Nobody tell Gus, but I seem to have grown.. a BUMP!  As you can see by my face, the bump seems to suggest I won’t have time to blog! DO NOT PANIC, THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY, just a goofy post, I don’t REALLY have a bump but this gorgeous maternity dress from Geometry kinda makes me want one!!!  It comes in 3 trimester stages and can be found at FaMESHed!!

Also at FaMESHed is this gorgeous hair from LaViere!   I chose the tipped pack, kinda wish I’d gotten more now but HO HUM, still time to go back! It come with normal version and “hat” version, as they have a Beret out for sale too! OOER!


The cute table and blogger office accessories you can see are from What Next! The blogger theme runs through the memo board, the small print on the desk and the pad/pen!  Really cute idea, I do love What Next and the stuff you can get from there!   The two cute piggies you can see are going to be Sway’s items for the Arcade Gacha (3 days left to gooooo guys!) and let me tell you, you will want them ALLLLLL!!!  There are broken piggies and non broken piggies, but the broken are my favs.   They are only 1li and and AND come with tip jar script too!!!  That’s right, everyone over to mine to tip me, the bump and I will need it!

Finally, the skin is from Essences and is one of the new Gacha skins you can find at the main store.  It’s only $L150 per play and there are 6 skins to win! WWWEEEEE!!!


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