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LoTD – Looks can be deceiving…

A hint of cute mixed with a hint of evil today, just the way I roll, homies!

LoTD - Looks can be deceiving...

I fell in love with the TSG Skin at the Skin Fair and am only now just getting around to post it, I love TSG skins but sometimes I find I need the right look for it, and I found it!  I paired Eun-Seo with a dress from Epic, the Melty Qi Lolita and YUM!  I love it!   The skin and the dress come in different colours (well tones for the skin!) and are just fabboooo!   The dress comes with fitted option too, to fit to all your curves, yay!    I am also wearing shoes from TSG, these are the Kustom9 Shoes and are the lolita ruffles! HOW CUTE!  high platties with ruffles and optional batty bows for the ankles, I have never felt more cute!

LoTD - Looks can be deceiving... - Up Close and Personal

I popped on a hair from Ploom in a delicious dipped colour to match my attire, this is Madison, a curly cutie and with that I paired the Seasons Story item from Amala, a gorgeous crown with colour change flowers for that sweet innocent look.   My appliers are new from hello Dave and are cute little colours adorned with hearts, and to top it ALL off the touch of evil…  The Staff from Wimey is available at We Love Roleplay and as you can see comes with a glowy smoke effect, but that is optional.  Depends if you want to announce your evil status, I guess!


Skin: The Sugar Garden (TSG) – Eun-Seo | X Tone | Brown | Soft Body
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Jelly | Bright Mint & Bright Sky
Hair: Ploom | Madison
Crown: Amala | Nature’s Crown *The Seasons Story*
Dress: Epic | Melty Qi Lolita Dress | Mint *The Big Show*
Staff: Wimey | The Mistress of Evil Staff *We Love Roleplay*
Shoes: The Sugar Garden | Ruffle Platforms | Solid Pink *Kustom9*

Slink AV Enhancments – Appliers – Hello Dave | Heart Palette
Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS can be found on teh store locations page, if available

LoTD – It’s a little, lazy Sunday

Hello fellow humans, or.. beings.  I am having a Lazy Sunday today and put together a little LoTD, hope you enjoy <3

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday

A few event bits in the good old look, including the gorgeous maxi dress from VinCue, one of the offerings at The Seasons Story, it’s available in an array of colours, all bright and breezy but I adore this coral colour, seems cheery!  Also from The Seasons Story is the skin, it’s Amaranth from Essences!  It’s only available in Light Rose but comes with a bunch of brows to choose from and 4 makeups!  This is just one of the four shown.   From another event is the tiara!   It’s from HopScotch and is out at the Fit for a Princess event as a gacha prize.  Soooo pretty on top of my Truth hair, which is yet another event item, this time at Collabor88, a gorgeous braided and wafty number, perfect for pictures, it also comes with an intricate, optional clip (not shown).

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday - Up Close and Personal

Also worn for my look are the extreme wedges from Blah, in Yellow!    They are also available in a bunch of colours, although the colours are only really the straps an inner sole so pretty much you can wear any colour with anything! YAY!   My necklace is an oldie from Olive, but still a cutie <3

New @ Essences

Also in my bid to play catch up from the Skin Fair, I am showing you the four skins from Essences that were released for there, which I assume are now available in store (I couldn’t TP to double check, don’t shoot me!).  There are four faces to choose from, each one in an array of tones and of course, appliers available!


Skin: Essences | Amaranth | TSS01 | Light Rose | Brown *The Seasons Story*
Hair: Truth | April *Collabor88*
Tiara: HopScotch | Amira | Silver Rainbow *RARE* *Fit for a Princess*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace: Olive | The Catch – My Starfish | Pink/Silver
Dress: VinCue | Maxxi Dress *The Seasons Story*
Shoes: Blah | My Extreme Wooden Wedges | Yellow

Pose by Ploom
Slink Av Enhancements worn with appliers from (I forgot to look but I will update this when I log back in!)

Skin Fair AHOY!

I am DESPERATELY trying to play blog catch up, so many events, so many gorgeous things, so little Willis to spread around (hurrrr), I did manage to get over to the bloggers preview of skin fair though so expect intermittent skin frenzy!  No links will be up for the Skin Fair until it actually opens, so soz!

Dead Apples @ Skin Fair '14

Dead Apples knocked my socks off with this skin, I love trying new looks for myself, not sticking to the same thing all the time, venturing out of my comfort zone, and I felt this did it a little.   This is Ari, she comes in 5 tones, this being the palest, and in my opinion the prettiest for a lovely palesque look.  The shading on the body is lovely and I couldn’t  find a seam in sight, which is always a great thing.   You can get Slink appliers too, YAY!

Dead Apples @ Skin Fair '14 - Bits and Bobs

The skins come with oodles of options, including the items you see above which include freckles, brows (both colour and style: bushier/bold), lips and other options including extra dewyness and rounder cheeks (not shown).   It’s a really lovely skin, with great mix and match ability and the pricepoints for everything are so fair!   Make sure you demo at least.

Also worn in the post are some gorgeous shoes that I promised to show you, they are the heels available from Candydoll at Whore Couture Fair!   Other items from Baiastice, Ploom and IKON!

BOOM! – Headshot


My oh my am I in love!? WHY YES!! Upcoming for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, both .Enfant Terrible. and La Petite Morte have collaborated on some items, this is the rare headpiece and I put it on and fell head over heels!

Such an intricate, unique piece combining classy with kooky and sexy with sweet.  Pearls, Antlers, Birds Nest with Eggs and Lace, what a fantastic mixture!   It also fits with the new Ploom hair wonderfully, and of course my free Essences skin is still on as it was a wonderful match!

The event isn’t open yet, but make sure you visit when it is, yo!

LoTD – Moto Style

Hey Sunday Swingers!  Hope you have or are having a fab weekend!  I know I am!

LoTD - Moto Style

The full credits for this are below, but it’s a gorgeous look that I am in love with that is a bit out of my comfort zone!   A majority of the clothing, infact ALL of it comes from The Azz Show, although I’m not wearing my phat azz, but that just goes to show you don’t need one to buy things from there!   The top and stockings are from Blah! and come with appliers for all the things, but I decided to wear the Epic Moto Bodysuit over the top because it’s so cute and sexy at the same time!   I’m also wearing one of the rare crowns from Epics OMGacha goodies!   It actually sparkles! CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!  Also worn are some cute panda nails from Wicked Peach, gorgeous new hair from Ploom and a new skin, more about that below!

LoTD - Moto Style - Up Close and Personal

This is Isabel! One of three new skins from YS & YS!   Isn’t she a BEAUT?  So many options… shown below are the 10 skins that come in the fatpack, but in that fatpack you get tons of other options like cleavage, brows by the billion, freckles and you get all lipsticks on tattoo layers too so you can mix and match around!  I love that about the YS & YS fatpacks, they’re chocca block full!     I have shown 5 with and 5 without teeth too, so you can see which you prefer!  I think it makes me look a little older, not much wiser, but cute none the less <3

New @ YS & YS - Isabel


Hair: Ploom | Tennie
Crown: Epic | Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown | Giraffe Brown Pink *RARE* *OMGacha*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Chocolate
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: YS & YS | Isabel | Gentle w/freckles
Top: Blah | My Rawr Crop Top | Nude *The Azz Show*
Bodysuit: Epic | Moto Lust Bodysuit | Nude *The Azz Show*
Stockings: Blah | My Toeless Sheer Stockings | Nude (with appliers)
Polish: Wicked Peach | Panda

Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

LotD – New Years Eve

Hi Everyone!! Happy New Years Eve!!!  2013 has been ok to me, I am hoping 2014 is a lot better though!  I’m not doing much in RL, so I thought i’d dress up in SL! :D

LoTD - New Years Eve

My beautiful Necklace and Dress are both from Baiastice and really see me into the new year well .  They both come in oodles of colours and are gorgeous!  The dress is both sexy and classy, and the necklace is simply exquisite!

My skin is from TDR as is from Al Vulo, and my hair is one of the 12 days of Christmas hair from Ploom!    Just a brief post, but Happy New Year, one and all <3


Hair: Ploom | Verity
Skin: Al Vulo | Mimi | Milk *TDR*
Necklace: Baiastice | Rajah | Onyx
Dress: Baiastice | Grace | Mustard


Newness abounds, a few outfits and hair for you today, huzzaaaah!


You may need to view larger to see the gorgeousness in detail, but you can manage that.  coldLogic released 7 new outfits/combos this week and oh em gee, gorgeeeeeeeeeeeous!

There is a nice mix to choose from.  You get three skirt/cardigan/shirt/belt combos, 2 tight little dress with belt combos, and two sweater and skirt combos.  The best thing about all of these is the sheer ability to mix and match,  with ALL the outfits you get various alpha layers for you to mix and match, wear as a full outfit, wear pieces together, it’s great!   If you really went for it, you could layer different pieces from different outfits together and it would look bloody great.

I always love the colours that coldLogic choose, some are more neutral, but you can mix them with a pop of colour, others are bright and beautiful and you can tone them down with some softer hues.  Such a wonderful, well made and beautifully textured mix this released, for the sassy, the cozy and the sexy!

Also shown are new hair releases,  the larger picture to the left sees me in one of the 12 Days of Christmas hairs from Ploom, if you aren’t keeping up with these you are losing out.  This particular style is a cascading side pony, it made me feel cute in my serious suit :D

The othes hairs are from Truth’s mahooosive release, 6 in total.  A gorgeous range from braided updo to sleek medium length straight style, braided loose pony to cute updo with headband and more.   i do love it when a larger release comes along as there is always a nice mix of styles for me to squeee and woooo over.   I think the loose braided pony, also known as Melita may be my fave this time around, but how can you ever choose?

Other items worn are by IKON, Glam Affair, Frooti and SLink.

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available <3

LoTD – Horrifying Edition

Another Horrorfest centralised blog post today!! YAY!  This time a little look of the day inspired by it.

LoTD - Horrifying Edition

So yes, I am stood on a table and a effin’ excellent table it is too!  It’s the Half Deer Horrorfest Terror Table!!!!  Shown here in Black, look at it?! OH MY GOD ITS THE BEST TABLE EVER!!!!  I am so making room for this in the house.   On the table, along side me are Adore & Abhor’s Horrorfest items which are Limited Edition, more about those at the end.    But for now my look!    The Plastik have a bunch of goodies out, and I am wearing the Viviana Dress in Undeath, and the Foxxe Makeup in Wither, both gorgeous items, worn here over one of the Glam Affair Horror Edition skins, but all of those tomorrow in a skin post!   I found the Petal Appliers for SLink work just great with this tone too, SCORE!  My ring is one of the Gacha rings from Circa and there are sooooooOooooOoo many gorgeous ones to win! I am fast becoming a jewellery fan, what is going on?!   As you can see in the close ups below I am wearing some awesome Blood Drip Nails from Wicked Peach and my shoes are from TSG and are part of the spooky Lolita release!   Spinkers on your feet? THIS IS YOUR PLACE!   I must tell you the hair is Squirrel by Ploom and was yesterdays item for the 13 Days of Halloween!!! Make sure you check back each day for something new and exciting, today is a broom and pose set, GO GET!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Up Close and Personal

OH! My eyes are from Insufferable Dastard! and pose from Adorkable, and below you see the lil devil and witch from Adore & Abhor in their close up glory, you can use them as props or attach the hold version and cuddle their little sour faces. HUZZAH!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Lil Friends


LoTD – Lazy Sunday for Willis Edition!

Hola fellow SLers!  A little look of the day today, it’s Sunday, I’m feeling lazy… but enjoy!

LoTD - Lazy Sunday for Willis!

What better to do on a lazy Sunday than a bit of yoga?  That’s what Willis decided to do today!  Good on her.    The perfect outfit for it would be the new Yoga get up from Stellar, it comes in 6 lovely colours, Green being my colour of choice, and is sexy sexy SEXY!!!   I am not afraid to admit my shoes are very very very very OLD, and are from Epic, I wanted to wear them one last time before I consider deleting all the non mesh stuff in my inventory, but I probably won’t.   My hair is one of three new styles from Ploom! Genie is a lovely full ponytail with blunt bangs, delicious!

Ploom @ Body Mod Expo

My skin is also from Ploom and is the Harlow – Grape Soda edition for the Body Mod Expo!   Lovely purple eyes with nude glossy lips in allll the usual Harlowe tones. YAY!   Eyes are from IKON, pose from Frooti and luscious lashes from Mon Cheri.

Enjoy your Sundays <3

Leila @ Belleza!

Belleza have released a full line of Leila! No more snippets from events or discounted skins, you can now own the full spankin’ line!

Leila @ Belleza

Leila comes with available in 14 makeup options (as you can see I only snapped 12, DOH!) and she comes in 7 skin tones ranging from the gorgeous Pale shown here to a rich dark Mocha

With each purchase you will get 3 eyebrow options ans freckles/cleavage layers in tattoo format and if you decide to fatpack the gorgeousness, you will receive a bonus of a pack of lipstick tattoo layers! YAY!   Leila is such a lovely skin, pretty, vibrant, young… the body work is AMAZEBALLS and as you ca see the makeups range from softly barely there to a more vivid lip/eye combo.   I think you need to demo these if nothing else!

Also work are eyes from IKON and new Believe Neck Tattoo from Essences as well as new Ploom hair for The Boobies Show! <3

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.