Bits and Bobs…

Newp, not the store… just bits and bobs I’ve got recently that I wanted to put out there!

Firstly we have some brand spankin’ new lashes from Carissa Crimson of Silhouette fame! Usually she concentrates on shapes, but she’s branched (or lashed! ha! I made a funneh) out to lashes. Now before you look at the pic and think WHAT?! I am teh SUCK at prim fiddling, but I can assure you they were pretty easy to fiddle with, not only that Carissa is offering a FREE prim fitting for anyone that has purchased a Silhouette shape, yay!

Silhouette Lashes

There are 7 sets of lashes, only 6 are shown here but the last were really kinda out there… you can see them in the store though!    I think my fav of the collection were the Combed.   They look stunning in pictures and very natural with the odd lash sticking out rather than being in a regimented line!  YAY for realistic!   They range from natural to more modelesque as you can see, so there really is a lash for everyone.

Overall I think Carissa has done a brilliant job on her first lashes and I hope i’ve faffed enough with them to do them justice in these pictures!  It didn’t take long or much to get them a reasonable fit for me, which is a total bonus in lashes, imo!

Next up we have the Beauty Skins from Adam N Eve!  Sachi has always been the proprietor of a fine skin store, but I usually find my face doesn’t fit them very well so i’ve always admired from afar, but Beauty is SO different!  It comes in 4 tones as you can see below, my personal fav being the palest tone, I think .  Although i’m on a dark skin kick at the moment, I don’t have nearly enough!

Adam n Eve - Beauty - Tones

The body is just deeeelish!   The toned tummy gives me happens, and the boobs aren’t totally over done in a OMG LOOK I’M ALL FAKE way, and not underdone like… pancakes slapped on the mesh, that makes them pretty ok in my book!   The ass is biteable, if you’re into biting asses that is, and pretty much it’s just spot on, I couldn’t find a fault in it.

You can see two of the Beauty makeups below – Bare and Rainbow, and not onlllyyyyy do you get a choice of various yummy makeups each skin comes with or without hairbase and various other little options like mani/pedi, hair eyebrow base etc!

Adam N Eve - Beauty - Faces.

Finally we have some new Truth hair, does the man ever stop? Apparently not!

Truth - Hairs

Hazel I and II are both the type of style I love in SL, shaggy over the eyes bangs, I find them sooooooooooooooooo sexy!  Hazel II is probably my fav with a lil shaggy pony at the back, while Hazel I has the over the shoulder type pony (sorry about the nipples btw, forgot I was naked until I came to blog haha!), I love that kinda style also but I find it cuts into my poses a lot and i’m kinda anal about that, gorgeous nonetheless!

Luna is also another style that i’ve fallen in love with and it’s not often I really like a bangless hair!   I find they give me a bit of a slaphead look, but how can you not love this adorable style??   It all comes together at the back of the head but looks held together loosely, like you’re about to pull it out and do that sexy shampoo ad shake all over! 😀

Zach is the final style and is actually mens hair, although it comes in womans sizes also (yay!).  It’s a smart but casual short do that I actually thinks looks better on us than the guys, so there! 😛

That’s all for now, but I have more in store, I’m just taking my sweeeet time doing it, enjoying RL atm! ❤

Adam N Eve

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