Sometimes, I grow up a Little

Sometimes, I Grow Up a Little

I feel this LoTD is very grown up for me, with actual pants on and not jeans, shoes that are sensible – not like me huh? Well don’t worry I jazzed it up with some jewellery and some dip dyed hair, I’m a reb like that.

I love love LOVE this hair from Ploom for We Love Roleplay, although I don’t know if my head shape quite suits it, I am wearing it anyway, it’s still sexy but with a hint of refined.  Blueberry have these awesome tanks out at FaMESHed and you can get them in several (thousand) options, both block colours and duos like I have shown!  Also at FaMESHed are the tres sensible pants I was talking about, the Debra pants from Bueno are such a classic trouser, you shouldn’t be without them.

Sometimes, I Grow Up a Little - Up Close and Personal

Looking a bit closer you can see my jewellery is stunning on every level.  My bracelet is from Arsenal and is a cute little star inspired item and the Septum and Necklace from Moon Amore blew me away big style.  They both come with HUDS to change stone and metal colour (cord also for the necklace) and there is some hefty work done on these babies, they are stunning.

7 Deadly Skins has a huge Anniversary sale on at the moment, but this skin is from Room69 for a bargain price, if you visit the main store though you can find so many goodies! both in boxes for a small amount hunt styleeee and in the SoM group which is free for a short whlie.


Hair: Ploom | Bron *We love Roleplay*
Eyes: Sorry.Asia | Never.Eyes | Grass
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins | Gwen | Apricot *Room69*
Top: Blueberry | Avela | Tank Top *FaMESHed*
Septum: Moon Amore | Arcane  *The Chapter Four*
Necklace: Moon Amore | Arcane *The Chapter Four*
Bracelet: Arsenal | Asterism Bracelet 2
Trousers: Bueno | Debra Pants | Cafe *FaMESHed*
Shoes: Livalle | Classico | Zipper Heels | Brown *FaMESHed*

AV Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | Mid
Nails: Somnia

Pose: !bang

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, unless linked



When I saw the ad for these Octopussssssss things I squee’d my pants off.   Anyone that knows me, knows i have a thing for the 8 tentacled lovlies, so these were MUST haves, not wants, NEEDS.

They are out at the minute for this round of Oh My Gacha as a collaboration between Dear Deer and Moon Amore and they are just AWESOME!   There are four rares that each come with their own HUD to change various bits and bobs, I am not sure I can choose a favourite, although Hippie and Gentleman really float my boat!

Also from OMGacha is this delightful hair from Ploom and if you click through for a bigger picture the rings I am wearing are from Noodles there!  My skirt is also a Noodles item from this round of The Seasons Story.


Hair: Ploom | Equestranaut *Oh My Gacha*
Skin: Belleza | Lola
Top: Somnia | Lacey Tanks *My Slink Obsession*
Skirt: Noodles | Sabrina Sequin Skirt *The Seasons Story*
Rings: Noodles | Dainty Rings *Oh My Gacha*
Hands: Slink
Nail Appliers: Somnia | Bubbles

Northern Lights vs Teal Town

A little LoTD for you today, and with that some new goodies from The Liaision Collaborative and it’s theme of Northern Lights! HUZZAH!

Sways @ TLC

This gorgeous bedroom set from Sways comes in both Adult and PG and you can get the bed, the bench and the side table and all are effin’ GORGEOUS! I’ve never been a lover of… feature beds, you know with one thing that just stands out, so you have to be able to fit it in a room, but this, this is stunning!  With oodles of poses and it’s striking appearance, this is a deffo buy for sure.

I put it inside the Breno  Mars  2 Aurora!  It comes on it’s own, with terrain and with terrain and Aurora, I went for the whole hog.  It’s distressed look is perfect for urban living, or if you want a little man cave, or a woman cave with a bit of GRRR.  The terrain and aurora make it perfect for a skybox too!   Plenty of windows for shadow shots to work and plenty of space for living, if you’re an addict to living quarter buying like me, you’ll adore this.

Breno @ TLC

My look of the day mainly comes from that cute little store, Somnia!  The top and skirt are both from there and I matched it up on a trip to Teal Town!   I adore this pixel heart shirt, it’s so cute, and shows a little belly and shoulder while not being all out there all your bits hanging out!   The skirt is a shorty,  but not an crack shower, so that’s a bonus!  Both come in oooooodles of colours and sizes, the tops even come with “flat” options, how good is that?

LoTD - Teal Town

My skin is Ria from Belleza, currently available at Collabor88, but I will showcase that in all it’s glory in another post.   Also from Collabor88 are these gorgeous shoes from, the Miranda heels come in a variety of colours and are made for the Slink High Feet!   A gorgeous strappy pair perfect for casual or dressier affairs.  My ring and necklace are from Cae and are The Rack item!  Oh my gosh they are divine!!!   I absolutely love this set encompassing love and style all in one shot!    My hair is also new from Exile, all three releases are male orientated this time round, but this one has a fem size too, so was no surprise I wore it, I have been waiting on an Exile release forEVER!

LoTD - Teal Town - Up Close and Personal

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

Just a few casual looks for you today, inspired by some fairly new items I’ve come across and made particular friends with. This first outfit is all about the Cynful Isia shorts, which I fell a bit in love with and would love to pull off in the real world, would my thighs not dribble out the bottom. Keeping with the purple theme, I added Senzafine’s cute peasant top and a pretty headband by MONS for good measure. And voila the result.

Senzafine and Cynful

Another of my favourite things this week is Cheeky Pea’s Port Isaac pier, which is a little piece of luxury for those of us who find beach towels a damp and scratchy controversy. The couch can be separated from the pier, too, should you feel so inclined – which I believe to be a good thing, as it would look equally awesome in a living room. I have just the place…

Port Isaac by Cheeky Pea

Below is the outfit I’m wearing at the end of the pier. It’s a simple look that’s easily thrown on when an unexpected tp comes in for a shopping trip, combining the Marlee skirt from R3volt with okkbye’s Summer Tank in grey.

okkbye and R3volt

And here is what I perhaps should have been wearing – my new favourite bikini, by DCNY. Something about the pattern makes my heart happy.

DCNY Denim Bikini

And finally a Somnia ensemble even the name of which make me grin: I’m wearing the Comic Tank in true retro-Batman style with – wait for it – Floozy Bandit shorts. Amazing.

Hampton Bench by DIGS

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Victoria
Top: Senzafine – Astrid Crop Peasant Top
Shorts: Cynful – Isia
Headband: MONS – Cute Gem Headband and Face Gem

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Jennie
Top: okkbye – Summer Tank Tops – Grey
Skirt: R3volt – Marlee
Pier: Cheeky Pea – Port Isaac

Skin: Izzie’s – Jill Safari – Peach
Hair: Exile – Just a Reason
Bikini: DCNY – Denim Bikini

Bench: DIGS – Hampton Bench
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Youth
Top: Somnia – Comic Tank
Shorts: Somnia – Floozy Bandit
Shoes: DN Mesh – Marcy

Bandana DAY!

Good day fine sirs and siresses!   Today is the last day of the Hair Fair, which means its BANDANA DAY!  So here are my pick of Bandanas, my faves!

Bandana Day!

Whether you want an animated shark (yes, it moves) on your bonce, or a jewelled beauty, a fox, a unicorn or balancing books.. maybe you just want a plain cute flowery jobby.. whatever you want, you will find something in the little bandana store!   I do love this part of Hair Fair, of course I love all the new hair, but Bandana Day is FUN FUN FUN! and reminds us all of the great cause that HF supports.  Make sure you swing by before the end of the day and have a look if you haven’t already <3

New @ Somnia

I donned my cute Cityscape outfit while I was prancing around in my Bandanas!  It’s from Somnia for the Love Donna Flora event.  It’s so cute!  I like to think they are PJ’s but you could totally rock it as an out there outfit, you can buy a day or night version and all proceeds go towards the fundraiser.   My skin is still the Pink Fuel skin from LDF too! YAY!


Happy Monday

Hello Ratfans, and everybody else! A little LoTD for you today, and a few new things <3

LoTD - 06/05/13

I couldn’t help but SQUEE when I saw this top from Somnia for the new 100 Block event that is happening soon!  It’s a MOUSTACHE WITH GLASSES, what is not to love?!  A lovely little crop top with 3/4 length sleeves that shows off your perfectly toned belly and it comes in a bunch of colours!  It’s a must have! I paired it one of my fave pairs of Sakide Jeans, these are the ripped version, but they come in other washes and versions too, they sit on the hips just beautifully, not too high, not too low!   My skin is from Leafy and is an older skin that I have blogged before, and the hair, is of course Teeloh from Wasabi Pills!

Lark - Bustier - 2 Sets!

These bustiers are from Lark and are SO GORGEOUS!  There are a few more sets available, and in each set you get each of the standard size bustier, and a HUD to control the texture change.  Now, I wanted to show you ALL the bloody bustiers but SL for some reason wasn’t letting my mesh load quickly or very well at all, and it took me over 45 mins just to get these pics and that was mostly with shadows off, so in the end i thought i’d just bring you two of them and you can go and seek out the rest of yourselves :D    The HUD controls both the denim wash and the middle texture/picture, so you have five denims in each pack, and five textures, making not endless possibilities but a good few!   Some really lovely ones mixed in all the packs so make sure you do check them out.    Also worn is one of the two new Ploom hairs!  This is Jaden, she’s a long, tousled pony tail that is so whimsical and beautiful looking that I just could not resist popping it on and squeeing!  YAY!

That’s all for now, I must sort more of my inventory, I have a feeling there are things in there that should have been blogged FOREVER ago… damn RL and SL capping! *shakes fist*

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available <3

With Love 2012

It’s nearly upon us, the hunt series we all look forward to!  The With Love Hunt 2012 bought to you by Chic Management begins this weekend!  There are so many wonderful items from some of the best, most loved designers on the grid, as well as some fresh new faces!  Here are just three looks  you can get from doing it!  Each item will be $L10, it’s the steal of the century!

First look consists of the most gorrrrrgeous skin from Glam Affair!  It’s so soft and pretty and with beautiful blue eyes and a peachy keen lips! So kissable!  I paired that with the Glow Necklace and the Somnia Dress!  The necklace comes in an array of colours/metals and the dress comes in various colours too!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!

With Love Hunt - Look 1

The next look is also privy to a wonderful skin!  This is the pinktastic version of Alyx from Pink Fuel that will be available.  She’s so cute and innocent looking with her pearly pink lips and muted pink eyeshadow!   I decided that this skin was best suited to wear with one of the PaperDoll items available, I do love this dress, but I will say this is the L size I am wearing and it still makes me look quite tiny from the waist down, the boobs look great tho!   Also worn with this get up is the stunning set from Cae.  No picture could do the set justice, it’s so detailed and pretty, and it comes in various metals too!

With Love Hunt - Look 2

Finally, another set I really couldn’t do justice, the piercing available from HoD!  It comes in a selection of textures, I chose one of the special textures for the set “Tinsel”!   It’s a beautiful blue/pink hue.  Now, I am really rather crap at placing piercings that don’t autofit my face, but I gave it a shot!  There are two parts to the piercing, the one you can see on the neckline area, and the face one, they are pretty intricate and there are several piercings in each set, but they’re so pretty!

With Love Hunt - HoD


Can’t wait to see what else will be available!!

Saturday Brunch!

Hallo, ratfans! A few more new things for you to peruse today!

We have two new gorgeous hairs at Truth! Nyx and Jade are both 50% off this weekend, so it’s a bargain, grab them while they’re hot AND cheap!  I might actually be in love with both of them this time!  I love the loose braiding around the front of Nyx, I do love me a good bit of braid, and of course Jade is a bit swept to the side, so perfect for pictures, which I love!   I paired them with the Somnia Top available at Zodiac for Sagittarius.  There are two styles, Crooked and Straight Arrow.. and both come in oodles of colours.  I presume they mean that there are two types of Sagittarius… and I think I fit this one to a tee, I am by no means completely wild (except in the be.. nvm) but I am definitely more on the crooked path than the straight, i’m a lil bit of a nutter at times and that suits me fine!  I love to have fun and follow my heart, I love to laugh and smile, but I love to use my intelligence too, I’m a bit of everything Sagittarius are said to be, but that depends on what you read ;)

New @ Truth & Somnia

The skin I wear is the gorgeous new Amethyst from Leafy!  Ok it’s not new new, but it’s not old!   There are 6 tones to choose from, ranging from a smooth china white, to a richer, darker brown… all of the skins come with various eyebrow options, cleavage and the normal things you’d find in the Leafy packs!

Amethyst @ Leafy | Tones

Each pack has 12 makeups, 2 variations on most colours with either shadow, or liner… then a couple of randoms thrown in, like the pure, and the scene style eyes.   Leafy skins are beautiful, I do hope that Kaethe brings out some lipsticks for these skins, as you can see a lot of them are similar, but strikingly beautiful!   I really love how smooth the skin looks, and how well they fit my little face!   The mole you can see is on the skin, so if you’re not a fan of moles/beauty marks, please do demo before you try!

Amethyst @ Leafy


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page if available


Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday! I hope to get a couple posts done today, but here is my target of 1 per day if I don’t manage it! WEEE!

This gorgeous new bed is from FAIR and is a collaboration between Flowey and Art Dummy!  It’s a seriously cute, but simple bed with various poses, all beautiful and with no broken limbs!  It’s only 7li too!  So not only does it look fabulous, it fits in without taking up too much room! A really stunning piece made in the simplest of ways but giving the hugest impression! I love pieces like this!

New @ FAIR | JeSyLiLo | Somnia

Also worn is the new Ploom hair from FAIR “5 More Minutes”.  A pony/bunches sort of updo that kinda looks like when I get up in the morning and I’m tossing up my hair to put my makeup on… and I am muttering to myself “ugh I wish I had 5 more minutes” so this one really hit home with me! Totally adorable and available ONLY at FAIR!  The skin I am wearing is the Lazy Sunday item from JeSyLiLo and is STUNNING for the price! Beautiful ruby red lips!

New @ FAIR | JeSyLiLo | Somnia

The shirt I am wearing is the Pinned Courtesan in Black, an oversized shirt that just fit right in with my “I wanna be in bed” look, from the lovely Sanura of Somnia!  Available in different pinstripes, and also in white, it also comes with underwear on both all layers, including tattoo, to hide your modesty :P

** All SLURLS to stores and events are on the Store Locations Page found at the top of the blog **

Apologies for my lack of prim feet and ugly system feet in place here, NOTHING would attach to my feet AT ALL :(

Hair Fair Preview… and some more things!


First off a small Hair Fair sneak peak!

Mina has three new hairs out!  Anouk, Daan (unisex) and Lente!  Anouk is the wild looking hair, fluffy and roaming free!  Daan is a cute short style, it’s unisex too and comes with mens version! and finally Lente, a cute ponytail, a wardrobe staple!  What I love about Mina hairs is that they come with a texture change hud (if you get teh full lot!) and the Daan hair comes with a highlight hud too, where you can have even MORE fun with colours!!

Mina Hair - HF 2012

Next is the gift from Bleinsen and Maitai!  HOW COOL IS THIS HAIR AND IT’S FREE?!?!!?  I love it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hair Fair for the very reason that I wouldn’t normally see . I adore this style, it’s fun, it’s funky and I SAID ITS FREE!

Blienesen & Maitai - Darjeeling - HF Gift

Now for the non hair fair stuff! Dilly Dolls has some new corsets out, they are mesh and they are GORGEOUS.   They are quite basic looking, as in… just beautiful, elegant corsets.  The beauty of them is they come in two options “Lights” and “Darks” and a HUD that controls the colour of the corset, the piping, the lacing and the eyelets!   I popped on some Mon Cheri panties with them, but you could wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, panties.. naked.. whatever your heart  desires!

Dilly Dolls - 1Dilly Dolls - 2

Finally we have Somnia‘s newest and super cute release: The Argyluarian Dress!  These are just four of the colours available, but you can get 2 sets each with 6 colours in them for only $L300 each!  SUCH A BARGAIN!  They are mesh and come in 5 sizes too!

Somnia - New

I am hoping to have some more Hair Fair sneaky mcpeeks for you, but I have to go out for the day on Saturday and I am busy tomorrow! EEP! I will manage, I am sure <3