Surround yourselves with those that blossom…

Not really a LoTD today, or a complete home post, a bit of a mix of both :)

Surround yourself with those that bloom...

I tried the WowMeh Mesh Body and was pleasantly surprised! I wish I could get all my clothes to fit properly though, instead I trawled marketplace for a bikini! (well clothes but settled on bikini), I am sure clothes fit fine if you fiddle, but my nipples were hanging out all over.   I was over the moon to find that Zoul Creations had appliers for their skins for just $L50!!!  BARGAIN!

Surround yourself with those that bloom... Up Close and Personal

A bunch of cute stuffs, mostly for FLF and upcoming Gatchas but all soooo beautiful and well done!  Well I won’t waffle, I know people don’t read it :D

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available *Under Construction*


Hair: Truth | Zoella
Skin: Zoul Creations | Cara | Tone 0 ~WowMeh Appliers~
Eyes: Amacci
Bikini: Genesis Creations | Checkered Bikini
Bracelets: CandyDoll | BFF Bracelet | Pink *Fifty Linden Friday*
Planters on Left: Half Deer | Beary Spring Planters *Fifty Linden Friday*
Planters on Right: Cubic Cherry Kreations | Mandragoras *Fantasy Gatcha Carnival – 4th May*
Stools: What Next | HatBox Stools *Fifty Linden Friday*
Pansies: Alouette | Potted Pansies
Pose: Adorkable

Find me a Home

I can’t ever stay in one home for long, infact I am in a constant state of “moving”… I can’t settle, I rez, I unrez, I derez, I rerez… I just don’t know how to decorate, so I stay in a state of disarray, I have just rezzed another skybox, and it’s already itty bitty, but it’s how I roll..

Find me a Home

You will need to click through to see a bigger picture, but I have taken three wide shots of the GORGEOUS new Nicholaston Skybox from Theosophy, and a few closer shots of items I’ve decided I must be around and live with, no matter how much my decor is a mish mash!

The skybox I cannot recommend highly enough, it comes with a HUD that allows you to change ceiling, brick, doorway and event make an accent wall, UGH it’s so effin adorable, my only gripe is that it’s not bigger with rooms to decorate!  Or you know, rooms to ignore decorating.

There are so many wonderful furniture makers out there, it’s hard to know where to start, I have tons to wade through but included in my decorating at the moment are Trompe Loeil with the most splendid fireplace with candles and drape, and the gorgeous birdcage seat… these items are available at FaMESHed… Frogstar with the Backyard Dancefloor, which I used at the back doors of the skybox as an extended patio, complete with a new grapevine plant from Botanical!  Collage provided me with the much needed coffee bar set, and the sweet heart frame decor.  What Next is my go to place for cute items that are well made, this new bench is just that, put it next to the epic birdcage from Trompe and UGH. LOVE.  Finally some Crystal Lamps from Kuro, simple hanging lights with on and off functionality in gorgeous crystal colours.   I bunched a few of them together for a lovely look.

I did have a LoTD to go with this, but I decided to leave that until tomorrow, when I’ll bring you goodies from Lark (who also make epic furniture items), Truth and L Warwick plus some more! YAY!


Moving in at Christmas…

What kind of utter nutter decides to move around Christmastime!? Well this time 6 years ago, I did in RL! We moved into our new home on Boxing Day with a newborn! CRAZY TIMES! Well, this year I thought I’d recreate in SL, although my SL house is a lot nicer, albeit it smaller than my RL one was, a little less practical maybe.

Moving in at Christmas!

Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes has this new winter home out and it’s all cozy and cute!  It comes complete with it’s own sauna and even a pergola with a fireplace outside!   The swing you cam see is also from the same store and is loaded with singles and couples poses with a cute christmassy look.    The house boasts several rooms and several fireplaces, it’s not huge but definitely big enough, it is only partial mesh though but with it’s wall decals, billowing curtains and general cute and snowy look, it’s great!

I threw out a few bits, and as you can see I am still unpacking.  Please click through for larger pictures!

Moving in at Christmas! - Up close and Personal

As you can see, I have barely touched the place, but I know I can make it warm and cozy, and then probably tear it down because I have house changing ADHD .  Several stores have helped me out with my decor, Circa have a great advent going on and you can see a cute branch decal, a mirror, a super awesome twig floor light and my 2 gorgeous caged robins, they are from there!

Also shown is a pose set, but without anybody on the poses.  The tree is from Rack Poses and comes with a box of baubles and a bauble to hold and is a really cute and cozy couples pose.  Great idea!   My sleds and cute comfy chairs, as well as my lantern tin lights are from What Next, the sleds and lanterns are a VIP gift, the sleds come with poses for several people and are meant for racing, sadly I have no friends, well none that were online and wanted to pose anyway.. BOOOOO.    Finally my cute little dolly and stack of pancakes aptly named Santas Breakfast are from Kuro!!!   My trees are mostly from Botanical, and there is a little sled from Trompe Loeil and a cute animal snow bear thinger from Aura, now Auxiliary.

Cute christmassy stuff for cute christmassy times! HUZZAH!

*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page, if available <3

Winter is coming… bitches!

Well that isn’t very PG of me, but there you go!  A little wintery look of the day and homey type picture today for you.

Winter is coming... bitches!

I love winter, both in RL and SL, but I suck butts at decorating for the seasons, I really really do!   I changed my skybox to snow and set up a few bits and was like aww, it’s kinda cozy!   The trees are from both Botanical and Trompe Loeil and botanical, the huge kick ass tree which you can only really see the trunk of, and the skinny fir in the middle are older Botanical items, and the other two are two of the many available at FaMESHed from Trompe!  They come in plain and snow, and with and without lights, both scripted and non scripted, THE LIGHTS FLASH, YO!   Also seen is one of the Igloos from What Next, out now at The Arcade, this is one of the rares, but there are ooooodles more, they come with singles and couples poses are are just scrummy.   The snow people are actually a fair few years old and are from the very loved and much missed Artilleri.

LoTD - Fameshed Style - Take Two!

My LoTD is inspired by the onslaught of Winter. A cute yet cozy Trench from Cracked Mirror for FaMESHed this round, this is the Teal but it’s available in other colours too, the perfect fit and wonderfully made and textured, definitely a coat for all seasons, not just Winter!   I paired it with another FaMESHed item, the Sneja Boots from Mutresse. OH EM GEE, these boots!? AWESOME!  They are chunky heeled knee highs that pack a serious punch. (or kick).  They come with a HUD with SO MANY OPTIONS, you can change various parts of the boot, as shown by the silver/black combo above, and the buckles and heels/soles too.     With 9 customise ready parts and 13 leathers to choose from, that’s a LOT of boots you can make up! SWEET!

Also shown is the group gift from Truth for the month, a cute little up do with a braid at the front, and the skin is Glam Affair, pose is from Adorkable, and body parts by SLink! HUZZAH!


What Next @ The Arcade

The Arcade looms upon us again, another fight to get in, bashing each other for the latest, awesome goodies, spinning that machine a million times to get the one item you can’t live without… yep… definitely FUN TIME!   What Next has these awesome Golf Carts that will be there and they are sooooo good!

What Next Golf Cart @ The Arcade

You win a HUD and it rezzes the cart, and each cart can seat 1-3 avatars!  How cool is that, the HUD rezzes unlimited copies too, so you can race against friends, set up a mutiny on an SL golf course (or country club, or wherever) and ALL kinds of fun stuff.  Above you can see the Pebble Beach cart, sat among the grass, waiting for me to get in and smash everything out of my way like I’m a pro.  There are three rares to collect which you can see amongst the rest of the haul below, and they are Safari, Trippy Hippie and Stars and Stripes!

What Next @ The Arcade

So if you fancy some super cute and cool transport, fancy some fun with friends, or just what a photo prop, these will make your DAY… It’s almost time <3

Catchy Uppy WOO!

I had my first day back at work in RL today since my holiday, BOO… so I hopped on SL after and did some blogging therapy!  My inventory is bursting at the SEAMS with things to be blogged, so here is a post with a bit of this, and a bit of that… with more to come daily!

Getting Cozy at What Next

I made a cozy little camp out made almost entirely from What Next!    The playground roundabout is new… ish and you can choose from 3 different colours/types and each one comes with dirt mound or just plain shadow, so you can really make it fit into your little homey area.   That was going to be my main focus, but then I wanted to add other bits and bobs!   The gorgeous caravan complete with oodles of pose and animations (I am naked in there, you can just about see.. oooooopsy) comes in to different variations and is so gorgeous with its awning and flags, the perfect little holiday home!    Also shown is the garden cafe chairs and table set and the rideable scooters, including one with side car.   I love What Next, it’s definitely one of the go to stores for me alongside a couple of others when I am redecorating or what something super cute!

LoTD - Hint of Blueberry

My look of the day today centres around Blueberry, mostly.    The skirt and tank are both Blueberry items and aren’t brand new, but new enough!  The Jamie Tank and Skirt both come in an array of colours, but i opted for the tradiational washed light denim and white tank look, cute and casual.   Blueberry has SO much new stuff, more to come in the week, but for now I wanted a simple, classic look and I think I got that!  I sexed it up a bit with new boots from Hucci,, but more about them below, as well as more about the skin!   My hair is from Magika and is cute as a button!  Pose is from *Frooti (my poor little neglected store)

Essences @ C88

The skin I am wearing, and all the other options above are the Sash skins from Essences, available for this round of Collabor88!  Available only in Light Rose, but with four different eyebrow colours as well as cleavage tattoo layers, these are some super cute skins!   I really love the lightly bitten look to the lips on these, so soft looking and kissable, paired with lightly smoked or linered eyes these skins are perfect for either a casual lunch with a friend, a ride on a playground roundabout, or the more classy evening out.    Make sure you check them out, for sure!

New @ Hucci

Finally in this post a bit more about the new boots!   Hucci released these Akita boots in both Leather and Suede, and they come with a fatpack HUD you can change the colours with, mixing and matching the soles and boot parts… as you can see I have left some solid and mixed some of the colours up too!   Each boot comes with 15 main (boot) colours and 14 Sole colours ranging from bright pinks to lovely sea green teals, blacks to sandy browns… absolutely stunning items and they are available as SLink Medium foot addons ONLY, so make sure you have your feet all ready to go too!    Great mesh work and wonderful texturing,  the best boots I have worn in a LONG time!!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Beachy Keen!

Both Summerfest 13, The Garden and Cosmetics Fair 2013 are all open now and fullll of gorgeous goodies for you to pick up!  I have a handful for you below, you may need to click through to view better and larger though :D

Summerfest & The Garden!

What you see in the pic above is a mish mash of both Summerfest and The Garden (by The Liaison Collaborative)… The boardwalk/pier that everything is set on is available at The Garden and is a brilliant builders resource from Barnesworth!   The set comes with soooo many pieces that you can mix and match to build your own mini pier, or a massive one, or whatever you want really!  There are lights, stairs, boardwalks… so much stuff and all in a gorgeous darkish wood, I can see lots of piers and the like popping up all over SL!   The gorgeous seat is also from The Garden and is from 22769 Bauwerk! There is a bunch of stuff available from them, but this really caught my eye, I love the little red stripey awning, reminds me so much of days at the beach when I was a kid!  Finally the Frozen Treats Cart is from What Next and is available at the Garden too!   It’s a gorgeous bike with frozen treat cart attached and comes with an umbrella and treats and OHHHHH it’s so rustic and gorgeous, well maybe not rustic, but I can’t think of the word I want!… the items I’m wearing are from Summerfest and more about those below!

Baiastice @ Summerfest 13!

I did mention in my previous post that this skin was available at Summerfest and it’s Ashley from Belleza, isn’t she BEAUTIFUL? And no, I don’t care that my brows are dark and my hair (gorgeous, from Exile) is light, COS I JUST DON’T!  I really love Belleza skins on my shape, the full lips, the smokey eyes, the fantastic cleavage and excellent overall beauty? YES PLEASE!    The Bikinis i’m wearing are Baiastice’s items for Summerfest!  There are two to choose from, both the 3D flowers one, and then the plainish one with chain detailing!    Baiastice make such GORGEOUS items, that i can’t even contain myself when there is new stuff!

Baiastice @ SummerFest 13 - Flowers

As you can see both of them come in a gorgeous array of colours, and the chain one even comes with patterns including an origami looking cat, stars and more!  The 3D Flowers one is absolutely stunning, I can’t put into words how much in love with it I am!  The fit is also great, I find an S for my butt (which I was surprised at, I have a bit of mcjunk in the mctrunk) and an M for my top fits like a GLOVE, which is always a bonus!   The Chain one is kinda plain, but you get a chain on both the top and the bottoms making it a perfect plain with a hint of sexy kinda bikini!

Baiastice @ SummerFest 13 - Bikinis

Finally, from the gorgeous Sasy… these Flair Slink Nail Enhancements!    I have shown two from each pack available at the Fair, so you can tell there will be 10 babies for you to pick up/choose from!   I am really digging these, I don’t wear the hands often as I just always forget, but I do wear the nails on my regular SL hands and Sasy provides us all with SO much choice, not that you can ever have enough polish, but still!  Make sure you swing by the Fair and show the gorgeous lady and her wares some lurrrve!

Flair @ Cosmetics Fair 13

Summerfest 13 | Cosmetics Fair 2013 | The Garden

My Garden from The Garden!

The Liaison Collaborative opened it’s doors again, and this time… to The Garden!  I haven’t been around much this week so have been rather slack, but here I am to show you some lovely goodies with many more to come <3

My Garden from The Garden

As you can see I’m having a little bit of a party in my yard!  How could I not with this gorgeous Garden Cafe caravan set from What Next? Complete with little table and iced tea dispenser… this is the perfect addition to your garden for the spring months that will creep up on us soon, hell it’s already been sunny for a whole DAY here, I know.. calm yourselves.  Also shown are various pieces from Second Spaces, Barnesworth Anubis, Vespertine and more!   Whether you’re after tables, chairs, food, drinks and even plants, all of the above stores have something for you at The Garden!   The Second Spaces stuff is just… so pretty, with all the little pots on the bottom of the table… oh and the plants from BA, so cute! Maybe a bit more whimsical than your regular garden plant, but sooo lovely.

Weekend - LoTD!

I wanted to throw together a look of the day too, Sakide has SO much newness out that I can’t keep up, but this dress really caught my eye, the gorgeous satiny straps, the short but not showing too much length of dress, and the panelled camo is just gorgeous, it comes in many colours but this beigey sand colour really made me smile.  I threw it on with a Chemistry hair and a Glam Affair skin and IKON eyes to set it all off! I feel so cute! <3

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available

Whatever Next?!

Or just What Next.   Another Pose Fair post with a bit of FaMESHed in there too!!   A lovely summery type picture today, I am bored of snow now, yep.  I went there.

What Next @ PF13 & MORE!

Do click through for a bigger picture! I took it super large so you can see details.    The swing set comes with both singles and couples, alas I am usually alone in world so you get just me!  What Next is one of my fave stores for pose props and just in general, everything is always so well made and animated, with great textures and always makes your house/land look fantastic!    This swing doesn’t come with the tree, it comes alone so you an attach it to whatever you want.  If you want to swing from the stars, you now can.   I’m showing 6 poses here, all of which are just gorgeous, and make for wonderful pictures.

What am I wearing whilst on this gorgeous swing?!  Well, the new dress from Rebel Hope is wrapped around my body, it’s out at FaMESHed now in a range of colours, but I fancied being a bit green today, so that’s what I chose.  It’s a maxi dress with a criss cross patterned front and spaghetti straps.   The hair is also at FaMESHed and is from Wasabi Pills.  A pretty shoulder length style with blunt asymmetrical fringe that frames the face just gorgeously!  Well worth a stop at FaMESHed as ALWAYS, not only for these two things but the array of other great goodies on offer.

Also worn is the Emmy skin from Cupcakes, a lovely new skin with a fresh looking pastel face.  Well I mean the makeup is pastel, obvs not the face.   A beautiful skin as usual from Cupcakes!   Also if you zoom in close enough the new Group Gift Eyes from Insufferable Dastard are in there. YUMMY!

I am now le tired and I am going couchward bound <3

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page <3

She Thinks She’s Made of Candy

hey ho here we go! Sorry that song is stuck in my head. A quick Lazy Sunday post today coupled with a Look of the Day, I felt like logging in and taking a picture! I’ll start with the prettiest picture I have taken in a while… (please click for a bigger picture)

New & Coming Soon @ What Next

The Lanterns in this picture are the current Lazy Sunday items from What Next! They are so cute! You can get them in either Dotty or Natural and they come in a variety of colours, both hanging and for the floor. I wanted to do a bit of a different picture with these, sure you don’t normally sit on chairs on the water, but I like my dipping my toes in, and I just thought it looked pretty. After all this is Your World, Your Imagination, so why not let it soar once in a while? Also shown are the Lawn Chairs from What Next and they will be at the upcoming Arcade Gacha! I’ve seen a lot of promising pictures and it all looks to be wonderful stuff, well… most of it, there is always something that someone goes mad for, and something that isn’t quite you, but definitly is always something there for everyone. These can be placed down, but they are made for you to attach, so you can go anywhere and take a seat. They come in male and female versions and with various colours, not all being shown here! Winter has outdone herself with all these items, as usual.

She thinks she's made of candy...

This is my Look of the Day. I logged in it was HAIR DAYYYY… I haven’t gotten around to buying all the hair I want yet, but I did only nip on to take a super quick picture, but Truth has three new babies out, Haven being one of them! Really love how natural this looks, a little bit of a wave and a curl, but mostly a super simple long style. I am also wearing the Zodiac Item from Lassitude & Ennui and what a beauty it is! The Naiad Sundress, shown here in Ink but available in many colours, is simply divine. Simple and understand, yet full of character and so gorgeous, with a little halter neck style bow at the back, this is definitely one to stock up on in ALL colours. I also have a sneak peek going on of the upcoming Thursday skin from Essences, we’ve seen it a TDR Fusion and we are all eagerly awaiting her release, you won’t be disappointed, it’s going to come in a variety of tones ranging from porcelain white to darker dulcet tones. I can’t wait! Further credits can be found below <3


Hair: Truth | Haven | Champagne w/Roots *New*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: Essences | Thursday | Light Rose *Coming Soon*
Dress: Lassitude & Ennui | Naiad Sundress | Ink *Zodiac*
Shoes: Ingenue | Khan Heels | Soot
Pose: Adorkable


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available