Make mine a Skinny!

HAPPY FRIDAY PEEPS! A couple of skins today, one you must get before The Arcade is over, the other you must get just because!

There are 17 prizes in Pink Fuels Arcade machine.   The new face is Elsie and there is a new Biscuit tone, so it’s all in that!  The items in the machine include the skin in various eyebrow colours, lids and there is a rare lip stain pack too! Lots to win and at a really reasonable price, to make the deal sweeter for the duration of the Arcade (so a few more days left girls) appliers for Slink Hands/Feet, Lola Tango appliers and Omega Booty Appliers are FREE at the PF main store, and all other appliers and body mod tattoos in Biscuit tone are 50% off!

Pink Fuel | Elsie @ The Arcade

Also out now is the Chrissy applier for Lelutka heads from Swallow and boy oh boy.. AMAZING! Shown here in the Ivory tone I have showcased all lips/eyes featured on the HUD with Black Brows, obviously there are tons more brow options, I’ve also done the freckle/brow combo, but you don’t have to!

Chrissy @ Swallow for Letluka Mesh Heads

I’m also wearing the new hair from Doe for Uber, a really lovely updo with bow you can change the texture of, love the wispy bits!

Cry me a Rainbow River

Cry me a Rainbow River
Cry me a Rainbow River - Up Close and Personal


Hair: eXxEsS | Leshenka B
Eyes: TSG | Snowfall | Ice Blue
Skin: Pink Fuel | Crystal | Glitter Tears (Rainbow) – (blonde/lt brow) *Creepy Kawaii Fair*
Dress: Vincue | Koha Dress *Creepy Kawaii Fair*
Shoes: Blah | Dangerous Rose Stiletto | Pink *Creepy Kawaii Fair*
Wings: Epic | Chibi Wings *Creepy Kawaii Fair*

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink | Gesture
Feet: Slink | High
Nails: TSG | Coffin Nails | CreepyCute *Cosmetic Fair – Feb 15*

Pose: Adorkable

Introducing… CREAMY BISCUIT!

My old m8 Creamy is going to send me some goodies to post now and then, she likes boobs and queefing, so expect lots of fun from her!  I am just a copy/paste machine, and her flickr links are her own, so HAVE AT IT!  GIVE HER ALL THE VIEWS! <3

Hi, I’m Creamy. I like long walks on the beach, fine dining and fellatio. I used to blog but I have no dedication to keep it up so I begged and cajoled Willis into letting me occasionally guest spot here!


I’ve been reading Willis’ blog since she was completely unaware of my existence and adoration. Back in those days the blog was full of her sexual escapades and very little mention of clothing (I don’t think she wore any in all honesty), but times have changed, and now the only pink Willis shows is cat ears.


I just hope my posts do justice to the fantastic job she does and doesn’t let her blog down immediately so I can continue and start sneaking in dildos and cum faces.


Hair: Truth Hair | Haters
Skin: Pink Fuel | Harley Lid 3 | Vanilla
Eyes: Curio | Tragic Eyes | White
Hands: Slink | Female Enhance Hands | Casual
Mouth: Loudmouth | Alli
Dress: Crazy | Ripped Dress | Grey
Underwear: Blacklace| Tender Caress | Sky
Cuffs: Muka | Cuff Love
Boots: Razor | Dread Boots

LoTD – Corset Style

LoTD - Corset Style


Halllooo everyone! I am so sorry I have been a slacker, I’ve been SOOO busy! Family birthdays, a pulled shoulder and laundry mountain have kept me busy (totes not the XBox, nope) and I have been struggling finding time to get on!  But I did, and I dressed up a lil differently today \o/

This look is definitely the sexy side of Willis, with a gorgeous corset from Sakide, and the neck collar is also from there!  The Corset comes in an array of colours and in each colour you get a simple corset, a strapped one (shown) and a hooded one!  With the collar it also comes in colours included in a HUD complete with metal colours too, so changeable with your outfit, or no outfit at all if you choose.

Also worn is a bit of a mix and match jobby!  My skin is the new Belleza skin, blogged previously, complete with Pink Fuel lip Tattoo in INK, and new Mons Eyeshadow from TDR, a whole Ombre set, this is the black version.    I am also wearing a new and gorgeous hair from Tameless! Such a cute poofy bun style, perfect for this outfit, it adds that hint of cute.

Other need to knows are eyes from IKON, Lashes from Mon Cheri and pose from!


*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Shhh – Our Secret….

Horrorfest is up and running and fun of ghoulishly disgusting delights! I have lots and LOTS to show you, but I am slacking so far thanks to some issues with rezzing in SL! But today its my first post :D

Shhhh - Our Secret

Ever wanted to chop someone up into small tiny bits and shove them under a rug? or maybe not chop them up at all, just maim them?  WELL! NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!   Songbird has provided us with ALL the tools and get up to do this and look good whilst doing it.

Bubbas Best Friend is the mesh chainsaw friend that Songbird has provided us with, it comes with three versions: New, Used and Bloody in various colours! PERFECT!   They are props only though and aren’t posed so don’t expect to run around SL buzzing your face, or other peoples, off.

The dress/blood splatter you can see is from the Will You Still Love Me set!   I bloody (hurr get it?) love this!  Of course you don’t have to be a homicidal maniac, the dress comes in clean too!   There are tattoos for SLink appliers too, so my feet and hands are suitably all smeared with blood too!   The hair is from Tameless and you can get many bloody dipped hairs there, HURRAH!

It’s an excellent event and I really must go back and buy MORE things!  I love all the little gachas, SO CUTE! Well, in a horrifying way.


Simple LoTD!

Just a simple LoTD today, not feeling my usual chirpy chirpy cheep cheep self, so just popped some attire on and looked pretty… well at least I think so!

LoTD - Cynful Style

This denim jumpsuit is a new collaboration between Cynful and Lil’Lace, and how lovely it is, it makes me look super curvy with a great ass, and that is always a bonus.   It comes in an array of colours and washes and the belts come as little HUDs so you can wear it with, or without AND have a choice of material!   A wonderful collaboration with funky bellbottoms and a corset style top, casual and cute!  I paired it with a new and cutesy bag from Lark, well upcoming, it will be a mere $L5 at an upcoming event, so keep your eyes peeled for that!   I’m wearing one of the Clawtooth hairs for Collabor88 and i’m super happy with it, curly and cute… everything is cute today!   My pose is from Adorkable and my skin is the Opaline from PF… still

Chelle for Harley - Opaline

It comes in a fatpack with lots of makeups and some additional CheLLe ones too!   These are the mermaid tattoos, I loved how pastel and gorgeous they were and how they changed the tone on the face lightly, really impressed and I love them!

A leeeedle of this, a leeeedle of that!

A mish mash of stuffs for you today, I went a bit snap happy!  But hey, whatever floateth the preverbial boateth, eh?!

Circa Living @ Flux

We have some gorrgeeeous Tiki Tiki items from Circa Living, available from the FLUX Event, which of course has a Tiki type theme!    The huts are livable in, although I think if you try and live in the one that resemebles a nipple from the top, you may be a bit squished!  But the detailing on them is GORRRRGEOUS!   Very realistic items with Tiki masks, and wooden ladders, straw roofs and bamboo throughout!     Also shown is one of the 2 Tiki Tables for sale, and there is an array of other furniture for you to purchase.    I think it makes a great addition to my beach, and my neighbours stray octopus tentacle.  Super happy with my little Tiki area! YAY

New @ 1 Bad Pixel!

1BP or One Bad Pixel had a release at the end of July, but I wanted to remind you all of the gorgeous items you can get!  There were 2 bikinis, a pair of jeans, a pair of pants, and two styles of wrap top!  The bikinis come in a nice satin texture, or a glittery one and each colour (and there are LOADS) has both types of undercrackers shown, little tie strings or the more bootilicious full style.    The O-ring top fit me just spot on in an M too!  YAY!   The wrap tops come in both single and duo tone, so that’s already a super bargain, and they are gorgeous and smooth satin heavenness (it’s a word).. I paired one with the jeans, which by the way are GREAT for your butt and have a lovely pattern on them and come in an array of washes/colours and the other I paired with the matching set of pants, and they both come with a lovely dotty pattern, subtle but noticeable and boy they make you look curvy!   I’m also wearing hair from SLink that is new, a long, sleek pony, mesh goodness at it’s best from the ladies over at 1BP and SLink!

New @ 22769 | Ploom | Moreeee...

The skin I am wearing in all the pics here is the Opaline version Pink Fuels Harley that was avaiable at We <3 Roleplay, a steal fatpack with bonus extra from Chelle complete with appliers! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART, I popped on my hands and feet, as you do and felt a million sexy dollars (or pound sterling to my kind).   The clothing is from 22769 and is the Gallery Gift Shop item a gorgeous and matching skirt and top, available as separates and in a handful of different colours, and each two tone item has the reverse colours to it too, you know what I mean right? right.    My hair is from Ploom and is the newest style, a gorgeous half up, half over the shoulder, tousled number shown here using the Monotone HUD, and my horns are from UtopiaH!   My little Tache Braclet is from CandyDoll and is available at Mes Bric a Bracs andddd my pose is *Frooti!

New @ Sax Shepherd

I am also wearing new shoes, my new found love!   These are the dainty new shoes from Sax Shepherd, they come with a little gem at the front and delicate straps with a thin but supple heel (at this point in time i don’t think my descriptions are probably winning you over, but they ARE nice heels).   They are, of course, for SLink feet and they are BEAUTIFUL!    They are also resizeable on click, which I like, options are good.   Such pretty dainty shoes are not what you’d find in my feet in RL cos I have giant wide boats, but these are just… NOM!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available or not linked

Look of the Day – 18/08/13

Hallo errrryone.   Today is a simple LoTD with some new shizzle!

LoTD - 18/08/13

I wanted to look cute today, but also a bit not so cute, so please excuse the blood splattered top, sometimes you just have to let loose, right?! Right!   Anyway, what else am I wearing?    My hair is new and is from Truth!  There were 2 new styles this week, one a high pony and then this one, a pony spread over both shoulders, big and beautiful!   I’m still wearing my Pink Fuel skin and lipstick, mainly because I just love my face in it!  As well as the fact it matches my SLink hands and feet without a faff :P   Talking of feet! Looky! NEW SHOES! LVLE released thehese SLink addons yesterday and aren’t they pretty?!  Chunkyish strappy wedges in an array of colours shown below, and with both a regular and materials version.   I love the complimentary colour that Cyclic has paired up with these babies, plenty of choices for any outfit.     The suspender skirt I am wearing is from Lark and is available at The Thrift Shop event, it comes in various pastel colours and the cute heart shaped pockets can change colour with the supplied HUD!

New @ LVLE

Happy Sunday!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

SHOES… and stuff.

I am not usually a huge shoe lover, but I wanted to do something with SHOES. SHOES and other stuff, obvs.

New! Vincue @ Black Fair - Swimmy!ted

We are going with a bit of a day and night theme here, with the help of VinCue and their gorgeous items out at The Black Fair!  We start the day off with a lovely cut out swim suit, it oozes sex appeal, and comes in dotty and plain in an array of colours, I think this was one of my favs tho!     Below you see the night version, which is another VinCue item and is the Crossed Dress in Bee!   BZZZZZ!    Again there are options for this short, sexy, sparkley number.. either two tone stripes or plain!   Get your hands on and your booty into the event to pick these gorgeous VinCue items up!  Also worn in both pictures is Harley from Pink Fuel with PF Ink lipstick and of course SLink hands and footsies, cos you know, appliers!   The hairs are both new from Red Mint and I am loving the fantasy colours that are going on! YAY!

New! Vincue @ Black Fair - Dressy!

Now in both the pictures above I am wearing new shoes, a weird thing for me,  shoes and I have a love/hate relationship, but since people started making shoes to fit on SLink feet, ~I am SOLD!  First we have some goooooorgeous strappy heels from CandyDoll!   They come in a plethora of colours and patterns, a fistful of which can be seen below!  Each colour comes with a HUD so you can change the heel/sole to various textures, so you can make the shoes your own, well to a certain point anyway.   I love how robust these shoes look, a lovely thick heel with a thick sole and texturing to die for! YAY!

New @ CandyDoll

Also released for the flat SLink feet by Cute Poison for SL Fashion Week are these cute flip flops!    Your basic necessity for the beach, plain black but each with a coloured flower, so you can match your swimming costume or your nails, or your eyes, or just wear whatever colour you feel like!

Cute Poison @ SL Fashion Week

I am going to the beach in RL with my kids and parents (or 4 kids really) tomorrow for a week! I hope my partner in crime WillowC will takeover the blog and make it her own, but it might be like a ghost town around here for a week or so, but I will return, fresh faced and ready to blog my buttocks off!


Thank FOOK it’s Friday!

YAY FRIDAY, most peoples favourite day, well if you judge by all the TGIF that goes on! I’m busy in RL this weekend so I am here with a little look of the day and some kick ass furniture! HUZZAH!

A Little Look

Perception make some of the lovliest corsets around, and this offering for the Love Donna Flora event is a wasp waisted beaut!   With detailed ribboning on the back and a little splattering of hearts and pink ribbons on the actual corset, this is not only for a good cause, it’s pretty too!  I am wearing it with just one of the new Maxi Gossamer items you can find at the brand new round of FaMESHed! So many goodies there this time, but this gorgeous drop necklace matched my look perfectly, so on it went!   My hair is from Letluka and I wish i’d have got more tones when I was at Hair Fair! I hope they weren’t exclusives, I love the star pin, so cute!  I am still wearing Harley from Pink Fuel, except I added one of Mochi’s Ink lip tattoos from marketplace to the look to make it more striking.  I finished off the look with some gorgeous eyes from Insufferable Dastard!

The Challenge - Black and White - 22769

The Challenge, as you know from my previous posts, and of course everyone elses has a Black and White theme this time!   Above you can see just 3 of the plethora of items available from 22769 Bauwerk!   This is the PG version of the bed, a gorgeous lamp and a stunning twisty twig vase!   The items are all so well made and textured to perfection, as with all 22769 items whether it be homeware or clothing!  The bed comes with various poses and you can also get an adult version.   The quilted headboard matches the Chesterfield Sofa also available but not shown, so really you have a whole room in one!

I am showcasing it in the Hate This Ivory Skybox, you can see a little collage below of the details… the gorgeous bumpy light ceiling mesmerised me! I love it, so bright and beautiful complete with draped windows,  brocade backed shelving and more, this skybox is for those of us that like to live the bright life! I would have loved to see an Ebony version too, for when I want to be darker, maybe in the future we will see one!

The Challenge - Black and White - Hate This

Thats all folks! Happy Friday <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available <3