It’s Thursday.

Just incase you wasn’t aware.  I am here with a simple LoTD and a lovely new piece of furniture! :D

LoTD - 25/04/13

My look today is a simple one, courtesy of Cynful!  This is the new TDRF item, the Vale Sweater Dress which you can pick up in three different colours.  What I love about this dress is it throws me back to a time of texture clothing.  As that’s what it is, with mesh addon skirt.   It just goes to show that you can still find great stuff, that isn’t 100% mesh and still look super cute.   I paired it with some older Elikatira Boots, as I was in a bit of a retro mood, I think they look rather good! To top it off I put on one of my fave Magika hairs and a YS&YS skin (that was picked up from an old TDRF!) and hopped on my Adorkable posestand.  I’m happy with my cute, somewhat throwback look today, maybe you should try going a little bit back in time too!

Cobblestone makes me a Happy Kitty!

Designer Warehouse is open for a new round and Cobblestone have this amaaaazzzinnng mesh kitty TV here!  You can put your on pictures in it and the cycle through, it’s so cute!  It comes in various colours, and this is quite obviously the Yellow.   Whether you want it for your kids room, your room, or just to put out because it’s got ears and a tail, you won’t be disappointed.   It’s only 3 prims too! WEEEE!  There is also a flower planter from Cobblestone, but I couldn’t really ram that in the picture and it look sensible, so you’ll just have to check that out for yourself.

Enjoy your Thursday <3

A little bit of this.. a little bit of that…

and shake your BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM… oops, slipped into the Birdie song there. SOZ.

Eclectic Apparel is one of those stores that caters for all your needs, whether you want jeans, jumpers, a fancy dress, a warm cardigan, a plain old tee, a pretty skirt… it has them all.  Their latest VIP Group Gift is really pretty!  It’s a short little dress, perfect for christmas, in a polka dot style affair!   It comes in the loveliest shade of pinky red.  If you aren’t a member, you should be!  Also worn here is one of Truth’s new hairs I blogged previously, some Half-Deer horns and the YS & YS discount skin from the brand new spanking TDR Fusion!  The nails I am wearing are the new Mesh Diamond Edition nails from Pixel Mode, these bad boys change with the size of your hand, no more resizing or fitting!! YESSS.. more about them at a later date.

New @ Eclectic Apparel - VIP Group Gift

Another newish release from Eclectic Apparel is this lovely skirt.  The Polly Skirt is currently available a FaMESHed in an array of beautiful colours, it’s a pleated number with the cutest little tied belt!  It’s a very sweet little skirt, perfect for pairing with almost any top you can imagine!  I chose to pair mine with the gorgeous Secret Store item from Collabor88!  It’s so prettyyyyyyy, and you can’t see here but it comes with a beautiful damask style pattern too!  My skin is Glam Affair and is also from C88 and my hair is one of the many Alice  Project Advent Gifts in a special Christmas texture!!  Sooo pretty!

New @ Eclectic Apparel - 2

These are the colours of the Secret Store top that you can find at Collabor88!   They are gorgeous.

Secret Store @ Collabor88

Finally, a Christmas offering from Eclectic Apparel! CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!!!  HOW CUTE ARE THESE???   I can’t even describe how much I am going to stroll into this store and buy every last one of them as soon as I can!   The texturing is gorgeous, the pictures are crisp and clear and just.. unf, I love them.   I paired them with some new Floral Jeans from Reila and a Modish skin exclusive for the Winter Market (I forget the slurl, I will update asap), again the hair is an Alice Project Advent Gift in the special texture! WEEE!

New @ Eclectic Apparel

The Floral Jeans from Reila are just gorgeous!  So vibrant and pretty, different colours that will match almost anything you could want to wear.  These aren’t all the textures available, but I wanted to give you an idea of what you might want to buy!

New @ Reila

Just for good measure, this is a close up of the Modish skin I am wearing above, I did have a little play in PS to soften it up a bit, for practise so I thought i’d throw it out there!

Modish Skins - New

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.


If I could be exiled in this hair, I think i’d manage to enjoy it.  Yep, 3 new styles from Exile today AND… HAIR BASES LADIES! I took a pic of every hair base available (I think, my eyes went funny)… and of course some are similar because some of the hair tones are similar, but all in all I love these bases! I don’t often wear them, but sometimes I do find the rigged mesh hair leave a lil spot on my head so it’ll be nice to have the exact right shade at last YAYYY!

Here they are! I couldn’t fit them all onto one collage, so i’m afraid you get two!  The skin I am wearing is YS & YS and the ears, are of course, from Mandala!

Exile - Bases 1

Exile - Bases 2

The three new styles are GORGEOUSSSSS, from L to R we have Beyond the Waves, The Only Exception and Semi Charmed Life.

Beyond the Waves is a stunning style that comes complete with addable/colourchange mesh flowers.  I cannot praise this hair highly enough, it’s the perfect look for a naked person really, like lady Godiva.. with flowers… but I had clothes on, which by the way are one of the few items available from Apple May at Around the World which starts SOOOOOOOOON!   It really is a gorgeous hair.

The Only Exception is a cute over the shoulder style with zero bangs, or well… long bangs that meld in with the hair, whatever you like to think!   I opted to wear this one in a bright pinky colour, but imagine it would look sultry and sexy with a darker shade.  Spiffy!

Finally we have Semi Charmed Life, it was a toss up between this and Beyond the Waves for my fav hair of the release, and I think it came out as tie tbh!  This high pony comes with separate mesh colour change bow, so you can wear it with or without, and it’s so pretty!   It’s cute, it’s sexy, it’s everything a ponytail should be!

New @ Exile

SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock what they call me.  Well, technically that’s a lie, but we will gloss over that.

I have a few more new goodies for you today including Sysys and Wasabi Pills at Cinema 2012 and some new goodies from Mandala!

First off, oHAI pretty dress!! This is the Belle Gown from Sysy’s @ Cinema 2012.. shown here in white but available in other colours, this mesh gown is classy, beautiful and just lovely.  I knew as soon as I saw it I was going to put it on and prance around in an attempt to be classy.  What you can’t see, are the GOS boots I have underneath making me feel a lil badass!

Also shown is the new Nikki hair from Wasabi Pills, which is one of 2 styles available @ Cinema 2012! I blogged the other just the other day, but this one held a special place in my heart and I was waiting for the right moment, this is it!  Beautiful, striking and a staple classic.

Sysys | Wasabi Pills @ Cinema  & Mandala

Also shown is the new Mesh Jewellery set from Mandala!  I purchased it in White, because I couldn’t seem the buy the Blac, but I’m glad I did now! You can get a Necklace/Earrings Set, Braclets and Rings or you can go mental and buy the fatpack, I really wanted to, but alas..  I had to be sensible.  The detail on the pieces are amazing.  I was going to do some close ups but I crashed out :(   But I strongly encourage you to check them out for yourself!  I popped on the new Roza skin from Glam Affair that I blogged about recently, and the Slink Hands that seem to have wormed their way into most of my pictures since their release!

Sysys | Wasabi Pills @ Cinema  & Mandala 2

Also new from Mandala are these Mesh Ears! OH MY GOD, they are fabulouuuuuus.  They are unisex and come with a hud to allow you to tint the ears to match your skin and it’s SUPER easy.  You also get 24  metal colour options and 18 stone colours for the studs.  You can’t detract any of the piercings as far as I could tell, but who cares… THEY LOOK GREAT!  They were super easy to fit and you can resize them via the HUD.  Mandala also released plugged/stretched versions too that I had to pick up, despite never having worn them in my life ever.

Mesh Ears @ Mandala!

That’s about it for now <3


Pic 1

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Nikki | Flaming Cherry @ Cinema 2012
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise
Skin: Glam Affair | Roza Basic | America 03 BL *NEW*
Hands: Slink | Mesh Hands
Jewellery: Mandala | Polly | White *NEW*
Dress: Sysy’s | Belle Gown | @ Cinema 2012
Poses: !bang

Pic 2

Hair: Action
Skin: YS & YS | Alice *old TDR*
Ears: Mandala | Steking Ear *NEW*

LoTD 20-09-12!

This is my look de jour!  I am loving this dark gothy makeup on the TDR skin from YS & YS, so I thought it would look good with the new Sn@tch Wendy Calico Skirt!  Which I accidently purchased in small, sooo if I look slimmer than usual, that’s why!!!   Then I wondered what I could put with them to complete the look!  The Cropped Sweater from Shabby Cat won in the top stakes, and the GOS Triumph Boots in the feet stakes… as for the hair, I am still digging my new Action do!

LoTD - 20/09/12

That is it for my LoTD today!


Hair:  Action | Stefani | Ombre V1
Skin:  YS & YS | Alice | Dark (TDR)
Eyes:  FATEeyes
Top:  Shabby Cat | Cropped Sweater | Black
Skirt:  Sn@tch | Wendy Calico Skirt | Rust
Boots:  GOS | Triumph
Pose:  *Frooti


Today I have preschool visits with my 4yr old, but I wanted to get at least ONE look out there!  I have a new idea for my LoTD but I need time to execute it, I tried this morning and failed, soooo, maybe another day :D  Today you just get plain old me!

This is the new Tani dress from Bilo, it’s texture with a mesh flap (lolol flap! hi i’m 6).  It’s a sexy little number with a criss cross halter top! I chose to wear my sexy HANDverk Eve heels with it, more about them below, and to finish the look off some of the fabulous chunky jewllery from Auxiliary available at FaMESHed, this is from the OMGWTF set, which is a nice monotone style, but there are plenty more to choose from!   The hair is one of my new fav from Alice Project and the skin is YS & YS and is an old TDRb skin!

LoTD - 07/09/12

Here is a small close up of the shoe, because the workmanship is just GORGEOUS.  The snake wrapped around the Apple on the hell? LOVE.  I’m not a fan of what I call “thin, pointy” shoes, but I had to have these, because they are just wonderful.


Hair: Alice Project | Koko
Skin: YS & YS | Jenny | 02 Cat Eyes
Eyes: Ikon | Sunrise | Pale Verdigris
Dress: Bilo | Tani | Raspberry
Jewellery: Auxiliary | Chunky Bracelet | OMGWTF (FaMESHed)
Shoes: HANDverk | Eve Pump | Black/Red (FaMESHed)
Pose: *Frooti

New @ coldLogic and more!

It’s nearly Autumn/Fall/Betterweatherforpplthatdon’tlikeheatverymuch… and coldLogic have their first “Fall” release!

There is a whole fookton of new stuff, all of it in the usual standard sizing/many colours dealio.   First up are these dress/coat/scarf combos! Yep, I say combos because you get the option in the pack to have them all worn together, or the dress on it’s own!   How cute an idea is that?!   I have opted for showing you one with the full shebang, the other with just the dress.  SQUEE! I love this idea!  Now, just to get that coat and scarf separately too (I KID ZYRRA OHLORDGODOFTHEWORLD DON’T KILL ME)

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Elikatira – Skin | MONS (VIP gift – GO GET)

Next we have two super cute dress/cardigan type jobbies!  I love these because I love love LOVE seeing people being dressed up with oversized cardigans and such in RL, I can’t pull cardis off, I look like a dollap of fat coated wool.. so I will live vicariously in SL through these babies!  Perfectly scalloped edges for that falling perfectly over your boobs and hips look.  These ooze sex appeal in the cutest way!  Also in this picture is the new LOQ hair on the right, Rum!!  You must check that out also.  It’s rigged mesh and comes in 25 awesome colours!

New @ coldLogic

Hair | LOQ – Skin | Belleza ** Atomic

Next up a top/cardigan combo but a shorter one, and I paired that with one of the two pleat skirts available!  The top is another cute layered look with cowl neck feel to it (took me 5 mins to remember the word cowl, must be late lol) and it fits perfectly in with the skirts!  The other is a cute slouchy/casual sweater, and I paired that with the plain (no gingham hem at the bottom) pleated skirt!   CUTE CUTE… will look FABULOUS with Jeans (HIZYRRAHI).

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Lamb – Skin | YS&YS ** Lara Hurley

Neck we have a little waistcoat number with turtlecowlneck top underneath, again pairing up with either skirt works, I opted for the pattnered one again with this combo!  A perfect look for casual smart office workers, you know you want to RP some of that in SL, srsly.   Also another version of the cute aforementioned sweater!   Love this with the different colour neck/cuffs.   Really must get some jeans with that (COUGHZYRRAAGAINHI).

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Chemistry – Skin | LAQ ** Curio

Finally! Another shirt/cardigan combo but this time in a zesty lime stripe!  Of course there are other stripes, don’t let my limeness put you off!   and a nother Waistcoat/shirt combo, this time another stripey dealio!  Paired them both with the plain pleated skirt for a cute look, but also so if anyone wants to upskirt me they can, although they won’t get far because I’ve got the fade to black stockings on. MUAHAHAHAH!

New @ coldLogic

Hair | LOQ ** Red Mint – Skin | Grixdale ** Glam Affair

I wrote this post while very tired and sleep deprived, sorry if it’s utter ballcocks.

TP to coldLogic

LoTD – 16/07/12

Morning, Afternoon, Evening… whatever it may be wherever you are!

Today’s look of the day was inspired around the gorgeous top and skin!

LoTD - 16/07/12

The top I am wearing is from CM (Cracked Mirror) and is their My Second Box (follow the link to learn what MSB is!) item for this round. (the pose is also from Frooti for MSB too) and it’s just gorgeous!  A really snug fit, and really lovely texturing.  Well worth the sign up just to get this top imo :)

The skin is from *YS & YS* for TDR and omg, I love it, she is so SO SO SO so SO beautiful!! and only $L70!!!  It only comes in this dark tan colour, but look at the lips, the nose, just divine!  The hair is the HF2012 Freebie/Grab Bag item from Milana and they hadn’t set up last time I checked but I am DYING for them to be ready! Gorgeous texturing, really.

LoTD - 16/07/12 - Close Up


Hair:  Milana | Mel | Bean *HF2012 FREEBIE*
Skin: *YS & YS* | Jenny | 02 Cat Eye *TDR ITEM*
Eyes:  FATEeyes
Top:  Cracked Mirror | Sequin Crop Top | Grey *MY SECOND BOX ITEM*
Trousers:  Maitreya | Leather Leggings
Shoes:  Pixel Mode | Luna | Black Leather
Pose:  *Frooti – My Second Box – Exclusive *MY SECOND BOX ITEM*

CHIC² – Birthday Goodies!

Chic is 2. TWO! Can you believe it!  So many great events crammed into just TWO years!!  I do have *Frooti poses out there, and am honoured to be a part of it, and here are just a few of the things i’ve poked and prodded at during preview… and there is SO much more to buy AND more to be set up! I CAN’T WAIT!  Its a mish mash of stuffs, you know how I love a mish and a mash and squish and sqoosh!

What Next do some of the best furniture and props I’ve ever seen in SL, one of my fav stores, by far.  For CHIC² they have this gorgeous patio set, it comes in 3 (if I remember correctly) colours and is so adorable!!!  A lovely lattice table, matching chairs all with various poses including male and female, and a cute lil tray with vase and goodies on it!  As soon as i’ve chosen my final final final FINAL house (Ulaa, Isla, stop building things kkthx) it’s going out and STAYING OUT.

What Next @ Chic2

Next we have a swimsuit from Sn@tch and 3 skins from YS & YS!  The swimsuit is available in pastels and is the epitome of cute with its polkadot bows!  Of course, as usual with all Sn@tch goodies you get a whole handful of colours in the pack!  Totally adorable.     The skins from YS & YS are three different skins, one pale, one tan and one a bit more tan than tan!  All three of them come with the three makeups shown, as well as various other tattoo based goodies!  YS & YS skins always look so fresh and beautiful, I particularly dig the paler tones!

Snatch | YS & YS @ Chic2

Next we have the most chic but still cute dress from Izzies!  I love Izzies, it’s one of those stores that does a lil bit of everything.  I was hoping for a skin (I am greedy) to be out at CHIC², but instead we get this divine dress!  Available in many colours, it’s not mesh but it does come with a regular sculpt skirt, and a resizeable one and it’s just eatable!  I love it!    I really wanted to show off the Trompe Loeil Topiaries while I was blogging but I couldn’t find a great shot to take, so I figured i’d flank myself with them :D.  They come in pack of various shapes, all resizeable and you click on them to change from light to dark texture!   Adorbs isn’t the word.

Izzies | Trompe Loeil @ Chic2

A:S:S is one of those stores that I admire, it’s never run of the mill, but i’m never quite sure I can pull any of the creations off, but… I decided to give this one a go.  It’s a headpiece and mouthpiece.. and yes, it’s a spider avec web, with a lovely jewelled body!  Its definitely not your every day wear, but it’s definitely a MUST wear at some point!!!  I paired with with Al Vulo skin and took the shot.  I kinda love it.

A:S:S | Al Vulo @ Chic2

Finally, a picture that I am really proud of, despite it being simple.   It’s to showcase the gorgeous diamanté blindfold from Je Suis and the absolutely stunning hair from Burley.   The blindfold is a simple, yet powerful piece.  The diamonds are the perfect touch to something a lil taboo.    The hair from Burley I was disappointed didn’t come in packs (that I saw.. yet), but I dropped the money for the fatpack anyway because I loved it.  It comes in two pieces, and it’s mesh.  The braid is rigged so is non mod, but the top hairpiece is resizeable so you can get that perfect fit!

Je Suis | Burley | Akeruka

CHIC² opens tomorrow, make sure you’re ready.