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LoTD – Looks can be deceiving…

A hint of cute mixed with a hint of evil today, just the way I roll, homies!

LoTD - Looks can be deceiving...

I fell in love with the TSG Skin at the Skin Fair and am only now just getting around to post it, I love TSG skins but sometimes I find I need the right look for it, and I found it!  I paired Eun-Seo with a dress from Epic, the Melty Qi Lolita and YUM!  I love it!   The skin and the dress come in different colours (well tones for the skin!) and are just fabboooo!   The dress comes with fitted option too, to fit to all your curves, yay!    I am also wearing shoes from TSG, these are the Kustom9 Shoes and are the lolita ruffles! HOW CUTE!  high platties with ruffles and optional batty bows for the ankles, I have never felt more cute!

LoTD - Looks can be deceiving... - Up Close and Personal

I popped on a hair from Ploom in a delicious dipped colour to match my attire, this is Madison, a curly cutie and with that I paired the Seasons Story item from Amala, a gorgeous crown with colour change flowers for that sweet innocent look.   My appliers are new from hello Dave and are cute little colours adorned with hearts, and to top it ALL off the touch of evil…  The Staff from Wimey is available at We Love Roleplay and as you can see comes with a glowy smoke effect, but that is optional.  Depends if you want to announce your evil status, I guess!


Skin: The Sugar Garden (TSG) – Eun-Seo | X Tone | Brown | Soft Body
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Jelly | Bright Mint & Bright Sky
Hair: Ploom | Madison
Crown: Amala | Nature’s Crown *The Seasons Story*
Dress: Epic | Melty Qi Lolita Dress | Mint *The Big Show*
Staff: Wimey | The Mistress of Evil Staff *We Love Roleplay*
Shoes: The Sugar Garden | Ruffle Platforms | Solid Pink *Kustom9*

Slink AV Enhancments – Appliers – Hello Dave | Heart Palette
Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS can be found on teh store locations page, if available

Happy Mondays are here again…

Not often you enjoy a Monday, not that I have enjoyed much of mine in RL but ho hum, it IS a Monday!  A little skin, hair and bits and bobs today.

New @ Glam Affair & TSG

This is Magenta, the new skin from Glam Affair and this is a GORGEOUS pre-release sneaky peak in the Asia tone!   The lips on this skin are DIVINE, and they all just look so effin’ cute on me, that I had to take the whole bunch and show you!   Can’t wait for the full lot.   With them I am wearing my Cute Poison piercings from Project Limited still, and the CUTEST little collar with bell from TSG, which is found at The Fantasy Carnival Gacha which opens on Feb 1st!  It comes in a handful of differenet styles and you can change the bow and bell on each with a cute little HUD, they aren’t the only things available so keep your eyes peeled.

New @ Exile & Enchantment

Three new Exile hairstyles I hear you say? WHY YES! and unffity unf they are GORGEOUS!  I am particularly in love with this release, a blunt banged longer style, a cute little pony and then the gorgeous wavy long style with clip… yes please!   I super love Exile releases because I love the textures, they are always so crisp and gorgeous. MOAR PLZ KAVAR!  Worn with it is one of the tops available from La Petite Morte for Enchantment, which this time around is focused on Little Red Riding Hood!    Pretty sure people aren’t looking at my eyes if they are looking at teh slogan but it works for me!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

TSG – Bunny

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of myself in the new TSG (The Sugar Garden) Bunny Skin!  We have had sneaky peeks with various skins but the proper range is now out.


Shown here in X tone, the skin comes in various natural tones.  Each skin comes with bust/no bust options, teeth/no teeth options and red, brown, black and blonde brows, as well as a no brow option if you want to add your own!  You also get the option of soft or toned tummy.

You can get ALL the appliers at the main store, including Loud Mouth, which I have worn with the skin because I think it’s cute, I chose vamp teeth, RAWR!

If you feel like it, you can also Demo the Bunny shape while you’re there! Visit TSG! <3

New Stuffies!

Good Sunday everyone?! I have a lil mini post today as I went on a RL Fright Night last night and had a bit of a late one!
TSG & Truth - NEWNESS!

TSG (The Sugar Garden) have a few fantasy skins out for THE AZZ SHOW! ,  5 pastel fantasy tones or the upcoming “Bunny” skin all in time for Halloween.   Each skin comes with brow/no brow, teeth/no teeth and soft/toned body options and they come with various appliers including tango, lush, phat azz, slink and loud mouth!    Such lovely skins, very different looking on Willis but great for some fantasy looks!  I decided to mix them with Truth’s new hairs, all three of them!

Faye, Harley,  and Marleen are the three beauties!   Faye is the gorgeous updo, all tousled and elegant and sexy looking.   Harley the short spikey, slightly windswpet lookign unisex one! And Marleen is the cutie patootie in pigtails, shown here in colours I may not usually wear, but that are scrummy! YAY!

Make sure you check everything out

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

I want CANDY!

Another Candy Fair post, this time clothing and makeups! AND STUFFS! Here is the SLURL for the Sim the stores blogged here are on to start with: CANDDYYY

LoTD - Candy Style

There are sooo many yummy goodies from Candy Fair from clothing, to skins and accessories to home stuffs to ANYTHING!  I bring you just a few things, the most important and LUSH of which is this dress from Epic! Available in many colours and combos it’s soooo delicious!   I love the melty dress with all my heart, I am wearing it here with my phat azz, and it also has appliers for le boobage too, but mine are just my own :P.  Each set also comes with cute little donut/bow headband which fit on my hair just PERFEEEECTLY.    My shoes are from alterego and are the sugarsmack wedges v4, they come a HUD to change the colour combos and each one is bright and beautiful, I just liked the blue/yellow and it kinda fitted my melty boobs! YAYYYY!   See a couple close ups below:

LoTD - Candy Style - Up Close and Personal

Also worn with my TSG skin are the yummy lips available from TSG as part of their offering to the Candy Fair! I think.. THINK.. I shot them all here, so you can look below and click larger to view, but they are plump and lickable, and each comes with both teeth and no teeth versions, I’ve alternated in my pictures.   A few out there colours and some muted too, so you can go crazy or stick closer to home.   They’ve all got candybased names too, which made me smile. YAY! YUMMY!

TSG @ Candy Fair


Hair: Truth | Vida
Skin: TSG | Hope | X Tone | Soft Body w/ TSG Toki Doki Eyeshadow | Cry Baby
Outfit: Epic | Bombastic | Melty Mini Dress | Yellow.Cake-Lemon w/ Bowie Donut Ears
Shoes: alterego | sugarsmack wedges v4
Others: Luck Inc | Phat Azz – Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes – IKON | Ascension Eyes | Chocolate


Skin Attack

Helloooo, there appears to be an abundance of skin releases going on and I haven’t even scratched the surface with this post, but alas… I am tired, and lazy, and have a sick child so it is what it is!

New @ TSG

TSG released the new Kotoko skin!   She comes in 7 tones and each tone comes with both a bust and no bust option, teeth and not teeth, red, black, blonde and brown eyebrows as well as an eyebrowless option and both a toned or soft tummy option. PHEW.   I chose a really light tone and the toned option with the blonde brows.   I’m not entirely convinced that the skin is me, but sometimes I like to throw around different looks, I think I need to tweak my face a bit to “fit in” with the skin, not something I usually do but I don’t mind faffing around to make myself look cute :D

New @ Glam Affair for Collabor88

Next up are some LuLu skins out at Collabor88 from the very talented Glam Affair corner!  You get choices of America, Europa and Jamaica and all makeups are different, I love that! So many choices!   I really love the Europa choices (middle three) with the bright lime eyes and neutral lips! YUM!   The one thing I love about GA skins is how fresh faced they make you look, with luscious kissable lips and perfectly preened eyes.   I never feel disappointed with GA, ever! THEY DELIVER! WOOT!

New @ Essences for Collabor88

Finally from Essences we have the Cho skin!  This is also available at Collabor88 and comes in two tones, a brand new “anime” tone included!   I do feel a bit washed out in the Anime tone, but that’s because it’s not got the rosey sheen to it like the other light tones from Essences, but I’ve seen many people rocking it!  I’m not sure like the TSG skin, that this suits Willis’ face, but hey, you can’t fit your face into everything, right?!   I really love the makeups with the lighter lips and darker eyes, but then I am not a huge red lipped fan.  Either way these are some pretty skins and I look forward to seeing what everyone does with ALL of them! <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available


New Gacha in town and it’s a SKIN based one from Aeva/Heartsick! YAYYYYY!

New Stuffles and Coming Soon!
Meet Amelia!   Shown here in all the items available inside the gacha, as you can see there is a fair amount of skins for you to get!   There are 7 in tone 2, 7 in tone 6 and 1 in tone 4!  The three Fawn skins in the middle are the RARE items, and the rest are just the regular, each makeup comes in tones 2 and 6, so you have a good chance to get what you want!  It’s only $L100 a play too and the skins are transferable.   When you win you do get other goodies in the box like a shape, teeth tattoo, lashes etc, so make sure you unpack before you trade as they AREN’T transferable!

Such beautiful skins, the faces are so sweet and innocent looking, even with smokey eyes but my fave has to be the rare fawns because they are cute! One can never have enough fawn based skins, right?!

Also worn are the Devil/Angel Jelly Headbands from Lark that will be available on Friday at an event which name escapes me atm but I will remember (sorry I am mobile on the way to work posting this, DEDICATION RIGHT?) and the yellow one you can see a peek of is going to be a subscriber gift and I think that may already be available :D  You get 6 glittery jelly colours and all are gorgeous!    My eyes are from TSG and are also a group gift, you get 2 sets of mesh eyes in both light and dark brown, aweseommmme! My hair is from Wasabi Pills and is from this round of the Arcade!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

Cosmetics Fair – OPEN TOMORROW!!

Hey everyone! Cosmetics Fair 2013 is opening tomorrow and I am here with a few of the awesome makeups you can find there… to start with at least :D

TSG @ Cosmetics Fair '13 & Lark @ Thrift Shop

Firstly we have some gorgoeus TSG Lip Laquers, shown on top of the TSG Baby skin in X tone here, you can see they are deliciously kissable! (You may need to view a bigger picture).   They all come for ALL tones of TSG skin, and all colours come with or without teeth, I did try these over my Belleza skin which is worn throughout the rest of the post, but the lips were too small, so if you aren’t planning on wearing them on top of an actual official TSG skin, you may want to demo!

Nuuna @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Next we have some makeups from Nuuna! I have shown one from each set available, in different colours (and some eyeliner).  Each set is stunning and striking, and each very different, as you can see! They all come in ooooodles of colours, including white and black, as well as the popping vivids too.   Nuuna makes such lovely makeups, all of them a little bit out of the norm, which is lovely for fantasy looks or just when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13

The next two sets are from MONS!   Both are sets of eyeshadows, one a more evening affair, one more daysy (it’s a word).  The above ones are sleek, shiny looking nightwear they come in a pack of several and there are both duos of colours and singles, as you can see!   So bright and lovely and with a bunch of colours to choose from you can mix and match them with your favourite outfits!

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13 - 2

The ones above are the more day like affair eyeshadows, although I did find they made my eyes look a loooot bigger than they are, probably because of the crease in the makeup, but I still really dig them!   Lovely muted colours, nothing too bright, but soft and subtle, perfect for a day at the beach or just a general look… although perfect to wear in the evening too! So a nice selection there.

Kooqla @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Finally we have some of the shadows and lips available from Kooqla!   I’m not sure these lips suit me, but I loved how glossy they were, and plump!   The eyes are really nice, soft and smooth with a hint of liner.   They come as separates so you can mix and match or just wear the eyes or the lips, it’s up to you!

Also worn as mentioned in most of the posts is one of the Ashley skins from Belleza available at Summerfest which is opening soon, you get 2 makeups in each tone along with brow options and she is STUNNING, small freckle patches, luscious lips and muted makeup.. YAY!     All of the eyes shown are from IKON and are from the Ascension eye range, available now at the Numerology Event and finally the hair is Willow from Alice Project and at the minute there is a MASSIVE sale going on, and also a new “Create Your Own” way of purchasing and dying hair, so you make sure you check that out too!

So many goodies at the fair, I will be back with some more shortly!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

TSG Tuesday!

Technically it’s Wednesday in the UK but SHHHHHHHH!

LoTD - TSG Style!

TSG (The Sugar Garden) release some GORGEOUS stuff, they have their own hands and feet, and they now do suppliers for SLink stuff too!  So that’s great, but I am not here to show you them!  They have a gorgeous new mesh dress out, I have worn it above in a lovely pastel pink colour, and it’s soooo lovely!  It’s a strapless affair,with lace around the bottom and it makes for such a cute and sexy look.    You could wear it over leggings, or jeans, but I opted to wear it solo with a gorgeous new Exile hair, TSG skin and Adorkable pose! :D

TSG - Stargazer!

TSG also recently released the Stargazer Eyes!  They come in all the colours shown above, and each comes with a L and R mesh addon.  I have shown just the texture versions though.  Whether you want a normalish green, brown or blue, or a bit out there red, pink or grey…. these are are lovely.  They come with a larger star in the middle, and little specks here and there, definitely more fantasy eyes than regular but gorgeous nonetheless!

If you don’t normally shop at TSG or haven’t been before, or in a while, I suggest you go NOW!!!!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

Skin Fair 2013 is OPEN!

..and I have three more creators with skins out there today and I STILL have oodles to come! I will keep the chitty chatty to a minimum, but if I miss anything you want to know, please yell!

TSG @ SF13

The Sugar Garden (TSG) has this gorgeous skin out, named HOPE!  She comes in various tones including various new ones, so fans of TSG be happy there are NEW TONESSSSS.   TSG do skins that are in my opinion quite “baby faced” but really REALLY effin cute, I love them on me and it’s not often I can say that about a younger looking skin.    Also released will be mesh hands and feet to match the new tones (as well as old) and of course the skins come with both lola/tango and lush appliers too, so I popped on a BOOM top to show you how well they match up!   I really love the hands too, although I found them a bit small on my frame but SO CUTE!!!!   You get a lot of options with the skins and I’ve shown both no teeth and teeth versions. WEEE!

Izzies @ SF13

Izzie released the delectable Asia skin.  I have showcased it in the ginger option, I fancied a bit of a change and isn’t she pretty!?  She comes with various mix and match makeups, all of which are shown here as well as the base skin in the middle.  As with any Izzie’s skin it comes with an array of tones and brows, complete with tattoo options galore!   I am really taken with this Ginger version  especially with the gorgeous freckles (yep they come on the skin, not a tattoo layer)

Adam & Eve @ SF13

Finally we have three new skins from Adam & Eve!   From top to bottom, 2 rows deep each, we have Maha, Isabella and Bethany!  All skins are available in an array of tones and 6 choices of makeups per tone.   Also included are tattoo layers for hairbases, nailbeds, dimples, cleavage enhancer/dehancer, eyelid (bare) and freckles!!!  There are so many options its insannnne!   I was particularly taken with the Bethany skin out of all of them ,which come with beauty marks already on the skin but make me look so adorable and kissable at the same time, I hope there are going to be more makeups in Bethany, FOR SURE!!!

Skin Fair – Sim 1
Skin Fair – Sim 2
Details about what is where!