Wear Gray for a Day

Hi guys, it’s that time again where Wear Gray for a Day is happening! It officially opens on 6th April and runs through until 22nd April.  Here are just a few of the things you can pick up, I was lucky with early Bloggers Access but a lot of stores haven’t set up yet, so I just wandered about, grabbed somethings I liked and ran back to try them on!

First we have a lovely Mesh Dress from Cracked Mirror!  It’s so cute, I’m not sure I did the CM on the belt for the store motif, but I can live with it!  It’s a really nice little mesh number, and in such understated muted colours, lovely!   The 2nd picture you can see I am wearing two of the offerings from Sn@tch!  The Sweets Corset and Taffy Ruffled Skirt, they come in such gorgeous colours, I chose to mix and match mine!   The hair on the left is Caramel from Elikatira, and on the right Atlas from dDx which is available at WGFAD too!

Wear Gray for a Day - Cracked Mirror and Sn@tch

Next up I flew past Elymode and realised ALLLLL the stuff i’d wanted for a while was there, which made my day!  First we have the Jennifer Top and Skirt, they are available seperately   I just loved this greeny orange mix!   Then we have the new Jolee Capri’s!  These are part mesh, which is great because they fold with your inner knee instead of going through it, god bless mesh!   These are also available in a bunch of colours, I just chose the Gray, which is also one of the donation items!!   Finally the Meli Bloomer Set, again these are available as seperates, so you can mix and match to your hearts content.  Gorgeous.

Wear Gray for a Day - Elymode

Finally for this round, Somnia! The first outfit is the hunt item.  Yep guys, there is a hunt going on at the same time too.  The pants in the hunt item are also available in many colours, as regular purchases too!   Infact I chose a pair for my new 52 WoC picture coming soon!   The 2nd outfit is Cranioiselle Top and the Criss Cross Waders!  These too, come in various colours, I opted for peach!  Gorgeous items and so much variation in colour to choose from.  The hair is from dDx and both are available as I stated above 🙂

Wear Gray for a Day - Somnia & DDX

The skin i’m wearing in all my posts is Adam N Eve Tasha, and I only picked one makeup up and now I wish i’d have gotten the fat pack! DOH!!!   The feet are from YS & YS and are an old TDR item.  Please do visit WGFAD when it opens and show your support ❤ I will update with an SLURL once it is open.

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