The House of Sin…

Festival of Sin is still ongoing, and Trompe Loeil have a gorgeous skybox for you! It’s a fully-baked mesh, two stories, semi-furnished with animated bed, bath, couch and pool!  It can seat up to FOURTEEN people!!!  There is also a furniture free version (update if you already bought it)!  I rezzed it furniture free.. because below.. is a little three part story (click through to see bigger pictures)

So.. we wanted a new house, a secluded one, with a pool and fresh green grass, something just a lil different, but gorgeous.   When we saw this house, it had to be ours… it was just divine, we knew it was us and we had to put down a deposit and snap this baby up… just look at her:

Before the Rage

Isn’t she a BEAUTY? Room for two.. and any new additions that might crop up (ssshh don’t tell Gus!) I just fell in love, I decided one night before we were due a dinner date to go and check the place out, wander around touching the walls, sitting on the teardrop swing bed that was left for us, dipping my toes in our.. yes OUR new pool, so I put on my best dress and headed on over.. what did I find there? Someone from in the shadows, someone from the past.. and what did I do? I spoilt my pretty dress, got to use the cleaver from the kitchen and ruined my new crisp bed linen:

After the Rage

Oops.. I got red on me:

RAGEHAZE.. what did I do!? FUN!

Yeah ok, i’m lame at stories, I have no attention span 😀 But the dress is the Lipstick on his Collar dress and is from Bother, also at the FoS (slurl above) and comes with clean and bloodied versions, and the cleaver for your hacking needs. It’s mesh, it’s lush. GET IT.

Enjoy the rage ❤

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