Blossoming Angel

Blossoming Angel

A new round of We Love Roleplay is almost upon us, as is a new round of Chapter Four!  Goodies from both of these here.  I am in love with the Cubic Cherry Halos for We <3 RP this round, I am showcasing Blossom, but there is also Arachne, Ethereal and Frost too!  Beautiful to make a picture with, so I did!     You can’t see much of my outfit, but then there isn’t much to it anyway, but it’s from the talented peeps over at Haste, who doesn’t think less is more sometimes, that is also at We <3 RP!

Glam Affair @ Chapter Four - Jan 2015

Glam Affair has Amberly II out in various tones over at The Chapter Four, all are shown above, such delicious lips.. I kinda wanna bite myself, rawwwrr..

Have a great Sunday <3


Hair: Mina | Vera *The Chapter Four*
Eyes: TSG | Snowfall | Ice Blue
Skin: Glam Affair | Amberly II *The Chapter Four*
Outfit: Haste | Provocation | Black *We Love Roleplay*
Halo: Cubic Cherry Kreations | Halo | Goddess | Blossom *We Love Roleplay*
Tree: Half-Deer

Pose by Flowey

*SLURLS unless linked are on the store locations page

LoTD – Just a lil geek

Geeks and Nerds Fair is STILL going in strong, but the end is drawing near, there is so much to see, buy and marvel at, with just a few bits for you here from a couple of stores!   Lumae has a bunch of goodies out, including skins!  This is just one of them, I love the striking makeup… the ruby lips, the smudge on the cheek, fierce brows… it has it all!

LoTD - Just a Lil Geek

The outfit is also a Lumae item and fits like a glove, you can get other tops, but I loved this one.   My shoes are from the event also from Livalle, these slammer slip on shoes come in various types and fit the flat slink feet for both men and women!  They look so comfy, and who doesn’t want dos(sing) shoes!?

LoTD - Just a Lil Geek - Up Close and Personal

Other event items here including the hair from Mina for Chapter Four, which is aimed at men but PFFT, I look FAB in it, and also the nails from Wicked Peach for Winter Trend.  I am loving this look!


Hair: Mina | Ashton *Chapter Four*
Skin: Lumae | Evie | Cream | P-P-P-Pow | Smudge *Geeks and Nerds*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Twinkle | Grey
Outfit: Lumae | Racer Vest & Showtime Stripey Leggings *Geeks and Nerds*
Shoes: Livalle | Slammers | C:\_ *Geeks and Nerds*
AV Enhancements: Slink
Nails: Wicked Peach | Icicle *Winter Trend*
Pose: Frooti




Level Up comes to an end today, and I haven’t explored this theme of Zombie/Survival nearly as much as i wanted to!   Nearly everything you see here is available there.
Lady Death at Your Door

The house from Frogstar (well shack) is the RARE gacha item, other items include things you’d expect to find in a survival shack, and the trash bags (with flies no less) and light (both static and flickering for ambience) are from Kuro!   Such lovely items, and you can use them any time, well if you like blood and flies that is :D

The Hoodie/Mace are both from Katatonik, I love the Hoodie with built in short look, so you don’t need to wear pants, and it comes with a HUD for clean/bloody including a lolas option.  The Mace is a gacha item and I am wearing a rainbow rare one…

If you aren’t a group member at Lumae, you are missing out! This skin is excellent, and.. FREE! Well if you’re in the group, what are you waiting for!?   Hair is from Mina and pose from Mien!

Lady Death at Your Door - LoTD

Hair: Mina | Femke
Skin: Lumae | Lady Death – Group Gift
Hoodie: Katatonik @ Level Up
Mace: Katatonik @ Level Up
House: Frogstar @ Level Up
Trash: Kuro @ Level Up
Light: Kuro @ Level Up
Pose by Mien

LoTD – Black Magic

LoTD - Black Magic


Hair: Mina | Sid *Rhapsody*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Chocolate
Skin: YS & YS | Carmen | 02 w/Black Lipstick *Rhapsody*
Outfit: Sakide | Dark Vintage
Ring: Glow Studio | Diamond Bar Ring
Shoes: Hucci | Dade Sandal | Prime Collection

AV Enhancements

Hands: Slink | Elegant
Feet: Slink | High
Body: Slink | Visages – Appliers by YS & YS
Polish: Hello Dave | Swept



LoTD – Back in Black

A little LoTD and not an arcade piece in sight… for now!  I figured i’d mix it up a little, can’t blog the same event all month.. OR CAN YOU!?  Don’t worry, more arcade goodies soon :D

LoTD - Back in Black

I actually love this look, like have a deep, throbbing love for it!  It’s so simple and classy with a hint of rawr sexy! Full credits are below incase I miss anything, but this look encapsulates a couple of events!  Both FaMESHed and We <3 Roleplay are up and open for another round, as well as the Whore Couture Fair having crept up on us again!  Never quite sure what to make of the name of that but I always come out with something!

My hair and my necklace are from We <3 Roleplay and I adore them both! A nice loose braid from Mina and a lovely Cassis Berry Necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai, I usually love their wacky take on hair at the hair fair, so it was lovely to see this gorgeous, simple necklace!    From FaMESHed I have on the Compulsion Top and Skirt, if you get the fatpack it comes with a HUD for you to easily change colours, so you can mix and match the sheer top and shiny skirt to the max, but I opted for a classic all over black look.

LoTD - Back in Black - Up Close and Personal

I paired the outfit with some gorgeous stockings from Stellar, they came with SLink appliers so worked really well with my feet, which is always a bonus.   and on my feet you can see some gorgeous new high heeled, bowwed up shoes from Blah, these are available at the Whore Couture Fair ’14 along with a billionty other things that are awesome!   Everything else has been blogged before but credits are below <3

Full Credits

Hair: MINA | Nanda * We love Roleplay*
Eyes: IKON | Destiny Eyes | Oak
Skin: Belleza | Ria | Med 3
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai | Cassis *We love Roleplay*
Shirt: Complusion | Gabrielle *FaMESHed*
Skirt: Complusion | Gabrielle *FaMESHed*
Stockings: Stellar | Suspenders & Bows Stockings | Black
Shoes: Blah | My Cute Bow Platforms | Black *Whore Couture Fair ’14*

SLink AV Enchancements w/Appliers – Nails by Flair
Pose by Marukin

LoTD – A Little Bit Different

Hello all! Well I had various jokes about my belt (skirt) and my slightly different look yesterday, “A Cowboy Hooker by Gok” being one of them, and I laughed, but I kinda loved this look as it makes Willis look a little different than usual!

LoTD - A Little Bit Different

Full credits can be found below, but special shout out to two events, both TDR Fusion and Oh My Gacha! which is where some of the items are from, do love me some event items, OH YES! A look made up of a few different stores, proving sometimes a thrown together look from many different stores works just as well as an outfit from one! Well if you want to look like a leather clad cowboy.   I love my Mina hair, which is the new Noor, which is also an event item at TDRF!   Oh my days, what a glorious week for events.

Anyhooo, off to round up some cattle and get my leg over… a horse that is. BAI!


Hair: Mina | Noor *TDRFusion*
Skin: Izzie’s | Lila | Porcelain w/Eyeliner/Smokey Shadow
Eyes: Chop Shop | Little Angels | Iced *OMGAcha*
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace: Swallow | Papillon | Black *TDRFusion*
Top: Ducknipple | Trap
Skirt: Blueberry | Piper | Skirt & Belt | Black
Tattoo: Alterego | Crossed
Tights: Izzie’s | Tights | Black *TDRFusion*
Boots: Blueberry | Piper

Slink Hands w/Polish worn.

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Sing Me a Song!

Another little post, just a couple of things in this one, I was tinkering and decided wth, post again Willis! IT’S ALL GOOD!

Sing me a Song

Essences released a full long of SONG a few days back and she is a BEAUTY, So many gorgeous skin releases!  There are tons of tones to choose from and they come with both SLink and Lola appliers, and you can get Loud Mouth appliers too! You also get cleavage enhancers on tattoo AND clothing layers.   I am wearing the Lumiere tone, which is the lightest, and I love her! I went out and got Loud Mouth especially as I was dying to try it, and I don’t think it looks that bad!  I got the vampire teeth cos that’s how I roll.    My hair is from Mina and was the Boho Culture Fair hair, Tabita!  Gorgeous.   I am also wearing eyes from Insufferable Dastard and lashes from Mon Cheri.

Cute Poison @ Horrorfest

The other item I am wearing is the Cute Poison Necklace for Horrorfest, and I have also snapped all of them so you can see how great they are, I’m so sorry the Raven is out of place, my OCD tells me I should fix it, but my time is lacking. I AM SORRY!    Such a gorgeous piece, and it’s a gacha so you can play for them all!  They come in Red or Black bows, and the two green zombies are the rares! HURRAH!   Gorgeous work from Sae as always <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

I’m so cute!

I feel cute today, I meant to do a home type post but I got sidetracked playing with outfits, so you will get a homey type post tomorrow!  But for now…. CUTE.

LoTD - Epic Bunny Style

For my CUTTTEEEE look today, I donned my phat azz, as Epic are making their clothing with appliers, if applicable! YAY!  This cute Bunny Hooded Suit is just so ALSDJFALSDF I love it!  It comes in oooodles of colours and with butt and boob appliers.  I never really wear my boobs much, I should dig them out again.  That sounds bad but you know what I mean!   With the gorgeous bodysuit I decided to put on a Belleza skin as I had my SLink hands, feet and my phat azz on and they provide appliers for ALLLL, plus… Leila is suppper cute on me!   and I matched my eyes up with some IKON Ascension eyes in Chocolate.

LoTD - Epic Bunny Style  - Up Close and Personal

Also worn is the new Mina hair for the We <3 Roleplay event!   Such a gorgeous high pony and with a brand new HUD with tons of colours and options and stuff! Very clean looking (both the hair and the HUD) and with some lovely wispy yet full bangs.   This event is jammed to the rafters with goodies, which I will be blogging in time.    To complete my look I popped on the Owl from Carolines Zoo Nails set because they were brown and matched my cute look!   My pose is from Adorkable <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available!

It’s all smoke and mirrors…

The Liaison Collaborative have kicked off another fantastic round of The Boutique, with more goodies than you can shake your hat at,  if you have a hat.

It's all smoke and mirrors

My main focus of the post are the items you can get from Baiastice!  The Luis Sleeveless Shirt and Cigarette Trousers are gorgeous items, high in detail and beautifully textured, as per the norm for Sissy!    The shirt comes in 10 block colours and 5 combinations and the trousers  are available in 12 bright eyepopping colours.  Such feminine and flirty items, I opted for a bit of a monochrome look.. stylish and simple does it, eh?

Also worn with the look are the Catty Shoes from JD that I blogged just yesterday, this time minus the socks and with matching monochrome colouring, the new Glam Affair skin, also blogged yesterday and a gorgeous new hair from Mina that is upcoming for My Attic!    It comes in ombres and has a HUD where you can turn on and off a beaded headpiece and also change the bead colours! AWESOME!

Happy Shopping <3

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available