Bits and Bobs!

Hellooo, it’s been almost a week since my last post, i’ve been whacked in RL! (not literally)… but here is an image heavy post for your perusal of a few of my newest, and favourite purchases. I am trying to play catch up, weeee!

First up some new skins from Curio! Mardi Gras based skins, so the colours are bright, but subtle.. apart from on the masked ones, obvs. I love this set, it might be my new fav! Comes in all the usual ways, with frex, light, dark and in alllll the usual tones!

Curio Mardi Gras

We also have new skin here from Aura! It’s available at the Festival of Sin and there are three makeups: Greta, Used, and Tangled! They are lovely makeups and Tyr did a great job with the skins, I look absolutely GORGEOUS in them, as do a lot of other people i’ve seen!

Aura Skins

Next we have some hair and jewellery! The hair is from Exile and it’s a boys hair, but I fancied wearing it, and I did! It’s Treasure Hunter and it comes with the hat you see actually on the hair, not as an attachment and it’s non rigged mesh… I paired it with the new Undefined Lillies set upcoming for Project Themeory… it’s a gorgeous set of earrings and I will make sure I blog them again once they are out, this was just a lil preview, SQUEE!

Exile - Treasure Hunter & Undefined Lillies

Also out from Exile at the FoS (where Treasure Hunter is available) is this gorgeous mesh hair on your left, Famous for nothing.. it’s rigged mesh! And out at TDR is Magda on the right:

Exile Hair

Finally, new hair from Wasabi Pills – this is Monique and I love her… I think that’s all I can say really! She’s mesh, she’s half long hair half braid and well, just love:

Wasabi Pills

Taxi Rank: Festival of Sin (Exile Hair | Aura Skins) | Curio | TDR (Exile Magda) | Wasabi Pills | Undefined Lillies (not out yet, remember!)

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