Alphabet Challenge – B!

It’s lovely to see that people have grabbed the alphabetised baton and trotted off with it, when it comes to this challenge – I do hope nobody is expecting any sort of timeliness from us, though, as that’s not something we’re especially known for. But we shall do our best!

As a reminder, the rules are as follows: everything you wear must begin with the letter you are blogging.  It can be store, item name, colour or, at a stretch (because we know there are some letters where a stretch will be necessary), creator.

Click here for a link to the rules page, if that’s as clear as silt.

We also have a Flickr group going for alphabet entries, and we’d love to see links to your posts in the comments, too.

And so here we have the B entries from myself, Arbers and Willis (in that order). I should like to point out for anyone excited by the crazy streaked hair I’m wearing that it is, in fact, meant to be a single colour. My pc has taken to shadow viewers like a duck to cheese.

Alphabet Challenge - B
BAlphabet Bloggity - B

18 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge – B!

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