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LoTD – Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed?

Quick LoTD, I have a soap to watch on the TV and dailies to do on Guild Wars, oh and a child free night for BEER DRINKING! WEEEE!

LoTD - Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed?

Full credits are at the bottom but as you can see I’ve gone for a bit of a casual look today!   I loved these denim worker pants from Sakide so worked my look around them, popped on some Ducknipple Sneakers and a top from Pixicat! A brand I haven’t seen before but can be found at Nouveaux (linked in the credits).   The top is just gorgeous, casual and the fatpack with a HUD is just lovely!  Colours for all, including some patterns.

LoTD - Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed? - Up Close and Personal


I accessorized with the new hair from Tableau Vivant, which can be found at  The Fantasy Collective!  A gorgeous hair to fit in with the pirate theme, I absolutely effin’ LOVE it!!!  I paired it with an older Glam Affair Neva skin and some new piercings from Cute Poison, really love these ones, a fair few pieces of metal but nothing overwhelming.    My octopus hand tattoo is also from Nouveaux and is from Moon Amore, it’s a gacha item and I couldn’t resist putting on my Octopus necklace to compliment it!  My nail appliers are from Dark Passions and are the gift at the Mono Fair!

fri.day | Careless @ Pose Fair 2014

Another pose set from the Pose Fair too, this is the Careless set from fri.day, now I did struggle a bit with these with my hands sinking into my hips and I am NOT a big AV, but only on two of the poses, and I do love them!  So casual and cute with a sassy edge.


Hair: Tableau Vivant | Drake *The Fantasy Collective*
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise | Pale Caribbean Blue
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Glam Affair | Neva | America 02
Necklace: Zombie Suicide | Octo Necklace | Black
Piercings: Cute Poison | Genera Piercing
Top: Pixicat | Wide Crop Top *Nouveaux*
Jeans: Sakide | Denim Worker Pants
Sneakers: Ducknipple Z| Paco Sneakers

Slink AvEnhancements with Appliers

Nails: Dark Passions *Monochromatic Fair*
Tattoo: Moon Amore | Octopussy *Nouveaux*

Poses by fri.day *Pose Fair 2014*

A Greyish Kinda Day!

Hi all, Sunday… worst of ALL the days, well if you go to work on Monday and after the holidays at least, eh?  A little LoTD and a few new bits today, trying to play catch up, although I never seem to get there!

LoTD - It's a Greyish Day

Sakide have this gorgeous little knitted number with wide belt, great as a short dress but also would look great with leggings, a slinky one shouldered affair with a bit of a twist, cozy, comfy and sexy.   Of course I had to wear it with the new Wasabi Pills hair at FaMESHed, such a cute style with a bow and a tucked behind the ear look.  Emily looks SUPER cute with the new Lila skin from Izzies, shown here with smokey shadow, eyeliner and appliers for SLink bodyparts, this skin is sultry and sexy, and looks a lot different on me than other Izzie skins, so that sold it even more to me!  Other items worn include a gorgeous necklace from Baiastice in the form of a naked body (it comes with matching earrings!) and a manicure from Mes Petite Coutures!  My eyes are one of the new pairs you can also find at FaMESHed from the lovely IKON!   Always feel so pretty in IKON eyes!

LoTD - It's a Greyish Day - Up Close and Personal

You’ve probably sussed I made my look a bit more casual with some loafer type sneakers. These are gacha items from Half Deer, available at The Chapter Four!  It is $L50 a go and the rare are the florals you can see on the left, and they come with a HUD to change it to four different floral flavours.   They are made for use with SLink Flat Feet, so make sure you don’t wonder why they look a bit odd if you try and wear them without!

New @ Half Deer

Finally, Four, well Three new Truth Styles, released over Christmas, these hairs are scrummy.  Ainsley, Gaia and Parvarti are three very different styles… Ainsley with her shoulder length sleek appearance and a parting to die for, I love it! I don’t know why… Gaia with 2 different styles of bangs to choose from, one for a more.. bedhead kinda look, and Parvarti with her gorgeous, cheeky pigtails!  All styles that are lovely, and frame the face beautifully, huzzah!

New @ Truth


*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page, if available

LoTD – Corset Style

LoTD - Corset Style


Halllooo everyone! I am so sorry I have been a slacker, I’ve been SOOO busy! Family birthdays, a pulled shoulder and laundry mountain have kept me busy (totes not the XBox, nope) and I have been struggling finding time to get on!  But I did, and I dressed up a lil differently today \o/

This look is definitely the sexy side of Willis, with a gorgeous corset from Sakide, and the neck collar is also from there!  The Corset comes in an array of colours and in each colour you get a simple corset, a strapped one (shown) and a hooded one!  With the collar it also comes in colours included in a HUD complete with metal colours too, so changeable with your outfit, or no outfit at all if you choose.

Also worn is a bit of a mix and match jobby!  My skin is the new Belleza skin, blogged previously, complete with Pink Fuel lip Tattoo in INK, and new Mons Eyeshadow from TDR, a whole Ombre set, this is the black version.    I am also wearing a new and gorgeous hair from Tameless! Such a cute poofy bun style, perfect for this outfit, it adds that hint of cute.

Other need to knows are eyes from IKON, Lashes from Mon Cheri and pose from fri.day!


*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Toil Toil… something something…

WELL.. it’s nearly halloween and that’s bringing out alllll the spooky stuff, and ALSO… it’s nearly the Wizarding Faire! HUZZAH! It’s also still the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and OTHER STUFFS TOO! WEEEE! It’s a BIG ole post, so I’ll try not to waffle :P

LoTD - 05/10/13

My look of the day is based around this gorgeous dress from Sakide that is available from the FLUX event!   You can get it in black, purple or red and it comes in both long and short versions with this vibrant sugar skull motif, a lovely mesh item with that little bit of a difference!   I put it with one of the newly released blood soaked hairs from Tameless! A bunch of hairs re-released with 4 blood soaked textures, NOM!   I chose a  blond texture, but you get two whiteish and two blonde, HUZZAH!   Also worn are some older shoes from Ingenue, because they are yummy and black and fit the SLink feet :D   You can’t see my nails all that well but the texture is drippy blood from Carolines new halloween hud, it comes with 5 textures full of cute terror :D  My pose is from !bang and skin is Essences – Wednesday.

LoTD - 05/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

Also from the FLUX event are two sets of eyes, complete with both texture and mesh parts from Pin Me Down!   Eyes as black as your soul with piercing vibrant colours for that little bit of a scare.   I really like the yellow and green ones of these and of course with the mesh bits to them you can mix and match, goodo!

PMD @ Flux!

Now, the Wizzarding Faire starts REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY soon, and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is currently going, all the items below are from both of these lovely events!   UNF, there is soooo much good stuffs to have, it’s amazeballs.  I am not usually and RPer, but I am loving stretching the imagination a bit and can’t wait to blog so much more!  Please click through for a bigger picture.

Make a Wish.. or is that a spell...

The Phoenix is from the Wizarding Faire from Mish Mash and it’s got flappy little wings and a little pile of books at the bottom of it’s perch and gives you random quotes when clicked, what more could you want? ITS CUTE AND USEFUL.. well if you want to know what it’s telling you.   The cabinet and all the little knick knacks on and around it are from 11th Hour and are from the Fantasy Carnival and they are gacha items!  With a few rares and oodles of commons, this is the perfect set for any n00b wizard or witch or… whatever you want really. I like to think i’d be a necromancer, it’s how I roll.   Finally the table and chair are from 22769 Bauwerk from the Fantasy Canirval too!  The chair comes with loooads of poses and the items are soooo gorgeously done!   Put them in your little wizards lair and BOOM. SORTED.

Make a Wish.. or is that a spell... Collage

Well thanks for bearing with me on this massive post! I hope you’ve enjoyed..  all slurls are on the store locations page unless they are unavailable!



Post Number TWO!

I am on FIRE today! Well no, it’s only two small posts but still!  I always feel like I have so much to blog and so little time, so sundays are a nice day for me to get a couple in :D

Al Vulo @ TDRF

You’ll have to probably click through bigger but ho hum, it’s only one click!   The three skins you see are currently at TDR Fusion and are from Al Vulo!    They are so soft and lovely, but you do get the option of the more muted makeups and then the bright red one, so it’s up to you what route you want to go, or just get everything ever, which is how I roll at TDRF, well mostly.    You get the skin with various options including cleavage and different brows and you also get mesh lashes, mesh eyes and lola appliers! WOOT!  Also worn are a few items from DU5!   The gorgeous Twigs and Leather Collar from Olive, and my Surrealism hair from INK!  A great event to  check out, I loved a lot of things but I need to go back for sure.  Also worn in the picture you can just about make out is one of the many gorgeous items new from Sakide!  A lovely little camo style dress unzipped to show some boob, available in oodles of colours.

Have a close up of my face, just for fun <3

Gratuitous FACIAL SHOT


Just a couple of looks I rather liked today. Possible weekend outfits for day or night, if you will. The first I loved for its slightly retro feel and because it makes me feel like a trendy inner-city hairdresser. The second is just one of those dresses you spot, meerkat at and absolutely have to have in your wardrobe.

Sakide Satin Blouse


Rocker Chic


Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – America
Hair: ChiChickie – Jessie
Top: Sakide – Satin Blouse
Leggings: Sakide – Sumatran
Eyes: .ID. – Basics

Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – America
Hair: ChiChickie – Pepper
Dress: Cynful – Rocker Chic
Eyes: .ID. – Basics

Lounging in Cafes

Apparently, the furniture in the shot below was inspired by the creator’s time as a student, hanging out in dorms and cafes. That’s probably why it feels so cosy and, despite being styled to be simple, has a familiar feel about it. It was made by Collage and has all sorts of cute little features, such as the paper fortune teller on the table, just like the ones I used to make in my schooldays, and the mix CD and lava lamp.

Cafe Lounge

And here’s a close-up of the outfit I’m wearing, as it’s sort of covered by the chair in the first shot. I figured that, if I was going to relax like a student, I ought to be comfortable while I went about it – and this Sakide top and leggings was the perfect fit, and easily mixed and matched to boot.



Furniture: Collage – Cafe Lounge Set
Outfit: Sakide – Sumatran
Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – America
Hair: ChiChickie – Kate

Tutti Frutti Tuesday

I know, it’s not Tuesday. Unfortunately, Wednesday is an alliterative nightmare and, having adorned my shots with tutti frutti backdrops today, I had the choice of waiting a week to post them or just plain lying. I have opted for the latter, but at least I’m honest about it.

Georgina and Serena

Also, I took these pictures yesterday, so it’s technically the truth. I wanted to show you a few of the new pretties you might be interested to squirrel away in your own wardrobe, you see. Such as these two dresses and accompanying pretties. On the left is Serena by R3, along with LeLutka’s Dulcina hair and Whisper skin by Essences. On the right, meanwhile, is the Georgina dress from e!, along with Summer skin from Glam Affair and Diva! hair called Layla.

Sakide Adorn Leather

This outfit, meanwhile, is almost entirely the work of Sakide.  The outfit and shoes both come as part of the Adorn Leather outfit and I am very taken indeed with the subtle spikes on the back of the heels. The earrings, which I added for a splash of colour among the joyous monochrome, are available from Mon Cheri as part of the Homeless Hunt, while the skin is Kaelyn 20′s by Izzie’s and the hair is Auxiliary’s Relax. It’s not Tuesday, no, but who really cares when there’s shopping to be done?


Top Left
Skin: Essences – Whisper (Forgive Me)
Hair: LeLutka – Dulcina
Dress: R3 – Serena

Top Right
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Diva! – Layla
Dress: e! – Georgina

BottomSkin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn 20′s Skin (purple lips)
Hair: Auxiliary – Relax
Outfit and Shoes: Sakide – Adorn Leather Outfit
Earrings – Mon Cheri – Odd Beauty (Homeless Hunt)


The Sun’s Still Shining

No need to lament the end of summer quite yet – particularly if, like me, you may or may not currently be living inside your own oven. The marvellous Willis has requested my help in blogging the tsunami of new releases currently hitting the grid and, like any good sister who senses an opportunity, I at first refused and stamped my foot and then begrudgingly gave in, as long as she does the washing up for the next month.

V.e.'s Savage Ensemble

And so I thought I might begin with a post that helps me feel less hot and sweaty than I currently am, and what better way to do that than with beachwear? There are so many bikinis and cover-ups available right now that it was hard to know where even to start, but V.e. rescued me with a zebra print that caught my eye and my heart. It comes as a full outfit and there are alternative patterns available for those not keen on the equine.

Zaara Bikini and Cover Up

Not to be outdone, Zaara has released a range of bikinis and cover-ups that work beautifully together but can as easily be worn apart. There’s a huge range of colours on offer for both parts of the outfit, which makes mix-and-matching a time-consuming affair.

Sakide Ripple Outfit

And then there is this adorable mesh Ripple Outfit from Sakide, which comes with a HUD to change the colour of the top and shorts separately. I’ve shown just three of the shades available, but greens, blacks and more are also included. I think I have my seaside wardrobe sorted for the remainder of summer – just don’t tell Willis how much fun I had choosing it or she’ll refuse to do the dishes.



Hair: Auxiliary – Sweetie Pie
Skin: Aeva – Tsuki (Tone 1, Onyx)
Outfit: V.e. – Savage Ensemble


Hair: LeLutka – Alvina
Skin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn 20′s Skin
Cover-up: Zaara – Ria Coverup
Bikini: Zaara – Naisha

Skin: Belleza – Ashley
Hair: (r)M – No.07’13
Outfit: Sakide – Ripple Outfit

Slow Sunday

Hello everyone!   It’s a slow sunday here, but I wanted to hop on and post, so I did, yay!  A little look of the day and some new skin for you.


Sakide has some new goodies! HUZZAH!  This Denim Dress is just one of them, it comes with a HUD where you can change the skirt, the top and the belts!   I opted for the darker denim look with a few rips and tears, because I felt a bit rebellious although still sweet today.   I paired it with two of Vincues Tuddy Collection items, both the pointed flats and the Leather Jacket!  Both of these items come with HUDS so you can change different aspects, whether you want the entire same colour or different sleeves/soles/laces etc!   I love items with HUD’s like that where you get tons of options in one. YAY!   My hair is from Wasabi Pills and was available at the Arcade, not sure if its out in store yet or will be, but if its not and you don’t have it, you suuure missed out cos it’s super cute!

PicMonkey Collage

Also released was the new Jill skin from Izzies!  Shown here in Peach but available in all the usual tones, she is a beauty.    You get tons of makeups, I’ve mix and matched them all here and you also get brow choices on the skins, dark, light, red and blonde.   Not only do you get all of the above, you get a shape, eyebrow shaper, mole and freckle layers and also nail gloves for any prim nails you want to wear.  If you’re a regular Izzie’s buyer you know all the goodies you get, and they never let you down :D

Enjoy your sundays, folks!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available