Piercings AHOY!!

Posy from Miau Haus/Civvies/Homespun fame has a bunch of piercings ready to go (or gone!) and they are deeeeeelicious!  There are many more than i’ve pictured below and they come in gal and guy sizes, so not too much fiddling, I had to do *minimal* alterations to these one of my shapes, so I was a happy happy bunny!

Homespun Piercings

Click me to go laaaaaaaaaarge

As you can see, there are various different types all placed in various places.. and like I said these aren’t the only ones available, I just wanted to keep some of them a secret so you’d go look!  I think my fav is the diamond tear drop (top right)… or the Monroe (row 2, 2nd in).. oh gawd, I just love a lot of them, POSY… make a full face and I will love you FOREVER! ❤

I’ll be back later with a LOTD, but until then.. GO GET PIERCED.

Take a ride to Homespun

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