Moonshine and a Sneaky Peek :D

So, lets get the non NSFW stuff done shall we? Then i’ll post a sneaky lil peek at the GORGEOUS new skins from Launa Fauna, I don’t have much info about them but I *do* have lots of pictures, mostly naked 😀

Ok, so Shelly from Moonshine has been a busy lil bee again, making us some mix and matchables for our wardrobe, isn’t she kind??

First up we have the Patchwork Tees, available in a variety of nommable colours!   I love the shading on these, with the lil bit of cinching around the boobs, very realistic, mine always pucker around there (god bless having a rack, eh ladies? :P).  I think my fav colour in this is the green, it reminds me of Opal Fruits… mmm juicy!

Moonshine 2

So yes, we have some tees, a perfect wardrobe staple for those that are all into the most casual of clothes.   But also in the release were the Suede Zipper Skirts you can see below!  I’ve only posted them in three colours, but there were more!  It’s a teeny tiny let’s not bed over mmkkk kinda skirt, with a zip!  They have a lovely suede looking feel to them, hence them being suede skirts, one suspects :D.   Also on the below picture you can see a gorgeous babydoll style top.  Very summery, very light and the top minus the prims makes an awesome vest to pair with the skirts, as you can see!  Thank you, Shelly for making our wardrobes prettier 😀

Moonshine 1

Ok, cutting here for new CHAI SKIN SNEAKY PEEEKKKK!So HAI.   Yes, we’re all VERY excited about the new LF skin, if you’ve been part of the beta testing you’ve probably been drooling a lot, like I have.  Well Launa keeps posting that they are out VERY VERY soon, and I for one cannot wait!  I got a lil sneaky peek at a few of the make-ups and oh HAI!  So anyway, first up with the skin tones.

I believe these are the final tones and I LOVE THEM.   They range from the milkiest pale white, to the darkest brown and they are just gorgeous.   I think my fav tone is three (which i’m sure you can figure out is the third one in the top picture.   The shading on them is just lovely, although I did find the darker they get the boobs start to look slightly shinier than the last, but I think that might actually be my eyes cos in the pics they look great!   I’m always hear people screaming out for a darker skin, well now (ladies only sorry!) you got your wish!   I won’t bang on too much, as I don’t know pricing details, or how they’ll be packed or anything yet!  I do know, however, they come with tintable lips, eyebrows and you get a freckles option (and you can see that on the awesome demo that points ALL that out and has half a face full of freckles, genius!)

Chai Nova Tones

Chai Sable Tones

These are 6 of the makeups that will be available, you’ll probably look like I did and think heeey they are all kinda similar!  Well they are, after a fashion, but I can assure you they aren’t the same, you can probably spot the eyemakeups are different, some have a slight blush, some have cat-eyes… I dunno about you but i’m loving them!  I am particularly loving the lips, so soft and kissable!  The first three are shown with freckles too.

Chai Midnight Makeups

Last but not least before I quit rambling, below you can see just what a difference the mod lip makes.  It’s not huge but it’s noticable.  That is one makeup shown with three different variations of the lip slider!  AWESOMESAUCE.

Chai Mod Lips

So, there we have it for now, I hope you enjoyed 😀

*skin shown in Moonshine pics – dhR

9 thoughts on “Moonshine and a Sneaky Peek :D

  1. ❤ you look so pretty and I love that you showed the tank without the babydoll prims. That was one of my fav things about that release!

  2. HAHAHA! I searched “Moonshine” and I wasn’t going to say anything but there’s a furniture store by same name :p and thank you!

  3. Gah I know. I’ve been Moonshine for years but someone will always pick the same name. Grab tp’s thru my profile 🙂
    And y’all quit bickerin’ in my review post!!!

  4. Haha! In my defense she only said “Shelly” not “Shelly Toonie” and I couldn’t look up your profile. :p

    And I never bicker with Willow, I wubs her face! Complete & Tote!

  5. Awww don’t be emo. I’m not in SL enough anymore to be up-to-date on the latest superstars! By the way, I did shop your store! 😀

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