revisited & Cynful

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page (if you have one you’d like adding, please do yell!)

I’m a DORK!

… addict! I love aDorkable poses, and I know there has been a whole pose appreciation week going on, but I couldn’t even narrow it down to 7 posemakers I adore, so I didn’t join in.. that and as a former/onhiatus/lostmojo posemaker, sometimes I feel a little awkward going OMGAHHHH LOVE THESE, but I don’t care rn because I DO love Dorks poses, they are always so natural, so gorgeous, never a broken limb or a misplaced joint and somehow they always make me smile, like the comical set I will show you, obviously poses are hard to get across emotion wise sometimes, because of the deadpan SL face, but you pop on a laugh or a smile emote with them and you know they are just perfect for the job!

So let’s show you the Comical ones first!  They come in the usual style of 5 to a pack, each with a mirrored option, I just love them, so cute!

Adorkable @ Zodiac - Comical

We then have the Clever pack, as a Sagittarius myself, I do love these because I may not be as Clever as I am Comical (toot toot own horn), I can actually do a quiz and kick ass, I might not be the brighest spark in the firework but I sure as hell try to burn the brighest, in a subtle way :P  These again are adorable, and a bit more “look at me, i’m awesome” than “look at me, i’m dying laughing”, I love both packs!  Also worn in this pictures is the Drift top available from Zodiac, a lovely mesh piece :)… the boots I blogged previously and are from Lassitude & Ennui for UnhingedSL, hair is Truth and jeans are my fav from fri.day.

Adorkable @ Zodiac - Clever

Thrown in for good measure, and cos it’s sexy as all hell, in a cold sorta way… Wynter from Belleza which is today’s FLF item!!  I’m just going to say it, if you don’t get this, you’re an idiot.  It’s SO pretty!!!   My eyes are from IKON and I still need to go back and buy the entire store!

FLF @ Belleza - Wynter


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page if available

A lil Unhinged…

Aren’t we all?!? But this isn’t about that.. this is about the Fundraiser that I blogged about yesterday. Unhinged.. billed as a festival for Eku’s head, is a gacha style festival and the items I have been lucky enough to preview so far are all SO fantastic! I bring you just a few of them today.

I threw together a LoTD – Unhinged Style!  This gorgeous dress is available from Sakide in many colours, I think this blue is just perfect though.  It comes with the leggings too, so you don’t have to worry about it matching anything!!! WEEEE! I do love me some Sakide.  I am also wearing a ring available from them, more about that below.   The boots I am wearing are the Lassitude & Ennui offering and I LOVE THEM!!!!  They are available in several colours too and again more about them below.  The hair I am wearing is the new Wasabi Pills again, the Kylee and skin is from Mons and is an older one, but still a goodie!  Pose is from Frooti (sorry, still not got my mojo back for poses *sadface*)

LoTD | 15-11/12 | Unhinged Style

The Sakide Cranium Ring is just… genius.  OH MY GOD IT IS SO PRETTY LOOK AT IT.  These aren’t all the colours you can get, but they are a fair few! They come in M and F sizes too, so don’t fear men, they will fit your manly hands.  These are some of the most stunning pieces I have seen in a long time and I am in LOVE.  These are going to be like Pokemon… gotta catch em all!

New @ Sakide for Unhinged

Here are just three of the colours of the Sugarskull Boots from Lassitude & Ennui, all rigged mesh, all wonderful mesh work and texturing, everything you’d expect from the lovely Jackal!  I love these are they will literally go with anything, they aren’t over the top or too understated, they are just the right amount of sass, cute and woo!

New @ Lassitude & Ennui for Unhinged

Finally, and not for Unhinged, an updated Skating Rink from What Next!  If you purchased the old, sculpted one, you will get the update for free because it’s now made in mesh!  I had to skate alone *tear* but the script in it works a bit like a dancefloor script, you click, allow it to control your av and you skate!  So you can have people over for a skate party, woo!  There are two versions… this is the version with the ice hole, the other doesn’t have it.   It’s a beautiful piece of work and will make a great centrepiece to your icy winter decor!

Updated @ What Next

SLURLS if available are found on the Store Location Page

Lazy Sundayyyy

This is my version of Lazy Sunday.. I might of had a tipple too far last night, but I wanted to blog as I didn’t get a chance yesterday, so a quick look of the day, a spooky one!

I had to go and pick up the free, halloween themed items from G-Field and whilst I was there I spent a ton on all the black items on sale! Yep, at the minute, all black/orange items are reduced in a Halloween special sale! WEEEE!  Of course I have these boots in other colours, but the kooky spiders pulled me in and I NEEDED these, the dress is a new release and you can buy it in the store in “normal” colours, I really love this halloween style tho, such a lovely, unusual gift!

LoTD - 28/10/12

The hair is new from Wasabi Pills for The Costume Ball and is a stunner!  A high pony with the cutest bow that you can change with HUD controls, simple but gorgeous!  Really digging it!  Also new is this Lal skin from MONS! Available in three tones, this is Tan.   I do love the puckered lips that MONS gives me, so kissable, so cute!  These are the makeups available and each skin comes with various brows and 2 cleavage options.  Each time MONS releases a new skin I am impressed with the detail, they just keep on improving!

New @ Mons

Bai for now, I need my couch.


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Christy | Cinnamon *Costume Ball*
Eyes:  Ikon | Sunrise | Lagoon
Skin:  MONS | Lal | Tan | Winter
Dress:  G-Field | Vivian | Halloween *Free*
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | Key Necklace *Zodiac*
Hands:  Slink | Mesh Hands
Boots:  G-Field | Will | Halloween *Free*
Pose:  *Frooti

SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

The Key to my Heart…

… well that isn’t up for grabs! BUT… this gorgeous Key Necklace from Lassitude & Ennui is!

Jackal made this stunning piece of mesh work for the newest round of Zodiac, held on the Mint Tulip sim!  It comes in a variety of  colours, I opted for the Silver/Red (the red is the gem in the centre). This is SUCH a gorgeous necklace, and I know quite a few ppl that are suckers for anything Necklace related, so I imagine this is a huge hit!   The craftmanship is phenomenal and it’s a wonderful addition to a great Zodiac round!

New @ Lassitude & Ennui

My skin, which I have grown rather partial to, is from Al Vulo and was the Limited Bazzar item! I am not sure if there are any left, but I know that I am glad I got one! Soooo pretty, and hauntingly beautiful and pale!   I thought the A:S:S “Tears in your Eyes” set would look great with this, and I was right.  It comes with Tear tattoos and you can probably click through to the bigger picture to see a better picture of those!  Finally, I needed a dress and some hair, I could think of NO better hair than the Teeloh hair from Wasabi Pills to obtain the look I was going for, and the stunning mesh “Cry Baby” dress from Schadenfreude for Collabor88 in this striking Blood Orange colour!  To top the look off nicely I finished with the Mandala Mesh Ears, which had a gorgeous orange metal and stone to match my freshly squeezed look!

SLURLS found on the Store Locations Page


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Teeloh | Iceberg
Eyes:  A:S:S | Tears in your Eyes | Umber
Tears: A:S:S | Tears in Your Eyes
Ears:  Mandala | Steking
Skin:  Al Vulo | Eleonor | Vampire Doll | Unreal Pale *LIMITED BAZZAR*
Dress:  Schadenfreude | Cry Baby Leopard Dress | Blood Orange *COLLABOR88*
Necklace:  Lassitude & Ennui – Scorpio Key Necklace | Silver/Red *ZODIAC*
Pose:  *Frooti

Feeling a bit Sci-Fi…

Yep, today is THE DAY.  Cinema opens it’s doors to the public, you guys will be AMAZED.  I know when ppl say things are amazing you think yeah ok.. great *unmoved face* but this truly is the dogs boll*cks then some!   I didn’t take pictures of the build yet, as I’m on my laptop and it was a bit laggy for me with shadows on and a bf leeching the internet connection but you have probably seen some already and SQUEED a lil!

I already have a ton of goodies from this event as an Official Blogger for HCE and I plan on going back for MORE, so I’m going to try and make at least every other post a Cinema one, if not more.. if not all.. WHO KNOWS! I could go on forever!  Today I wanted to bring you just a LoTD inspired by Cinema and the awesomeness found within:

Check out the Willow hair from Alice Project (pretend it was named after me because I AM JUST AS BEAUTIFUL or something), this might be my fav hair from Alice EVER… it comes in sooo many options, you get a high version with mirror, a low version with mirror (this is low) and not only that you get optional braids (not shown in this shot)… so you can mix and match and ohhh myyyy, it’s love. Perfect photo op hair!!!

I am still wearing the Naamah skin from MONS available at the event, this time I put the “Payback” tattoo make up over it from Adore & Abhor, the gorgeous red lips, the blush, the scar over the eye.. all make for a lovely (if that’s what you call it) look, and all the seperate details come on various layers, as well as all together!

New @ Cinema

Then I fell in love with The Queens Gambit Necklace from Lassitude and Ennui, it comes in gold and silver and has various colours for each, a unique piece that finishes off any outfit just wonderfully. I paired all of the above awesomeness with the two items from Decoy that you MUST HAVE. The Yori Skirt and Hanalei Boots are simply amazing. They come in black and white, and each get their own HUD to change the stripes (on the foot of the boot, on the side of the skirt) and you get solid and glitter options and you also get the choice to turn full bright on and off and glow etc! Annette has really outdone herself with these, they are must owns!

New @ Cinema - LoTD

I popped on the pose stand and the first pose I came across worked for me.. It’s one of the sets from aDORKable poses called Oddessy and there are several awesome poses to choose from, all with a slight theme, all with mirrors and all great.

Other items I popped on included part of a set from SAKIDE that worked as my bra… the Harem Top in Black Sheer, a Leather look Tank from Blah (I believe I got it from SWAGFEST) and a GoK tattoo that I have had FOREVER!

I feel incredibly Sci-fi in this get up and I can’t WAIT to see what everyone does with their Cinema goodies!


Hair: Alice Project | Willow (Low) @ Cinema 2012
Skin: MONS | Naamah | Light @ Cinema 2012
Eyes: .ID. | Alien | Yellow @ Cinema 2012
Make-up: Adore & Abhor | Payback (full) @ Cinema 2012
Top: Blah | My Leather Tank
Bra: SAKIDE | Linen Harem Top | Black Sheer
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | The Queens Gambit | Silver/Blue @ Cinema 2012
Tattoo: GoK | Wired Garden
Skirt: Decoy | Yori Skirt | Black @ Cinema 2012
Boots: Decoy | Hanalei Boots | Black @ Cinema 2012
Pose: aDORKable | Oddessy @ Cinema 2012

Sunday Swag…

This time, not literally!

It’s Lazy Sunday time!! That means discounted goooooodies, and this sofa from What Next is not to be sniffed at.  There are three different colours available and each comes with oooodles of animations! Singles, Couples and event Prop ones!!   This pic is a bit dark, I apologise for that it didn’t “feel” that dark when I took it, but here I am, in my Adore & Abhor Halloween Bikini checking out my Sways Gacha Swag!  You have to get over to What Next and check them out, I know you will love them!

The bikini is available at the Starlust Monster Beach Party in various colours and has skulls on, halloweeeeeeeen is a comin!

Lazy  Sunday @ What Next

These are just a few of the pins you can get from the Gacha at Sways atm!  I love this idea!!!! So many cute badges to be won.  Of course they are wearable, but I am checking them out whilst lounging on my new sofa.. soooo…  I think one of my favs has to be the owl, and the panda! and the cute lil doll.. oh god there are too many cute things to mention!  This is literally 8 out of what feels like thousands! Of course there aren’t thousands, but there are tons and they are totally adorable.

Gacha @ Sways

Finally a little look of the day.  I am still playing blog catch up with everything I want to blog but I had to stop sorting and go out and get these GOS boots and the horns (also from the Starlust Beach Party) from Lassitude & Ennui!  I popped on the outfit from Perfect Wardrobe by Sakide and I couldn’t mention Sunday Swag without ONE item from Swag Fest… this time it’s the shorts from Essences.  I had to wear the Livia skin from Al Vulo with this because the dark lips are just PERFECTION on my face. YES. THEY ARE.

LoTD 07/10/12

All Store Locations are on the page linked at the top if not linked above <3


Hair: Truth | Swift
Skin: Al Vula | Livia
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui @ Starlust Monster Beach Party
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed
Outfit: Sakide @ The Perfect Wardrobe
Shorts: Essences @ Swag Fest
Pose: fri.day

LoTD – 18/09/12


Todays post de jour is a LoTD including some new, and awesome items!

The boots are new from Lassitude & Ennui and are this months L’accessories item!  They come in a range of colours and are meshy, yayyy mesh!   I absolutely adore these, Jackal seems to always make stuff that is sexy.. but still chic and stylish.

The top is from Sn@tch and is one of the newer items, it’s not mesh, it’s not sculpt, it’s plain old texture and goes to show that texture can still = sexy!!
LoTD - 18/09/12

The rest of the look is comprised of items that are a bit older.  One of my fav hairs from Wasabi Pills, and it’s an old FLF item and of course one of my FAV EVER jewellery pieces because it contains green and pink in the same place, it’s the Pearl Necklace from HANDverk, and it’s an old L’accessories item.

I got the shorts from Ducknipples Marketplace, they’re mesh and yummy and come with a colour change HUD, although I do find DN mesh to be a bit hit and miss with me, I had to adjust my legs to fit these and the legs STILL look too wide on MY legs, so who knows, I didn’t have time to mess!!

I’m still wearing the new Izzies Faith Skin in Sunkissed, I have to venture and try another tone soon, but for now, I’m digging this one!

That’s about it <3


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Brigitte | Vanilla Pudding *Old FLF*
Skin:  Izzies | Faith | Sunkissed *NEW*
Lashes:  Celestial Studios *No Longer Available*
Eyes:  IKON | Sunrise
Top:  Sn@tch | Vicious Sweater | Pink *NEW*
Necklace:  HANDverk | Pearl Necklace | Pink/Silver *Old L’Accessories*
Shorts:  Ducknipple | Cargo Shorts *NEW*
Stockings:  Canimal | Ripped Fishnets | Black *No Longer Available*
Boots:   Lassitude & Ennui | Phoebe | Black *L’Accessories*
Pose:  *Frooti