La Sylphide.. OH HAI!

Last time Stephanie Misfit released some skins, I had a bit of a squee, as you can see documented right here….

She just released some more.. SQ to the UEEEEE.  There are two new releases, Katie and Poppy.  Both have their differences but both are equally great, let’s see how so:

LS Katie Tan

This is Katie.  She’s very soft featured andvery gorgeous.   The body on the skin is divine with some really awesome shading, absolutely no seams in sight and generally, it just looks yummeh!    I had to fiddle with my face a bit to get these skins to look good on me, but it was no big deal and the way I look after was more than worth it!    The lips on Katie are extremely soft and understated for the most part, and the eye makeup is smoulderingly wonderful!  Shes a beauty i’m glad I forked out fatpack prices for, and it wasn’t even bank breaking either!

Both the new skins are $L900 for a Single or a Fatpack of 8 is available for a mere $L3000!

LS Katie Tan - Body

Next up we have Poppy, she’s my fav *swoon*.   The body on Poppy is pretty much the same as Katie with it’s invisible seams and gorgeous body shading, not too much, not too little… so that makes it just about right, right?!  Right.  What I love most about Poppy is her GORGEOUS face.  I am so in love with myself and anyone else I find wearing this skin right now, oh yes.

LS Poppy - Tan

Just how kissable are my lips? HOW KISSABLE?  I’d kiss me, I know that much.   I can’t pinpoint one specific reason why I love this face so much, it’s pretty much all of it…. The kissable lips, the sexy smokey eyes, the beautiful natural nostrils (yeah I said natural nostrils!).    Poppy is just plain wondeful and I hope above all hopes that Stephanie releases MORE makeups in Poppy, I really really do!

LS Poppy Tan - Body



Eyes – Philotic Energy | Cornflower

Hair – Magika | Philotic Energy

2 thoughts on “La Sylphide.. OH HAI!

  1. wish the katie had more tones and makeups, it’s very pretty on many avatars i’ve seen at the shop

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