Ok that is probably very offensive to French people, but I LOVE French Baguettes!  And this months theme at C88 seems to be… frenchified things (not to be misread as frenchifried!).  I picked some furniture out, and a bikini to show you, oh and a skybox.. but I was quite poor by the time I left, for sure:

First up I should say the Skybox that the pics are taken in is by Barnesworth Anubis and is the C88 offering this month, it comes with and without backdrop options and it has a beautiful skylight!!  It’s a really nice item.   I decided to throw some of Trompe L’oeils bits by the fireplace section.  All the goods are mesh and this isn’t even half of what is on offer! You can buy couches, chairs, beach chairs, basic chairs, side tables and MORE, OR you can buy the entire lot, the whole kaboodle for just $L288!!!!!  Cory makes some wonderful pieces, and these are no exception.   Lovely.

C88 - April - Trompe L'oeil

Next we have some of Cheeky Pea’s items.  I effin LOVE Isla and her work, it’s just.. perfection.  These are just a few of the bits available in the  Millesime Baignoire set you get and they are an absolute steal.  The workmanship in them is flawless, the ideas are gorgeous, those rose art pics are my new favourite thing in SL, no joking!!!

C88 - April - Cheeky Pea

Finally we have new hair from Wasabi Pills! This is Coco and she’s fookin adorbs.  She is mesh and comes with the usual options of regular size and boob size too!   With the deep swept bangs and soft, light razored look, this is now a new hair fav of mine too! SO MANY NEW FAVS TODAY!!!  The bikini you can see in all the pics is the Boom item from C88 and is available in many colours!

New Wasabi Pills - Coco

I’m wearing the new Leauge Jen skin and that is about that! TP to Collabor88 and Wasabi Pills… RIGHT NOW!

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