It’s like therapy.. but with hair.  I HAVE LOTS OF NEW HAIR *squees gently*.   Now, I had a bit of  meltdown this morning after I couldn’t find the collage option in Picnik, thankfully my plurky friends (Annie, ty!) helped me out and I learnt I was just not seeing it where it used to be, but it was still there.  I don’t know how you guys blog, but I make minimal touch ups on my pictures.  I usually throw them into Picnik and just collage them up for ease. I have PS and I do my Frooti store ads in that, but for an easy, and simple life… Picnik is fab. I am so sad it’s going, like really really sad.  It’s being “moved” to Google+ but from what I’ve seen and the rumblings I’ve heard.. not all the faaaaabulous options will be available.

I did look at alternatives like Picassa and FotoFlex etc… and they are nice! And do a lot of nice things, but nothing will beat Picnik! 😦 Anyway, now that sad is over.. HAIRAPY! That’s what I needed and that’s what I got:

Truth released both Alexis and Tammy yesterday!  Alexis is cutesey with her double high ponies! and Tammy is a high high high single pony.  I love them both!  Simple yet effective 🙂

New Truth Hair 22/01

Exile also released new hair!  2 Regular releases (and boys hair too!) and 2 TDR releases!  We have Misha, Meg, Josie and Rayanne!   Misha and Meg are just LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I absolutely adore them.  I think Meg might just be my new staple!! With her semi windswept look, ohhhh yes.   Josie is avaiable at The Dressing Room Blue and is a cute short style, and as a bonus Rayanne is a TDR style but only available at the mainstore as a special!  She’s a beaut too, total fairytail type hair 😀

New Exile Hair 22/01

Wasabi Pills released a new style too, it’s braided over the front and just a normal, long style at the back.  I still can’t take pics with shadows in Wasabi Pills hair with the stupid alpha bug! GRRR!  It’s gorgeous though and you should definitely check it out. Cherilyn is her name and being cute is her game!

New Wasabi Pills Hair 22*01

Tyr of Aura also released a new, pre-prelease teaser of Briar!!! Isn’t she a doll?! It’s available in the tones below, and each tone comes with the lipstick options at the bottom. She is a beauty, I am so happy to see Aura skins again! 😀

Aura - Briar | Frosty

Aura - Briar | Frosty - Lip Options

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