LoTD – 18/07/12

Guten Morgen, muh peeps!

Just a general LoTD today using a few bits I have acquired in the last 24hrs!

LoTD - 18/07/12

First off… ELIKATIRA HAIR.. NEW!! But it’s not out yet MUHAHAHA, this is just a teaser Elika threw at me (woman is always throwing things) and she said I could use it in a post and I squee’d like an idiot! It’s beauuuutttiful! The dress is the My Second Box item from Aura and is just lovely, very boho… loving the pinkness of it and i’m not a huge pink fan! Also trawled J’s for the first time in FOREVER on the Marketplace thanks to Asthenia and her post on J’s new boots! and I found a few pairs of Mesh items from him i’d never seen, so I snapped them up. These Lace Ribbon Sandals were just one of many pairs I splurged on, really lovely!

That’s about it!


Hair:  Elikatira | Spark | Brown 01 *COMING SOON*
Skin:  Izzie’s | Estella | Pale (with Pink Lip and Plum Eyeshadow tattoos)
Eyes: FATEeyes
Dress:  Aura | Summer Fun | Short | Pink *MY SECOND BOX ITEM*
Shoes:  J’s | Lace Ribbon Sandals | Beige
Pose:  fri.day


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