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Breaking into a New Home

I am always putting up houses, half decorating, and tearing them down, it’s just what I do! I couldn’t resist putting up this Wavebreaker house from Trompe Loeil that is out at Collabor88…

Wavebreaker @ Trompe Loeil

It’s a mesh BEAUTY! It comes in two sizes and each are plenty roomy enough, with a little open plan bottom area and side stairs leading to a veranda, another room, and then more stairs leading up to a balcony style bedroom (or whatever you want!)  The texturing is fabulous, as always with Trompe, and the craftmanship matches totally in that percentage! UGH I love it!  So spacey an airey.

My Cosy Little Corner

I haven’t had time to set a bunch of stuff up, but I set myself up a little corner in the “lower deck” as I call it all cozy and cute.   I’ll go from left to rightish and give shout outs to the creators of the awesome!   My chair is from Trompe Loeil again and is the other item at C88, such comfy and cosy chairs and with OODLES of anims.   You can’t QUITE see it because I am a fail face, but there is a ladder light, which is what the stars are dangling from, and it plugs into the wall, that’s from Kuro and is SO GORGEOUS!    My table is from the delectable DIGS, the breakfast tray and heart candles are all from CIRCA, two of my fave stores that make the CUTEST things.

Both the heart frame and star shelf are from Sway’s and are just two of the many wonderful items that Sway has been banging out!  The little bunnies on the coffee table are from Atelier Visconti and are a gacha item, a handful to win and all so cute!  Finally my picture room divider is new from Alouette and is the perfect thing for all your memories, or stealing others memories cos you don’t have any, which is what I did. HUZZAH

Moving in at Christmas…

What kind of utter nutter decides to move around Christmastime!? Well this time 6 years ago, I did in RL! We moved into our new home on Boxing Day with a newborn! CRAZY TIMES! Well, this year I thought I’d recreate in SL, although my SL house is a lot nicer, albeit it smaller than my RL one was, a little less practical maybe.

Moving in at Christmas!

Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes has this new winter home out and it’s all cozy and cute!  It comes complete with it’s own sauna and even a pergola with a fireplace outside!   The swing you cam see is also from the same store and is loaded with singles and couples poses with a cute christmassy look.    The house boasts several rooms and several fireplaces, it’s not huge but definitely big enough, it is only partial mesh though but with it’s wall decals, billowing curtains and general cute and snowy look, it’s great!

I threw out a few bits, and as you can see I am still unpacking.  Please click through for larger pictures!

Moving in at Christmas! - Up close and Personal

As you can see, I have barely touched the place, but I know I can make it warm and cozy, and then probably tear it down because I have house changing ADHD .  Several stores have helped me out with my decor, Circa have a great advent going on and you can see a cute branch decal, a mirror, a super awesome twig floor light and my 2 gorgeous caged robins, they are from there!

Also shown is a pose set, but without anybody on the poses.  The tree is from Rack Poses and comes with a box of baubles and a bauble to hold and is a really cute and cozy couples pose.  Great idea!   My sleds and cute comfy chairs, as well as my lantern tin lights are from What Next, the sleds and lanterns are a VIP gift, the sleds come with poses for several people and are meant for racing, sadly I have no friends, well none that were online and wanted to pose anyway.. BOOOOO.    Finally my cute little dolly and stack of pancakes aptly named Santas Breakfast are from Kuro!!!   My trees are mostly from Botanical, and there is a little sled from Trompe Loeil and a cute animal snow bear thinger from Aura, now Auxiliary.

Cute christmassy stuff for cute christmassy times! HUZZAH!

*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page, if available <3

Winter is coming… bitches!

Well that isn’t very PG of me, but there you go!  A little wintery look of the day and homey type picture today for you.

Winter is coming... bitches!

I love winter, both in RL and SL, but I suck butts at decorating for the seasons, I really really do!   I changed my skybox to snow and set up a few bits and was like aww, it’s kinda cozy!   The trees are from both Botanical and Trompe Loeil and botanical, the huge kick ass tree which you can only really see the trunk of, and the skinny fir in the middle are older Botanical items, and the other two are two of the many available at FaMESHed from Trompe!  They come in plain and snow, and with and without lights, both scripted and non scripted, THE LIGHTS FLASH, YO!   Also seen is one of the Igloos from What Next, out now at The Arcade, this is one of the rares, but there are ooooodles more, they come with singles and couples poses are are just scrummy.   The snow people are actually a fair few years old and are from the very loved and much missed Artilleri.

LoTD - Fameshed Style - Take Two!

My LoTD is inspired by the onslaught of Winter. A cute yet cozy Trench from Cracked Mirror for FaMESHed this round, this is the Teal but it’s available in other colours too, the perfect fit and wonderfully made and textured, definitely a coat for all seasons, not just Winter!   I paired it with another FaMESHed item, the Sneja Boots from Mutresse. OH EM GEE, these boots!? AWESOME!  They are chunky heeled knee highs that pack a serious punch. (or kick).  They come with a HUD with SO MANY OPTIONS, you can change various parts of the boot, as shown by the silver/black combo above, and the buckles and heels/soles too.     With 9 customise ready parts and 13 leathers to choose from, that’s a LOT of boots you can make up! SWEET!

Also shown is the group gift from Truth for the month, a cute little up do with a braid at the front, and the skin is Glam Affair, pose is from Adorkable, and body parts by SLink! HUZZAH!



Hi guys, I’m a bit excited, well I was when I woke up and decided I’d go landscape, then I remembered how crap I was at landscaping and how I don’t have a fuggin clue, so now i’m sad again, if anyone wants to give landscaping lessons, PLEASE DO.

Trompe Loiel  @ C88

My plan was to use the gorgeous new Cottage from Trompe Loeil at Collabor88 alongside the beautiful Botanical Trees and Shrubbery from FaMESHed and bring two events together in an autumn spectacular, obviously I failed.  I do much better with fashion but I am determined to crack this home and furniture blogging lark! I NEED SOMEONE TO TEACH ME TO LANDSCAPE PLZ.  Anyway… the cottage? OH THE COTTAGE!!! You will see the insides of it more in the upcoming posts full of furniture goodies but omg I love it! Cory really pulled out the stops with this one and perfectly in time for Halloween and Autumn!  It’s not massive so perfect for a little slice of land, or even a little getaway! YAY!   The trees as I mentioned are from FaMESHed and are from Botanical, I had to buy both the trees and underbrush set because I am in LOVE with the season changing system.   You may stumble and think do I want to pay out for $L799 for copiable trees.. and you will soon be reminded yes you DO.. because they are changable through the seasons, so well well WELL worth it!

Country Pumpkins!

Also shown in the picutre is the cart and hay bales from Botanical, and a bunch of pumpkin decor from 11th Hour, all gacha goodies and all fantastic!  Not all shown here but you will want to treat them like Pokemon and catch them all, I assure you!

*SLURLS are in the Store Locations section

Home Sweet Home

This months round of Collabor88 finishes soon, so you gotta get on over there and buy these gorgeous homes before their special prices have passed!

Trompe Loeil  @ C88

First up we have this STUNNING home from Trompe Loeil!   A lovely mountain style cabin that is materials enabled and ready to make you the perfect little getaway!    I cannot even tell you how squee I was when I saw this beauty, it’s big enough to live in comfortably and you can choose to rez or leave out the fireplace (I left mine out of the picture) and comes with complete home control system all in one little panel!   The wooden beauty stands on concrete foundations making it perfect for living for on the mountains, on the grass, on the water, hell… wherever you choose!  A quick collage of the insides shows you just how spacious it is and how much light gets let in too!   So light and airy but with a rugged workmanship about it.  ADORE ADORE!

Insides of Trompe Loeil @ C88

Barnesworth @ C88

The second home of the post is from Barnesworth Anubis!   Oh EM GEEEEE, this place is MASSIVE and so gorgeous!  The convereted loftbarnpartycentral house is just.. I can’t even.  It’s a bit like a tardis inside tbh.  As you can see from the picture above there are three floors and tons of windows, so it’s light and airy inside.  From the collage below you can see (if you click bigger) just HOW spacious it is, I’ve taken pictures on all levels, but you have the downstairs area complete with fireplace and log fire with a HUGE window/wall going on, as well as a little consevatory area perfect for use as a sunroom or a study so you get the rays while you work!   If you follow the stairs up you come to various rooms, all of them with en-suite bathroom area with a tiled floor and if you go up to the top deck you have a spacious area for use however you want it! Bedroom? Lounge?  it’s open plan so maybe something that doesn’t require a lot of privacy.  It’s a maze, a beautiful, gorgeous maze!

Insides of Barnesworth @ C88


Trompe Loeil – YUMMY!

It’s been a while since I blogged Trompe Loeil, well.. a few weeks, but STILL! SO MUCH AWESOMESAUCE!   Here are the offerings from both Collabor88 and FaMESHed for you to peruse… so pretty:

Trompe Loiel @ C88

This gorgeous and surprisingly expansive Modern Villa is the Collabor88 item!  It’s the biggest prefab I’ve seen from TL in a while, with 4-5 rooms, an animated front (or back) pool that can seat up to 6 avatars and a full control system for lights, windows and doors for the owner (or delegates) it’s a beautiful home to have.  It comes with working fire, and foliage to boot!   Not only does it look stunning from the outside, it also does from the inside.   You can see below a few of the little rooms, nook and crannies you can find, with the light airy space, bleached floors and walls, it’s not overly bright, but bright enough to look clean, crisp and fresh.

Modern Villa - Insides


Trompe Loeil are not only at Collabor88, they are at FaMESHed too!     The Oceania Living Room Collection can be found there in both neutrals (shown) and brights, and each with over 20 fabric changes!   I really need to go and get the brights, although the neutrals suit this house perfectly.   What better than a cozy table by the window overlooking the ocean?   You can get an array of objects including chairs, couches, benches, cabinets, chests, lamps and prints!   Each item with animations (IE the seats etc) come in both PG and Adult with an array of animations both single and couple orientated, so it’s definitely worth money!   You can also buy separately or Cory has made them available in sets too at a reduced cost, BONUS!

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed - 1

I’ve shown a little array of items above, with much more available, and a collection of the chests and a cabinet with elephant inlay (a handful available, tree shown above) below.   The thing I love about TL items is that they are ALWAYS first class.  The mesh work is second to none and the texturing matches.  Just quality items all around!   I think Trompe Loeil might be my second biggest folder in my inventory, stuffed with goodies and always hungry for more!

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed - 2

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

I was abducted!

Well, technically I went peacefully… a week by the sea! It was BLISS, well… mostly.   I didn’t even have a phone signal out there, it felt alien to me!   So what better to return to blogging with than a post with some of the fantastic goodies on offer from this round of The Garden from TLC!   The theme this time has a retro/alien vibe and you can find items both cute AND stunning, maybe even both!

Invasion of the...

I tried to make this look a little eerie, I don’t think I fared all that well, but it is what it is!   These retro tables, stools and lights you can see are all from Trompe Loiel and they come in an array of colours, most of them shown, but you probably can’t see all that well… TRUST ME, they are yummy.   Such gorgeous mesh work, fabulous texturing… why wouldn’t you want them!?:?  It doesn’t matter if you own a diner, you can make them work. I DID!   On them you see the cute Garden Gnome Aliens from Olive, but I thought they looked cute as decor on them there tables, so I just did it!    So intricate and cute!   The picture you can see on the wall is also available from Olive in an array of different colour frames.     The Jukebox is from Standby, I opted for the Yellow, a stunning piece… everyone should own one.     Finally the piece that made me smile and is actually supposed to be worn, the spaceship outside the window!  Available from Pixel Mode in an array of colours and a HUD to change the abduction beam, it makes the perfect decoration too!  YAY!

It’s good to be back, I have a lot of catching up to do! Apololgies if you im’d me or sent me anything while I was away, I capped and then deleted my emails by mistake! SORRY! <3

Sunday Sunday

A lazy Sunday, at that.  It’s Mothering Sunday here in the UK, so I’ve been doing family related things, then decided I’d like to pop on and just do a little blog about what my ideal Sunday in SL would be like, sorta.  Click through for larger pictures.

Sunday Relaxation

This gorgeous set from Cheeky Pea is out for FaMESHed still, so you need to make sure you nab it, the Sara Garden Set comes in both PG and Adult versions, and you can choose from 3 patterns and colours, so you can fit your outside decor around it perfectly, or fit it around that…. whatever!   I absolutely LOVE the little shelter with the day bed that is made out of brightly coloured doors, recycling in SL at it’s finest, ladies and gentlesirs!   You also get a wearable picnic basket and lots of little odds and sods that make this a wonderful addition to your family based items (the PG version has kids animations) or if you’re a bit of an outdoorsy public display of affection types, the adult version is for you!

Treehouse over Troubled Waters

Trompe Loeil recently released a gorgeous treehouse, I have and old old OLD old treehouse of cory’s that I adored, this mesh version is just perfection.  It’s really spacious and the texturing is just delightful.    It comes with the tree detail you can see coming up through the bottom and through the sides, as well as stairs on either side, and because it’s on stilts it is a perfect house to plonk in water too!  I call this my Treehouse over Trouble Waters, as the look is a bit gloomy and stormy, and is how I feel about a few SL things, but let’s face it… it makes a wonderful picture with either a bright, or murky background and I know you are all going to want to own one, or at least.. you should!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, peeps!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, feel free to IM me in world with any questions <3

The Owls are Not What They Seem.

My title today has a point.  I am going to be showcasing items from The Whore Couture Fair, now, a lot of ppl wince at the name of the event, and I can see why, but not everything there is trashy, or dripping in bodily fluids.  There are some really nice, and classy things!   The owls… (or words)… are not always as they seem (or sound).

WCF - Goodies!

The lingerie above AND the skin are both from the WCF!   The skin is a gorgeous, weeping skin from Essences.   This is the new Onagh skin, isn’t she gorgeous?? I know I should have prepared a backstory for this little line up of pictures but… alas, I lack in imagination today!   The corset set is sooooo nice, it fits perfectly with not an inch of “wasted space” between my body and the mesh itself, which I find a lot with corsets… and it comes with everything you see here, in various layering options.  This is the perfect mesh and layer clothing combo, it works so well!   The hair I am wearing is the new FaMESHed offering from Wasabi Pills! SO CUTE! As always.. a longer, over the shoulder style that oozes sex appeal, it was perfect for this snap!

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed -  Vanity Unit


Also released at FaMESHed was a bunch of items from Trompe Loeil!   They are the perfect additions to any home.  The Vintage items simply blew me away as soon as I saw them.  First we have the Vanity Table above, complete with accessories, all of which have animations with them!  You can buy all of the items in the set in various woods/finishes and any fabrics change between a variety of options, so you have plenty of ways to mix and match your perfect set.   I tried something a little different with the picture above, I tried mirroring my image, alas it didn’t turn out as well as I wished, or well.. very mirrored at ALL, but you don’t learn if you don’t try and then I saved over the original so you had to have this one anyway.  YOU ARE SO WELCOME.

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed -  Bath


The bathtub might be my fave item of the lot!  Shown here in Metal, but available in Brass and Ceramic too, this beauty comes with various animations and working taps.  If you click through to see a bigger picture you can make out the beginning of rising steam around the tap, and of course see the water itself!  There are 6 pg and 20 Adult anims in the adult versions, so they are more costly than the PG but whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed, I can be sure of that.
Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed -  Sink & Mirror

The final items in the collection are this Vintage Sink, available in matching woods to the other items and with working water and animations and the mirror, which comes in a pack of 3!  All of the items are well worth their money and they are all just divine.   FaMESHed has always been one of the best events on the grid with so much goodness to offer, you’ll be seeing more items from me soon!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

The Challenge.. and then some.

Happy Thursday all!  A few goodies for you today, the focus of the post being that of The Challenge event that kicked off today with a “Tudor” theme!  A little bit different, don’t you think?

Words with Heart

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. ”
― John Bunyan

The picture above was inspired by the quote above.   I believe, not only in prayer, that it is a lovely thing to have a heart that is full of words.  Mine may be rambling, they may not always be cheerful and positive, sometimes they are sad, sometimes they are full of awe and love and wonder.. but each word I utter comes from the heart, and each word is honest.   I can’t imagine writing hundreds of words that had no feeling, no heart.  I am not the worlds best writer, but fill my heart with words any day, over having my words empty of heart.  NODNOD.

ANYWAY… that gorgeous hunt of a pergola above is Breno’s offering to The Challenge’s Tudor Theme!  It comes with or without curtains and is absolutely stunning. A simple piece, but paired with the right environment and decor, this baby has a hundred uses.   I decided to use some Trompe Loeil Swept Bookcakes with mine, along with a Group Gift from Flowey…. I don’t really do “art” but if I did, this is what fell out of my brain whilst trying to take a picture today.  Words everywhere… me flying about trying to make sense of them… well I know what I mean, eh!?

The Challenge - Tudor

22769 Bauwerk, L & K Prefabs and End of Daze also released items today (as did Michigans Shack, but that post will be upcoming!).   22769 Bauwerk gave us an option of skybox or bench (bench not pictured) and it’s a delightful combo.   The skybox is so vibrant and rich in colour, and big enough to potter about, and fill with wonder.  What a romantic and warm little number, wouldn’t you agree?   The gorgeous bed complete with lantern and attached tree is from L & K Prefabs and is just divine.  I do love a good whimsical bed, and I love that even with a theme i’d call “super sensible” you still have that touch of magic!   The End of Daze item is a bench also, available in various colours, it comes with many animations (as does the bed) both single and couples and is the perfect addition to any smart looking room!

LoTD 28/02/13

Finally a very quick look at what I was wearing in the Words with Heart picture above.   A gorgeous (and very fitting) hair from Lelutka, I can’t keep up with their releases! I think I’m a set behind, but I’ll get there.  The dress is new from Immerse, Lily has done it again with a gorgeous, simple dress with puffy sleeves and a slinky high waist skirt.  It comes in various colours with gorgeous complimentary duos of colour.  I think this one was my fave, I do love a good dusty rose.   The skin is from Ploom and is the Gia skin I blogged last week, eyes are from IKON and pose is from Frooti!


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, unless linked in the main article.