Ready for bed?

I know I am!

Anyway, this is a relatively quick post, I don’t know if I’ll have time to post tomorrow, so here I am again today!

First off we have new hair from Ploom! This is one of four styles, I battled my way through marketplace issues earlier to get them BECAUSE I FELL IN LOVE, especially with this one (Long Day), super cute style a top the head and I chose a lovely cotton candy pink from the Dipped 1 pack today to compliment the CandyDoll Lorena skin from Zodiac, blogged earlier today too!

CandyDoll also has this peekaboo lingerie out in soooo many different colours, I opted for classic black, it comes with adorable, yet sexy bows on the sides of the panties and on the front of the bra and that is why I am ready for bed!


I also saw on the SL Bloggers Network just earlier than Jamman Jewels was looking for bloggers, so I thought I’d take a look at their stuff in my whole bid to “find and use new stores” and see what they sell, I found they sell a HUGE array of nails as well as various other items (like the super badass but cute skull bow necklace I am wearing).  I have never liked nails in SL, until I found Izzies, they are my go to nails, short and sweet.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to branch out a little and try others, I am actually really enjoying accessorising with nails lately!

They sell various smaller packs of nails or they sell one Ultimate “Deluxe” pack with the promise of free updates for life!  This includes 800 nails textures, 9 optional rings (including the words love, hate and peace!), 4 lengths of nail, 18 gemstone options for the rings and a colour picker so if that colour you want isn’t there, it’s ok, just find it!  The HUD is easy to read, and you can increase/decrease it in size and there is an auto hand sizer from 5 to 30 with a – and + for those of you with wonky sized hands (I’m actually a 15, so had to manually do it).

These are just a handful (arf arf) of the patterns/colours you can find. Each main tab has 10 sub tabs and each sub tab has 10 nails to choose from, it’s insanity!!!   I like the shorter length nails but I went against my very nature in hating long nails (srsly like.. can’t deal with them, they frighten me LOL!) and increased the size for a few pics, the longest is in the top right corner, 3rd longest in the other corners then the 2 shorter lengths mixed in the side and upper/lower frames.

The middle is just to show that you can pick one nail PER finger, which is great if you want SKITTLES FINGERS!!  (sorry Skittles <3)

Jamman - Nail Set

Anyway, that’s all from me for now BAI ❤


*SLURLS HERE – Store Locations*

Hair: Ploom | Long Day | Dipped 1 *New*
Skin: CandyDoll | Lorena | Cream *Zodiac*
Lingerie: CandyDoll | Peekaboo | Black *New*
Necklace: Jamman | Skull and Bow | Silver
Nails: Jamman | Ultimate Deluxe Fingernails *New*
Pose: aDORKable Poses

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