Finaaaaaaaaallly!  I had uber meltdown when my hard drives died for good (AGAIN!) and scowled something fierce annddd the boyf decided to just install new ones!  This means most of my weekend was spent whinging like a child “is it doooooone yetttt?” after everything needed reinstalling!

I really just wanted to get on,  sort my turtles, delete the rest of my chickens and take some pics, so that’s what I did!

My first stop for piccies was the new hair!  They released some scrummy goods on Saturday including hairs, jewellery and clothing, i’ve chosen to just show the hair for now so lets have a look! - hair

From L-R:

  • Lucy – A gorgeous ponytail up high on the head, it hangs beautifully and realistically.  We all know i’m not an uber fan of hair without fringes as it makes me look like a bit of  a slaphead, but that didn’t stop me now, did it?
  • Lucy.2 – A 2nd take on Lucy, this time with bangs! WOOT! I do love me some bangs.  I particuarly love the bangs on this style, kinda skimming my eyeline in that sexy peeping out from under them style, with a slight parting in the middle.  I also love the wisps of hair coming down by the ears in both the Lucy styles!
  • Mika – Mika is an over the shoulder style.  A long haired beauty but swept to the side, she comes with some lovely bangs too!  I think this style will be an excellent choice for photos as well as everyday wear!
  • Rashelle – The final of the 4 is probably my fav!  Rashelle is a longer style with long bangs covering just one eye, sitting over the shoulders in a sexy manner.  I adore this style, its sexy, it’s sassy and it’s gorgeous!

Next up some more Truth!  That guy never stops!  Do we want him to though? Probably not 😛

Truth - New Hair


  • Katey – Oh hellooo pretty girl!  What is with all the to die for bangs this week?! I freaking love them!  A pretty simple longer style hair with a razor cut feel and those sexy bloody bangs!
  • Rose – A really nice up-do with pretty, wavy bangs framing the face.  Rose comes with the option of prim roses in four different colours that can be attached for that extra pretty feel.
  • Vivian – I’m not sure how I feel about Vivian, I like it… but i’m not sure it’s me!   I love the way the prims flick out at the back and I love the way it frames the face, but I don’t think it suits mine, damn my face!
  • Voshie – A sexy, loose Princess Leia style bun thinger going on here with a braid going down the side and tucked behind the ear, subtle but sassy, for those of us that like something a lil different but not too off the wall!

Ok, so now for some skins!  I saw Staged Skins at the little skin faire that was held recently and fell in love, but never got a chance to visit the store, by some miracle I was given the honour of receiving a review copy of a new and upcoming skin – Elizabeth (2)!

Lets take a look first at the faces.  Individual makeup names can be seen if you click the picture and follow the link 😀

Staged - Elizabeth - Tanned - Faces

This is shown on my alts shape, as she needed a bit of tweaking and I decided she looked faboooo in it.   The lips are just simply irresistable and kissable, with a slightly wet look they really rocked my socks.   The eyebrows are gorgeously shaped, the nostrils are wicked and the eyemakeup is smouldering and sexy, whether you choose the barely there styles or the night vixen look.   The cheek shading is a little harsh but I think that looks pretty sweet, I do love me some blush!   The faces on Elizabeth are without a doubt, rocking… and I can’t wait to see more come out, and perhaps in a lighter tone (coming soon btw)

Now the body, which is NSFW 😛

Staged is one of those skins that looks like it’s been worked on endlessly.  Now if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know i’m not one of these people that zooms in on every seam possible unless i’m doing a beta review, I’m sorry but I don’t get naked in SL very often (or on purpose) so I only really check out in detail the bits I know will be on show!

The first thing I noticed was the cleavage, it’s a beauty!  Not too dark like you’re harbouring a bit of boob-despair but enough to look like you have a pretty good bra on!  Next I noticed the belleh… it looks toned but not muscular, then it was the legs, you can almost see the shading of the muscles, it’s terribly realistic, along with the inner creases of the knee, the bum/back dimples and the shoulderblades.  It’s all beautiful.  I have no bad words about the shading and I didn’t notice any seams.   Elizabeth somes shaved and unshaved, you can guess which I chose 😛

Overall, i’m super excited with the skin and can’t wait to see more!

Staged - Elizabeth - Tanned - Body

So there you have it, SLURLS are clickable on the store names in the review, hope you enjoyed it and hope to be back in full form soon ❤

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  1. well i’m 19.that isn’t a problem with me.i think i might try it out. 😀
    this seems to be intresting with the naked part thing >:) ..

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