Yes… SKINGASM!  I have not one, not two, but THREE new skins! I AM A GIRL IN SKIN HEAVEN!  So without further ado, let’s take a look!

First we have 2 new skins from Curio, the first featured is Angel, and yes, it’s a barely there skin.  I’ve seen a lot of comments about how young these skins make you look, and I can see why! I’m very fresh faced, very natural looking in these.  Maybe a good skin line for AV’s of a less mature in age nature, for sure.  But she’s very pretty and it’s nice to see an entirely barely there range of skins for people that like that younger, clean look!  As you can see there are a few subtle differences with the lips, but a majority are the splash of colours on the eyelids (that you can’t see all that well on these, sorry >.<).

Curio - Angel

Next up is Party Girl, and I have to admit, I was waiting for Party Boy to show up while I was trying them on, but alas, I was not Jackass’d :P.  I really like this set, it’s another clean, fresh looking face, but with lots of splashes of colour this time!  I love the lips on these, very full and luscious, with a bit of pearly sheen on a few.  As you can see there are a few barely there styles, along with some real eye popping bright ones! I think anybody can find what they are looking for in this set, really!

Curio - Party Girl

Ok, now we have Linn from Glam Affair!  I love GA Skins, but sometimes I wonder if I look a bit pouty, then I realise I don’t care if I do, if I like it.. it’s all good!  The first picture here shows Linn’s “Clean” face, a very subtle tint to the lips, and some nice dark, but not overly caked on eyeliner for the eyes, a real nice staple.

Glam Affair - Linn - Clean

These are the rest of the skins and as you can see there are quite the mixture of faces here!  From bright fushias paired with mustard yellows to lovely bright red with super dark eyes.  It’s a really interesting mix, and I admit, I can see myself wearing all of them at some point.   I find the face mesmerising, pout included.  Definitely one of my favourite Glam Affair releases.

Glam Affair - Linn

This is the body on Linn, paired with the Mesh feet from Slink… I kinda like it 😀

Glam Affair - Linn

Tp to Curio
Tp to Glam Affair

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