52 WoC – Umber

Willis has, rather bravely, asked me to post this week’s colour challenge. Not through any particular faith that I will do a good job of it, but because she has buggered off out. Apparently, whatever chore it is that called her away is very urgent indeed for her to risk me breaking the entire blog in my wake.

What does this button do?

Anyway… this week’s colour challenge was umber, which, fascinatingly, is the colour achieved when raw unheated clay earth pigment is processed into refined pigment. Featured in the picture, from left to right, are the absentee blog owner, Arbel and myself, Willow C.

52 WoC - Umber...

Willis (left):

Skin: Belleza
Hair: Exile
Socks: Maitreya
Shirt: Aoharu (I think)

Arbel (centre):

Skin: (AMD) Arabell – Tan (Pure Juice)
Eyemakeup:  *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Brown, *BOOM* Renegade
Princess Shadows (coal mine)
Hair: Milana – Savannah (umber)
Hoodie: Sweetest Goodbye – Herangsa – Cream
Tank: Emery – Mini Top 8
Skirt: R.icielli – REGINA minskirt / umber
Shoes: mocha – Knit Socks with Flats
Jewelry – League : Wanderer Set
Eyes – LeLutka – Ellis – Cocoa

Willow C (right):

Top: Miel – Tulip Tank (Champagne)
Pants: Miel – Mo Linen Pocket Pants (Pebble)
Boots: Miel – Far Boots (Polar Special)
Scarf: Miel – Lia Scarf (Flor)
Bracelet: League – Wanderer Set (6 Strands)
Earrings: Twisted & Spoiled – Hoop Earrings from Rawr set
Lip Ring: Twisted & Spoiled – Lip Ring from Rawr set
Skin: The Plastik – Valah (Stargazer in Light)
Hair: Truth – Cameron (Ivory)
Eyes: Rosie’s Thingies – Antonia (Blush, Medium)


6 thoughts on “52 WoC – Umber

  1. ohhhh gooshhh i love the sweatershirt on willis. I searched it at aoharu but cant find it. is it really aoharu ? Help plsss 🙂

  2. It’s entirely sure I made that up in my head! I got changed before I realised I hadn’t done the credits. I will check later and report back! ❤

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