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And from the ashes…

Yes yes, typical Phoenix type of title there, mostly to do with my headgear in this picture, but another quicky post about some events and the goodies within them!

Cubic Cherry &  Lumae!

As you can see i’ve gone a bit rogue with my look today and it’s a bit of everything!   My horns, both above and below are the VN Horns at this round of The Arcade!  The rares are the two intricate ones on the left of the picture below, all others are commons and as you can see they are some wicked horns, detailing is fantastic!   I love the Digital Dream ones with the USBS! AWESOME!   and the commons are just as nice as the rares, so everyone wins!   My headress above is from The Fantasy Collective, from Kubic Cherry Kre-ations.  Such a cute store and a post coming up soon featuring a bunch of stuff from them, this resizable “Heir of the Phoenix” headdress tho is just too stinking cute, a bit of a cartoony feel to it with the drawn flames, SUCH CUTE!!!

VN @ The Arcade

My skin is from Lumae and was/is the We <3 Roleplay skin at 60% off, available in three tones and now with appliers available at The Skin Fair, Lumae are fast becoming some of my fave skins to wear, the freckles are always so adorable.   My hair is also an event hair, this is Sandy available @ FaMESHed from Wasabi Pills, a really neat, cute bob with swept bangs, so innocent and casual, perfect for me :D

Brixley @ OneWord

These eyes are Brixley’s offering at OneWordSL!   These eyes look dewey, teary and a bit “spaced” out, perfectly fitting with the tragedy theme.   The colours are very light but they are beautiful and striking in a very subtle way! HUZZAH!

Now to go and enjoy my Saturday!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page <3

A Little Grey Matter

Bit of an event filled post today!  Full Credits at the bottom!  I went for a greyed out look today, mainly because I wanted to, and because of the event OneWord… the first word was tragedy, so grey felt fitting.

LoTD - A Little Grey Matter

Oneword is a new, bi-monthly event centred around one word! You can read more in depth over at their blog.  The first word as mentioned was Tragedy and it saw a lot of gorgeous, and sombre goodies.  This is my first post about the event but won’t be the last!  My item from there you can see below, from Mango Cheeks, the gorgeous broken hearted necklace.  So simple but so striking! I chose Sterling to go with my grey look but it comes in other colours too.   I do love simple pieces that speak volumes.

LoTD - A Little Grey Matter - Up Close and Personal

Also worn, from the Skin Fair (upcoming) the gorgeous Ivy skin in Snow from Red Mint, they make some gorgeous fantasy skins, and this one with it’s ghostly overtones and slightly pink tinge to the lips is just gorgeous, I always love a good greyscale skin, they come in handy!   There are other tones, fantasy and drow, so make sure you check them out, all appliers available as you can see!   My hair is the newish Yun Hair from Wasabi Pills and is such a full, vibrant hair, cascading curls are always a win in my book.

My shoes are from the Whore Couture Fair from BLAH!  I looked at them and thought perhaps they hadn’t rezzed,  but they were made from a picture that Hoshi was sent, and she did a stunning job making her version!  So cute, fantasy type heels for sure.  They are for Slink High Feet and come in traditional (wooden base) and latex colours for your pleasure.

My clothing is from Coquet and is from FaMESHed, I do love me some Coquet!  The Halter and Jeans come in over a handful of colours each, but of course I found my perfect duo with silver and grey.   The jeans are a firm pair of my most fave cropped jeans in SL EVER! So stunning, I love the top too, although it was difficult to find a pose where my arms weren’t cutting through it, but there are tons out there, as you can see, I found one!

Don’t let your day be grey, go shop <3

Full Credits

Eyes: IKON | Destiny | Quicksilver
Skin: Red Mint | Ivy | Snow *Skin Fair 2014*
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Hair: Wasabi Pills | Yun | Iceberg
Necklace: Mango Cheeks | Feeling Something | Sterling  *OneWord*
Top: Coquet | Glam Halter | Silver *FaMESHed*
Jeans: Coquet | Cropped Denim Pants | Grey *FaMESHed*
Shoes: Blah | My Elevated Getas | White Latex  *Whore Couture Fair*

Slink AV Enhancements worn with appliers – Absentia | Halloween | RIP
Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS unless linked are on the Store Locations Page


Hi from me, here on my deathbed, or you know a bed with a bit of a cough and a cold.. same diff!   Atomic recently released their Muse skin and oh my oh my oh my, what a treat for the eyes!

New @ Atomic - Muse

The 6 tones available are shown above and there is a nice selection, nothing uber pale, nothing super dark, but a lot of lovely in betweens.   You can get appliers for slink, phat azz and booooobs, so your limbs and bits are covered.   You also get choices of brows and two eyelid choices, both are shown above but you probably can’t tell all that well unless you zoom right in.  One has a crease, one doesn’t really.. that’s my technical assessment.

Lips for Muse @ AtomicYou can get two sets of lips, with 9 choices in each, the bigger picture in the middle is just a plain face.  I love that there are different colour choices with the blues and greens, as well as the roses, peaches, reds, purples and darker lips too, always lovely to see skins with choice! I hope there are eyeshadow choices soon too, then my little muse lovefest would be complete.  A lovely skin with a gorgeous sheen to the face to make it look extra cute – YAY ATOMIC!

Also worn is new hair from Wasabi Pills, and the necklace is from We <3 Roleplay, which now has a new round open and is from yumyums!  It comes in a few different colours, I opted for unripe, so so pretttty!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

A Greyish Kinda Day!

Hi all, Sunday… worst of ALL the days, well if you go to work on Monday and after the holidays at least, eh?  A little LoTD and a few new bits today, trying to play catch up, although I never seem to get there!

LoTD - It's a Greyish Day

Sakide have this gorgeous little knitted number with wide belt, great as a short dress but also would look great with leggings, a slinky one shouldered affair with a bit of a twist, cozy, comfy and sexy.   Of course I had to wear it with the new Wasabi Pills hair at FaMESHed, such a cute style with a bow and a tucked behind the ear look.  Emily looks SUPER cute with the new Lila skin from Izzies, shown here with smokey shadow, eyeliner and appliers for SLink bodyparts, this skin is sultry and sexy, and looks a lot different on me than other Izzie skins, so that sold it even more to me!  Other items worn include a gorgeous necklace from Baiastice in the form of a naked body (it comes with matching earrings!) and a manicure from Mes Petite Coutures!  My eyes are one of the new pairs you can also find at FaMESHed from the lovely IKON!   Always feel so pretty in IKON eyes!

LoTD - It's a Greyish Day - Up Close and Personal

You’ve probably sussed I made my look a bit more casual with some loafer type sneakers. These are gacha items from Half Deer, available at The Chapter Four!  It is $L50 a go and the rare are the florals you can see on the left, and they come with a HUD to change it to four different floral flavours.   They are made for use with SLink Flat Feet, so make sure you don’t wonder why they look a bit odd if you try and wear them without!

New @ Half Deer

Finally, Four, well Three new Truth Styles, released over Christmas, these hairs are scrummy.  Ainsley, Gaia and Parvarti are three very different styles… Ainsley with her shoulder length sleek appearance and a parting to die for, I love it! I don’t know why… Gaia with 2 different styles of bangs to choose from, one for a more.. bedhead kinda look, and Parvarti with her gorgeous, cheeky pigtails!  All styles that are lovely, and frame the face beautifully, huzzah!

New @ Truth


*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page, if available


Or possibly none of the above… but I do bring you a few new stuffies in a little post this evening!

A Classy Fairy Sylphy Thingy

Firstly the skins, the gorgeous skins!  They are from Glam Affair and are out at Kustom9 Event, in three different fairy tones these are just GORGEOUS for roleplay, although the lighter ones you can totes use day to day, hell even the darker tones or greys! It’s up to you, but I know they are gorgeous :D

My jewellery is the Whole Damn Pack set mish mashed up into 6 different looks, and you can find them at the We <3 RP event from Sax Shepherd Designs.     The Portia Renaissance Set comes with what you see, and earrings and it’s 25% at the event.   You can buy them in smaller packs but it’s nice to play around when you have such options, agreed?!

My hair is from Wasabi Pills as is one of the rare tones from The Arcade, a gorgeous, simple style that just lays nicely across the shoulders and back with some gently parted bangs.  Just beautiful and really suits the look I was going for.

Finally, my ears are the lightly pierced Sylph ears from Epic!  They can be touched and changed texture and also they are tintable, so I tried to match the best I could!

Night night! <3

LoTD – Event Styleeee!

Hi All!

Hope you’re having a GREAT Saturday, a quick LoTD for you here, feeling like channeling the cute as well as sexy today :D

LoTD - Event Style!

I am still in my undercrackers as you can see!  This time they are a hunt item from Epic, all major details are listed below in the full credits, this is just a little blurb!   They are super cute and come with appliers too, so yay!   I put them together with another Epic item, this time from The Azz Show for November! DIGI LEGS WITH SLOUCH WARMERS? YES PLEASE!   They come in a bunch of colours, this natural beige matched my look tho.

LoTD - Event Style! - Up Close and Personal

What else do I have on? Well the gorgeous Mila hair from Wasabi Pills which is a release at the main store.  Never can have enough bobbed styles, especially not when they look this seductive!   On my head you can see some whimsical Antlers, this are from the Enchantment event and are from Half Deer, my most fave maker of Antlers EVAH!   I love the little Apple, how cute?!

My tattoo is one of a handful available from alterego for the upcoming Thrift Shop, they come on tattoo and clothing layers and also with Phat Azz appliers, woo! My necklace is from Pure Poison and was a main store release, I never got to wears it around Halloween tho… and finally my nails, they were at Horrorfest from Hopscotch and look like they’ve been chewed and nibbled! I just loved the colour so decided to add these to my look,

Full Credits

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Mila | Gingerbread
Antlers: Half Deer | Elegant Antlers | Black (Poisoned Apple) *Enchanted*
Eyes: IKON | Perspective | Oxidation
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Belleza | Nina | Pale 1
Clothing: Epic | Sleepy Neko | Leo – Classic *Dirty Pillows Hunt*
Necklace: Pure Poison | Silver Skeleton Hand Necklace
Tattoo: alterego | crossed *The Thrift Shop*
Legs/Warmers: Epic | Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers | Faun | Brown Hoof *The Azz Show*

Other Important Stuffage: Hands by SLink, Pose by fri.day

We’re coming for you… Barbara

Bonus points to anyone that gets the title of the blog post, COOL POINTS!   This is a quicky today, a boooootiful new skin! YAY!

Barbara @ Akeruka

This is Barbara from Akeruka!  Shown here in the Medium tone, but available in a handful of others she is a luscious lipped beauty!   There are 24 skins in total, but each eye makeup comes with two lipstick options, a barely there gloss (to the left of all the duos) and then a corresponding colour according to the eyeshadow, mostly!   There is a lovely mix of eyeshadow colours and liners, from sparkly princess pinks to combos of colors, cat liner to barely there… and I really love how there is a natural lip option and a lipstick or each one!   I did half the pictures au naturale, and the other half I added the tattoo layer that comes with the skins, there is also a cleavage tattoo too!  I don’t think Akeruka do appliers, but I couldn’t TP again to check it out, would be great if they did tho HINT HINT!

I suggest if you like the look of the skin on me, or even if you don’t, you check it out¬ Akeruka make some wonderful skins, and if you’re still unsure they are always offering a good deal at TDR Fusion from week to week! YAY!

My hair is from Wasabi Pills @ The Wizarding Fair, Eyes are from IKON and Lashes from Mon Cheri <3

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

Izzy Wizzy let’s get BUSY… Wizzy…

I say Wizzy as that’s the name of a very old alt of mine! Wizzy Fetid! AHHH I remember FiC days… also it’s got reference to wizards cos you know. WIZARDING FAIRE!

LoTD - Wizard Style

I popped together a little Look of the Day based around the Faire! I have NO clue how I got it to look so cute, but I love it!  Well I do know, it’s all the yummy goods!   Let’s start with the sweater, this lovely layered number is from Peqe and comes in various colours, I opted for schooly grey tho!  It’s big, it’s baggy, it’s comfy looking… it’s GREAT!  I paired it with one of the Fateplay skirts that is available from the Jenny outfit, Fateplay do have a presence at the Wizarding Faire but I am yet to discover it :D.. my shoes are from fri.day and are made to fit with your slink flat feet, a gorgeous pair of mary jane typ shoes with a little kitten heel, lovely!    My suitcase is from Amala and is posed and comes with options for different houses on the little patch (which you can’t see it’s on the other side, soz).   My nails are from Hopscotch and there are 6 textures to choose from, all HP themed, I opted for the lightening strike! POW!   My eyes are from IKON, skin from Glam Affair @ The Boutique and hair was blogged yesterday and is Wasabi Pills FaMESHed hair <3 <3

LoTD - Wizard Style - Up Close and Personal!

Also worn in the look are these wonderful new lashes from Mon Cheri!   Mesh Lashes with a HUD!   It allows you to change to one of three styles, all shown in the top row and all fairly full, but I really dig them!   Perfect for those nights out or pictures, or well, whatever you want really.  You could get away with wearing them day to day if you wanted, it’s your SL after all!    So you can change between the three options of lash, and within each option are oodles of options including glitter tip, dip dyed and full on colours!   GORGEOUS! I didn’t even have that much of a job adjusting them and I am a lash n00b!

Mon Cheri - Mesh Lashes

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page if not linked! <3

Pure as Snow!

A quick post on this lazy Sunday, I am trying to blog so much and today I seem to be going round in circles winding myself up, so you get a little mini post, YAY!

Pure as Snow

These gorgeous Glam Affair skins in the Snow tone are available from TDR Fusion, so they are cheap AND gorgeous!   I really love the cracked/veiny one in the middle, it’s perfect for pictures and the tone is just so scrummy and pale and haunting and beautiful!    The vivid red lips one is striking and the cateye bitten lips one is UNF.   A trio of goodness!   My hair is from Wasabi Pills and is the newest hair Jade, released for FaMESHed that’s where you can find it in all the usual colours and tones, I went for Powder as it matches the skin tone really well! :D

The headband I am wearing is from Tea.S and is available at this months We <3 Roleplay, available in a handful of colours this matched my eyes from Insufferable Dastard so I couldn’t resist!  A really intricate piece but not overly dressy.  What isn’t to love?!

Happy sunday, everyone <3

Bits and Bobsies

A bit of a pick and mix post today, with a few things I wanted and have been meaning to showcase!   So let’s get onnnnn with it:


FATEplay is the new and exciting brainchild of Damien Fate of FATEwear!   A quartet of themed outfits inspired by Tolkien with three raised from the dead, revamped and enhanced with materials and new colours, you can see from left to right:  Wende, Feredir, Rochon and Ithron.   I, of course, did not put on my boy av, because it’s dated and fugly, so I just opted to don the attire as Willis, I actually think Feredir looks SUPER cute on me!   Not sure about the beard I added for Ithron, but I had fun!

Anyway, a little about each of them:  Wende is a gorgeous dress, with sparkling golden threading and optional sleeves with two rigging styles, the motifs and highlighting on this dress are gorgeous and materials really play their part in that!   Feredir is your typical elven hunter, layered with or without cloak and of course matching boots (optional), again materials really bring out the details in the close details.   Rochon is a gorgeous elven dress with the most delicate and intricate tied ribbon at the front, a lovely flowing number with a bit of a saucy slit at the front!   Ithron is obvs the wizard of the bunch with his pointy hat and little side pouch probably full of potions and magic! These flowing robes come with and without cloak , so you choose!

To compliment each look i’ve used items from Pink Fuel, Slink, Lelutka, Ink, Wasabi Pills and Deco <3

A:S:S @ Love Donna Flora

A:S:S have four sets of SLink Appliers out at the Love Donna Flora event!  In each set you get 8 colours for both fingers and toes, I have picked my fave four from each, you will have to click through to see the details but I can assure you they are stunning and under $L100 AND for a good cause, why are you not buying them RIGHT NOW (if you have, you’re forgiven).   There are Cherry Blossoms, Swirly Flowers, Glitter Flowers and Daisies!  All girly, all beautiful and alllllllll well worth getting. GO.

Baiastice @ The Boutique!

Finally Baiastice have been churning out the item lately and they are one of my most fave brands EVER, and I have been slacking!    So let me show you what you can pick up at The Boutique run by The Liaison Collaborative!  The theme, of course, was Safari and that certainly shows!   You can get both the top and skirt as individual items, the top comes in a plethora of colours, and the skirts I have shown above! Each skirt comes with both a gold and silver belt and 6 plain leather colours and 6 more animalistic patterns and colours!   The texturing is fantastic, as is the mesh work and soooo detailing!  The ruffles on the top are amazzzzing, and it looks so silky and gorgeous!   The hair I am wearing is also by Sissy and was one of Baiastices Hair Fair releases! So exciting to see hair come into play for this store!    I am also wearing the splendid necklace from Cae that is also available at The Boutique and is a immensely detailed elephant head, and it comes with so many options to change too, right down to the fine detaliling!  AWESOME.  It is part of a set so you get bracelets, earrings and rings too. YAY!

Skin is Harley from Pink Fuel and all poses are Adorkable!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available