LoTD – It’s a little, lazy Sunday

Hello fellow humans, or.. beings.  I am having a Lazy Sunday today and put together a little LoTD, hope you enjoy <3

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday

A few event bits in the good old look, including the gorgeous maxi dress from VinCue, one of the offerings at The Seasons Story, it’s available in an array of colours, all bright and breezy but I adore this coral colour, seems cheery!  Also from The Seasons Story is the skin, it’s Amaranth from Essences!  It’s only available in Light Rose but comes with a bunch of brows to choose from and 4 makeups!  This is just one of the four shown.   From another event is the tiara!   It’s from HopScotch and is out at the Fit for a Princess event as a gacha prize.  Soooo pretty on top of my Truth hair, which is yet another event item, this time at Collabor88, a gorgeous braided and wafty number, perfect for pictures, it also comes with an intricate, optional clip (not shown).

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday - Up Close and Personal

Also worn for my look are the extreme wedges from Blah, in Yellow!    They are also available in a bunch of colours, although the colours are only really the straps an inner sole so pretty much you can wear any colour with anything! YAY!   My necklace is an oldie from Olive, but still a cutie <3

New @ Essences

Also in my bid to play catch up from the Skin Fair, I am showing you the four skins from Essences that were released for there, which I assume are now available in store (I couldn’t TP to double check, don’t shoot me!).  There are four faces to choose from, each one in an array of tones and of course, appliers available!


Skin: Essences | Amaranth | TSS01 | Light Rose | Brown *The Seasons Story*
Hair: Truth | April *Collabor88*
Tiara: HopScotch | Amira | Silver Rainbow *RARE* *Fit for a Princess*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace: Olive | The Catch – My Starfish | Pink/Silver
Dress: VinCue | Maxxi Dress *The Seasons Story*
Shoes: Blah | My Extreme Wooden Wedges | Yellow

Pose by Ploom
Slink Av Enhancements worn with appliers from (I forgot to look but I will update this when I log back in!)

Pretty Faise <3

Pretty Faise <3Alright, ratfans!?  A quicky peak of the week post for you from a few events, some ending, some starting… with a bunch of pretty goodies! <3

This gorgeous skin is the Ria skin from Belleza, currently available at Collabor88, I did a little sneaky peek a few weeks back, but thought as the time was nearly up to grab it, I better get the whole lot in!   Shown here just in one tone, but available in a handful, Ria is a gorgeous skin with 5 delectable faces to choose from and also comes with matte/gloss lip tattoo layers!   SO SO PRETTY!

My hair is from Olive and currently available at The Liaison Collaborative, you can’t see ALL of it, but it’s a gorgeous poofy style and the textures are so so soft and lovely, I am loving the ombres.

My necklace is from Cae and is coming on the 1st Feb for Enchantment!   The set is called Into the Woods and it comes with earrings and necklace both long and short.   A gorgeous, stunning, intricate number with stones and trees and a HUD to change all the goodness. SO pretty, like uber pretty.

That’s it for now! SLURLS are found on the store locations page <3

The Magical Loft

So.. further to my post earlier, I decided to do a little decorating INSIDE… I took myself up to the attic of my cute and creepy little cottage and did it up, magical style with lots of goodies from The Wizarding Faire!

The Magical Loft

So up I toddled to the loft of my cottage and I thought what could I put here? What better to put in there but magical stuffs?!    A little room of goodness all magical and OoooooOoooooOoo!     The main piece of the room is the dorm bed from Cheeky Pea, available in a variety of colours or “houses” this bed comes as single or family and is just simply delicious!   I wanted to make an actual dorm but figured i’d not be greedy this time around.   On my lovely bed are two of the Schadenfreude books which come with a variety of pictures and stuffs, you can even use them posed, but being the studious Willis I am, I was reading in bed, of course!

Under my cute little window I have the Collage shelf complete with little cauldron, broom and MORE books, and it’s also home to two of my MiaMai pets, which wobble and are the cutest little animals EVAH!   And my Auxiliary Satchel hangs off the end all casual and nonchalant, well as nonchalant as a satchel gets.    We then have my gooooorgeous shelf complete with yep… more books and my delicate little hat from Olive, which sits next to my Eleventh Hour cube robot fortune machine!!!  I tell you, that thing is not kind to me.  To make it a little more homely I set out my MEOW scroll and hung it from the wall, yep! THATS ME DONE!

The Magical Loft - Up Close and Personal

Post Number TWO!

I am on FIRE today! Well no, it’s only two small posts but still!  I always feel like I have so much to blog and so little time, so sundays are a nice day for me to get a couple in :D

Al Vulo @ TDRF

You’ll have to probably click through bigger but ho hum, it’s only one click!   The three skins you see are currently at TDR Fusion and are from Al Vulo!    They are so soft and lovely, but you do get the option of the more muted makeups and then the bright red one, so it’s up to you what route you want to go, or just get everything ever, which is how I roll at TDRF, well mostly.    You get the skin with various options including cleavage and different brows and you also get mesh lashes, mesh eyes and lola appliers! WOOT!  Also worn are a few items from DU5!   The gorgeous Twigs and Leather Collar from Olive, and my Surrealism hair from INK!  A great event to  check out, I loved a lot of things but I need to go back for sure.  Also worn in the picture you can just about make out is one of the many gorgeous items new from Sakide!  A lovely little camo style dress unzipped to show some boob, available in oodles of colours.

Have a close up of my face, just for fun <3

Gratuitous FACIAL SHOT

I was abducted!

Well, technically I went peacefully… a week by the sea! It was BLISS, well… mostly.   I didn’t even have a phone signal out there, it felt alien to me!   So what better to return to blogging with than a post with some of the fantastic goodies on offer from this round of The Garden from TLC!   The theme this time has a retro/alien vibe and you can find items both cute AND stunning, maybe even both!

Invasion of the...

I tried to make this look a little eerie, I don’t think I fared all that well, but it is what it is!   These retro tables, stools and lights you can see are all from Trompe Loiel and they come in an array of colours, most of them shown, but you probably can’t see all that well… TRUST ME, they are yummy.   Such gorgeous mesh work, fabulous texturing… why wouldn’t you want them!?:?  It doesn’t matter if you own a diner, you can make them work. I DID!   On them you see the cute Garden Gnome Aliens from Olive, but I thought they looked cute as decor on them there tables, so I just did it!    So intricate and cute!   The picture you can see on the wall is also available from Olive in an array of different colour frames.     The Jukebox is from Standby, I opted for the Yellow, a stunning piece… everyone should own one.     Finally the piece that made me smile and is actually supposed to be worn, the spaceship outside the window!  Available from Pixel Mode in an array of colours and a HUD to change the abduction beam, it makes the perfect decoration too!  YAY!

It’s good to be back, I have a lot of catching up to do! Apololgies if you im’d me or sent me anything while I was away, I capped and then deleted my emails by mistake! SORRY! <3

Bzz Bzz

BZZ MOFOS! It’s that time again, Bees Through the Seasons is coming up to it’s 2nd go and this time is just as stunning as the first! Let’s take a little look, shall we?

Bees Through the Seasons - Take 2!

In this picture, you see a gorgeous Wheelbarrow prop (comes with poses) from Olive!   It’s so cute and I imagine you can take a gorgeous picture with some friends, sadly I have none. OK that’s not true, but nobody online that I could drag into the picture with me :P… anyway, it comes in ooooodles of colours, so it can match your garden decor just wonderfully.    Also available is this watering can prop, it comes with l and r handed versions and a bunch of poses, so you can water your flowers looking sexy and sassy!    Also available is this lovely dress from Baiastice, it’s available in many colours, this is Timberwolf (reminded me of Timberlake so of COURSE I had to drape it all over my naked self).   A really flowey, gorgeous short dress, perfect for doing a bit of gardening in… OBVIOUSLY!

Also released is the full line of Mya from Belleza!    Available in various tones, I am showcasing the Pale!   I’m showing all 12 makeups below with no added tattoo layers or what not.   As you can see it’s a beautiful, smooth and gorgeous skin, each and every one of them!   The lips are so kissable (someone kiss me, thx)… the eye makeups always impress me as they’re so clear and pretty.   You can see the variety of makeups with pinks, oranges, beiges and reds all thrown in, cateyes, smokey eyes and minimal eyes with a lick of liner… something for everyone, RIGHT?!

New @ Belleza - Mya

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available <3

I must ask you a question….

WAIT NOW.. MUSTACHE YOU ONE… oh hurrr, I’m so funny, lulz.   Breno just released a bunch of artwork and things and stuff and you will notice there is a little mini theme going on!

New @ BRENO! <3

You can pick from a nice range of art work for you walls including The Stache Guide, Woody Heart, Butterflies and more!   You can also pick up a hanging mustache? Who doesn’t want one of those?  It comes in different woods too :D   I have a super cool scarf in RL with mustaches on, it’s my fave!  My 12 yr old tried to steal.. not sure if I should take that as a “mum you’re 33, stop it” or if it makes me super cool! I am going with the latter.   You can also pick up this halftache lounger, you can change the pillow textures and it comes with a huge array of animations including singles and couples.  The best thing is, everything is really affordable and SO well made!  Get your tush on over the Breno asap!

I thought I’d show what I was wearing as little LoTD too, full credits can be found at the bottom of the blog post:

LoTD - 24/03/13

The first thing you’ll notice is my fantastic sweater! YEP! Saw it on Flickr and hopped on over to get it from welldone.atelier!   I LOVE IT hahahaha, I thought it was perfect paired with my new monster pumps from Epic.  But along with a menacing smile I wanted to look a bit cutesey too, so I relied on Olive Antler/Branches currently available from The Boutique as part of the Cherry Blossoms theme :D   I chose black but they come in a good variety of colours.    My eyes are from IKON and are the Ardent Eyes in Skyfall, also available from The Boutique.     My skin is from FAKE and I got that from SL Fashion Week, it has really thick, luscious brows though, so I suggest if you don’t like a bigger brow, you may want to demo if you don’t already!   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xox

LoTD - 24/03/13 - Close Up

Hair: Truth | January | Treacle
Skin: FAKE | Evalina | Caramel | Smokey *SL Fashion Week*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent Eyes | Skyfall *TLC – The Boutique*
Antlers: Olive | The Oops Cherry Tree Blossom Antlers | Black *TLC – The Boutique*
Sweater: welldone.atelier | High Neck Sweater | Black Smile
Jeans: Cynful | Zia Denim v2.0 | Worn | Dark Blue
Shoes: Epic | Mega Monster Pumps | Black *Whore Couture 2*
Pose: fri.day

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page <3

Day 29 of 365 LoTD – SL Fashion Week Style

Yep, we’re doing this thing SL Fashion Week STYLE, YO!

Day 29 of 365 LoTD

I finally got my ass on over there to pick up the shoes i’d been eyeing up, as well as the jewellery!  I ended up going on a bit of a spree.  Full credits are below but here is my blurb:   I love the shoes from BSD!  A store I think I’ll be visiting very often. The mesh is original and creative, and it comes with a nifty swifty little hud that allows you to change both skintone and nail polish really quickly!  It seems i’m turning into something of a shoe hoarder! :O.   The dress is from AUTRES and compliments the shoes wonderfully, I got it in black but there were a handful more colours to choose from, the shoes, by the way, came in a billionty (ok a few less than that) choices, yayyy!  My fave pieces of the whole ensemble have to be the Mr Me Stashing Set from Olive,  you can buy it individually in gold or silver, but I just got the fatpack, the gems are colour change and it comes with bracelet, necklace and ring.   WEEEE!

New @ Tuli

Tuli is BACK BABY! YEAHHH with a new main store on the brand spankin new and redone Cupcakes sim, I am sooo happy she is!  Here you can see Helena in Powder with all the skins plus a variation of lip glosses/mattes that are available, but not all because there are 30!!!  Four skins are available, Helena is just one of them which we saw a sneak peek of at The Dressing Room!   I always loved Tuli Skins because they are well texured, realistic looking without being scary and make you look mature enough to not be a teenager but young enough to not be old.. if that makes sense.   There are a variety of tones available, with more on the way AND appliers, so I hear!   A stunning comeback, Tuli… we are glad to have you back <3

*SLURLS, if available are on the Store Locations Page


Hair: Magika | Now
Skin: Tuli | Helena | Powder | 09 Dimples w/Sheer Nude Gloss Lips *NEW*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Dress: Autres | Titian Dress | Blaq *SL Fashion Week*
Jewellery: Olive | The Mr.Me Stashing Set | Silver *SL Fashion Week*
Shoes: BSD | Top Model | Blk Quilted – Colour 1 *SL Fashion Week*
Pose: Adorkable

Whole Lotta Stuffs!

For every one thing I blog, I tend to get 100 more in my inventory with all the sales, new releases, offer days.. it’s manic!  So I always tend to blog a fair few things at a time, this time there is a large array of products for you to peruse!

There are three new stunning styles from Exile today, all avec hats of some kind!  We have Raspberry Beret, Against the Music and A Winter’s Tale, I cannot express how much I fell in love with these instantly, my fave has to be A Winter’s Tale though with it’s slouchy beanie.    All hats are colour change, all you have to do is hover over the tip of your cute lil button nose and press and voila! As if by magic.   These styles fit just fine with mesh too! I am wearing the Cynful offering for F R O S T, the oversized sweater!  A really gorgeous sweater, or dress if you like in an array of colours, the more earthy tones I chose for these pictures tho.

New @ Exile | Cynful @ Frost

LaRoo opened to the public and had two new awesome sets of shoes for us!  I chose my absolute fave today to show you, because I own similar boots in RL that I squee’d when I saw them in the shops, I have a think for biker boots with studs, what can I say?   These boots are mesh but not rigged, so you can change the size, which I found handy because I found the generic size they came in a bit small for my footsies!  They come in an array of tasty colours, I’ve donned one on each foot for a bit of a run through of what colours you can find, whether you want traditional black, burnt orange, moss green or a plum purple amongst many others, these boots are just lovely.   The texturing is amazing, the meshwork impeccable, and they just ooooooze sex!

LaRoo - Clyde Boots

Blueberry have also had a bit of a release!   This mesh knotted jacket – Racel is just lovely.   It comes in all the colours below, in standard sizes and is perfect paired with jeans, or slacks, or a skirt or whatever else may take your fancy.  It’s a simple jacket with a wrap around belt tied in a knot giving it that little bit of a centerpiece look, something to avert the eyes from the cleavage, if you’re a bit like me and don’t wear a shirt underneath!   Either way I know I love it, classic with a sexy twist.. or knot.   The hair I am wearing in this picture is the Exile hair for Together for Sway, available in two packs this hair is a must for anyone that wants to help AND look awesome!

New @ Blueberry | Racel

Also from Blueberry are these Marley pants, available in a majority of the colours you see above, I thought they would match the jacket but I was wrong!  This big bow got in the way, but who am I to complain when they look so lovely?!   Each set of colour comes in various sizes and each size has three colours of belt, as you can see below.  They look sexy from the back, classy from the front, and the bow just gives it an extra kick of awesome.

New @ Blueberry | Marley


Not only do Exile have hair out at Together for Sway, so does MINA!  You may remember this hair/mask combo from Cinema, well.. it’s out for TFS with exclusive and new mask colours, as well as a special hair colour pack, or at least I believe it’s special! I don’t recall these carnival colours before, unless I am blind which I could well be, so don’t hold me to that.   I love the unicorny purple/pink mix, but they’re all pretty!   Izzie has a special set of FUYU lipsticks out, 5 of which can be seen below, and Olive have this gorgeous necklace with snowflake detailing, available in various metals.

Together for Sway | Mina & Olive

Finally just a LoTD I threw together with a few of my new items, a staple and fave of mine (the fri.day jeans) and Izzie’s beautiful skin, which is featured throughout the post, from Collabor88!   I do love Izzie, she makes me look so pretty!   Make sure you check out both her Frostbite Skins at C88, you won’t be disappointed!

LoTD - 13/12/12

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available