coming soon.. to a PXL near you..

.. is the delectable JADE! Hart has made a lovely new skin!  Pretty picture heavy, sorry bout that!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Tones

These are the tones for Jade, from a lovely milky white to a much darker shade, the gradients getting slightly darker as you go up, so that perfect tone is probably in there for you somewhere!   The skins come with 5 eyebrow colours (not shown) on tattoo layers including an eyebrow eraser, freckles and no freckles, enhanced face option,  nail eraser gloves, one breast de-enhancer and one breast pushup tattoo, lip gloss x 3 and moles in three shades!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Faces

Above are the three face options you get with each skin… normal, enhanced and freckles!   The enhanced version you can tell better in world, the cheekbones are more pronounced and just little features that a picture probably doesn’t do justice.

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Moles
Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Gloss

You can see the moles and lip glosses above, all on tattoo layers and completely optional!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Lips

Now above you can see ALL the skins/makeups available.  I have shown them all in the same tone, with the freckle face.   You get such a range!  The eyes are all basic, as you get eye tattoo layers as options (shown below), but you can see that the different lips are lovely!   There are peaches, plums, purples, reds, lights, darks… even a yummy fade and chocolate too!     I really love this face, it has a hint of innocence but also exudes sexual RAWR too, well at least that’s my opinion!

Coming Soon - Jade @ PXL - Eyes

The eye tattoos above are all available so you can mix and match with any of the skins you choose, there is a lovely mix of smokeys and liners, barely there’s and bright pops of colour!  You will need to view larger to see them on a better scale, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Jade is a lovely skin, with a beautiful body… excellent shading and toning, a wonderful sweet face and lots of options and girls, do we not like options!?  My hair is from Slink @ HF13 and my eyes are IKON!

It’s coming REALLY soon!

Fashionably Erratic!

Hello ratfans, a huge new release from Erratic to show you today, as well as a few bits from .oh!Liv.

New @ Erratic

The new Cary Double Tank and Briony Shorts from Erratic are SO bloody gorgeous!!!   I have six mix and match looks above that you can make with the fatpack, or purchasing the colours you want individually.  The tanks are double layered and also come with a texture layer for a majority of the underneath layers so you can make a longer tank, I really love that idea!   The outer tank is tied in a cute little knot and just looks so beautifully summertastic.  I found the S size in these fit me without an alpha, so that was great too!  Not that wearing an alpha is a trauma, but still, it pleased me.   The shorts are also divine and make your ass look just darn’ tootin’ (not as in farting, ew) and they come in such lovely colours and patterns and go wonderfully with the tanks, as well as anything else you want to put them with!  You can see a full collection of the colours/patterns of both fatpacks below, just yummy.

Erratic Tanks - Colours

Erratic Shorts - Colours

Also just released by a relatively new store to me, .oh!liv. were some face/body freckles.  There are 3 versions in the pack including full face/body, nose/body and nose/cheek/body!   They are just lovely! I know a lot of freckle layers come with skins, but they all add something unique, and I really adore these ones,   I put them over my PXL skin and don’t I look ADORBS?! I DO!      I am also wearing an Exile hair, IKON eyes and poses are all from Adorkable <3

New @ .ohliv.


They will not force us…

… they will stop degrading us…. COME ON!  Sorry, bit of a Muse moment there.  Here are some new goodies for you!

LoTD 09/04/13 - Look 1!

First off we have a gorgeous new cocktail dress from Pure Poison!!!   It comes in an array of colours but I felt a bit vampy red today, so that’s what you got.   It’s a shortun, so make sure you’re wearing your best undercrackers.   I paired it with a new skin from Glam Affair which I’ll talk about a bit further down!   The hair is an Exile hair, one of the best on the grid, all poses on the post are by Adorkable and as ever, my eyes are IKON!

LoTD 09/04/13 - Look 2!

Next we have a great new dress from Elate! Also in various colours and it comes with the bonus Ivy Necklace too!!!  Such a cute, simple number but really stunning, I love the two tone effect!! The necklace is a gorgeous addition and is such a nice surprise to get with the dress :D   I paired this with an older Elikatira hair and put on my cutest look, I really love this ensemble.   I put it with a new PXL Skin, but as above, more below!

Glam Affair - Margot

The new Margot Skin from Glam Affair is out at C88 as we speak and is just lovely.  It comes with an array of eyebrow colours too, so you can match it to your drapes perfectly :D  There are six gorgeous options, including a bare face (not shown here).  You can see you get a nice mix of makeups, from muted lips, orangey lips, pinkys…. smokey eyes, and gorgeous eyes.  All divine.  Nothing at all but praise for these gorgeous babies!

New @ PXL

Also at C88 are these four skins from PXL!  A range of makeups again as you can see, if you want cateyes the red one is GORGEOUS…. I personally love the Lime one, who doesn’t love a bit of green?!   A very pouty looking face, but I think it looks perfect!  A really good range of skins it seems this time at C88 :)

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page if available

It’s a Sin

Well, I don’t know what’s a Sin, but pretty sure we’re all sinners in some way, yes? Yes!

7 Sins @ PXL & Global Domination Goodness

PXL have released a new Gacha skin!  This time it’s based around the 7 Deadly Sins.  You will have to click through to Flickr to see a bigger picture, but I can assure you these babies are well worth having. Gluttony (the larger side pic) and Lust (top right) are the Rare skins, the rest are just regular.  They are all very different, some a bit cuter than others… like Gluttony comes with a Cherry for the Tongue, and some a bit darker… Wrath (bottom right)  is a bit of a smokey beauty for example.  At only $L99 a play these are going to be filling up your inventory fast, trust me!   Also worn in this photo are two more prizes from Global Domination!  The gorgeous off the shoulder top is the prize from Decoy, and it comes in 4 lovely colours.  It’s mesh and comes in standard sizing, and comes with 2 alpha options too!  The hair is one of two prizes from Alice Project (a special streaked version also available as an incentive prize) and this is Tyr!  An updo with a lovely mesh rose on the back (you can’t see that, sorrrryyyy, you’ll have to go and win it).  A really beautiful combo, especially with the skins too!

Gia @ Ploom

Another new skin out recently was Gia from Ploom.   Shown here in Vanilla, this is another one you will have to click through to view larger.   Gia comes in a huge variety of tones and has appliers and tattoo layers and much more!   Each “pack” doesn’t only come with an array of goodies including lashes and nail covers (for use with prim/mesh nails) they also come with two make ups!  So you get two, for the price of one really, and I love a good bargain.   I haven’t taken a body shot, but you can see one over here if you’d like to see Sasy semi naked: CLICK ME.  I can tell you that I was super impressed tho, super clean and not a seam in sight, soft not too harsh, this really is a beautiful skin.  Also included with each skin (or pack) is a set of 14 lipsticks, making it an even BIGGER bargain than you can imagine.  I haven’t shown the lipsticks here, I figured you can go and look at those for yourself when you rush and buy all.. ok ok… some of the Gia skins (no really, get them all).   The hair worn in this is the Victoria hair by Alice Project and I did take a shot to futz around with in PS when I get the chance, because under the cut, covering my lady bags are the most wonderful curls!

Also, while I am here, since I am no longer super active on any social networking platform, and since I have become a bit busier in RL I have a new RL blog (well two actually!).. If you’d like to read about what i’m up to (i start at an Animal Shelter tomorrow as a volunteer.. that sort of thing), please do feel free to follow me over at Octopi and Jellyfish <3

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, unless linked

Day 22 of 365 LoTD – Get yer Shabby Cat on!

Hallo… Day 22 is calling!

Day 22 of 365 LoTD

Today I’ve gone casual with my new items from Shabby Cat and my gorgeous new Tattoo and Skin!   We’ll start with my attire.   Both my top and jeans are new from Shabby Cat and come in various colours/washes and of course, all to standard sizing, I really love the top, it’s lose, comfy looking but sexy too, and it’s studded!!  Who doesn’t love a bit of a stud? Hmmmm?   The jeans are also loose fitting with a hugely comfy and casual look to them, with a cross belt and I found they fit over my E-Wings just perfectly, which is always good, because I don’t own many shoes that fit under baggy jeans, or jeans that fit over my shoes!  Make sure you visit Shabby Cat and demo, then purchase ALL THE THINGS!

I am digging my new tattoo from Half Deer,  It is currently only $L35 and is available at that special price for The Retreat and it will be $L50 after, so still very reasonable.  I am wearing the “Keyhole” tattoo, but you can also find a matching “Key” one too!  They are trans so you can buy one for your loved one(s) and hand them out like candy, who wants the key to your hole? Hmmm? Who gains special access?   Who knows! All I know is that it’s super cute!

Also worn is my new PXL Vip Group Gift Skin!  This is Sophia Decadance and she’s a little emo beauty.   I’m probably crying because I have nobody trying to ram their key into my hole, why would you be crying?  Maybe you’ve just been caught in the rain… the world is your oyster with this skin if you want to take pics with a smidge of feeling to them, beautiful!

PXL Vip Gift

*All SLURLS, if available, can be found on the Store Locations page if not linked!


Skin: PXL | Sophia | PA Decadence Skin *VIP Gift*
Hair: Alice Project | Wonderland SE
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Sapphire
Tattoo: Half Deer | Keyhole Tattoo *NEW*
Top: Shabby Cat | Siouxsie Studded Crop Top | Teal *NEW*
Jeans: Shabby Cat | Gemma Jeans | Dark *NEW*
Shoes: 2REAL | E-Wings
Pose: *Frooti

Plethora of Pretties!

Hellloooooo!! I am desperately trying to catch up on my blogging, how can someone blog once a day and still feel behind!? Because people release so many wonderful items!  My blog folder is a mile long, so this post is going to be kinda huuuuuge! I’ll keep the wiffle waffle to minimum incase you actually do read the post, and just throw pictures of myself at you :D

First we will start with a simple Look of the Day!  Sakide have this lovely Frost outfit out, and there is a matching mens set too (sans skirt :P), it’s mesh, it’s pretty and intricate lace, it’s just lovely!  It comes with mittens and scarf and of course with various sizes of mesh skirt/collar etc.   I’m also wearing the gorgeous new PXL VIP Skin!  Faith Old Hollywood is a grey skin with a gorgeous pop of ruby red lips, perfect for your monochrome shots, which I kinda achieved here, except with the lips and hair!  The hair is also new from Lamb, one of two fantastic styles!

Winter @ Sakide

Over at Pixel Mode, now Tya has finished building the Oz sim (blogged just before this post – Strangelings!) she has started releasing again!  I spoke to her last night in world and she said she wanted to get some holiday releases out, and just look!  SO MANY SCARVES.. and Mittens! CUTE MITTENS!   The first picture showcases the colours available in both the mittens and scarves, the basic, no frills colours… just knitted (or suede for the mittens) goodness!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Scarves

This picture showcases the mittens in all their meshy glory, and the not so plain scarves!  There are stripes, leopard spots and checks in a variety of colours.   I really love these scarves, they are simple but do the job wonderfully, they also come in 5 sizes, which I didn’t realise before I’d shrunk my chest, so if you’re a bigger chested lady, don’t worry, this is the smallest size and my chest was set to around 30, and there are four bigger sizes, yay!  The mittens are just lovely, the texturing is amazing and the colours are so adorable!  I love the pastels. YAY PM!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Mittens & Scarves

After I begrudingly removed my PXL skin (however creepy does that sound!?) I popped on my new Essences Skin, this will be available at the brand new TDR Fusion and oh em gee, gorgeous!!  I am wearing the other new Lamb hair in this one and a new mesh dress from Phosphenes, shown here in just two of the four colour available, the dress oozes cute and innocent… of course what it’s doing on me, I don’t know, I am guessing I am totally on the naughty list this year!

New @ Phosphenes

Here are the three makeups you get with the skin, you also get a variety of blushes too .  I really REALLY love this skin, it’s so smooth and natural looking, even with the makeups, it’s just one of those skins that you feel at home in, ya know?  Inka is coming on in leaps and bounds with her skin work and this shows it.  You get a variety of brows too, only three shown here, and I didn’t wear lashes so you could get a better look! GORGEOUS!

Essences @ TDR Fusion

Finally! Cheeky Pea and HANDverk have these wonderful Yule items out at the new Mens Department! I must admit, I’ve never been before.. I think I’ve been missing out! Not everything is for the boys (sorry guys, we like to muscle in where we can), and I must now go EVERY time!  This mesh Antler Tree is just… the best tree EVER! Isla does such great work, and this is no exception… I feel it will take pride of place in ALL my SLhouses this year.  Also something I fell in love with, the Cardboard Head from HANDverk!  LOOK! ITS SO CUTE!! It comes in traditional cardboard with wreath, of this minimalistic white one with just one bauble, the reflection of the head is in the bauble too! I love little details like that, well done HANDverk!

Winter @ Mens Dept

All poses used are from aDORKable Poses, one of the best posers on the grid, in the loveliest way! <3

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page <3


…nearly.. I vowed not to do much christmassy on my blog until at LEAST December, we’re almost there and I have caved.

TROMPE LOEIL! WHAT IN THE WORLD… this is gorgeous!  Cory has outdone herself once again with this fabulous Advent Calender!    It will be available from tomorrow at The Arcade and is an interactive beauty!  The Advent Calender itself is free, it’s the keys you are playing for, and for only $L25 a pop!  The Calender is a gorgeous piece of work and after you rez your key, you get to watch the corresponding door open, the star light up and you are offered your prize!   Do remember to click accept, you won’t get a second chance at the item, you’d have to get a new key!   The doors can then be closed again so you can open and close them, keep it for decor, do what you want!  The prizes inside vary, as you can tell from just the few I opened below.  You can get lanterns, bows, snowflakes, tree decor… everything is so cute! I love this idea!  Do remember if you are trading keys if it says USED it will NOT work on your calender, once the key is used it’s pretty much useless, except for decor!

Advent Calender @ Trompe Loeil

Also on the christmas theme today… Schadenfreude have these gorgeous lil… I dunno what they are.. dolls? ornaments? wonderful things out for FLF!  It’s a little preview of the items that will be available at The Arcade, and I for one am super excited about these, because they are SO EFFIN CUTE!

Schadenfreude @ FLF

A mini look of the day from a few new thingers!  The skin is from PXL and is the Gaia With Love Hunt Gift!!  She’s a pale, pink beauty.  Maybe not your everyday skin, but definitely very lovely and best of all it’s a hunt gift so it’s super cheap!  Such a great bargain.   I paired with with one of the awesome new jacket/top combos from Blueberry, my oh my.. these are delicious!   A Leather Jacket with a Tank underneath, and each Jacket Colour… and there are a few, comes with various colours of tank too!!!  I then pulled on the sexy mini skirt that is new from Red Mint.   These are very versatile and come either alone, or with showing underwear, that you can colour via hud.  I chose to wear it solo, but the underwear is a kind of tanga style with the strings your hips, the sizing for these is different too, you get between sizes so you should find a good match to your size.   Also worn is one of Truth’s newer styles, still one of my faves, pose is from aDORKable!

LoTD - 30/11/12

Here is a brief peek at some of the colour options/combos you can find for the Blueberry Jackets, I really love the texturing on these babies, shiny but soft, not fake looking… just plain old sexy.  Pretty sure you’ll find a colour that suits you, and what you wear!

New @ Blueberry

Finally for today some eyes from Adore & Abhor for FLF!! You get all 5 in the pack and these are some starry looking beauties!   With a bit of a galatic theme, these eyes aren’t your every day eyes up close, but from a distance you can’t see the superb detailing, so it’s up to you to wear them in close ups so you get the feel of them, or far away where they look like regular, gorgeous eyes! YAY!

Adore & Abhor @ FLF

*SLURLS are available on the Store Locations page

Monday Monday…

… yep, it’s MONDAY.. BOO HISS etc etc.

A couple new goodies for you today, and a lil preview.

First we have some new jumpers from Reila Skins! Obviously the store doesn’t just do skins, yayy! These are all chunky knit style longer sweaters, perfect for fall/winter and in very vibrant colours!   Wear them as dresses (like me) or pair them with pants, leggings, hell even a skirt and boots… whatever you choose to wear with them, they will make you look comfy and cozy and gorgeous!   I also wore a new JeSyLiLo skin with these, a pouty beauty in a pale porcelain wrapper, yay.   The hair is one of the 2 Collabor88 hairs from Clawtooth, rigged mesh and gorgeous as always, I particularly love the choppy bangs on this baby.

New @ Reila

Next we have the gorgeous Cullotes and Bolero set from R2, also available at Collabor88, it comes in all the painted desert colours and looks absolutely stunning.  The meshwork is amazing and the texturing matches in the amazeballs stakes, definitely some of my favourite pieces from this round, and again with the Clawtooth hair! SO PRETTY!  Also worn is a preview of the new skin from PXL, this one will be available at Around the World and the preview will come in two tones, four makeups each and various tattoo layers.

LoTD | 12/11/12 - Collabor88 Style

I have taken a quick preview snap, the skin reminds me of Kate in many ways, and I wasn’t sure it would suit me when I saw the ad, but it’s amazing what a skin can look like on a different shape, the same with a lot of skins actually, I was the same with the Jesylilo skin, the ad was lovely but not me… I wasn’t convinced it would look good, but it did!   Anyway, this skin is lovely, the shading is perfect, the brows are gorgeous, everything is as you’d expect from a PXL skin, I’m super excited for Around the World and you should be too!

PXL @ Around The World

All SLURL details are on the Store Locations Page!


LONG old post for you guys today, picture heavy so bear (bare.. whatever floats your boat) with me! <3

Truth release 3 new hairs yesterday!   All rigged mesh, all beautiful.  There is an over the shoulder braid with a bouffant looking back (wish I owned this much hairspray in RL! to get this look to stay!), a really gorgeous, longer style whimsical high pony, a very full pony with curls and whirls and general beauty!  and finally a sleeker style with bangs across one side of the face and cascading down in a gentle over the shoulders style.   Three different styles but all well worth buying!

New @ Truth

Exile also released 2 new hairs!  A bit of a fuller style on the left, with longer over the face bangs with a hint of a windswept feel to it! and then a pony/updo longer style with a centre style bang look going on.  As you can see I am STILL rocking the new fade textures from Kavar, I love them!  Both styles are very different but both could totally work as a classy or casual look.  I chose to wear both my styles (and Truths) with a jumpsuit I got at Limited Bazzar that I just couldn’t resist, and below I am wearing the GORGEOUS new Essences skin available at TDR for a STUPIDLY reasonable amount (as with all TDR items!).   She’s really striking, but beware it only comes with black brows AND complete with beauty marks, so please demo unless you have your own! :D

New @ Exile & Essences for TDR

Now we have a HUMUNGOUS release from coldLogic, I could sit all day and still not have finished writing by bedtime about ALL the goodies on offer, so I have done a few collages to try and showcase at least one of each pack available (I think I missed a couple, SORRY.. there were soooOoooOooOoOooOoo many pictures for me to sift through!).

ANYWAY…  The three skirts available are fooking awesome!  Three different texture styles, these skirts look like mini wraparounds and are so adorable!  The folds and wrinkles on them are wonderful, of course the new jeans (right hand side) are adorable too, although they do come with a front pleat that makes it look a bit like my mums been going through my ironing and tried to put a crease into everything, not really my style with the crease/line at the front but VERY adorable, and they come with 2 styles of cuff!    Two new longer styles of trouser too, not in a denim texture, a bit more like comfy pants/chinos!

New @ coldLogic - Skirts & Pants

There were more trousers released too. I fell in LOVE with the legging/skirt combos, I truely adore these.  They come in three different sets and make my ass look peachy, which is always a bonus.  I am really going to love these as you don’t find a lot of mesh leggings/skirts/tops that all fit together nicely! WEEEE!  The other styles (and I think I missed one of these) released were a sorta cargo style pant, with cute lil ties at the ankles and really detailed zippers, these babies come in plain and camo versions! (the ass is also great kthxbai).

New @ coldLogic - Pants

I think the part of the release that made everyone SQUEE were the Coats!  There are two styles of coat, both in 4 different “types”.  I snapped one of each and you might not be able to tell much difference in each, but the differences are subtle, like the two tone frill on one of the jackets that isn’t there on the others, or the silver buttons on one of the trenchcoats styles that isn’t there on the others, or the tweedy type material on one of them… the differences are little, but there.   These are SO comfy looking, both styles! I love them both.  I just donned some of Izzies new sheer tights undermine, cos that’s how I roll, but they fit nicely over the new pants I posted above, so that’s a bonus too!  There is SO much newness at coldLogic, you need to visit!

New @ coldLogic - Coats

Finally for today (I had to chuck my other half on to get on the pc and he wants it back!!!) The new Alice Project hair available from FAIR!  OH MY GOSH. Alice is ROCKING the hair at the moment!  This hair comes in the usual infinity style so you can colour it with any HUD you own that works with the system, and you get the hair, the bangs and the braid/headband as separates, so you don’t have to wear the styles same at all! They also come in rigged and unrigged versions. YAY!

New @ FAIR - Alice Project

You will note in a few of the pictures I am wearing Faith from PXL! Well… starting Saturday SLT and lasting for one week ONLY the Faith skin and all the make ups will be on sale for PXL VIP members at a 25% discount. **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS VIP ONLY**… You need to tp to the VIP Group Room to get the discount on your skins, buying in store won’t work for you. The sale lasts only seven days and the group discount will only apply if you ensure you are actively wearing your tag! Faith is the latest PXL skin and a very beautiful one, even if you own the skin it’s a good chance to get some more makeups, I know I will be!!!

All SLURLS are found on the STORE LOCATIONS page which you can click on at the top of this blog