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LoTD – Spring into a Story

A longish post today!  With one event opening, a sprinkling of others and just a lovely LoTD!

LoTD - Spring into a Story

The Seasons Story has reopened for another fantastic round and you can find yourself poor but in love once you’ve visited!   My skin, hair and dress are all from there  and boy oh boy… it IS love.  More about the skin below, but the dress from Atomic is just… divine, floofy, pretty, sexy, cute.. it’s everything and to top it off the top looks like a BEAR HEAD with little ears and omg, I about died.   you can choose from solids and florals, so it’s all spring like too!  The hair Fleur is from Truth and comes with several optional flower attachments, a lovely updo with some wisps and curls.   Perfect do for the start of the sun.

LoTD - Spring into a Story - Up Close and Personal

You can see the back and front of the dress, the bow is just yummy too! UGH I LOVE IT!   Also worn in the LoTD are some new Chevron nails from Hello Dave, another one of my new nail dealers (they’re like crack), and 2 of the colourful bracelets from Atooly that you can find at 100 Block!

Glam Affair @ The Seasons Story

Above you can see all 5 of the faces for Glam Affairs Brandi, available at The Seasons Story, you get hundreds of brow choices as usual for each (ok an armful) and you see you get a plain face, a freckled face, and then three faces with minimal light makeup.  They come in both Europa (shown) and Frost tones and you can also get a pack of lipsticks too that work with both, or well any skin really!   Boooootiful.

Finally we have a massive shoe release from YS & YS (Your Skin and Your Shape), they are made for the Slink Medium Feet and come in 10 glossy colours or 10 bright and beautiful patterns!  I have paired up the solids in the colours if you click through you will be able to see closer, and get a better look at the patterns too, but they are DIVINE!  Really gorgeous heels with some unique patterns ranging from maps to skulls, stripes to dots… there really is something for everyone here I am sure!

YS & YS | Madrid Heels - NEW!


Skin: Glam Affair | Brandi | Europa 05 C *The Seasons Story*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Clarity
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Hair: Truth | Fleur (with White Flowers) *The Seasons Story*
Dress: Atomic | Spring Bear Dress *The Seasons Story*
Bracelets: Atooly | Iggy Spiked Bracelets *The 100 Block*
Shoes: YS & YS | Madrid

Slink Av Enchancements & Appliers | Hello Dave | Chevron
Pose by !bang

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

LoTD – Moto Style

Hey Sunday Swingers!  Hope you have or are having a fab weekend!  I know I am!

LoTD - Moto Style

The full credits for this are below, but it’s a gorgeous look that I am in love with that is a bit out of my comfort zone!   A majority of the clothing, infact ALL of it comes from The Azz Show, although I’m not wearing my phat azz, but that just goes to show you don’t need one to buy things from there!   The top and stockings are from Blah! and come with appliers for all the things, but I decided to wear the Epic Moto Bodysuit over the top because it’s so cute and sexy at the same time!   I’m also wearing one of the rare crowns from Epics OMGacha goodies!   It actually sparkles! CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!  Also worn are some cute panda nails from Wicked Peach, gorgeous new hair from Ploom and a new skin, more about that below!

LoTD - Moto Style - Up Close and Personal

This is Isabel! One of three new skins from YS & YS!   Isn’t she a BEAUT?  So many options… shown below are the 10 skins that come in the fatpack, but in that fatpack you get tons of other options like cleavage, brows by the billion, freckles and you get all lipsticks on tattoo layers too so you can mix and match around!  I love that about the YS & YS fatpacks, they’re chocca block full!     I have shown 5 with and 5 without teeth too, so you can see which you prefer!  I think it makes me look a little older, not much wiser, but cute none the less <3

New @ YS & YS - Isabel


Hair: Ploom | Tennie
Crown: Epic | Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown | Giraffe Brown Pink *RARE* *OMGacha*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Chocolate
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: YS & YS | Isabel | Gentle w/freckles
Top: Blah | My Rawr Crop Top | Nude *The Azz Show*
Bodysuit: Epic | Moto Lust Bodysuit | Nude *The Azz Show*
Stockings: Blah | My Toeless Sheer Stockings | Nude (with appliers)
Polish: Wicked Peach | Panda

Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

I feel pretty… oh so pretty…

… and I do!  How is your Wednesday going? Peak of the week, my work week Friday… woooo hoooooo!  A few bits for you, god… I love bits! DON’T YOU!?  Am I not making sense? It’s probably cos I’ve eaten too much today, I’m food delirious, woot woot.

Baiastice @ FaMESHed

A new round of FaMESHed, a lot of new awesomesauce and who never fails to deliver? BAIASTICE!   I know I sing Sissy’s praises a lot but I am always so in love with her items, they are always so lovely and well made, textured to perfection and always fun, sexy and cute to wear!   You can find both this spaghetti tank and tulle skirt there, I have thrown together just 6 combinations, but the top comes in 12 colours/prints and the skirts come in 10 denims/colours each with both a black and white tulle! YAY, such cute summery items, and the top I LOVE because in the S you get a “special boob size”, which i’m wearing, which is a bit more of a bigger cup size… yay!

A little head...shot

Also worn in the picture, as well as the gratuitous head shot complete with adorable firefly antlers from Half Deer (shown here in painted with the face tattoo, but available in many more flavours) is one of the new YS & YS Skins from TDR Fusion, UNF. I love YS & YS skins, I collect them ALLLLLL from TDR cos they look so adorable, I love the lips on this skin, kissable and soft.  YES PLEASE.    The hair I picked up at Hair Fair 2013 and it’s one of the Auxiliary Hairs!  Lovely cute bun with bow, I think that finished off my look just nicely alongside my IKON eyes and the lovely poses from Adorkable. HUZZAH!


*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

The Truth is Out There!

As is some new hair, and skins, and STUFF!

New @ Truth | YS & YS - TDRFusion

Truth released THREE new styles recently!   You get a gorgeous up do, a wavy fancy pants do, and a long bunched pony tail.   All of them different styles with the same great Truth look.   Whether you want to go for casual, evening smart or just dorking around during the day casual smart, you can be sure one of the three styles is for you!   From L to R there are Tymber, Caprice and Elisha!   I have paired them all with the three gorgeous skins available from YS & YS at the new round of TDR Fusion!  They are all discount skins so you can pick yourself up a right bargain… or three!   The bikini I am wearing is also at TDR Fusion and is from BOOM!  There are three to choose from and each come with applier options for us ladies with boobs, not wearing mine here, well not my biggun’s anyway :P

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page 

Day 3 of 365 LoTD Posts!


Day 3 of 365 LoTD Posts
Todays look consists of mainly event items! I got my gorgeous hair from TDR Fusion, it’s a special tipped pack from LoQ, my skin is also from TDR Fusion and is Cara from YS & YS in Ici, a red nosed winter looking skin, very pale and hauntingly beautiful!    Maxi Gossamer provided me with a gorgeous intricate necklace from my haul from Collabor88 and the dress is part of Cracked Mirrors released for FaMESHed

Cracked Mirror @ FaMESHed!

The dress is the Resolution dress from Cracked Mirror, as mentioned above, which can be found at this round of FaMESHed!  It’s a beautiful short dress with gorgeous texturing and a cute little belt.   They are mostly neutral type colours ranging from blue to red, grey to green, nothing overly bright or in your face, the perfect dress for a demure, classy but sexy look!

*SLURLS can be found, if available, on the Store Locations page


Skin: YS & YS | Cara | Pale | 07 | Ici *TDR Fusion*
Hair: LoQ | Liqueur | Browntips *TDR Fusion*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Dress: Cracked Mirror | Resolutions Dress | Red *FaMESHed*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Patience Heart Watch Pendant | Short | Silver *Collabor88*
Poses: aDORKable Poses


Bits and Bobsicles!

Hiiiii! A mish mash of a post today with bits and pieces from events gridwide! YAY!!!

First off we have this gorgeous Aida Mesh Dress by Baiastice, available at the next round of FAIR this dress is stunning.  The texture, the satin look and feel of it, ugh I fell in love as soon as I opened it.  I have showcased it here in just four of the several colours available and as you can already tell there is probably a colour that suits everyone!   It really is one of the best pieces I have seen from Baiastice, but everything Sissy releases impresses me beyond words!  Her mesh just keeps getting better and better and this dress is definitely a slinky, sexy number that we should all own.

I paired it with the new Elikatira Hair – Conclusion, and the only conclusion I can make about this is how utterly gorgeous it is!   Available in all the usual tones and packs this simple over the hair mesh style is definitely a stable in the hair department.  In the first picture I also donned the Beret available from Evolve for Around the World! It’s original mesh and comes in various colours, it fits perfectly for pictures on many hairs, especially this new one!

A Lil of This.. a Lil of That...

In each of the pics I have tried a new skin I have obtained on, from left to right we have Essences for Around the World, Amacci for Around the World, Bilo for Around the World and YS & YS for Unhinged, all very different skins and all very very beautiful!  Some come with more options than others, I will explain a lil about a few of them below.

These are the 3 YS & YS skins available from UnhingedSL.  The skins are all the Jane skins and they come in Doll, Eyecat and Smokey!   The skins come with a range of eyebrow options, teeth and no teeth, and freckles for you to play about with.  They only come in this pale tone, so if you like your skin darker these may not suit, but they are for a great cause and you should demo anyway!

YS & YS @ UnhingedSL

This is the Xihe skin from Essences, available in just one tone but with 3 eyebrow options and freckles, these skins are so pretty!   There are also lipsticks available, so you change your look up.  You can buy the lipsticks individually or as a fatpack so the choice is yours! I do believe there is a shape available too.  Beautiful.

Essences @ Around The World

The Nuiko from Amacci comes in a darker tone than the above skins, and is just as warm and beautiful.  Each skin comes with a Clean, and 10 lipstick tattoos for you, the Clean skin you get with each makeup is the larger picture in the middle, the faces on the outskirts are the individual makeups you can get! Each skin comes with a toothy option, I’ve thrown a few in for good measure.  There is a shape available for this skin also, but I always like to try skins on my own, you also get a handful of eyebrow shapers too!  A good selection of makeups and like I said you get 10 lipstick layers and a clean to play around with in every pack too!

Amacci @ Around the World

SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page if available!

Inspire Me: Week 1: Wednesday!

So, over on SLBlogger Support, there is a challenge of sorts, it’s called Inspire Me and we are currently on Wednesday of Week 1! I had hoped to make this a daily challenge but I think I will use it for what it was meant for, to inspire you on days where you’re just like.. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO???

I was sorting my inventory, lost in a sea of UGGGH WHAT IS THIS, WHERE IS IT FROM? WHEN DID I GET IT, WHAT DO I DO WITH IT, and other common inventory sorting woes, and I came across this Trenchcoat from NiNight Designs.  I admit I didn’t know I had it, that is how out of control my inventory has gotten lately, I need some solid time to sit and sort, and I got a fair bit today in a short amount of time, so all is good!  Anyway, I thought this coat would fit in perfectly with today’s inspiration theme:  Favourite Things to Do on a Rainy Day!… one of my all time fav things to do on a rainy day, is put on my coat and just walk, walk in the rain… ok after a while I get fed up of being wet and I might put my umbrella up and eventually I will think WTF I HATE RAIN… but the sound of rain comforts me, it soothes me, and I like to just wander in it, of course it soon gets tiresome, like one day of rain a month is enough to fill up my quota thank you very much, but it’s still one of my fave things to do on a rainy day: go for a stroll, all wrapped up and cosy.

Inspire Me: Week 1: Wednesday

Also seen in this picture are the TDR items from both La Gyo and YS & YS!  The skin is a pale beauty and comes with half body freckles, which I put on to give me a slightly more innocent look, the pearl necklace is a beaut! A timeless classic.   The hair you can see is the Alice Project Grace Hair, it’s a HUNT gift and is situated in the main store and comes with two colour huds!! Do love me a gorgeous freebie hair, especially Alice Project ones with all the HUDs I own! YAY!

So there you go, this was my inspiration for today, thanks SL Blogger Support for a wonderful idea! <3

Any SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page

More Culture Shock!!!

Yep, even more and this will be VERY image heavy, because, well.. it’s my blog and I want it to be.  I will try to witter minimally! :P

First we have one of 3 CS Donation Items from Damned, this GORGEOUS facepaint skin, I am so in love with my face in this, srsly.   I paired that with the Wasabi Pills CS Donation Hair and a wraparound top from Pididdle!  The top is available in TONS of colours, and comes with an attachable bow at the back!!!  HOW CUTE AM I RIGHT THUR?

Damned | Pididdle  - Culture Shock

I visited Aura next and picked up another pair of the fantastic mesh Jeans, Ruffle top and a lil crop top that is made for underboobage!  There are tons of colours of the ruffle top there, and patterns!  And the underboob top (renamed it Tyr, sorry) comes in various colours too!  The jeans have loads of washes and are bloody adorable, although I was sadface my ass had to fit into M!  I’d been on an S run lately lol!  Love love.  The skin i’m wearing in the pic is one of the several donation items from Lara Hurley too <3

Aura | Lara Hurley - Culture Shock

Next up is a skin from Akeruka – Bianca and just one of a bunch of mesh items from Ricielli!   Love this jumpsuit,  and it comes in so many vibrant and basic colours, lovely choice in the Ricielli stall on goods AND colours to choose from, absolutely love <3

Akeruka Bianca | Ricielli  - Culture Shock

ILLUSORY SKIN! IS LOVE! LOVE LOVE!!!!!!  I picked it up in one tone, might go bac for another!  I also picked up this tank while I was in the booth, I already have like 5 like it, but I love them, so there you go!   Also worn is Carolines lovely piece in silver, it’s so adorable that I had to take a close up too!

Illusory | Carolines  - Culture Shock

See!! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!? Comes in Silver and Gold and is the donation item <3

Carolines - Culture Shock

Next we have a skin from Redbird and PurpleMoon Creations Mireya Jumpsuit!   I’m not entirely convinced the skin suits me, but I like to try these things.  I love the jumpsuit, it comes with individual bottoms and tops too, so you can mix and match the sizes which I *really* love!

Redbird Sienna | Purple Moon Mireya  - Culture Shock

I then popped along to YS & YS!  This is the Jenny skin, a bit dark for my usual taste but the face is kinda pretty <3, I paired that with the silver sequin dress from League! Leagues Donation items are makeup, and I have yet to have a proper look!

YS & YS  Jenny | League  - Culture Shock

This is the Roxanne skin from YS & YS paired with the Dakota outfit from Paperdoll, so adorable, both of them!  The skirt is so lovely with the way it fans out and the skin is adorable again, and slightly less tan than the Jenny! <3

YS  & YS Roxanne | Paperdoll Dakota - Culture Shock

This is my fav YS & YS item, the Sofia skin.  Absolutely flawless looking in the face, I will admit I didn’t look at the body much, I was too taken with the face <3

YS & YS Sofia - Culture Shock

Finally and I apologise for the quality and I will retake… this is the What Next set paired with a Lisp Umbrella lamp!!  It’s mesh and cute and UGGGGH I love it!!!!   There are many components to the WN set, but for some reason my cushions side textures would NOT rez, sorry for that :(

What Next | Lisp - Culture Shock