Ponderments and Cake…

…. Cake is for Kitty and Co.

I’ve been having SUCH a giggle lately, on SL (thanks to Plurk) and it’s been so nice! Having fun, having awesome ppl by my side while we lime jelly dance and put each other off tringo while LOLing at every other sentance… it’s just been a blasty blast… and there was this discussion on Plurk about caring a week or so ago and it got me to wondering, and of course.. PONDERMENT..ing…?

I’ve tried to live a pretty quiet SLife, I’ve been in the limelight when I haven’t wanted to be and hated being there, and I try to stay out of it as much as I can, I like living drama-free, it’s nice and quiet and it gives me a chance NOT to stab ppl in the face, and i’ve changed SO much since the days of anon haters, I used to cry, quiet literally, when I was torn to shreds, then I grew some balls (on someone else, not me) and decided I didn’t care and shrugged it off… but do you ever REALLY shrug it off? I started to care again a lil while ago, and took a LOTRO break, now i’m back and wondering if I do or don’t care?!

I might say I don’t care, but I do, well I don’t but I DO! It’s so hard to explain. I speak my mind, but I speak it carefully, as I HATE HATE HATE to offend people, and I hate it when I get upset about things that I probably should just shrug off, cos i’m a nice person, I’m a VERY nice person (I am!) and when you try and live without dramatics and llamas spitting at you, and they do anyway, it gets awfully frustrating to say the least!

I guess my main reason to post was to ask you to ponder yourselves this question: Do you *REALLY* care what others think, or what others are doing/saying/eating/making/somethinging? Is it *REALLY* that important in the grand scheme of life to you?

I mean we all like some good gossip, and sometimes drama pops up and you grab popcorn and watch, we ALL do it, but it really necessary that we concern ourselves with other ppl and what they are doing, where they are going, where they’ve been, what the colour of their pubes are, if they have 666 tattooed on their tushes etc etc? I know it’s not always that easy, hell I have, upon occasion, been stuck in the middle of stuff going Whaaaa? with a puzzled look on my face, but people, DOES IT REALLY MATTAH???

I think since having another baby, i’ve figured wtfever with SL, i’m there for fun, i’m there for PIXELS (not pixel slapping, there is a difference), i’m there to be me in tiny lil blocks all perfectly formed, i’m not there to find something in RL (apart from friendships <3), i’m not there to make anything, i’m purely there for shits and giggles, I don’t care if Mr A ran off with Mrs B when Miss C was in the conservatory with the lead piping killing Mr and Mrs D, and Mr E was taking all of Mrs F’s belongings to sell to Miss G who witnessed it ALL and made up notecards while Mr and Mrs H were snapping Miss I on the toilet with her rabbit called Mr J.

Why do we care so much? I know it makes us human, but at what point do we stop? When do we stop concerning ourselves with what others think about us, when others don’t really know us at ALL??

I’m so happy in RL, and i’ve been happily dramallama free for sooooooooooo long now in SL (and hoping it stays that way!, which is why i’m a hermit :P), and I hope you all are too 😀


10 thoughts on “Ponderments and Cake…

  1. *looks around*

    Where is the cake?

    I’m an SL hermit lately after some recent drama directed at me. I only seem to emerge from the skybox to do shopping in hopefully empty stores, and put on the weekly party. It’s just easier that way.

  2. *eats all the cake*

    In the grand scheme of everything *spits crumbs while talking*, I have decided that I do care what people think, so long as they’re the people that I care about. And I generally trust those people (and y’all know who you are) not to be arseholes about the whole thing.

    Lifes too short to worry about the fucktards and SLifes even shorter.

    By the way Mrs F was a complete slag from what I heard and deserved everything she got.

    Loves you!

  3. I think Kitty nailed it. There are certain people who you make part of your life, people who ultimately help shape your SL journey. And for me, those people have the right to speak the truth and be heard, even when it hurts. As for the rest, i do my very best not to care…. But whoever said “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” was a friggin liar.

    and by the way, i’m pissed that i missed the cake 😦

  4. *wants cake*

    The drama I have been through was within the Portuguese community which is quite sad and it was quite ugly to see what people are capable of after you offered them your friendship and meet RL.

    Do I care what people think…? I agree with Kitty: I care about the people I care about.


  5. When I was just a little kitten, my mom told me something that has been a part of who I am ever since: walk a mile in the other man’s moccasins. Aside from the fact that it seemed a bit odd to slip my paws into shoes ^_^ I have to say this perspective is what helps me balance kindness with good boundaries. A lesson I’m sure life will continue to bring to me… as it seems I’m always a work in progress… hehe. Nice post Willis!

  6. Yea I think anyone who knows me knows I care *too much* what other people think. Sadly it’s those that matter (which I should care about) and annoyingly it’s also those who don’t really matter, matter. If that makes sense 😛

  7. I just came for the cake! Thanks a lot, Kitty, for being such a piggie.

    But really…as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to care less and less and less about what other people think. I used to be nearly obsessed with not upsetting anyone or the status quo, but when that started to have an adverse affect on my own happiness, I started realizing I needed to be the one looking out for Me first. Not in a selfish way, but trying to provide balance. I agree with Kitty, I care about what the people I care about think.

  8. Think and do for yourself, you can’t do it for anyone else.

    *grabs a muffin from the fridge and runs*

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