Tuli, Tuli, Tuli, TULIIIIII

Yup, TULI!

Tuli has released new goodness and I LUUURVE it, I haven’t really been in SL that much recently as i’ve not felt like it but I *had* to log in and get these and I thought it was time to post something so here I am! *jazz hands*

It’s not going to be a post full of waffle cos I don’t feel like waffling (I know, wtf is up with *that*?) but you can see from the pics the awesomesauce that is… TULI!


On the left you can see the new Skullie dress in Lime, I loooove the coluring on lime, but I am going to go back and get a couple more colours, yup it’s available in a handful!   I paired it with the free leggings that I found in Sumi’s Corner at Tuli’s store and I tried pairing it with the lace socks (not shown) that are available, but I prefered it with just the leggings, it’s a gorgeous and fun dress that is vibrant and cute!   I paired the dress with the new Connect Hair from Magika, i’m really digging Magika at the moment, and I love their Blondes, so expect to see more Magika hair from me now and then 😀

The 2 pics on the right are of the new Sue dress from Tuli, shown here in black, it’s also available in more colours.   I opted for black because it’s black/red and I love that colour combo.   As you can see you get the gorgeous poofy dress complete with bow at the back and you also get two sets of gloves, one red and one black, a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous occasion, I don’t often do “big” dresses, but I immediately fell for this one!  It’s paired with the new Lucy hair from Magika, another style i’m really digging, the bow on top was just the perfect pairing for my Sue dress, imo!

The skin is the new Alice line from Free Speerit and how much am I in love with these skins? A bit bloody too much I think!! I love the shading, I adore the faces, I think it really suits me and I, for one, will be wearing it a LOT. I need to go back and get more, come to think of it. <.<

That’s about it, not a lot else to say really but I think you all need to own these things!


Magika – Connect – Blonde F
Magika- Lucy – Blonde A

FS – Alice – Allure – Naked

Detour – Crystal Eyes – Blue (dark sclera)
Cake – Bedroom Lashes

Tuli – Sumi – Skullie – Lime
Tuli – Leggings (Tintable and free!)
Tuli – Sue – Black

All by Torrid

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