SLDD 14|05 – Second Spaces!

I love today’s SLDD!  So here I am to witter on about it slightly.

It’s from Second Spaces and you can see more about it over at the SLDD site.  It’s got so many lil bits and bobs to it that I know I can’t do it justice! It’s a total steal at only $L250 too!!

SLDD 14|05 - Second Spaces

You get 2 chairs, 2 towels and a boat.. as well as a stack of towels to sit on, most of them with more than one pose!  It’s 71 prims in total, but you don’t have to have it all out if you don’t want to, although I totally would cos it’s so effin cute!

I really could babble on all day about how great its textures, how the prim work is fantastic… how cute it is, how I love the various poses, but for just $L250 I am hoping you’ll go and buy yourself one! ❤

Second Spaces – SLDD for TODAY only!

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