Ok, it’s not *quite* an explosion but it’s as near as dammit!   Both Ryker  of the newly renamed Exodi (was Genesis) and Tuli of well.. Tuli are have/are releasing skins this week and boy oh BOY… I love me some of those skins!

This is going to be a fairly VERY long post about the new skins from both of these talented creators and it WILL contain nudity, LOTS AND LOTS OF NUDITY, so I am going to cut right HERE… if you want to read the rest, you know the drill! (I apologise if the cut doesn’t work on any feeds, I  tried!)

I’ll start with Tuli!   The Hope skins have been in the pipelines for a little while now and we’ve been given teaser group gifts, pick rewards, even blogger appreciation week saw Hope surfacing and the wait is *almost* over.   To be released later this week I think Hope will be a HUGE hit, I know i’m already waiting on more make-ups to be made because Hope fits me like a glove!

We’ll start with the faces of Hope, there are 10 makeups to be released in the first instance and all of them are just bloody adorable, sometimes I am hesitant at buying huge fatpacks of skins cos there are makeups that I just will never wear, but know that having a taste of these make-ups is going to make me go and buy MOREEE in different tones because I am in love with each and every one of them:

Tuli - Hope - Faces

The faces on Hope range from the gorgeous and barely there Natural to the more vixen like Sultry, with bright pastels in Tequilla to muted smokeys in Gig… there really is a makeup for everyone in this release, I believe.  What I love about the Hope skin is that normally with Tuli skins I have to tweak my face a lil, but this one fit me first time and I think I look srsly hot in it, I do! Sorry!   I love the slight sheen on the lips and the eye makeups are ALL exquisite, nothing to fault at ALL.   

You get various eyebrow options too: black, brown, light, red.   Most of those above are brown, although i’m sure black snuck in there too!

Ok, now some nudity:

Tuli - Hope - Tones/Front


Tuli - Hope - Tones/Back

This is Hope in all her nekkid glory.   Isn’t she a doll?    I didn’t zoom up and in and around all the lil crevices because I really don’t get naked all that often (i’m pretty sure that’s the 100th time i’ve said that, but it’s  still true!) but I love what i’m seeing here.   I think some people might find the nipples a lil on the small side, but who wants a nipple taking over half their breast? Not me!    The cleavage shading is spot on, the tummy is toned but not ripped, it comes beautifully bare and shaven although i’m pretty sure you could add pubic hair if you really wanted.   

The butt shading is also great because you don’t have those tide mark looking lines underneath the cheeks and you get the lil dimples at the top!    The shoulderblades are in exactly the right place, the collarbones are great… I really haven’t got a BAD word to utter about the body on Hope, or any other Tuli for that matter, i’ve always been a HUGE fan.   So instead of gushing anymore, I guess i’ll simply say… I EFFIN LOVE HOPE and I *will* be buying more makeups in diff tones and I *will* be camping out waiting for more makeups.  Well done, Tuli! You’re going to make me broke!!!

Ok, so that was Hope, now we have TWO new skins from Ryker of Exodi!

We’ll start with Shiloh, the newest baby from Ryker.  Shiloh is gorgeous.   She’s got a face as smooth as a babies bottom as you can see below.    I didn’t tweak my shape for this picture so my lips are perhaps a lil more plump than they would be normally but that’s NOTHING that can’t be fixed with a small tweak.   Something else you can’t really see here cos I forgot are the eyebrows, they come in dark and light and to be honest I found them a lil too “heavy” for my personal taste but they are very nice brows! 😛

The lips on Shiloh are undoubtedly juicy and plump, gorgeous and kissable, I prefer them to the Eden lips for sure.   One thing i’ve always found Exodi (was Genesis) to do fabulously are eyes, the eye makeup ryker bangs out are always lovely and fresh looking.

Exodi - Shiloh - Faces

Now, onto the NUDITY *WARNING WARNING AGAIN WARNING NUDITY* :P.   Shiloh comes in 5 tones ranging from the milky pale cream to the dark rich cocoa.    My personal fav’s are the 2 lighter tones, but the dark tones are really well done, I know it’s not easy to do a good dark tone (ok I don’t know, i’ve heard :P).   The shading on Shiloh has moved on slightly from Eden, you might not be able to look at the pics and immediately see it, but upon inspection you can.  It’s the little things that make the big differences you know!   

I find the Shiloh backs to be rather realistic, with spine indentations and visibly protruding shoulderblades, the shading is what some might term quite “harsh” but in reality it’s not really that harsh, it’s just not soft!   I personally love the cleavage on Shiloh and the tummy and the lil hip bone shadingy bits! (not a word, sue me).  So YES, we like Shiloh!!!   Rykers coming on GREAT with skins 😀

Exodi - Shiloh - Tones

Exodi - Shiloh - I LIKE BUTTS

Next up and finally we have the Eden Generation 2 from Exodi,   although this isn’t the 2nd take of Eden Ryker has done, she’s decided this is a new generation, who are we to argue when such prettyness is upon us?!

I did have a problem with the Gen 2 face, not with the actual face itself, more with my face… as you can see the bottom lip is rather big using the shape I used for both the skins above, so i’d have to tweak it a lil.  That being said,  I love the EdenG2 lips, they are glossy goodness wrapped up with a lil bit of a pout.    Again the eye makeup cannot be faulted and once again I found the brows a  lil heavy, but that could be something to do with the hairbase I was wearing so we won’t worry about that.  Don’t I look cute in them???  I love the nose shading, and the cheeks… very very smooth and blended, just how i like my skins!

Exodi - Eden Gen2 - Faces

You’ve all seen Eden skins before on here (or well you can find them on here if you haven’t) so I won’t go into much detail about the shading but let the pictures do the talking below:

Exodi Eden Gen2


Exodi - Eden Gen2 - BUTTS!

There we have it, 3 new fabulous skins out and about (ok one soon) for you consuming pleasuuuuure.

Taxi to Tuli

Taxi to Exodi

Hair – Exile | Gritty Kitty | ETD | Truth

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