Helloween Freebies!

My 3rd Halloween post, are you bored yet? Probably but I have a face on me that does not care *foldy arms*.   I am dedicating this month (mostly) to Halloween, cos i’m teh lazy and in a bit of a funk with stuffs at the moment.

Today I bring you FREE Halloween goodies from Nomine, I say free, they were the group gift (It’s SoM, go join!).   You got skins, clothing and jewellery, but I only snapped the skins, sorry about that… >.>

There are three Girls and three Boys skins, again I only snapped the girls (what? Don’t use that face, I said I was teh lazies, pfft)… they are three definately pure Halloween skins, mind you I say that and someone might actually want to walk around the grid in these all the time, which is also fine!

They are the Nomine Plague Skins – Infected, Scabby, Veiny.  Sound like some kind of funky dwarf combination, but nope, just some fabbbbberroo skins! So let’s get this going, eh?

First up is Infected.   I’m not entirely sure what i’m infected with whilst wearing this skin, i’m guessing something that makes you a lil smudged looking.. I dunno what it is but I like it.   I think this skin is actually really cute and you could totally get away with wearing it if you wanted to pretend you were fixing a motorbike or something, srsly!   I think the Plague skins have really sweet faces, and I love the lips.. on all of them!  So yes, this one is Infected:

Nomine - Plague - Infected

Next up is Scabby… it’s a lil *barf* isn’t it.. not in a bad way! You just look at it and think ommmmgg whats wrong with meeeee, but it’s a good skin and I think Munch has done a frickin’ awesome job at freaing us out with these kinds of skins, really awesome.   Scabby is well.. scabby with raw wounds and pus and omg all sorts of gross shit, man.

Nomine - Plague - Scabby

Finally meet Veiny.. Veiny is very veiny *nod*.   This skin doesn’t gross me out as much as scabby but it still made me look twice.   I really love the vein detail on this one, so fresh and bloody!  I guess some people will argue that veins don’t look like this but I think those ppl should SHOOSH and enjoy the Halloween yumminess that Munch has given us for FREE!… I kinda wanna wear veiny ALL the time and get that exploding head thing out from like ’05 and just scream obscenities at ppl ALL.THE.TIME.

Nomine - Plague - Veiny

So there we have it, the free skins from Nomine to celebrate Helloween! (Thats what Munch called it!).   I totally love these skins, they are different sure but they are fun, and god knows fun is needed, right? Right.

Thanks Munch for your generous gift to your group ❤

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