Rumor has it…

..that a lil hair making birdy is (kinda sorta) BACK IN TOWN BABY….

Elika has revealed her renamed brand – Elikatira (or [e] for short!).  She is dipping her lil toesies back into the pool by releasing two SL Marketplace EXCLUSIVES – Fresh and Rumor – hairs she has created for herself but is now offering to us too! 😀

Don’t get too excited, Elikatira isn’t open (there is no store :o) but I think it’s really great to see Elika back, as i’m sure you’ll all agree and I hope that there is a store for us all to visit soon!

We shall take a closer look, but first let me show you the yummy new colour contact sheet I put together, I hope these colours stay, they are GORGEOUS.  They aren’t named this time around, they are numbered, which I find a lot easier to remember haha:

[e] - Colour Sheet

That is Rumor, in the contact sheet, in the set though you also get Rumor 2, both shown below:

[e] - Rumor & Rumor 2

Finally this is Fresh, not usually my type of style as I don’t like to show too much forehead but it is SO damn pretty that I just fell in love!:

[e] - Fresh

YAYAYYAYAYAYAY for Elika and I hope to be able to blog more [e] styles in the near future (finglies crossed everyone!)

Click here for the Marketplace Link!

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